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Joy Breaks

Finding Joy & Happiness Among the Daily Rush

Do you take a “Joy Break”? aka Taking a brief moment for yourself to smile, laugh, find your happy place, etc!

One needs that reprieve as well as that release when the mind is racing and the body is rushing about! Being constantly in the “on” position is not good. You are able to pause to reset as well as recharge to restart again. Think about a mini dose of nurturing and nourishing for your whole, well being! 

When you feel on “over” or the world seems to be speeding by BECOME PRESENT! Find the peace and calm by becoming grounded. Find the pleasure and joy by becoming centered. Bring your attention and awareness within yourself and your being! 

Really focus in on what you love to do and make the time to do it! Even if it is just for 5 minutes. Let your mind go and maybe even tap into your creative being. Do what is best for you and your whole, well being!

It is the small things that you do for yourself that matters the most! Especially in taking the time to make space for you. I ask myself every once in a while, “Am I surviving, thriving or actually living?”! We are all going through the motions and the moments, however; do not lose yourself. Remember to journey on, read the next paragraph, turn the page, start a new chapter . . .

(Photos by RSheridan)



Honeymoon Island

The sun was setting in front of me while the moon was behind me – pretty cool!



Dinner is served . . . fish is on the menu – YUM!

(Photos By RSheridan)

Here’s To Taking A Moment To Be In The Present . . . Enjoy!

Pinch Me!

Must Be Dreaming

I see a pattern forming in my life with the numbers 4 and 5! The 4’s seem to be major life milestones while the 5’s are major life transitions. Have you experienced this? For instance, my birth year ends in a 4 and I married in 2004. For instance, moved Out West in 2005 and then moved Southeast in 2015.

What gives, right! There are patterns and changes. There are milestones and transitions. Life and living life is very much a cycle!

Why do we wish to be somewhere else when we are right where we need to be? I know I am guilty of this. That mindset of bigger and better. That mindset of upgrading and advancing. We forget to BE in the step we are currently in! 

Do you think about the stage you are in right now living your life each and every day? I know I do, especially in being in a transitional phase in my life. It is amazing how quickly time passes by when you are busy making plans and living your life! 

  • What are you hoping, wishing and dreaming about?
  • Are you where you need to be?
  • Are you being present and growing as a person?

Being present as well as comfortable right where you are! Do not get me wrong it is great to aspire and hope as well as wish and dream. It feels great when you reach a goal successfully. To pause and revel in that contentment. Celebrate each and every day!

Do you think about what already is in your life? I think about the abundance and the richness that I have in my life right now. I think about the life lessons, the personal growth and the gaining of life experiences. I think about overall health and well being as well as happiness and doing what you love!

  • Are you appreciative as well as  grateful of what you already do have?
  • Are you absorbing and reveling there?
  • What about the joy and the happiness that you receive?

There is no greater freedom then letting go and being in the moment! Not worrying about the next thing, the next step and the next stage. Reminding yourself not to take life so serious and have fun, laughter and play time. Taking it minute by minute and just being in that moment!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Being Completely Present and Letting TODAY Just Unfold! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Learning To Live With It!

Life is full of uncertainties, right! Uncertainties are not right or wrong. Uncertainties are not correct or incorrect. Uncertainties are not perfect or imperfect.

Uncertainty:  the state of being, something that is unknown.

I like to look at the antonyms of the definition of uncertainty.

  • Assurance
  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Sureness
  • Trust

You can look to the future, but can you plan or predict it! You can set goals and intentions. You can dream and desire. You can live in the present and know you are where you need to be at this moment in time!

I was too busy in my teens trying to grow up. I was too busy in my twenties worrying and stressing out over the stupid crud. I am done with the worrying about the next thing and stressing out about how things will work out. I was too busy in my thirties trying to keep up and at times survive. I am so done with freaking out when things do not go my way or according to my plan.

I have a general outlook and I am good with that! I am slowing down and being more present overall. It feels good for my whole being. I have a general direction that I want to go in!

The pieces of the puzzle will come into being and fall into place when it is time! If it is meant to be it will be. I am grateful for the learning lessons, the growing pains and the experiences in living my life! It has brought me to where I am today and who I am.

I know I hope, wish and dream for good things to come into my life as well as exciting adventures to come my way! I know I want to continue to learn, grow and gain life experiences. I know I want to embrace the opportunities as well as the challenges. I know I want to interact and engage and be present now! 

There are questions with impossible answers or unknowns. Trust. There are things out of my control. Confidence. There are no real maps and directions. Conviction. There are no real plans and have to let it unfold. Sureness and Assurance.

I am learning to live each and every day with a healthier and happier approach! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Looking Upon the Horizon With Your Whole Being Firmly Planted In the Present Living It Minute By Minute, Moment By Moment, Memory By Memory! 

Being Present


Remember being in school and having to check in with your home room teacher!

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.

When mindfulness embraces those we love they bloom like flowers.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Some days I am either present or present, but not really there! How do I find awareness and mindfulness amongst the craziness and chaos every day? The piling on and the packed schedule. The checking of the inbox way too many times throughout the day because it seems to never be empty. The constant action along with the disruptions and distractions. I feel like I am getting nowhere fast at times!

Tuning Inward

I need to tune into my needs and my whole being! I need to nurture and nourish myself. I need that inspiration and motivation to feed and fuel me. I need to be aware of what is going on inside of me, so I can be more mindful of what is going on around me!

Making It Matter

I want to conquer today, be in the present moment and make the most of my day each and every day!

  • I tend to lose my perception and my perspective and need to bring it back to the forefront again.
  • I tend to lose my gratitude, give appreciation and be thankful for what I do have.
  • I tend to lose myself in the land of technology and the time sucking e-mail and internet.
  • I tend to lose myself with the worry and stress that I cannot keep up let alone increase my speed. That is not healthy or a way to live.

It is changeable and doable though! I need to look at what I am gaining in seeking the good and searching for the positive in living my life on a daily basis. I certainly feel more motivated, energized and productive! I feel like I am using my time more effectively and efficiently.

Escaping . . . Wandering . . .

My two favorite things to do is to escape and to wander, especially with no destination in mind! I love exploring, adventuring and just letting my curiosity go wild. I enjoy creating the space and the time I need for myself. I like pondering and puttering as well as wondering and wandering to my heart’s content!

I like to do these two things when I need a break from the routine and the four walls I live and work in! Running here, running there and running errands. Checking this and that off the to do list. There are days I feel productive and accomplished. There are days I feel like I ran nowhere and got not much done.

There are days I just want to be! Pausing, breathing and just being with myself. No alarm clock, no schedule, and no routine. I love just being able to do what I want with no destination in mind!

Slowing Down to Journey Along

I am enjoying slowing down and finding that slower pace in going about my day! I feel more connected, engaged and productive.  I feel more balanced and centered. It is freeing, calming and relaxing to my whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Doing To Be Present In Living Your Life? Love to Hear, Please Share!

The Ultimate Forgiveness

Is Forgiving Yourself

Do you make forgiving yourself a daily practice or at least a weekly or a monthly practice?

I know it is a challenge for me, but it is also necessary to do for myself too! I can stew and dwell. I can hold a grudge. I can play the blame game, throw a pity party or go on a gulit trip!

Reflecting . . . Contemplating . . . Forgiving . . .

What is the point? There is NO point! Where does it get me in doing so? NOWHERE! All that holding in and negativity is not a healthy or happy way to live my life. I will just end up driving myself nuts!

Going Up

I need to practice forgiveness and move on, especially in forgiving myself! I cannot go backwards and rewrite the script. I can start again the next day and do the best that I can do! I am human and I make mistakes. What has happened, has happened! I need to live in the present, accept it and let it go.

It certainly is not my intention to hurt people! I need to better my communicating and listening skills. I want to have happy and healthy relationships with the people in my life! In practicing forgiveness with myself I am able to use my skills in forgiveness with other people and situations.

Baby Steps (Photos by RSheridan)

TODAY is a NEW! Day and Day of NEW! Beginnings!!!


For the Greater Good

I do not know about you, but there are times that the words schedules, routines, habits, and changes just has me gritting my teeth and bearing it with a smile upon my face!

Smiling . . .

Here is My Reasoning . . .

Point #1 – Why do I need to schedule my day? I really only want to do so much in one day and do I really need to add scheduling to it!

Point #2 – Why do I need to have a routine? I really only want to do what I feel like doing in one day and following a routine is not something I feel like doing!

Point #3 – Then you take that schedule and that routine and on top of the old habits you add new habits! Hopefully if you are lucky some of the new habits have replaced some of the old habits. Otherwise in a few years you will be kicking yourself while trying to break some of those habits once again!

Point #4 – I sense a vicious cycle to get involved in here people!

Do Not Get Me Wrong! I do want to be a better version of myself as well as change my life for the better too. For me the end goal is being able to make better choices that help me feel good about myself and the life I am living! I will always be a work in progress and I am okay with that.

There are benefits, rewards and payoffs with everything I do, especially when it comes to living the life I want! Sometimes this means having to switch up my schedule and my routine as well as creating new habits and making changes to improve for the better. I love when one improvement makes positive waves and touches multiple aspects in my life! Nothing better than being happy and healthy.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

I know I have to work to play, but sometimes I want to play before getting down to work!

Playing . . . Having Fun . . .

I struggle when it comes to finding my pace and my balance! I do not have the time to waste more of my time or my energy. I do not want to be sucked into a time warp! I prefer to be in the moment, focus on the task at hand and enjoy the process.

I am on the fence some days about being on autopilot! There are times where too much of being on a routine is not necessarily a good thing. There are times I am so on autopilot I have to stop, think and wonder did I just do that or how did I get here. Yes, it saves me time and energy, but I feel like I am missing something too!

I struggle when I cannot stop thinking about something I really want! That temptation kicks in and it is hard to resist. My crazy mind has me thinking if I get busy doing something else it will just go away. Yeah, good luck with that!

I like to think it comes down to self control, but how much control do I really have over my self control! I enjoy my creature comforts and sometimes it is easier to fall back on my habits too. I know I need to be more open and accepting of the process and not just stop when I do not like something or it gets tough! There are those beneficial changes and transitions that if you are open will have great payoffs.

The Present and The Positive

My Top Needs . . .

  • Living the life I do have!
  • Being more in the present moment.
  • Focusing on the positive.
  • Tapping into my willpower.
  • Becoming more self aware.

Soaking It In . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Living the Good Life and Going After What Matters and/or Is Important to You!!!

Going Through The Motions

Wanting to Keep More Than My Head Above Water!

How do you focus on what matters in living your life? On one hand you have the getting by and going through the motions. While on the other hand you have the being in the present moment. Do you ever feel like life is just speeding on by? Are you on or off or somewhere in between? It depends, right!

Speeding On By! (Photo by RSheridan)

Is it about less doing and more being? Embrace the Present!

I know I find myself zoning out and being not interested and bored when overstimulated. I also find myself stuck and struggling and all up in my own business when overwhelmed. I feel like I need a good cleansing rain in my life to start fresh once again! Wash away all that “STUFF” going on and get focused on living!

I know for me there is one thing that will STOP me in my tracks! I do not like the impatient, unpleasant and even rude person that lives inside of me that bubbles to the surface when I feel like I cannot handle one more thing. She is one ugly, hot mess! Especially when she has indeed had enough and is ready to boil over with anger. I know I need a “time out”!

Need a Time Out! (Photo by RSheridan)

Why does that happen? That certainly is NOT the Best Me!

I think in a way it is like a self check! Put the best version of yourself out there. Remember life is speeding by with or without you! Accept that you are doing a good job and to the best of your abilities too. Give Yourself Some TLC!

You have to take the bad moments with the good moments and everything in between that comes your way! There are times where you have to jump in or at least wade in and deal with that “STUFF”. There are times where you have to engage fully and focus on the task at hand. You embrace change, accept what matters and let go of the rest!

One WILD Ride! (Photo by RSheridan)

Is it about less wanting and more living? Living the Life You Do Have!

Laugh Often, Love MUCH, Live Fully!!!

Welcoming the Day

Taking It One Day at a Time!

I am all for Welcoming a New Day! I prefer to start the day on a good foot and be in the present moment. However, I am not on the happier side of life every day! Some days I need a little practice to see the positive light and just be.

I have to find the 3 I’s:

  • Inspiration
  • In the Present Moment
  • Intention


What Inspires You On a Daily Basis?

I enjoy a great breakfast and a cup of joe. I love sharing and receiving smiles and laughs! I enjoy when someone does something nice for me. I love to take time out for myself to read and write!

In the Present Moment

How Do You Be In the Present Moment?

I really try to approach each day as if it is a GIFT! A gift that is opened carefully, embraced and celebrated. I prefer to find the calm among the chaos and focus on one task at a time! Otherwise I just feel stressed out and overwhelmed.


What is Your Mantra on a Daily Basis? What Will You Create Today? Do You Believe That What You Desire Will Come True?

Some people have a favorite quote or poem. Some people create daily affirmations or have an agenda for the day. Some people like to journal and write down thoughts and actions. Some people like to reflect on the day; mindful of, grateful for, appreciate this and that.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Discovering That You Are Right Where You Need To Be!!!





Connection . . .

Remember your school days where you would tell your homeroom teacher that you were there and “present”!

An online friend of mine recently shared a video that spoke volumes to me! The video shows a woman out and about with no phone in her hand while her friends and family have their phones in hand and cannot seem to put them down for a minute or two. What? I am starting to think actual HUMAN conversation, interaction and connection has changed and not for the better either.

Why is being more “present” with your phone more important lately? Even scarier is doing it while driving (i.e. not being hands free, texting and now selfies while driving)!

Yes, I use technology and social media, but there is a time and place for it too! I certainly have no plans in becoming one with my not so smartphone. I happen to man a switchboard in my 8 to 5 professional life and the last thing that I want to interact with is a phone in my off time. I experience enough distruptions and distractions and busyness that adding a phone in my hand 24/7 is just one too many things to juggle for me!

I love face time with my greatest someone and someones! I enjoy the interaction and the conversation. I crave that one-on-one, face-to-face time! I enjoy the connection and the communication with other people.

I am a social human being that craves being with other social human beings! In being social I am more open to encountering opportunities in my life too. I have to GET OUT THERE to experience life! It is not going to come and knock on my door. It comes from interacting, networking and building those relationships that I need in my life!

I crave that energy from other people too! It inspires and motivates me. It makes me want to go out and make things happen that bring me happiness, pleasure and joy. It makes me want to be a better person as well as do better in living the life I want! 

I do find value in connecting with others through technology because there are little barriers in getting to know each other! Then when we do meet in person I feel that I know them a little bit. I feel like I can interact a little easier because we have connected. It helps put a face with a name too.

Here is Your Challenge for Today, this Week or this Month!

Who Are You Going to Communicate, Interact, Converse, and Connect With Face-to-Face? Please Share, Love to Hear!

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