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Manifesting Passion

Tuning & Tapping Into It!

What Does Passion Mean? Where Does It Come From?

Self Being & Self Love

I think about self being and self love. What are you receiving? What are you giving, especially of yourself? How are you caring and loving your whole being?

  • Building a solid foundation to live from.
  • Tuning into your whys to tap into your needs and wants.
  • Dreaming and desiring.
  • Coming from a place of love. Following your heart.

It is about valuing and honoring yourself! Knowing how to receive and give. Giving and receiving is about the way you treat yourself and how you treat others too. Creating space and setting boundaries. How you show up in your life to be there for yourself and your greatest someones!

Compassion & Empathy

I think about compassion and empathy. Tuning into your feelings, emotions and thoughts as well as others. Understanding that we all are on our own journeys!

  • How are you supportive to yourself as well as others?
  • How do you approach the way you speak, interact and connect?
  • How do you show and share kindness, compassion and care?
  • How do you step outside of yourself and at times your comfort zone to be there for another person?

Really think about developing your coping toolkit and practicing compassion and empathy! Learning to expand and be more open. Developing a willingness to fully immerse yourself in your experiences. Practicing to be less reactionary by tuning into the care, especially in reflecting how you want to be treated and treating others the same way. You have the same need as everyone else to feel loved, appreciated and connected! 

Control & Power

I think about control and power. How many energies do you have inside of you to tune and tap into. It is about using your time and energy effectively and efficiently. You cannot be and do for all!

  • The need to pause to reflect.
  • The need to relax and rest to re-energize and recharge.
  • The need to ask for help and support.

Remember to take care of you and make yourself a priority! There are times you may need to power through, but then give yourself a much needed break and some down time. You can learn not to take on so much and even say no to certain things. You can slow down or even step back. You need to find your natural rhythm in living your life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts! Please Share.


First Create

Second Mindfulness

Love this quote!

“Where the mind and passion goes, the energy flows.”~Sarah Wilson

You have to start creating . . . To build a solid foundation to experience personal growth. To gain life experiences. To live from for yourself and your whole being! 

Creating . . .

Third Passion

What does passion mean to you in living your life?

For me it means being able to do what I love to do!

How do your discover your purpose in living your life?

For me by practicing to progress to learn, experience growth and gain life experiences!

Practicing . . .

Fourth Energy Flow

How do you share that energy flow with yourself and your whole being? How do you share it with others?

My Top 7

  1. Being . . .
  2. Creating . . .
  3. Craving . . .
  4. Practicing . . .
  5. Journeying . . .
  6. Loving  . . .
  7. Living . . .

How to live a life that matters! How to find that rich abundance. How to find that freedom. Work hard, play harder and be rewarded and blessed in so many ways!

Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

CONQUER Today! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Finding the COM in Passion

Taking Care In What You Do

I have been told that I have a do not care approach when interacting with other people. I do and do not care depending on the situation and if I can relate to that situation. I am either “on” or “off” and need to locate the “dimmer”. I am engaged or not so much, but that does not mean I do not care.


I tend to cross my arms! I cross my arms in order not to talk, especially with my hands!


I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and let my emotions rip! I have 2 things I carry with me; rejection and guilt. I need to carry these 2 things instead; humility and humbleness! I can be reactive and direct and go back and forth in being objective and subjective.

Kiss Me You Fool – Humorous!


I am a passionate being. The problem is finding the COM in passion to approach with compassion when it comes to connecting, communicating and interacting with other people. I still struggle in finding empathy at times. I have a hard time giving myself compassion let alone other people, especially with people I do not know well!

Passionate and Compassionate


I am curious and that gets me into T-R-O-U-B-L-E with a capital T at times! My defense tactic is to ask questions and the more the better. I feel it puts the conflict and confrontation on simmer and opens the flow of communication and discussion. However, I have experienced backfires or misfires with this approach because answering a question with a question is not always the best!


I am not a patient person and that really reflects when it comes to guiding, teaching or training other people! I want to give support and encouragement as well as motivation and inspiration to others. I enjoy seeing people get it and do better. However, I take the wrong approach in going about it at times. Less frustration and more appreciation!


I do not always know what to say let alone how and when to say it! Then I need to tune into a person’s eye contact and body language. I have a hard time reading myself let alone other people! Then you add everything else that is going on around you. I know I am going to screw something up or be screwed in the process!

Tied Into Knots!


I am working on stopping before I react and spew out my words as well as emotions! I am trying to find the compassion and be a little more complimentary. I am finding new ways to express my curiousity to show that I do care. When I feel like I am losing it I take deep breathes and count to 10!

Here’s to Finding the COM in Passion . . . COMPASSION! Speaking and Communicating with Compassion is a GOOD Thing!

Discovering Your Passions

While Releasing Your Fears

Sometimes I let my fears and my emotions control my life! I get in my own way because of the doubts and fears that I am feeling and experiencing. In being more open to the blessings in my life I am growing , taking action and experiencing my life to the fullest. I need to tap into my strengths and passions to really appreciate what I love to do and live the life I want!

My Top 3 Fears

  • The Unknown
  • Failure or Rejection
  • BIG Change

I know that if I tap into my strengths and passions I not only move myself forward, but motivate others to do the same! You can slowly tackle your fears one by one too.  Your doubts and fears are emotions, feelings and thoughts that like to trip you up, control you and at times sabatoge you! You do not have to surrender to your fears. You can face your doubts and fears and develop the skills to cope and be resilient. Your doubts and fears do not define you and who you are!

Crossing That Bridge!

I need to worry and stress less! I need to let go of the control and let off of the pressure I put on myself. I am fearful of hurt and rejection and not being enough. I have to put a stop to that way of thinking and overcome it by thinking in a more positive way!

I truly enjoy the lifestyle I have created for myself! I am learning to follow my heart and listen to my inner voice again. I am taking care of my whole being instead of focusing on one area at a time. I want to be my best self in so many ways that adds to the happiness and fulfillment in my life!

Exploring . . . Discovering . . . Learning . . . Growing (Photos by RSheridan)

Good Luck On Discovering the Passionate Being That You Already ARE!!!

Ripping Into the Presents

Being Thankful In Living Your Life

Caution:  It May Have You Wanting MORE!

I want to be happy and healthy as well as productive and engaged in living the life I do have! I can even be honest in saying I want more of it too. Nothing better than living the Good Life!

I think in terms of the fours houses I am responsible for in taking care of myself.

  1. The Physical
  2. The Mental
  3. The Emotional
  4. The Spiritual

I pretty much have to keep the wheels from coming off and spiraling out of control – ha! I know each one is connected to each other and that helps me keep everything moving and clicking along. I am learning not to take anything for granted either! I need to clean and declutter or it will become one hot mess in no time fast too. I believe the hard work is so worth it though!

I am learning that you can have it, but it does not have to be all or none! I am happy and so okay with that. I want my life to be interesting and challenging! I want to be open to the possibilities and take risks! I see it as an opportunity for personal growth and gaining experiences.

I am taking care of myself and making myself a priority! I am learning to ask for help and lean a little more on the support group of family and friends, especially my greatest someone. I want to be in the present moment and do less of the crazyness and busyness! I am an active person that wants to be motivated and engaged to be a happier, healthier, better version of me.

I love thinking myself right out of the box and going on a creative streak! I enjoy having a routine and a schedule, but not one that is rigid. It helps me develop healthy habits and tap into my inner strengths. I am rediscovering a strong internal sense of self and listening to myself from the inside out!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I still struggle with control and knowing when to just let it go and move on! I am tapping into my core values and beliefs and finding my true self. I am learning to believe and trust in myself again and setting those boundaries for myself too. I am really trying to live the life I truly want by living from the inside out and not holding back due to self doubt and the fear of the unknown!

Really Find the Passion that Drives You and Makes You Just Want to Live the Life You Want!!!

Give a Little Love

Get a Little Love

I am actually pretty good at giving myself some L-O-V-E! I really try to feed my passions and desires. I really try to have hopes and dreams. I really try to engage, connect and listen to my heart.

The hard part is when the brain tries to pull a fast one on my heart and do its own thing or vice versa. Those two are either in cahoots together or sneaking behind the other’s back! Which one should you truly trust. You really have to look within yourself to make that decision!

Do you live life open to the possibilities? Do you truly live life from the inside out? Do you give yourself the love you need, desire, want, etc.?

Give Yourself Permission to Let Go and Love Thy Self! Do It Every Day; Make It a Great Habit! Create the Romance Within Your Life Story!

Make Sure Your Heart Smiles Today!!!

Made You Smile (Photo by RSheridan)

True Grit

Put Your Grit Into Gear!

I am talking about the true grit inside every one of us. You can call your true grit anything you want just engage it!

 GRIT is the raw endurance, perseverance and passion that keep you going despite obstacles.

Watch Out for Obstacles! (Photo by RSheridan)

Realizing your hopes and dreams is IMPORTANT and takes WORK! Part of that is tuning into your passions. What passions fire you up and have you putting your true grit into gear? Just getting engaged in living life one moment at a time; learning and growing as a person too.

My Top 3

  1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Writing creatively throughout the week.
  3. Continuing to learn and grow as a person on a daily basis.

Here’s to Developing Your True Grit; Your Mental Stamina People!!!

Do You Listen

To Your Internal Voice

Just DO NOT Answer IT – ha!

There are days were the craziness, business, and madness JUST NEEDS TO STOP!!! Look within, reflect and listen to yourself and your inner voice for a change of pace. Hopefully your inner voice is still there and has not run away! Gain a different perspective per se.

Look Within (Photo by RSheridan)

Do you even know what gives you fulfilment and happiness anymore? If not, GO FIND IT! Do you ever have that moment where you feel as if this is what you were meant to be doing at this time in your life? Be it personal, professional or both. GOOD FOR YOU!

Nature & Water – Yes Please! (Photo by RSheridan)

Never too late to dream and continue creating your story. You need to escape inside yourself every once in a while and listen to what you WANT out of LIFE! It is not too late. Pour your energy into what you love to do and makes you happy even for 5 minutes a day, so worth it!

Thank yourself every once in a while. Be humble, grateful and appreciative. Just live life and have fun. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

LIFE Does Not Make Sense When You are Running Around With Your Head Off & Your Heart Switched to the Off Position!


What is YOUR Passion?

I am talking about the passion that compels your emotions and feelings. The kind of passion that is so powerful at times that you become OBSESSED or maybe POSSESSED! The kind of passion that feeds your soul and just drives you. The kind of passion that gives you meaning and purpose in your life and just makes you want to live life to the fullest!

Some people have found their passion while others are still seeking their passion. It is a question that many of us ask ourselves! I know from my experience it was trial and error as well as stretching my comfort zone and trying new things. Being open can assist in finding your passion!

It is okay to wander and dream while finding one’s passion! You will find your passion or it may find you. Really find what moves you and inspires you! I have stated this in earlier posts. Really tune into your inner child and re-discover imagination and play again! What dreams can you re-ignite now as an adult?

Get the Gears Moving??? (Photo by RSheridan)

This is important! Surround yourself with people who help you realize your potential as well as give you good, honest guidance. These people may help keep you on the path and if you fall off more than likely will help you back up! I am not for sugarcoating. I would rather know I am not good at something in order to re-focus on something that I am good at!

It is okay to journal and write down goals while finding one’s passion! When I was growing up I created books with lists, inspirational quotes, pictures, etc. Sorta like the Pinterest of today!

Remember to “test drive” your interests and continue to adjust until you find your passion! Volunteer, take a class, go for that new job, etc. I do not think we stop learning after completing high school or a 2-to-4 year degree. You may find your passion change as you age to and hopefully for the better!

Like Forrest Gump stated “Life is like a box of chocolates”! Just Rip the Cellophane Off & Pick One!!!

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