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Tapping Into Your Inner Energies

To Tune Out Fatigue and Brain Fog

There is nothing better than making time for yourself to practice self healing when your whole being is running on empty!

My Top 5

  • Stretching (i.e. neck rolls, shoulder shrugs, etc.).
  • Breathing.
  • Taking a break.
  • Having someone or something to look forward to.
  • Rewarding yourself.

Stretching and Breathing

For me the best energy booster to wake up my whole being is too stretch! It clears out the brain fog too, especially if I have been sitting too much and/or are on technology overload. I feel the blood flow circulating again. It is like a restart and a reboot all wrapped into one through stretching!

Remember to focus on your breath when stretching! Breath in . . . breath out . . . Inhale up . . . exhale down. Breathing through tension is key for release! Sometime being vocal helps too, like sighing, chanting, moaning, etc. Make sure you have a private space to be vocal though! 

A good majority of us carry the weight on our shoulders and the stress and tension in our necks! You have to practice releasing that in order to find calm and peace as well as to relax and rest.

Get the energy flowing again! Connect with your breath. Release and let go of the stress and tension. Really focus in on relaxing and healing your whole body!


Taking a Break

Remember to take breaks throughout the day! Everyone needs a chance to reset and reboot. Everyone deserves a breather; basically come up for some much needed air! 

What is your favorite way to take a much deserved break from the action?

Really tune into what your body needs, wants and craves and remember to give it not just think about it! Give yourself something to look forward to. Reward yourself in your achievements and accomplishments. Remember to celebrate YOU and your goals, milestones, learning lessons, successes, etc.!

It keeps you fresh and focused!


Looking Forward To . . .

Remember to give yourself someone or something to look forward to! It is inspiring and motivating. It helps you power through!

Really tap into your dreams and desires! It gives you something to think about that really moves you. It helps move you forward too. Especially in going after what you really want!

Think about what makes you light up! What makes you smile as well as just makes your day. What makes you want to play and have fun. What makes you laugh and feel like a kid again!

Do more of that (playing, laughing, having fun, etc.) and especially do more of what you LOVE! 

ALWAYS have someone or something to look forward to!


Rewarding Yourself

A very important reminder is to reward yourself! You can do something free or treat yourself a bit. When you do for you then give back to your whole being by making time to do something nice and kind for yourself!

I think back to grade school and waiting to see what sticker my teacher placed on my homework! It was motivating and up lifting. It was an expression of a job well done! 


(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Tapping Into Your Inner Energies? Love to Hear, Please Share!

First Create

Second Mindfulness

Love this quote!

“Where the mind and passion goes, the energy flows.”~Sarah Wilson

You have to start creating . . . To build a solid foundation to experience personal growth. To gain life experiences. To live from for yourself and your whole being! 

Creating . . .

Third Passion

What does passion mean to you in living your life?

For me it means being able to do what I love to do!

How do your discover your purpose in living your life?

For me by practicing to progress to learn, experience growth and gain life experiences!

Practicing . . .

Fourth Energy Flow

How do you share that energy flow with yourself and your whole being? How do you share it with others?

My Top 7

  1. Being . . .
  2. Creating . . .
  3. Craving . . .
  4. Practicing . . .
  5. Journeying . . .
  6. Loving  . . .
  7. Living . . .

How to live a life that matters! How to find that rich abundance. How to find that freedom. Work hard, play harder and be rewarded and blessed in so many ways!

Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

CONQUER Today! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Easy DOES It

Shifting Into A

NEW! Gear

What Do You Do On a Daily Basis To Make Your Life a Little Easier On Yourself?

I have discovered that if I stop pushing and start giving I receive what I need in my life! I am happier and healthier for my whole being. I am able to slow down and shift gears. I find that I can take charge and be in control!

Schedule In Ease

I stopped over scheduling my day and adding to my to do list! It overwhelmed and exhausted me. I became stressed out and that crazed person reared its ugly head. I needed to find my ease and calm as well as my balance and control again!

I now take time for myself in the morning to relax and in the evening to unwind, release and let go! I am done pushing myself and running around. I am done feeling guilty for not getting everything done on my to do list. I am happier and healthier now when I accomplish my top 3 things to do and just being more mindful and present throughout the day!

Slow Down, Way Down

I am slowing down, way down lately! I breathe, eat and exercise better. I am more aware of my motions and movements. I feel more at ease and it relaxes my whole being!

One Thing At A Time

Doing one thing at a time is not an easy thing to do when multitasking to the Nth degree is norm! I start feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing well when I multitask to the Nth degree. I feel better when I can tackle the task at hand, focus in on it, complete it well, and move on to the next task. I feel so much more put together and able to do my best too!


I am learning to use my energy levels to my advantage! I like to get things done in the morning, take an hour lunch break to reenergize and workout in the evening during the work week. It not only helps manage my energy levels but my stress levels!

Make Time To Play

I schedule in play time to laugh and just have FUN! I enjoy letting my inner child out. It gives me joy and happiness. It puts the stress on the down low and laughter is the best stress reliever!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Living Life, Especially With Less Stress and More Ease!

Everything Is Connected III

Being Grounded

I am going to bring Feng Shui elements into this post. I like looking into the relationship between the physical and the mental when it comes to the whole being. How that communication, interaction and connection takes place within one’s self. The development and growth to better flow and transition with the constant flux of living one’s life!

These elements have a connection to the whole being when it comes to energy and balance! The positive energy and the negative energy. Strengths and Weaknesses; Balance. Nurture and Nourishment. Develop, Growth and Experiences!

The Elements

The Five Elements

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood

“Each element manifests and radiates energy in the form of Chi.”

Energy of the Elements

  • Earth – grants stability to create a strong foundation to build from.
  • Fire – enthusiasm and expansionism.
  • Metal – mental strength.
  • Water – rejuvenates the body and spirit.
  • Wood – creative and developing energy.

Earth . . . Wood . . . Water . . .

The Wood element speaks to me and my own personal development and growth; mentally and physically! I am an independent and strong willed individual. I tend to not give in or give up and tend to continue on and keep trying.

For instance, I like checking out trees when in the great outdoors! I look at the roots, the bark, the leaves, etc. I enjoy the cycle from barren to budding to leafing out in shades and hues of green, and the changing of colors! I look at the way the light hits the tree or comes through the leaves. I wonder how many seasons, changes and life cycles the trees have gone through.

I am drawn to the Water elements around me! Water is unpredictable. It can be calm and peaceful and it can be chaotic and raging. I crave water elements when I need to find my calm, collected self! It relaxes me to slow down the pace and even to rest. It refreshes, reenergizes and renews my whole being!

For instance, I love being near water! I enjoy taking a stroll or putting my feet in. I like hearing the sounds that water makes. I like how water changes with light as well as weather.


What I Do For My Whole Being

  • Physically – stay active on a daily basis and exercise throughout the week.
  • Mentally – stimulate, engage and strengthen my mind through inspiration, creativity and positivity.
  • Mentally – learn, challenge, develop, and grow every day.
  • Emotionally – communicate, interact, and connect with my feelings, emotions and thoughts.
  • Spiritually – nurture and nourish through awareness, mindfulness, appreciation and gratitude.

L-O-V-E (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Expanding Your World! Here’s to Growing, Flourishing and Thriving In Living Your Life! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Going Within Yourself

To Live From The Inside Out

What Does Inner Power Mean To You?

My inner power comes from being true to who I am! I have a voice to communicate with and express myself. I find it freeing and empowering. I am in control and take charge in living my life!

My inner power comes from having the potential to experience personal growth! I love being curious and using my imagination. I tap into the power of my curiosity to learn and experience. I tap into the power of my imagination to be a creative being. I feel constructive and productive in developing, learning and gaining experiences, especially in doing something new to me!

My inner power comes from tapping into my inner strengths and talents! I look for the possibilities and the opportunities. I look for the good and the positive. I look for the inspiration and the motivation. I listen to my whole being and live passionately!

My inner power comes from being mindful and being in the present moment! I enjoy the process, the practice and the progress I make when in those moments. I love making memories and life experiences. I feel more connected to my whole being and the world I live in!

“Attaining the ability to freely express our inner power

means we have learned how to harness our true energy.” ~Unknown

What Does Inner Energy Mean To You?

My inner energy comes from within my whole being! I am loving and passionate. I am driven and have determination. I share this with myself and others!

My inner energy comes from being as balanced as possible! Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am energetic and have to work at being a calm and collected person. I am learning to listen to my inner voice, follow my heart and trust my gut instincts to meet my needs and my wants!

My inner energy comes from my inner happiness and inner gratitude! It feeds and fuels me. It nurtures and nourishes my whole being. My happiness and my gratitude come from within in me and that is a choice I make in living my life!

My inner energy comes from trying new things and stretching my comfort zone! I enjoy discovering new lessons and learning new things. I enjoy learning about people and cultures as well as places and history. I love developing, growing and gaining life experiences!

“When we live from the space of having and open mind and heart,

we can live out our dreams without any limitation.” ~Unknown

I want to be more open minded and open hearted than closed off when it comes to living my life! I find it freeing, calming and relaxing. I want to utilize and share my inner power and inner energy with myself as well as others! I find meaning, purpose and potential in myself and my life.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Attracting The Inner Power and The Inner Energy In Living Your Life Fully and Completely! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Finding That Balance

That Works BEST For YOU

I have talked about nurturing and nourishing yourself as well as your whole being! I think in terms of allowances when I think of nurturing and nourishing my whole being. Allowances are not only about what I allow into my body, but what I allow into my life! It has to be nourishing as well as nurturing. It has to be supportive too!

How Do I Nurture Myself and My Whole Being?

  1. Taking time for myself and taking care of my needs for my whole being.
  2. Taking charge of what I can control and accepting what I have no control over.
  3. Letting go and releasing what no longer serves me.

How Do I Nourish Myself and My Whole Being?

  1. Loving my whole being and being true to who I am.
  2. Spending quality time with my greatest someone and adventure partner.
  3. Creating a healthier as well as happier lifestyle for myself and my whole being; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

How Do I Support Myself and My Whole Being?

  1. Being true to my values as well as believing, trusting and having faith in myself.
  2. Living my life with purpose and passion.
  3. Nurturing and Nourishing my needs and my wants.

(Photos by RSheridan)

The BEST part for me is finding what works BEST for my whole being! The good and positive versus the bad and negative. The gives me energy versus takes energy from me. The spending of my time versus the wasting of my time. I need to find my balance and add in doing more of what I love!

For me . . .

Nourishment = energy, motivation and inspiration (excitement).

Nurture = potential, purpose and passion.

I need to be the person I want to be around! I do not like me when I am on “over” anything and everything, stressed out and burnt out. I need to find what fulfills me and makes me happy. I need to find what satisfies me and drives me to do my best and be at my best!

What Are Your Thoughts? Love to Hear, Please Share!

A Shot of Energy

What Gives You a Boost Of Energy?

There are days I swear my arse is 2 inches from the floor because I am just dragging and super low on energy! The Coffee IV drip is not working. The caffeine jolt and the sugar high are no longer cutting it. I am looking for anything and everything that will just give me a boost of energy!

Good Fuel for the Body

I am not looking for that boost of energy that has me crashing in a few hours though either! No thanks to the surge, crash and burn!

My Top 5

  1. Being With My Greatest Someone and Someones.
  2. Taking Time For Myself.
  3. Traveling, Adventuring and Exploring.
  4. Getting Outdoors.
  5. Reading and Writing.

How Do You Maintain and/or Sustain Your Energy Throughout The Day?

I have made a change in my lifestyle over the past three years to create a healthier way of living! I am finding that balance and that level of activeness that works best for me. This includes connecting better with myself, my needs and my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I want to explore and experience more, which inspires, motivates and energizes me even more!

For me it is about . . .

  • Being more, doing less.
  • Finding that work/life balance.
  • Getting my 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Finding that moderation that works best for me.
  • Nurturing and nourishing myself in a healthy way.

I have to get my 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night or I am just cranky and pretty much worthless! I am in a better mood when I nurture and nourish myself, my needs and my whole being. I am a better person when I can escape the 8 to 5 and have a little fun and play time. The greatest lesson I have learned is to do what works best for me!

Climbing . . . Exploring . . . Living the GOOD Life!

Breaking FREE!!!

What Do You Struggle With?

My Top 3 Struggles

  1. Disruptions
  2. Distractions
  3. Gratification (NOW!, not later on)

These 3 are an energy drainer and a time sucker! I am on the fast track to burn out some days, weeks or even months.

Beeing In the Simpler Life

For me it is about . . .

  • Hydration and craving water elements.
  • Breaks and learning to breathe. Talk about a great energy booster!
  • Music and moving and dancing. Talk about a great stress reliever!
  • Natural light and soaking it in (in a healthy way of course). Talk about a mood lifter!
  • Green and the many benefits. Talk about a pick me up!
  • Citrus and its scent boosting powers.
  • Trail mix – nuts, seeds, berries, and dark chocolate. Yes, please!
  • Stand up and sit less.
  • Surround sound system of the good and the positve!

Simply I just need a shot of inspiration and a spark of creativity to give me a boost of energy! Especially of the good and the positive. Having the support of your greatest someone(s) helps too!

Have a Great Day! (Photos by RSheridan)

What Gives You a Boost of Energy? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Stealing More Than Time

Cutting Back On

Technology Usage

Technology is a major aspect in living your life! It has its pros and cons as well as its time savers and time wasters. I find technology a little competitive at times from having the latest technologies to the number of friends you have on that one social media site!

How much time do you think you spend with technology and on social media sites? You might surprise even yourself if you track your usage! I want to be more mindful of my time as well as mindful of what makes me a happier being too.

I feel like my communication and socialization skills are slipping due to interacting more and more through technology! I NEED and CRAVE human interactions. I enjoy being able to stay connected through technology, however; I enjoy the face-to-face interactions too. I do not text right now because I want to connect as well as have others connect with me by calling. Nothing better than real communication, interaction and connection with others, especially a “Hello” and a “Goodbye” as well as a “Miss Ya” and a “Love Ya”!

I can honestly say that technology does help me in building relationships and networking with other people around the world! I just have to start asking other people for help and advice again instead of conducting a full out internet seach. I find technology helpful, but overwhelming in the amount of information available and what you can really trust too! I find myself reaching out to other people who have been through similar experiences when looking for help, advice or guidance lately.

I actually use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning! I think I am desensitized to the noises my smart phone makes to set the alarm clock feature on it. I am an adult and no longer require a stuffie to sleep with and I am not going to start sleeping with my cell phone either! Plus that alarm clock is enough tecnology in that living space.

I do not know about you, but I find myself more lost with the use of technology at times (i.e. GPS, smart phone, etc.)! I usually just try to figure it out.

I love to ESCAPE to the GREAT OUTDOORS when I need a break from the fast paced technological world! I do miss the boob tube at times, but the rest of the technology I can leave behind. When I am biking and hiking there is NO multi-tasking going on!

It is bad enough I have a camera stuck to my face! I am working on putting the camera down more. It is ALL about enjoying the moments, making memories and gaining life experiences!

Here’s To Putting Your Energies Into Yourself and Other People Instead of Draining Those Energies With Technology!!!

Your Energetic Self

Hello Boost!!!

What do you do that makes you feel good and gives you energy?

I am talking about practices you can do for yourself every day! I am talking about connecting with your whole being and sharing your good energy with other people!

I prefer to start my day on a positive note! I prefer to have a brighter day than a downer day. Why not have the mindset to have a better day every day! I know I want to do more of what makes me happy and makes me feel good in living my life.

Makes Me Smile


I love finding solitude to reconnect and reenergize! I enjoy getting outside and becoming one with nature and its beauty and its sounds. I enjoy reading a great book. I enjoy taking time for myself.



I enjoy connecting, interacting and communicating with another being! The majority of my relationship catch-ups are done online. So when I do get face-to-face time I take full advantage of it! I want to continue to develop and build healthier relationships in my life. I am moving these relationships to the top of my priority list! I am working on my listening skills. I am learning to give and receive, especially compliments!



I want to BE more and that means in the present moment too! I want to focus on the task at hand and get swept up in it fully and completely. I need to put the camera down more and be in the moment doing it and making my own memories. I DO NOT want to miss out on a thing!



Nothing gives me more energy than affection and appreciation! I need to be more kind and be more mindful to myself and other people. I want to show and share my appreciation and gratitude with myself and other people, especially in living the life I do have and wanting more of it! I know I crave it.

Feeling . . .


I love being motivated and staying active! I enjoy getting my exercise on at least 2 to 3 times a week. It makes me feel more connected to myself and recharges my batteries too! It makes me want to be a healthier version of myself.

Travel, Adventure & Explore


The best thing I can do for myself is to smile and laugh; give it and receive it! My smile is one act of kindness that I can carry with me and share anytime and anywhere. I know it makes my day and hopefully makes someone’s else day too. Pass It On!

Makes Me Laugh (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Doing What Makes You Happy and Gives You the Energy to Live the Life You Do Have and WANT MORE OF too!!!

Mood Boosters

What is Boosting Your Mood Lately?

I had a mood ring growing up. I remember how excited and happy I would be when the color was in my favor. I wonder what color STRESS would be if I still had a mood ring today! I am working on putting the stress in my life on the down low, especially learning to let go of what I have no control over in the first place.

Now I just wear color to boost my mood! I pretty much have a rainbow of colors to choose from too. I love wearing color because it boosts my mood as well as makes me feel happy and feel good about myself!

The best way I boost my mood is by becoming one with nature and the great outdoors! It takes me away from my current situation for a while. I can calm down and center myself. I can feel my mood change for the better when outside! The pressure, tension and stress start to melt away. I love the light and the colors, especially the blues and the greens!

I know I tend towards laughter when the going gets tough! I do have a good emotional release every once in a while though too. I feel so much better after having a good belly laugh! Laughter just lightens the load when it comes to enjoying life.

I crave chocolate when I need a boost to my mood and thank goodness for dark chocolate!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear, Please Share!!!

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