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You Are Love

You Are Loved

Think about the love you give to yourself as well as others, especially your greatest someones!

Loving, Growing, Experiencing . . .

Sense of Self

How do you tune into your sense of self and tap into your inner being?

  • Belief, value, trust.
  • Love, care, kindness, compassion.
  • Making time to go within yourself.
  • Connecting to your breath to reconnect with your whole being.
  • Being there for you and supporting yourself.

Create that space for yourself to have some much needed “me” time! To do what you want you want even if it means doing nothing.

Sense of Community

We all have that innate sense to belong and be a part of a bigger world. To communicate, interact and connect. To find that support. To spend time with others and not be such a solitary being. You find comfort in being within a community.

Being part of a community is a great way to learn, create and experience! To just be; present and mindful. To refresh and recharge. To give back and receive in return. The possibilities and opportunities are awaiting you!

This sense of community may bring out the adventurer in you too! Want to try something new. How about trying it by being part of a bigger group. A popular term in my community is the “exercise social” where you combine community, exercise/play and fun.

Love, Belief, Hope . . .

Sense of Direction

How do you share and spread the love with yourself as well as others, especially your greatest someones?

  • Remind yourself that you are love and that you are loved.
  • Remind yourself to believe, value and trust in who you are.
  • Remind yourself to come from a place of love by listening to your heart and what it needs, wants and desires.
  • Remind yourself to be open to receiving as well as giving.
  • Remind yourself to share and spread the loving kindness.

How do you direct your focus, especially your passions and purpose?

  • By being . . .
  • By doing . . .
  • By learning
  • By experiencing . . .

The one that matters and is important is creating your own path to journey on!

Creating Your Own Path to Journey! (Photos by RSheridan)

Love Sweet Love! Love to Hear How You Share The Loving Kindness!

The 3 R’s

Release, Rebalance and Renew

September is a reflecting and reviewing month for me.

  • Reflecting back on the past months and then looking ahead to Fall, the Holidays and the New Year.
  • Reviewing your progress so far and starting to plan for the months ahead.
  • Releasing and letting go of what is no longer working for you or serving your best interests.
  • Rebalancing to find your center.
  • Renewing your whole being.


Basically a self check in with your whole being!

  • Where are you spending your time and energy?
  • Where is your focus and attention directing or drawing you to?
  • Are you making time for yourself to do for your whole well being?


Really think about stepping back from doing and moving into being more. Communicate with yourself to release and let go. Interact with yourself and your whole being to rebalance. Connect to your whole well being to recharge for your health, wellness and happiness. 

Remember to reconnect with your greatest someones too. Communicate and interact one-on-one as well as face-to-face. Really spend quality time with one another. Remind yourself to do for you so you can do for others. 

I want to savor and soak this time of the year in. Not get sucked into the rush of going and doing. I need to remind myself of my limits to create space for myself as well as my greatest someones. When I feel relaxed and rested, I feel good, energized and renewed. 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Let’s not overthink and overdo it! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Losing The Moment

Practice Being

Technology as well as social media has changed how we experience the moments and make memories!

I was watching the news recently and saw a story about how photo bombed the Mona Lisa is with everyone taking selfies of themselves with her.

  • Are we not seeing what is right in front of us?
  • Are we missing those moments?
  • Are we truly experiencing?

I am all for arm chair experiencing!

Take a Seat, Relax and Enjoy!

When I can experience it in person though I want to soak it in! I know I am guilty in losing focus when I have my camera in hand. I know I miss out and lose the moment when I have my camera in my face. I know I need to put my camera down and just be in the moment!

  • How do you engage, but not lose the moment?
  • Do you connect or disconnect?
  • Do you attach or detach

Focusing . . .

We all need to feel like we belong! I think about instant gratification (i.e. likes) and positive reinforcement (i.e. comments). I think about the attention seeking and self absorption. I think about the addictive nature of technology and social media. We are driven by that need for connection and to experience!

We end up craving the New! and the latest and greatest in technology and social media applications! A constant stream every second. It can become overwhelming as well as exhausting! 

How do you go about it though! Is it to experience? Or Do we spend more time thinking about how other people will perceive your experiences? The reality versus a digital representation!

  • The sharing of experiences and moments.
  • The sharing of milestones and memories.
  • The sharing of your greatest someones and sharing the love.
  • The sharing of joy, happiness and pleasures.
  • The sharing of laughter and friendship.
  • The sharing of everything in between, like beauty, fashion, home decor, gardening, etc.

I need to practice being more! Soaking in and savoring being in the present. Immersing myself fully and completely. I feel better when I am focused on the present moment and not letting my mind wander off somewhere thinking about everything else I should be doing!

Practicing Being More . . .

I am all for enhancing the experience, however; do not lose the moment!

  • Take in the joy and the happiness from the experience.
  • Take pleasure and celebrate the experience.

“One study showed that the mere presence of a cell phone when two people are talking interferes with feelings of closeness, connection and communication.”

Are we still social creatures that like to connect with others or is there a new way to connect? That face-to-face connecting and looking into their eyes and watching their body language. That closeness and connection in being with another human being!

Connecting . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Does Technology and Social Media Connect Us or Act as a Barrier between Us? Love to hear your thoughts, please share!

Everything Is Connected

The Act of Practicing

Practicing and learning go hand in hand! A few years back I stopped practicing and just went into learning mode. I could not figure out at times while all this learning was not helping me in living my life. Duh! – I forgot to practice! Practicing allows you to try things out, test them out and see if it is truly something you want to pursue or not. Why waste your time doing something that you are not passionate about and love doing, right!

Connecting = Practicing + Learning

This speaks volumes to me because I now know it is true! 

“You see that everything is connected, and realize that you weren’t off track. You were in training.”~Shannon Kaiser

  • What are you practicing?
  • What are you learning?
  • What have you learned?
  • What have you been given?

Everything is connected to help you in the next phase of living your life!

  • Making a commitment to yourself to do for you.
  • Cultivating your hopes, wishes and dreams.  
  • Finding your gifts and talents.
  • Discovering your loves and passions.

Being Curious

Remember to follow your curiosity! I learn so much when I am open to being curious about things. I find inspiration, passion and interest! 

I am practicing to act on my inspirations, passions and interests more by . . .

  • Stretching my comfort zone.
  • Trying new things.
  • Learning and growing.
  • Exploring and adventuring.
  • Experiencing and living.

Say “YES” to trying something new!

Unleashing Imagination

I can unleash my imagination! I like routine, but not when every minute is scheduled. I like technology, but not when every minute is consumed. I have to escape and let myself be free at least once a week!

I can get creative and just let my whole being unplug, unwind and unwrap itself! It feels so good to find that communication, interaction and connection with my whole being again. It feels good to recharge with those creative juices. It is such a free experiencing to tap into that creativity and just let it flow!

Say “YES” to creative time!

Making Time/Spending Time

I lose track of time in doing what I love! It brings me joy and happiness. I find I give myself more time to do what I love too!

“ASK” yourself what brings you joy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Love To Hear About Your Aha! Connection With Yourself, Please Share!


How To Connect To Yours

I want to learn more about Chakras and put them into practice.

My Top 3 Chakras To Practice

#1 – The 6th Chakra, the 3rd Eye Chakra (wisdom and insight)

I am a questioner looking for answers!

I am a thinker looking to ponder and wonder!

I am a challenger looking for action!

I really feel this is where my self awareness center is! Believing in myself and trusting my intuition. Learning more about myself and my whole being, especially in practicing more self awareness. That questioner, thinker and even challenger that lives inside me!

What would I like to know or better understand about the world I live in? Where do I want to focus my time and energy?

Having that insight to know I am right where I need to be on my path in journeying along!

#2 – The 2nd Chakra, the Chakra of Creation (aka where your passion lives)

I really want to focus on my Chakra of Creation in 2016!

What am I going to create in 2016?

#3 – The 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra (love, compassion, gratitude)

I want to focus more on my Heart Chakra too! I think about how I direct my love internally as well as externally; both inward and outward.

Am I open to love and receiving and sharing love? How is the love I give to my greatest someone(s)? How do I strengthen and deepen that love?

Additional Practicing . . .

7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra (connects you to something more)

Whether you call it consciousness, bliss, the universe, or another word! Whether you call it unplugging, recharging, resetting, refreshing, resting, or relaxing!

This is a BIG one to practice too! Finding that quiet and solitude. Finding that calm and balance. Just being more, especially present and mindful! 

What practices or activities can I do to feel more connected, especially to my whole being? What do I need to make time for to take care of myself and my needs?

1st Chakra, the Root Chakra (aka foundation of your vitality)

What do I need in 2016 to feel more grounded and secure?

3rd Chakra, the Chakra of Willpower (drives your action and your purpose)

I need to drive my power more!

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing? What do I want to achieve?

5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra (communication and expression)

I feel I communicate well, but could do better in expressing myself and my needs, my ideas, my thoughts, and my messages! I need to work on strengthening that weakness to make it stronger and show some muscle. It creates stress, tension and anxiety I do not need. It will help me have a healthier and happier mind set and well being!

Everything is Connected, Right

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Practicing To Progress? What Do You Really, Truly Need To Connect To Or To Learn? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Following Your Breath

Breathing . . .

How do you release to let go?

Breathing helps me focus and center myself and my being! Being one with myself to think and reflect as well as pray and meditate.

“Remember, whenever the going gets tough, take a deep breath and trust that you are capable of greatness.” ~Kris Carr

There are times a good cleaning and clearing out are in order to reset and recharge you, your whole being and your life! Clear away the negativity and the emotional clutter. Why keep what is no longer serving or working for you? Put it to the curb and move on!

Being . . .

How do you do being present?

I never really knew that I was a mindful person! I certainly knew I did not want life to pass me by though!

The biggest gain with practicing mindfulness is focusing on what matters!

  • My physical being is active, more aware and using its senses.
  • My emotional being is working on healing itself and letting things go.
  • My mental being is engaged, my memory is kicking in and more open to learning and developing.

I can get out of auto pilot mode as well as just unplug! Being present, open and aware. Pausing, reflecting and most of all recharging. Finding that balance that works BEST!

Believing . . .

How do you energize Y-O-U?

  • Being active and moving throughout the day.
  • Working hard and playing harder.
  • Healthiness and happiness.
  • Doing what you love and by attracting what you need, want and crave in your life.
  • Conversing, interacting and connecting with myself and others.
  • Laughter.
  • Hoping, wishing and dreaming.
  • Looking for the possibilities and being open to the opportunities.
  • Abundance and prosperity.
  • Learning, growing, experiencing.
  • Being decisive and making good choices.
  • Love and kindness.

The above moves me, stimulates me and most of all energizes me!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Taken the Time to Connect to Your Breath Today? Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Hanging Out

 Quality Time

When I talk about hanging out I am talking about real communication, interaction and connection! 

  • Socializing and visiting.
  • Dancing and partying.
  • Cooking and eating.
  • Being active and playing.
  • Being a tourist or going on tours.
  • Volunteering, training, or teaching.
  • Shopping.
  • Getting creative and crafty.

The possibilities are limitless!

I love sharing a meal with friends! The getting together. The sharing of what is going on in our lives. The making of eats and drinks. The sitting down at the table to eat, share and connect!

It builds and strengthens relationships! Conversations and Laughter. Stories and Memories. Interaction and Connection!

That being fully present with each other when you are together! It is not easy to do at times due to technology. It is doable though and attainable if you make being fully present a priority. We should be fully present, especially for our greatest someone(s), right! 

It helps in communicating, interacting and connecting to one another! It helps build that emotional intimacy to flourish and experience growth. It creates presence in being present with our whole beings! 

It helps in staying healthy as well as happy in maintaining a social life! Strengthening social skills to communicate, interact and connect with a broad range of people. Building broad social relationships. It is so important to surround yourself with people you care about for love and support!

They will be there for you no matter what! They may even help and support you in eating well, being active, gaining experiences, etc!

Hanging Out . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Who Are You Inviting To Hang Out? What Will You Do? Love to Hear, Please Share!

NEW! Page

Nature Abounds 

Down In the Southeast

Nature Abounds Page

The GREEN & The BLUE! From green spaces to nature to the wildness. From the bay to the gulf to the ocean. From park to waterfront. Urban meets the back country in minutes!



The naturalness of nature to the wildness of the native! Fauna and flora. Birdlife and wildlife. Dry land to water. I get excited to explore, but I crave the solitude of becoming one with nature too!

Fauna & Flora

Birdlife & Wildlife

Nothing better than urban refuges! Hearing the wind in the trees, the bird songs and the water. Seeing the green, the light and the wildlife. Smelling the scents in the air from damp earth to sweet floral to briny salt. Slowing down the pace and connecting with the natural around me! 



(Photos by RSheridan)

Check It Out!

Natural Connections

Interacting With

Your Whole Being

How Do You Communicate, Interact and Connect With Yourself On A Daily Basis?

Communicate By . . .

  • Listening to myself and my needs.
  • Finding solitude and solace to just be by myself.
  • Reading and writing and photography.

Interact By . . .

  • Taking time for myself and my needs.
  • Being open and embracing the possibilities and opportunities.
  • Trying new things.

Connect By . . .

  • Becoming one with myself.
  • Becoming one with nature and the great outdoors.
  • Being in the present moment.

Experience By . . .

  • Being open to what life has to offer me.
  • Getting out there and soaking it in.
  • Using ALL of my senses.

Grow By . . .

  • Being genuine and being true to who I am.
  • Valuing, believing and having faith in myself.
  • Taking those teachable moments and learning from those moments.

I especially love getting lost to explore and adventure! I enjoy getting outside to the great outdoors. I enjoy surrounding myself with nature. I find it healing and restorative to my whole being!

I find it is important to connect and reconnect with myself and my whole being each and every day! I find it helps me pause and be more aware and mindful in the present moment. I feel like I can breathe and relax. I find it helps me be more grounded in who I am and what I want to be doing!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Doing? Are You Communicating, Interacting and Connecting With YOU and YOUR WHOLE BEING? Love to Hear, Please Share!

From The Ground Up

Finding The Balance

That Works Best For You

I feel like I am in that movie Speed in that I have little to no control and I am trying to keep it at 50 miles per hour! I am racing around while things are blowing up. I need to take charge and take control of the wheel again! I have to turn inward and close out the world for a bit.

Inner Chaos Causes Outer Chaos! ~Unknown

I was finding relief, but not switching gears! I had to figure out a way to restore and maintain balance from within myself. It certainly has been a freeing experience in that it reenergizes me and recharges my whole being! I am able to find my natural rhythm and inner balance and tap into my inner strengths, talents and passions again.

My Top 5

  1. Living for TODAY and Being in the PRESENT.
  2. Slowing the Pace DOWN.
  3. Being Aware and Mindful.
  4. Letting GO and Releasing.
  5. Stopping BAD Habits and Creating a Solid Foundation.

 #1 – The Here and NOW!

I need to live in the here and now and not dwell on the past or focus on the future! I feel more connected to my whole being when in the present and taking in the moments one at a time. I feel like I am using my time and energy efficiently and effectively. I feel like I can slow down and still stay on track!

#2 – Slow and Easy

I am learning for me I prefer slowing it down a bit and taking it a little easier on my whole being! I cannot continue the pace when sprinting through my life to get to the next thing and then to the next thing. I feel overwhelmed and distracted and feel as if I am doing everything half arse! I feel more in control of my time and the energy I do put into things. I feel like I accomplish and achieve more in less time and in a more enjoyable way!

#3 – Tapping Into the Senses

I know I think in terms of fight or flight versus tapping into my senses and strengths! My senses keep me focused and in the present. By tapping into my senses I can be more aware and mindful in what is happening to me and around me!

Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell, Tasting . . .

  • Connecting my feet with the ground.
  • Connecting my breathe with my whole being.
  • Connecting my sight to the details as well as the big picture.
  • Connecting my ears by listening instead of talking.
  • Connecting my sense of smell and taste in nourishing my whole being.

#4 – Letting Go and Releasing

The hardest lesson is to let go and relinquish control of what I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER! I have to stop overcomplicating and making it harder than it needs to be. I have to let go of making my life happen and let it progress on its own time. I need to find my path and journey along!

#5 – Breaking and Building

I need to break bad habits and stop some all together, especially if I become stagnant or even stuck! I need to build myself up and create a solid foundation. I need to come from a place of love instead of from a place of fear! I need to be open, embrace and lean into fear and the unknown as well as change and life transitions.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Turning Inwards and Connecting With Yourself To Take Care Of Yourself, Your Needs and Your Whole Being! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

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