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Manifesting Grit

Strength of Self

You know you are the creator of your journey, right! Creating your story. Capturing your moments. Experiencing. Knowing your “whys” to go after what you need and want as well as crave and desire!

It comes from within too! That inner voice that speaks from the heart as well as the gut. That inner energy to be and to do what is best for you and your whole, well being. That inner sense of self and staying true to who you are!

  • Your inner character.
  • Your inner strength of self.
  • Your inner being.

Each of us has a different relationship with our inner selves!

  • How you ask for help and guidance.
  • How you seek approval.
  • How you see your self and how you project and present your self.
  • How you treat and value yourself.
  • How you check in with your self.

How do you tune into your integrity and tap into your grit! Believing, trusting and valuing yourself. Communicating and connecting to yourself. Loving you for you! 

Think about how to guide yourself to where you want to be! There are times you try to “keep up” with others. There are times you need to do for you and what you need. In those times you have to think about what you value and what truly matters to you! 

  • What do you truly need? Are you going after it?
  • What do you truly know, especially about yourself and your “whys” in going after what you need?
  • Where do you want to spend your time and energies?
  • What really has meaning to you that truly matters the most?
  • What do you enjoy that makes you happy and gives you pleasure?

You really tap into that self belief and that self trust! Think about taking in your own personal counsel when making decisions. That self check and self referral! It gives you independence and empowerment. In the end you know what is best for you!

Really make the time to check in with you!

  • What is working?
  • Are you creating that space to just be for you?
  • Are you letting go and releasing what is no longer serving you and your best interests?
  • Are you truly addressing your emotions, feelings and thoughts?
  • Are you really listening and being aware in what needs your attention?

(Photos by RSheridan)

 How Are You Discovering Your Strong? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Embracing Failure

With Grace & Humility

I am a confident being, however; I still struggle with failure, especially those embarrassing moments of failure! I do not know if I have the grace and humility to be willing to make a fool of myself to become great at times. I have had plenty of practice – ha! 


  • How do you embrace failures, especially the embarassing ones?
  • How do you find the courage to overcome and move on?
  • How do you care, especially about yourself in those failures?

Is it confidence that keeps you going in those moments! It is a lesson in humility and being humble. How seriously do you take the situation as well as yourself in the situation!

When I do an embarassing fail I try to take a comedic approach to it all and laugh at myself! That is where the humility comes into play. However, I still take a punch to my confident self! It can be a humbling experience at times.


It is courage that powers you through! It is a lesson in how you handle the situation. Do you have control or not? Do you have something to prove or not? Do you embrace it, accept it and keep moving forward? So far it is a survivable event and tomorrow is a new day to start again!

I know when I have failed I try to learn from the experience and try really hard to never repeat it again! I know I have gained new skills. I know I have strengthened my weaknesses. I know I have gained a valuable life lesson and experience!

It is strength and resilience that helps you handle everything life throws at you! To cope and to forgive. To grow and discover your strong. It makes you into the person you are today, especially the belief and trust you have in yourself. 


It is mind over matter! Listening to your mind and overthinking things. Making assumptions and thinking people are judging you. Taking it personally. The mind can play tricks on you!

Instead listen to your heart and come from a place of love to help you through those tough situations! In learning to help yourself you can help others. Being patient and embracing life lessons. Learning to forgive yourself by valuing, believing and trusting in yourself.

Ask Yourself . . .

  • Are you on the path you need to be on?
  • Do you need to make a decision to change direction?
  • Do you need to make a choice or choices for the better in doing what works best for you?

Remember you are in charge and need to be the Captain! Do what matters to you. Do more of what you love to do. Do for YOU!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear How You Handle, Please Share!

Never Give In

Get Out There!

Putting the brakes on is some times best in certain situations, especially the emotionally charged ones! I know I am impatient and the type of person that just wants to fix it and move on. Being in a hurried state is not helpful at all and not healthy for all involved! I do not think anyone truly enjoys confrontation and conflict, but there is a respectful and positive way to do it.

I am learning lessons in patience and humility. This includes finding the calm, taking the emotions out of it and making it not personal. You have to form a positive mindset! You have to figure out how to survive in the ever-changing environment that you live your life in. It takes work!

Life is One Wild Ride! You are either on it or off of it and it is never predictable! ~RSheridan

The hardest part is living in a world of instant gratification! Boy is that a wake up call when something does not work in your favor! You can either live with it or not. I am trying to learn how to take a more patient and positive outlook in my life.

When I take the time to slow down, I feel better about the choices and decisions I make on a daily basis. That makes me also feel better about myself. I am able to be in the present moment and give of myself. I am able to take the time I need and respond more effectively to what is happening around me.

One WILD Ride!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

I feel more connected and grounded as well as have a priority and purpose in my daily life! I feel more free and happy in living my life. I feel like I can take on the world and just be.  I enjoy finding that inner strength that gives me inner peace.

Just Keep Trying & Never Give Up – With Patience Comes Courage to Live Your Life Fiercely Every Day!!!

Listening To My Body’s Needs

Learning, Strengthening, Living . . .

What is that saying, “No Pain, No Gain” . . .

Over the past year I have learned that pain is not always bad! Pain is part of being human and with hard work comes great gains. Pain is doable and manageable in living my life and to the fullest too. Just Breathe, right!

I took for granted what my body did and does for me!

I have discovered that knowing how to breathe and having great posture makes a BIG difference in dealing with pain! Stretching and rotation are key too.  At times the feeling of tightness and cramping is worse than the actual pain. I am learning to find my calm self in order to let the tension, pressure and stress just release and let go! It significantly helps with the pain, tightness and cramping.

The #1 thing that has been eye opening is having the right team to help me through this process! I am bringing awareness to myself and my body. I am figuring out what my body needs to heal and strengthen. I am tuning into the way my body moves in its motions.

Just the education I have soaked up from this team of people amazes me at times! I am learning about muscles, nerves and joints and the importance to the human body and how it functions. For instance, the blood cannot properly flow to an area that is tight, cramped or congested. This could potential cause damage within that area as well as cause aches and pains.

So . . . Ding, Ding! I need to listen to those aches and pains and figure out what my body needs. Is it telling me to slow down and take a chill? It is telling me to hit the gym to work out and stretch out? What DOES my body NEED!

I DO NOT have to give into the pain! I can feel the pain and know how to release it now. I am discovering a deeper connection with myself, my needs and my WHOLE being! I am working on slowing down, relaxing and resting.

Here’s to DISCOVERING Your STRONG! ~RSheridan

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You LISTEN To Your Body? What Is Your Body TELLING You? What Does It NEED? Please Share, Love to Hear!


Beauty in its Truest Form

What does Grace mean to you?

I think about manners and decency. I think about common sense. I think about behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. I think about movement(s).

Can Grace shape who you are; give you strength and confidence?

I really think so! By letting grace into your life you add another layer, especially in body, mind and spirit. When you let the positive into your life you live so much brighter! I see no harm in connecting with the grace in my life as well as sharing it with others; everyone benefits.

Have you seen change through Grace in yourself?

I am learning about dealing and accepting change in my life and it is a work in progress! I am trying to be more open and accepting, especially when it comes to things that I have no control over. I do not just want to tolerate life, but live life! I am still not sure how to do that, but I am not giving up, not yet.

I feel that I need to connect to my spirit more when it comes to grace and gratitude as well as compassion and forgiveness. That you give of yourself completely not partially. It certainly is not easy, at least for me! I know I need to tune in more from within myself.

Have you been softened or shaken by Grace in your life?

All of us have had experiences; positive and negative! It affects your life in that moment! You try to handle it to the best of your ability with the best outcome at times. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it does not go in your favor.

I find it hard to think in terms of I will be better off because of this experience at times! I just cannot imagine or envision the final outcome and maybe I am not suppose to either! Maybe that is what finding Grace in your life is all about!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding Grace In Your Life!

Practice and Practice Some More

Building Strength, Mentally

My mental state takes a beating at times! I have to say most of it comes from myself. I set expectations and have my perceptions of myself, other people and in situations. I have to get out of my head and not be so willing to follow my crazy mind!

When I am under pressure I cannot focus mentally. When I am dealing with other people I either want to flee or fight, especially if there is drama, conflict and/or confrontation. When I am in a demanding situation I sometimes struggle when it comes to thinking clearly and concisely. I am just stretched to my limit or at least I THINK I am!

How do you strengthen your mental aptitude?

The biggest lesson I have learned from building strength mentally is to know myself! Also, it helps to know what is important to me. It matters to me in staying true to who I am! It gives me a sense of priority and purpose too.

I try to remain as calm and collected as possible. I try to put a smile and a positive spin on it too! Sometimes instead of envisioning the outcome I focus on the challenge at hand. This gives me a plan when figuring out what I want to do and where I want to go!

Basically, I ask myself 2 questions!

  1. What did I do well?
  2. What solutions are available to me to solve the problem at hand?

I remember the one manager I had a few years back. This manager did not want to hear problems unless you came with some solutions to those problems! This manager wanted you to change your thought process of a problem to focusing on thinking of solutions. I know it helped me in my thought processes as well as strengthing my mental aptitude!

This manager also helped me be more self motivated and to really trust myself and my abilities! This manager really challenged me mentally as well as motivated me mentally, emotionally and physically. I enjoyed that constructive feedback and that overall collaboration. I appreciated that building up instead of breaking me down!

This also holds me accountable to myself! If I take accountability I am way more likely to be successful. I really do not want to slack off, pass off or short myself. For me it is about doing the best that I can and knowing that I did it to the best of my abilities too! Otherwise I am not gaining, growing or learning in these situations because I am not following through to the end.

By growing and learning I am changing, improving and transitioning as a person and a better version of myself too! I strongly believe in learning and doing better when I make mistakes, have setbacks and experience failures. In building my mental strength I build my confidence too! This helps reduce the anxiety, pressure and stress. I have the ability to remain focused and hopefully find my patient, calm and collected self. The ultimate end result is being able to perform better by being able to think on my feet in order to take action!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s a Brain Teaser to Keep Your Mind Sharp – Can you think of a word associated with all three of these words: cottage, Swiss, cake? Go!

Creating the Romance

In Your Life Story

To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a

Lifelong Romance ~Oscar Wilde

I am learning to know who I really am on this journey of self!

Self Love

I feel that in expanding as a person I can believe, trust and love myself more, so much more! I want to become more of me as well as a better version of myself too. I love figuring out the mystery that is me and who I am! I feel that it matters when it comes to living the life I do have and want more of.

The hardest part is hearing let alone listening to myself and following my intuition and instincts! I am working on self doubting and second guessing myself. I am learning to come from a place of love with believing and trusting in myself. I want to have a positive mindset, follow my heart and really listen to myself and my needs from within. There is just something about being self confident and discovering my strong that makes me LOVE the life I do have!

Questions I Ask My Self

#1 “Would I like me if I did . . .?”

I truly want to make decisions and choices that I can live with and that come from my heart. I want to like me and love me for being myself! The only person I am letting down is me, myself and I when I do not stay true to myself.

#2 “Will . . . move me forward or not?”

Why not experience growth and expand your sense of self while learning and gaining life experiences! I need to tune in and be aware of myself and my needs. I want to develop a good relationship with myself by being true to who I am! This includes being true to my beliefs and my values as well as my preferences and my needs.

I really have to stop putting obstacles in my way, including myself! I want to be more open and be able to accept what life has to offer me. I want to be more passionate and engaged when it comes to living my life fully!

#3 “Am I being open-minded or close-minded on . . .?”

I prefer to be as open-minded as possible. However, sometimes I am biting my tongue or inserting my foot in my mouth! I really try to come from a positive place when I speak my mind or follow my heart. The best part is I have the freedome to make choices and decisions that benefit me and that are good for me!

My Sense of Strength

I am tapping into my inner strengths and discovering my strong! I feel it gives me a sense of balance and stability as well as a sense of security from the inside out. I know I cannot control everything in my life, but at least I can cope and deal with what is happening in my life. Otherwise I am going to just fall apart when things do not go as planned or do not go in my favor!

I have to let go of some of that control, especially when it comes from my ego! I end up limiting myself and not showing the real me. I want to make myself feel good and not always depend on other people to do that for me! I have to depend on myself and give myself strength and security. I need to listen to myself and take care of myself!

Believing in My Self

I believe personal change, personal growth and personal transformation can be a GOOD thing! I amaze and surprise myself at times in what I truly can do, especially when I believe and trust in myself. It certainly is not easy at times, but it is so worth it though. I want to put the best me out there every day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to LOVE! Here’s to Being Open and Embracing YOU! Here’s to Living and Experiencing Life! Please Share Your Thoughts!

Discovering Your Passions

While Releasing Your Fears

Sometimes I let my fears and my emotions control my life! I get in my own way because of the doubts and fears that I am feeling and experiencing. In being more open to the blessings in my life I am growing , taking action and experiencing my life to the fullest. I need to tap into my strengths and passions to really appreciate what I love to do and live the life I want!

My Top 3 Fears

  • The Unknown
  • Failure or Rejection
  • BIG Change

I know that if I tap into my strengths and passions I not only move myself forward, but motivate others to do the same! You can slowly tackle your fears one by one too.  Your doubts and fears are emotions, feelings and thoughts that like to trip you up, control you and at times sabatoge you! You do not have to surrender to your fears. You can face your doubts and fears and develop the skills to cope and be resilient. Your doubts and fears do not define you and who you are!

Crossing That Bridge!

I need to worry and stress less! I need to let go of the control and let off of the pressure I put on myself. I am fearful of hurt and rejection and not being enough. I have to put a stop to that way of thinking and overcome it by thinking in a more positive way!

I truly enjoy the lifestyle I have created for myself! I am learning to follow my heart and listen to my inner voice again. I am taking care of my whole being instead of focusing on one area at a time. I want to be my best self in so many ways that adds to the happiness and fulfillment in my life!

Exploring . . . Discovering . . . Learning . . . Growing (Photos by RSheridan)

Good Luck On Discovering the Passionate Being That You Already ARE!!!

Mind Over Matter

Facing the Unknown Head On

Facing the unknown can be a daunting task. You can try to run from it or face it head on. I could throw myself a pity party where I play the guilt game. I could make myself the victim.

What is Truly Out There? (Photo by RSheridan)

I try to not let my emotions reign and the anxiety to set in when facing the unknown. It brings too much tension and stress as well as unhappiness and restlessness into my life. No Thank You! You have to be the one that meets your needs instead of waiting for someone else to meet those needs for you.

“Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self” ~ Baghvad Gita

Have a little patience when it comes to calming your mind and understanding your emotions and feelings. You have to let it progess and unfold as it happens and not when you want it to happen. Just let go and move along with the flow. Remember to nurture and nourish yourself and your needs.

Calming the Mind (Photo by RSheridan)

You have to find the strength within yourself and listen to your inner voice when it comes to dealing with your emotions and feelings. You can become an embracer of change. You can learn to accept yourself for who you are and get on with living your life. You have the tools within yourself to create your life, the life you want to have NOW!

The 3 Keys to a Great Life are:

  1. Feeling GOOD about yourself
  2. Taking CARE of yourself
  3. Loving yourself MORE

No one is perfect (maybe in our own minds at times) and every one is living in an imperfect world too! The beauty of imperfection is that you get to experience growth and gain life experiences. Love that!

Be an Active Player in Creating Your Life Story as it Unfolds Around You!!! Paragraph by Paragraph, Chapter by Chapter, Page by Page . . .

Getting To

The Core

Your Core or Torso is the “Power Center” of your body! Your core and its strength help your abs and back work together in order to support your spine. Your core and its strength help you move and function every day. It is Amazing what your Core can do for You!

I thought the exercising I was doing was doing good things for my body. However, in pushing my body to new limits I was actually doing more harm than good at times. Breathing; who needs to know how to inhale and exhale. Posture; it is good enough. Form and function; went out the window at times to get it done. Movements and mechanics; just going with the flow here. At least I was doing something to get in shape, right! Boy did I have blinders on!

Getting to the CORE! (Photo by RSheridan)

I am trying to do away with bad habits and form some really great habits when it comes to exercising now, especially since experiencing an injury. The main lesson I have learned about my core is that gaining strength in that area improves how I move as well as live my life. My main goal in strengthening my core is reducing the risk of injury as well as being able to function better.

To have stability and balance once again will be my ultimate success! Say “Hello!” to some tools that just may become your best buds when exercising. There is that BOSU thingie that I have a love/hate relationship with. There is the stability balls and balance disks (I sit on a balance disk at work).

Here’s to Gaining In Strengthening Your Core!

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