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Your Life Path

Discovering Your Destiny

Each and every one of us has our own destiny and life path! You need to be open to the possibilities and opportunities to experience what life has to offer to you. You will learn along the way to experience personal growth. You have to find the map and learn to navigate to discover your path!

“Don’t get too comfortable on any single road. Your job is direction, not route.”~Jedidiah Jenkins

Discovering . . .

You need to get curious! This will help you be open and mindful in going after what you want.This will help you find your gifts and talents. This will help you discover what you are passionate about and love to do!

You are the one in control in taking charge of your destiny! You make the decisions and choices every day. Especially the ones that are best for you! The ones that stay true to who you are and where you want to be (i.e. beliefs, values, goals, successes, etc.).

You need to follow your life path, journey along and discover you! Find that inspiration and motivation. Discover that passion and love. Use your time and energy to your best advantage!

Journey Along  . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Leaping Down Your Path Today! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Filling Your Satisfied II

Do What Works BEST For You

The Path

What Do You Want To Live Your Life By?

I am creating that healthier lifestyle and building a solid foundation for myself! I find it so beneficial to my whole being in being more efficient and effective as well as healthy and productive. I am discovering what works best for me and doing more of that. There is nothing better than giving back to my being and my body that does so much for me every day!

I am learning to keep an open mind and not be so closed off! When I am closed off I feel a disconnect and a discord and it makes it hard for me to find that “happy medium”. I want to be more present, aware and mindful of what is happening to me and around me! I am all for slowing down and soaking everything in. Life is going to happen and change and I want to be there and not miss anything!

I want personal growth and that comes with challenging myself and pushing my limits! The hard work is so worth the gains and the rewards.

I want to be a passionate as well as a compassionate being in everything I do when it comes to living my life! Passion is fuel and drive. Compassion is healing and rewarding. Those random acts of kindness and being of service to others. That give and take and connecting with others. It is all good!

The Journey

Where Do You See Yourself?

Traveling, adventuring and exploring with my greatest someone and adventure partner!

In the present moment having a good time, making memories and gaining life experiences! I want to share myself including my smile and my laughter with myself and with others. I need to get in touch with myself, my greatest someone, my family and friends, and other people. That matters the most to me in living my life!

I need to love my whole being and create the space I need to live my life! I need to lean into discomfort and stretch my comfort zone. I need to make sure to clean and take out the clutter every now and then to make room for the things I do want to do. I need to be open to change and see where it takes me. I need to communicate, interact and connect with my whole being!

I see myself doing what I love! I see myself as a creative and passionate being in everything I do. I see myself creating that healthier and happier lifestyle for myself. I have the potential to experience growth and gain life experiences by doing, exploring, creating, and discovering!

I see myself working to play and live my life to its fullest capacity! I need to be open to the possibilities and opportunities and take full advantage. I need to use my imagination to visualize as well as dream when it comes to my desires. I need to live my life with eyes wide open, listening to myself and to my instincts and following my heart!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Journeying Along! Here’s to Filling You and Your Satisfied! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Your Path

Navigating The Many Paths

In Living Our Lives

Where are you . . .

  • Are you on the path?
  • Are you off the path?
  • Have you hit a rut?
  • Have you become stagnant and stuck?
  • What route are you on?

I need to clean house every so often! I need to pick up the mess, clean and just get rid of the clutter. It is a reflection of where I am currently and where I need to be heading and going in living my life!

Are you . . .

  • Journeying along.
  • Creating a new path.
  • Changing direction.
  • Taking the scenic route.
  • In the weeds or even in the ditch.

I have to realize that my life is in a constant state of flux! I have to get on board and go with the flow. I have to be open and embrace change and transitions instead of resisting, fighting or hiding from it. I need to come from a place of love and live a life I love!

When I am not going with the flow it just sucks the energy out of me and exhausts me! So not a good place to be. I know I need to take a break to rest, relax and reenergize. I need to take time for myself and my needs and make myself a priority again!

How do you . . .

  • Navigate when you get off course.
  • Become more aware and mindful.
  • Stay on track.
  • Look for signs.
  • Stay in the present and not look back or too forward.

How does one get pass the “OVER” anything and everything and just live the simple life! I am really good at adding pressure, anxiety and stress to the “OVER” too. Instead I need to find balance and that happy medium for myself, my needs and my whole being! I need to not linger, make a change and keep moving forward again. Get Back On My Path and Journey Along!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Doing? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Clearing A Path

To Journey On

Is Life About Clearing A Path or Two or Three?

I seem to be an in betweener when it comes to being a leader or a follower! I like to think that I am a trail blazer clearing a path, putting up signs and leaving my mark. However, I know I am navigationally challenged so I am more of a wanderer! I just hope to stay on the path and not wander too far most days.

There are days where I want to get LOST to adventure, explore and discover!

Some Questions I Often Ask Myself

  • What will I do?
  • Who will I meet?
  • How will I learn, grow and gain life experiences?

Clearing A Path . . .

Path of Progress

Is Life About Being a Work In Progress?

I am ready for change, especially the good, better and BEST kinds! At least I hope I am ready for change and the NEW! in my life. I need to be open to embracing what comes and what happens in my life. I need to enjoy the process, focus on the task at hand and just be in the moment!

I am discovering the balance in my life that works best for me!

Making Progress On The Path . . .

Path of Experiences

Is Life About Learning, Growing and Experiencing?

My Top 3 Growth Goals Are:

  • Taking action versus being reactionary; listening to my inner voice.
  • Taking the time to choose what I want; following my heart.
  • Taking control over my doubts and fears; trusting my gut.

I cannot wait to expand my little world and gain life experiences!

I need to build and develop those connections with my greatest someones! I want to make new acquaintances and new connections too. Those connections have the potential to lead into something great!

Developing . . . Growing . . . Experiencing On The Path (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Creating Your Path In Living Your Life!

Finding Your Clear Path

Is Like Hugging

The Middle of the Road

  • Do you ever feel inspired AND overwhelmed at the same time?
  • What Do You Focus On?
  • What Direction Do You Go In?

I DO! My mind and thoughts are racing with my emotions and feelings. Sometimes I feel like it is within reach and other times I feel like it is unattainable. I feel like finding my clear path on this journey of life is like hugging the middle of the road!

DO NOT go too far right or too far left and WHATEVER I do, DO NOT OVERCORRECT! If I go to slow I get stagnant. If I go to fast I do not get to enjoy the process. I just may find myself stuck on OVER everything and anything too. It is very much about seeking out that happy medium when it comes to living the life I do have and wanting MORE of it!

Here’s a Sign

Putting The Pieces Together

I strongly believe that I already have a good amount of the pieces in my life! I just have to figure out how they fit together to complete a part of the puzzle. I know the right pieces will seek me out if I am open and patient enough. Once I do that I can continue on my journey because I have found a clear path once again!

What talents and gifts DO I have? I need to look at my strengths, my weaknesses and my limitations! Where DO I spend my time, energy and of course money? I need to look at my passions, especially when it comes to what motivates and drives me.

I really want to do what I enjoy or at least build it into my life! I know even if I cannot make a living doing what I enjoy it still adds to my life!

Exploring . . . Discovering . . . Experiencing . . .

What Matters Most To Me

  • I want to get involved in my life; try new things and stretch my comfort zone.
  • I want to communicate, interact and connect with myself and others, especially my greatest someones.
  • I need to learn, grow and gain life experiences.
  • I need to live the life I do have and want more of it.

I have been on this journey of self for a year now and it has been quite the experience! I am learning to take time for myself and listen to myself in what I want in my life. Most times I know what I want. Sometimes I have no idea how to go about getting what I want and other times I have no idea what I really want.

I need to stop focusing on perfection and putting unnecessary pressure on myself too! I do want to find my purpose and discover my passion. I do want my life to be meaningful and make it count each and every day. It does take time as well as patience!

Journeying Along . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Life is a GIFT To Be Treasured Every Day! Time is PRECIOUS, so DO NOT Waste a Minute of it!


That is the Question

To me life is putting one foot in front of the other and setting off on an ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME!!!

  • To BE in the minute.
  • To BE in the present moment.
  • To BE on MY journey.

Going For One Wild Ride Of A Lifetime – Weeeee!!!

Making the Grade

Life happens and if anything it schools you! You gain life lessons and gain life experiences. You will grow, change, transition, and repeat! Life is nurturing and nourishing yourself, your needs and your whole being.

I think I have been schooled in boxing. I have the ability to get back up when knocked down. I am learning what to let go of and what is worth fighting for. I know when I need to take a stance and wait for it . . . I know when I need to smile and simply walk away.

I think I have been schooled in picking battles. I have the ability to pick and choose my battles, most of the time. I am learning what battles matter and what battles just do not. I know when I need to take a stand and wait for it . . . I know when I need to put my game face on and when to take it off.

Learning To Adapt

The BEST things to do are to pause, take a deep breathe, count to 10, and repeat!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” ~Dr. Seuss

Learning to LIVE in the Present Moment

I am learning to not only live in the present moment, but to be more in the present moment and enjoy the process throughout that moment! I like to ask questions and be curious. I really want to know the Who, the What, the Why, and the How at times! I can drive myself mad as well as other people with this questioning. So . . . I am learning to jump in with both feet, go with the flow and just let it unfold!

The BEST thing is I can make decisions, choices and changes, which gives me the opportunity to be open to ALL experiences!

MY Journey

When I think about setting goals for myself I really look into my interests and passions as well as my wishes and dreams! I am the one who defines my success and how I contribute to my life and with other people. I enjoy life way more when I am having fun living it! If I just get one thing accomplished and done to the best of my abilities I am having a great day.

I need to be challenged and engaged on a daily basis or you will have one bad monkey on your hands if not! This includes my whole being too. I am a mover and shaker and enjoy being an active person! I am pretty lucky to have a body that lets me be active too.

I am a slow learner when it comes to change, especially seeing the changes I need to make in myself to become a better version of me! Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is already something you have – duh. I know myself better than anyone, so why not use that to my advantage to learn, change and grow!

The BEST thing is being true to myself and who I am!

Journeying Along (Photos by RSheridan)

The Great ESCAPE On My Journey

I have to ESCAPE to be a better version of me too! I have to stop the insanity and the crazy busyness and just get away from it ALL. Nothing better than becoming one with myself and finding my solace than being in the Great Outdoors! I also day dream throughout the day to keep my mental state of sound mind.

The BEST things are to take care of myself, treat myself, CELEBRATE, and repeat!

Please Share One of Your BEST Things, Love to Hear! Here’s To BEING More and Maybe DOING a Little Less!!!

Take a Number

Take a Seat

I have “Next Disease”! I am always looking for the next anything. I fool myself into thinking that I am not holding myself back by looking forward to the next thing in my life. Next, please!

Taking a #!!!

I am learning to embrace the unknown with open arms! I am discovering that being open to the possibilities can be a life lesson as well as a blessing. I am growing while expanding my world! I enjoy welcoming my world with open eyes instead of with my eyes closed and my head under the covers. Much better way to live life!

I need to push less and let go of the control at times! Instead I need to get in sync with my inner drive and outer ambitions. I can no longer force things to happen in my life! I am learning to be and be more in the present.

One BIG World Out There

I am starting to believe that the journey is the process of living my life! I am in charge of living the life I want. I am finding inner happiness, becoming healthier and getting out there more. The destination is the here and now!

I am discovering my beauty from the inside out! I am taking the time I need to love and do for myself. I am slowing down in a way that feels good for me. I no longer want to hold myself back!

Discovering My Calm and Collected Self Again (Photos by RSheridan)

Hang Out!

Life Changing

AMAZE Yourself!!!

I recently read something that spoke to me and my journey of living from within myself!

“I’ve found it to be an amazing experience to live knowing

that even the seemingly problematic issues in my life are the answers to my prayers.” ~ Nawala Damiba

Do you feel a disconnect from the person who lives inside you and the person you present on the outside? I know I feel torn between living life in general and living life in overcomplication. Why is that?

Finding My Way

Resisting change and even fighting change with every fiber of your being can be the norm! I am an asker of many questions as well as a challenger when it comes to change. I have my moments of feeling dazed, confused and just plain lost in the transition at times. I really try hard to see the positive side of change, especially if it matters to me!

There are times where you need to stop the madness, conflict and turmoil of change! You need to be open to embracing change and growing as a person, especially when it comes to transformation or life changes. See it as a challenge, but also as a BLESSING in your AMAZING life! Your problematic issues just may be the solutions you have been looking for in your life.

You never know it could be a freeing experience in your life! Give yourself that permission to let go and release instead of holding on tight. Gain those life experiences. You may just find a GREATER VERSION OF YOURSELF in the process!

Discovering My Path . . . Living My Life . . . Creating My Story (Photos by RSheridan)

Why Not AMAZE Yourself When It Comes To Living Your Life & Creating Your Life Story!!!

The Spirit of Adventure

Getting Lost in This BIG World

I think I finally know one reason I am navigationally challenged! I was born a questioner and never really listened hard enough to hear the answers. So I became a wanderer who enjoys getting lost to explore and adventure! I was also born a challenger and prefer to keep moving forward on to the next thing and then the next thing.

I love having a spirit of adventure! I want to escape and just go anywhere and everywhere. I enjoy the thrill and the excitment. I love the process of journeying in getting to my destination too! 

My greatest escape is to just anywhere that does not look remotely like an office – ha! I enjoy getting outside in the great outdoors and becoming one with nature. I do have places I go back to again and again. However, I love experiencing the NEW! when traveling, exploring and adventuring!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Found Your Spirit of Adventure? If so, What Do You Like to Do? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Your Message

That You Share

I started my blog to share travel experiences Out West. It has evolved over the past years into so much more! I know a part of this evolution is because I am changing and growing. The biggest change has been in finding my voice and the greatest growth has been in expressing myself!

What is the #1 Message You Share With Other People?

My #1 is Creating Your Story!

My message speaks to my whole being and hopefully it speaks to you too! I am learning and growing and changing as a person through my successes and challenges. I love experiencing life and what it has to show me and share with me. I know I am not alone when it comes to figuring out this thing called life!

My message is about finding your path, journeying through life and creating your story as you travel, adventure and explore! It is about being open and embracing what you come upon on your path as your journey along. It is about having something to offer, making a difference and sharing with yourself and other people. Life is truly a gift to be treasured each and every day!

I reflect on two characters when journeying through my life!

  1. Alice and Her Adventures in Wonderland
  2. Harold and His Purple Crayon

(Photos by RSheridan)

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Here’s to Putting Nose to Book and Putting Pen to Paper and Putting Eye to Viewfinder! Here’s to Finding Your Path, Journeying Along, Creating Your Story and Sharing Your Story!

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