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I have been asked by individuals how do you choose where you travel to. I read magazine articles, travel guides and internet sites and blogs. This is why I started my own blog – to share my travel and wine experiences with my family and friends as well as other travel and wine enthusiasts. Sometimes the places you travel to are because of a recommendation or word of mouth. How do you think certain areas become “Hot Spots”???

Sometimes you have an area that you traveled to that you want to go back to because you liked it there. For instance, heading back to a particular wine region time and time again. Sometimes the area you traveled to has more things to see and do then you can possibly fit in a three to five to seven-day trip. For instance, a big city like LA (you can spend a good day or more just at Disneyland), you went to an area in the Summer for the beaches and came back in the Spring for the hiking, and/or you went camping in an area and later came back to stay at a resort.

Once I pick a place to travel to I like to conduct a little research. Then I pick the top 3 to 5 Highlights that I want to see and do while there. For example, traveling to Monterey, California want to see and do 1) the Aquarium, 2) the shops in Carmel, 3) hit a popular beach, 4) check out the local hot spot to grab a bite, and 5) go for a hike.

I will create bookmarks of Websites so I can easily find them again if I need further information or simply want to print off some information. I have downloaded or ordered by mail travel guides – most are free and some you will need to subscribe to the Websites, like Sunset Magazine. Every once in a while I will check out the local Library for travel guides or purchase a travel guide. I usually purchase guides if I go back to a particular place multiple times, like Yosemite and may pick out a Hiking Guide too.

Internet Tourism Sites (United States)
Arizona Tourism
California Tourism
Colorado Tourism
Florida Tourism
Georgia Tourism
Idaho Tourism
Maryland Tourism
Montana Tourism
North Carolina Tourism
Northern California
Nevada Tourism
Oregon Tourism
Pennsylvania Tourism
South Carolina Tourism
Tennessee Tourism
Texas Tourism
Utah Tourism
Vermont Tourism
Virginia Tourism
Washington Tourism
Washington, D.C. Tourism
Wyoming Tourism

Mail Order
Lease or Purchase

I have collected travel materials throughout the years and have a small tote that I use for reference and storage. This may not be the most efficient method because materials do become outdated, but then you purge. I am hoping to purge some travel materials by working key information pertaining to certain areas in my blog too.

You can book most travel items online or call a toll-free number (i.e. flights, hotels, attractions, events, etc.). I thought a little information on travel guides could be helpful to readers.

You can travel anyway you like to!

Please let me know YOUR TRAVEL TRICKS & TIPS!


6 responses to “Travel Guides

  • Anita Mac

    I have recently started to buy the Lonely Planet Chapters on line – if I am only going to one part of France, I don’t need the entire book! Plus – I have it on my iPad so less to carry! I must admit – I still do print most of it out – I prefer to write on things, get out the highlighter, and make notes as I go. It is nice to still have a clean electronic copy to read, and if the paper gets too tattered and wet in the rain, I can still create another copy!
    That would be my new thing! Other than that, the old tried and true – talk to friends, or if backpacking – fellow backpackers. It may only be info I get once in a location – but it is generally very up to date!

    • cravesadventure

      Anita –

      So much simpler than carrying a whole tour book with you and besides you want to blend in and not stick out like a tourist! I have not gotten into the iPad craze yet, but the more I hear about them the more I like, especially with its versatility and simplicity. I think you hit it right on the head and that is getting the most up to date travel info – there is some dated material out there as well as older versions of travel guides. Thanks for sharing a neat idea to carry travel info on your travel destination!


  • Morgan Jauncey

    I go to International airline websites first and find out what flights are on sale. You can save so much money just by being flexible with dates and destination. It is also really fun to have a few different destinations in mind that are on sale, then do your research on them to see which one you end up going with. Kind of like a lucky dip! I conduct a lot of my research on the Trip Advisor website. Great, honest, unbaised feedback from real travellers.

  • Kansas Love Bird

    I’m a HUGE fan of maps. I study them like crazy before I go somewhere. I also study up on travel books and find out about public transit, so reading about a place is essential for me! I also like to wing it. Especially on a bike. I find all kinds of things by bike that I would never have found otherwise. 🙂 I once spent a whole vacation in Key West on bike. Granted, the island is teeny weeny, but I still found some great little local spots and got to know some locals. 🙂 I really like your blog, by the way! And I love adventures out west!!!

    • cravesadventure

      Kansas –

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You are so right sometimes it is the journey along the way to the final destination that is the BEST part of traveling and exploring:)

      Have a Great Weekend – Renee

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