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Being Kind

I recently read an article by Susan Verde on 3 Simple Ways to Raise Generous Children. It got me thinking that as adult am I still a generous and kind being. Between juggling, multitasking and stressing I am sure I am less than human some days. We all have a lot on our mind and a list that seems never ending day in and day out!

 Susan’s 3 Simple Ways
  1. Start Small.
  2. Take a Mindful Approach.
  3. Catch Them in the Act.


Small & Simple

When I think start small I think simple too. 

  • Holding a door.
  • Lending a hand.
  • Giving a greeting or a compliment.
  • Treating people how you like to be treated.
  • Making someone’s day.

Being kind is a great place to start in setting the tone to have a good day! To really make a difference in being genuine and generous. Saying hello, sharing a smile, expressing a compliment, holding a door open, etc. Those random acts of kindness! I know it makes my day.


Mindful & Present

How do you approach being generous and being kind with a loving heart and generous spirit?

  • How do you feel in that present moment?
  • How do you feel when you are on either the giving or receiving side?
  • How do you communicate, interact and connect?
  • How do you keep the judgements, perceptions and expectations in check?

When I think taking a mindful approach I think about being mindful of the experience too.

My trick when the going gets me down is to remember to smile and/or even laugh! It helps me get back on track to having a good day. It reminds me to slow the pace down and just breathe. It makes me take time out for myself and my whole being!



When I think about the act of being generous and being kind I think about . . .
  • Are we walking the talk?
  • Are we instilling that within ourselves and sharing that with others?
  • Are we generous, kind and compassionate beings at the very essence of it all?

A thank you. Providing praise. Recognizing some one for helping out, being kind, a job well done, etc. It makes a difference and can have an impact on the person you approach as well as yourself!

Coming from a place of love . . . to know that I am loving and loved, to know what I need and want, to be grateful and thankful, to be supportive to myself as well as others! I am practicing coming from a place of love every day. To listen, to belief and to trust in myself. To value myself by making the decisions and choices that are best for me. To follow my heart and do more of what I love! 

Ask Yourself . . .

  • How do we open up to what we need let alone knowing what others need?
  • How do we love and support ourselves as well as give that back to others?
  • How do we show gratitude in what we do have?
  • How do we shift that mindset and change the perspective on a daily basis?

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear From You, Please Share Your Thoughts!


My Top 10

For 2016

Being . . . Flowing . . . Rolling . . .

Drumroll please . . .

  1. Doing more of what I love.
  2. Embracing the journey and
  3. Knowing I am right where I need to be.
  4. Continuing on the journey of self.
  5. Coming from a place of love by following my heart.
  6. Learning to appreciate the challenges to “Discover My Strong”.
  7. Discovering myself to improve and become the best version of myself.
  8. Practicing to process in order to progress.
  9. Knowing that I do not have to have it all figured out to keep moving ahead.
  10. Accepting change by learning to go with the flow.

“It’s easier for you to let go of things when they fall apart because you know better things are falling into place.”~Shannon Kaiser

My Top 10 for 2016 is going to keep me focused and motivated throughout the year! Every opportunity is a learning lesson to help me grow and gain experiences. I am going to go with the flow by learning to dance. 123, 321 – Every step back is another step forward!

Starting . . . Going . . . Shifting . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

If 2015 taught me anything it was to learn how to reset and to keep practicing! Adjust . . . change . . . transition . . . Embracing who I am to become the best version of myself! 

What Are You Doing for You? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Discovering Your Path

Keeping On Track

How does one learn to relax and go with the flow in living this crazy thing called life?

Learning to Relax . . .

I am not hardwired to just let things happen let alone enough patience waiting for the process to unfold! However, I have tried pushing and pulling and it usually backfires. I am working on releasing that perfection and that expectation of how things are supposed to turn out. I am slowly recognizing that everything happens not to me, but for me if I practice and process to progress and keep moving forward!

I am learning three very important lessons on this journey of self though!

  1. I am learning to stop trying to find my my purpose every day.
  2. I am learning that I am okay with not knowing the next step.
  3. I am learning that nothing else can work right until I do.


I want to live each and every day with purpose and just conquer it! Every day is a new day, a new start. I approach the day with a good and positive attitude as well as a healthy and happy outlook. Why not, right! Life is way too short and it will pass you by if you let it. Why not be a part of it!

Learning to Fly By Exploring, Growing and Experiencing . . .


I am trying to embrace and enjoy exploring the unknown! Being open to the present and the possibilities and see what works best for me. I am trying to put the fear of the unknown on the down low. Reveling in the present moment more!

I ask myself the following questions.

  • Am I forgetting to be present?
  • Am I missing the journey in just racing to the destination and the next and the next?
  • Am I reaching and not grasping what I want let alone need?
  • Am I forgetting how important the process is, the journey?

Learning to Be Present and Journey Along . . .


Setbacks are opportunities.

Reverses are forwards.

Failures are life lessons in the disguise of successes!

Learning to Love, Believe, Hope, Etc. . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

We ALL are just trying to figure it out, right! We do not give ourselves enough credit. We have the gifts, the skills and the talents to be prepared for what comes our way. Give yourself a break already and just give yourself some much needed tender loving care!

Remember to Dance and Move With the Music!

Sometimes Keeping It SIMPLE Is the BEST! Minute by Minute, Moment by Moment – Making Memories by Gaining Life Experiences! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Following Your Heart

Coming From 

A Place of Love

Your heart is to be trusted. It knows what your head has yet to figure out. When you stop chasing what your mind wants you will get what your soul needs. ~Shannon Kaiser

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Doing What Works Best for Your Whole Being!

Enough Said

LOVE This Quote!

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” ~Wayne Dyer

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Being True To Your Whole Being!

A True Blessing


Love yourself and love yourself some more! Love your greatest someones. Follow what you love, trust from your heart and come from a place of love. Love Sweet Love!

Loving . . . Sharing . . .

I learned in my late-20’s that I needed to love myself in order to be open to love and letting people into my heart! It is not for the faint of heart and it certainly is not easy to do at times. It is a good practice to learn though because amazing things can and do happen when you love yourself and let others in to accept and share the love! A beautiful work in progress that results in some of the greatest love(s), family and friends to share your innermost and sacred world with.

You truly discover yourself and who you are! Your beliefs and values. Who you truly love and trust. You set yourself on at least a real if not true path in living your life!

Today Is a Gift, The Moments Precious,

The Memories Treasured, and The Love A True Blessing! ~RSheridan

Being . . . Blessings . . .

I am now practicing to follow my heart and come from a place of love! Such a freeing experience once you get out of your own head and let go of the fear. I am in control and have the power to make the decisions and choices that work best for me. The greatest lesson and biggest work in progress is learning how to release and let go of that fear of not being accepted or loved! You are enough and so worth it. That is a true blessing to have in one’e life when you accept yourself and the love you have for yourself first and foremost! 

Making yourself a priority and serving your needs! Health, Happiness and Joy. Laughter, Play and Fun. Tuning in and tapping into what you love to do and taking the time to do more of what you love!

Learning that mistakes are life lessons. Learning that weaknesses can become strengths. Learning that failures are successes.  Learning to share your gifts and talents. Learning that changing is growing. Learning that growing is gaining life experiences. Learning that life experiences are living it each and every day.

Openness . . . Softness . . .(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Loving The Whole Package That Is YOU! Discover Who You Are! Find What You Want and Need! Get Comfortable and Uncomfortable In Loving and Living Your Life!  

I Am

Who I Am!

I recently read an article by Elyssa Jakim and it resonated so LOUDLY with me! Making peace and reclaiming yourself and the world you live in. Breaking down boundaries to reconnect with yourself and who you are. Just Being You!

“So let’s get weird, let’s get big,

let’s love without boundaries, let’s defy the odds

and be vulnerable. Let’s take up our space.

We deserve it. We’re worth it.” ~Elyssa Jakim

I was thinking about the following while reading the article.

Releasing and Reclaiming . . .

  • What do I need to release and let go of in my life?
  • What do I want to reclaim in living my life?
  • Protection . . . Permissions . . . What am I holding back on?

Living and Loving . . .

  • Life is messy as well as can be simple.
  • Does love come naturally or not?
  • Emotions, space, worthiness, and most of all love and being loved.

Asking and Questioning . . .

  • Just the simple asking what I need as well as what others need.
  • That inner dialogue with your self. That inner critic, negative nelly, debbie downer, grumpy gus, etc. that rears its ugly head at times versus listening to and following your instincts and intuition.
  • There is no normal, right?!? I am who I am!

I tend to ask myself one question now, “Do I care or do I not care about xyz?” I either take care of it or move on. That self confidence to be self aware. To take charge and make the best decision!

What Are Your Thoughts? Love To Hear, Please Share!


Staying Motivated

Never Give In & Never Give Up! Especially On Yourself!

In the world of instant gratification it can be frustrating when the results are not coming fast enough! How do you stay motivated? How do you not just give in and give up? Sometimes it comes down to not focusing in on the results and focusing on the process instead!

Patience is key as well as reminding yourself why you started in the first place! What does matter to you and why is most important to you? Sometimes you have to go within yourself to stay motivated and committed. This will help you get in touch as to why you started and maybe how to go through the process!

Like I have been told by one very strong woman, “Act like a duck and let it roll right off your back”.

The hardest part is continuing on when you hit obstacles, do not see results or even hit a wall! Do not give up and quit so easily at this point though!

  • Think of ways to conquer those obstacles.
  • Reflect on what you have achieved at that present moment.
  • Figure a way through or over that wall.

Focus on what you need and want instead of what you want to see! Put aside thinking and trying to do and achieve for approval and validation and even the ego driven. Be true to yourself and honest with yourself in what you want to achieve. That is your motivation to keep going!

Inspire yourself from within and you can do anything!

I am learning that it is about practice and progress instead of perfection and expectation! I take it one day at a time too. I do set goals though on a weekly and monthly basis to keep me motivated and to stay on course. I focus on the changes and not on the end results!

I feel better as well as my whole being is happier and healthier! I need to give myself love and care. I need to share, give and receive from myself and others. I am able and it is doable to overcome challenging moments with ease when I come from a place of love instead of fear!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember To Keep On Keeping On! Who You Want To BE Is What YOU DO TODAY! Start Today and Go! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Body Loving

Celebrating You,

Your Body and

Your Whole Being

I recently read an article by Shannon Kaiser and she asked some pretty great questions!

  • What if the body we live in, no matter its size, is a gift?
  • What if the way people treat us is a reflection of them, not us?
  • What if shame and judgment is just a stand-in for lack of love?

We all are human and have hearts and feelings! It is about living from within ourselves. It is about loving and feeling from our hearts! It is about loving yourself as a whole being.

“To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth…is potentially to have everything.” ~Joan Didion

The two questions I ask myself are:

  1. Do I feel good?
  2. Am I making healthy choices?

I am who I am! I do not feed into being, looking and acting a certain way. I am strong and confident. I am healthy and feel good. I am secure in who I am and that matters the most to me in living my life!

The Top 5 Things I Do For My Whole Being

  1. Love myself, my body and my whole being.
  2. Take time for myself.
  3. Take care of myself and my needs.
  4. I love to be curious and explore.
  5. I love thinking outside of the box and being creative.

I believe in being fit and healthy! The size you wear or the number on the scale is at times just a number. I believe in treating my whole being as a precious gift to be treasured and being a great caregiver too! It is about self love, self acceptance and self worth.

“Growing into your future…requires a dedication to caring

for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and

regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is.” ~Victoria Moran

I tune into how I feel from the inside out! This is where my happiness, pleasure and joy shines from. This is where my heart and my love radiates from. I am beautiful, worthy and enough!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love You for YOU and Your WHOLE BEING! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Shifting From Within

The Process of Forgiving

The process of forgiving starts with yourself! It is not about the other person. It is about being able to forgive yourself in order to move on and move forward once again. New Starts and New Beginnings!

“Holding onto anger is like holding onto a hot coal

with the intent of throwing it at someone else.

You are the one who gets burned.” ~Buddha

The Power of Forgiveness

It is about not feeling like a victim or playing the blame game!

It is about shifting from within and looking inward in forgiving yourself!

  • What is this situation trying to teach me?
  • What have I learned?
  • What has this situation taught me about myself?

It is about discovering the power of forgiveness for yourself! It is about learning more about yourself, especially from within yourself!

It is about being open, honest and true to yourself!

I have learned:

  • That there is at least two sides to every story when there is a situation.
  • EVERYTHING is connected!
  • I have everything I need if I listen to myself, follow my heart and trust myself.
  • I need to love myself and my whole being.
  • Communicate, listen and repeat. Remember to say what you really mean.
  • I need to take responsibility for myself and my actions.
  • To not take it personal and know that it is not about me at times.
  • I cannot change people period!
  • I need to take care of and support myself and my needs.
  • It is a process to forgive that needs action and hard work to work through it. There is no easy button!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

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