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4 Buckets

When It Comes To

FULLfiling Our Whole, Well Beings

I recently attended a class on managing stress. There were some really profound aha! moments for me!

#1 – There are essentially four buckets to FULLfil.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional (including Social)
  • Spiritual

#2 – Exercising is more than the physical.

Exercise is physical well being as well as mental health and wellness! It is good to engage both in the activities. Remember fun and not chore. Play, laugh, get curious, explore . . .

Really think about what gives you joy, pleasure and overall happiness! It is motivating and energizing. It can be an attitude and mood changer. It is a confidence booster and gives you a sense of your overall strength aka empowerment!

#3 – Thinking about social being part of not only the emotional, but the physical, mental and spiritual.

I like being solo; however, grabbing a friend or being in a group can add a social aspect and a spirit of fun! It makes you accountable. It makes you a little more willing to try new things. It can be connecting if not at times bonding. It is a way to communicate, interact and engage too! 

I also enjoy getting outside to escape into the Great Outdoors! The fresh air and natural light. The becoming of one with the natural and nature is calming and grounding. The engagement of all your senses! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

It all correlates and connects, right! Communicating and engaging. Interacting and connecting. Your whole, well being!



Being Thankful

The act of practicing as well as maintaining gratitude!

  • How do you place the hurt, the angry and at times the hate on the down low?
  • How do you find the love and kindness as well as the support and compassion?
  • How do you change your mindset from temporary to practicing gratitude?
  • How does one be thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly?

DO NOT Burst Your Own Bubble(s)!

It is hard to see the possibilities and opportunities through the challenges! Finding the optimism and being resilient versus making complaints and excuses. It is not easy to see the good when you are experiencing the bad, the negative and the worst!

Think about . . . is it happening to you or for you?

  • To practice and improve. 
  • To learn and develop.
  • To strengthen and support.
  • To grow and experience.

Do you still have the power even if it is something out of your control?

I hope to think so! To make those decisions and choices even if it means releasing, letting go and moving in a different direction. To change perspective to see it from all sides. To change mindset to process and work through it. You can a) accept and embrace it for what it is, b) change it or c) leave it!

We have no control over what life throws at us, but we get to make the decision on how to react to it! Hang tight and hold on!

The World Is Out There Waiting . . . Grab It & GO!!!

What Do You Need?

I find gratitude to be a great inspirer, motivator and energizer!

  • It pushes me to look for the good and the positive instead of the bad and the negative.
  • It pulls me to come from my heart and get out of my head.
  • It tunes me into my emotions, feelings and thoughts.
  • It taps me into nurturing and nourishing myself and my whole being.
  • It makes me more appreciative of how I live my life and with what I have in my life too.

Taking Care of the WHOLE BEING . . .

What Works Best for You?

Do you think practicing gratitude makes you a happier as well as healthier whole being?

  • Mindful Optimism
  • Positive Thinking
  • Open Mindset
  • Being Grateful and Thankful
  • Self Love and Sharing that Love
  • Sense of Well Being
  • Rest and Relaxation

Ask yourself what you want to attract more of in your life?

  1. Being more aware and present.
  2. Finding your calm and balanced self.
  3. Making mistakes to strengthen weaknesses and experience growth.
  4. Learning and developing.
  5. Discovering your path and journeying on!
  6. Practicing gratitude as well as forgiveness.
  7. Believing and trusting in yourself and who you are.
  8. Discovering your strong!
  9. Cultivating patience to practice to progress.
  10. Dreaming . . . Going for what you want and LOVE!

Get Out There!!! (Photos by RSheridan)

Adventure On! Here’s to Gaining Life Experiences and Making Lifetime Memories!


Check This Out!

I recently read an article by Dr. James S. Gordon called A Doctor’s Top 5 Ways to Relax Naturally. Dr. Gordon is the founder and director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) and author of Unstuck. All types of people feel “stuck” and it is not just depression, but anxiety, frustration, worry and stress-related too. From adults to even children. There is also the feeling of loneliness and not feeling the love due to being hurt and/or a lapse in or lack of trust.

There is a correlation between relaxation and meditation as well as nutrition and exercise.

Relaxing . . .

  1. Soft Belly Breathing
  2. Talking a Walk
  3. Perusing a Book Store
  4. Mindful Eating
  5. Thanking Nature

I was surprised to discover that I currently do all five.

#1 – Soft Belly Breathing

“It’s a simple way of quieting the stress and fight or flight responses, which are major contributors to anxiety, depression and chronic illness.”

I learned soft belly breathing through exercising and find it beneficial to do throughout the day too. I need a quiet place to go to breath though. Otherwise I cannot focus on my breathe and quiet my crazy mind. I find my thoughts wandering at times and either reign them in or just let them go.

Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth with your belly soft and relaxed.

I am not a fan of my anxious awkward being let alone the reactive one that tries to rear its ugly head at times. I need to pause and take a breathe in order to think instead of just being reactive. I communicate more effectively and make better decisions. I find myself considering the other person’s feelings and coming from a place of thoughtfulness and kindness.

Opening . . .

#2 – Taking a Walk

I do a good majority of sitting throughout the week for work and commuting. I need to move and walk and take the stairs multiple times a day. I need to get up to stretch and breathe. Moving just feels good after sitting and sometimes we sit for too long of a period of time.

Wandering . . .

#3 – Perusing a Bookstore

There is nothing better for me than perusing a bookstore and/or cooking/kitchen store! I can get lost as well as get my creative side going. I like to check out the new releases, cooking and travel sections. I like to check out the gadgets, table ware and linens. I can wander and peruse to my heart’s content!

Perusing . . .

#4 – Mindful Eating

My idea of mindful eating is taking the time to savor and enjoy what I am eating. I do the hoover method enough throughout the week. It is nice to slow down, sit down and enjoy good food and good company for an hour or so. I enjoy perusing the grocery store as well as taking the time to cook at home.

Savoring . . .

#5 – Thanking Nature

For me being out in nature is a stress reducer and a mood booster!

Nature also gives us abundance that we need to be thankful for! The farms. The food we eat and enjoy. The green spaces and sense of community. The fauna and flora as well as the light and the water.

Being . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Is One Thing You Do For Your Whole Being? Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Gratitude Intentions

An Intentional Practice

I enjoy taking the time to reflect what I am grateful for and thankful for on a daily basis! I also take the time to release and just let go of what is no longer serving me at the end of the day. I enjoy the practice in order to progress, develop and continue to grow as a person! It gives me inspiration and motivation as well as energizes and drives me.

My Top 3

  1. I am thankful for the life I get to live each and every day, especially today.
  2. I will nurture and nourish my whole being today.
  3. I will take time to center myself, breathe and connect from my feet to my head and just say THANK YOU!

CONQUER Today . . . LIVE It!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

Have You Said “Thank You” Today!

Forward Motion

Hurtfulness into Forgiveness

When you are faced with a difficult and challenging moment are you able to find forgiveness! I really try to discover the life lesson. However, it is hard when it is hurtful and strikes to the heart! Especially pettiness.

I know life is a gift and to live it each day with a bow on top! I really try to find the gratitude in my life; receive it and share it. It is finding the courage in the fear, the forgiveness in the anger, the belonging in the isolation and the healing in the hurt and pain!

It is finding the hope, love and compassion for myself and others! I do not want to dwell on the hurt, pain and anger, so not healthy. I want the forgiveness and gratitude to shine from within myself and share it with others! I hope to learn and grow from the experience and just move on.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Finding A Way to Forgive and Discover the Gratitude in Your Life!!!

Counting Blessings

Keeping It Simple

Do you think about the importance in HOW you live your life?

I do! How I see myself and how I measure myself, especially my self worth matters in how I live my life. It goes way beyond these three questions too! 1) Am I good enough? 2) Have I achieved enough? 3) Did I earn enough? Enough already, right!

At the end of the day what matters the most to you is what is truly important! It is the SIMPLE that you encounter every day that you fail to notice and that at times has the bigger impact in your life than anything else!


The Basic Questions

What questions do you ask yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

My Top 2

  1. Who and What Do I Love?
  2. What Did I Learn and/or Experience?

There is nothing better than giving and receiving LOVE! You reap the benefits and the rewards when you come from a place of love. Love has such a range of emotions and feelings all wrapped into one! Love takes courage and bravery as well as patience and trust. Especially in yourself!

The learning and life lessons are so important to experience growth as a person! You can learn something from everyone you encounter on a daily basis. You can learn by doing too. You just have to be open to the possibilities and embrace the opportunities! Remember to learn is to take risks and make mistakes too.

Do you know you grow everyday through each and every experience? It can be a baby step to a GIANT LEAP. It can be simple to challenging.  I have to remind myself to appreciate that growth because it means I am learning and experiencing life!


Another Set of Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How Do You Share and Connect?

I enjoy sharing and connecting with myself and with other people! It is inspiring and motivating. It is those teachable moments that help you learn, grow and experience in yourself and in living your life. Who knows you may impact someone’s life for the better too! 

I strongly believe in connecting, especially with yourself and your greatest someones! It is that sense of being valued as a person at a deeper level. It is that sense of belonging at another level. It is about building each other up, supporting one another and gaining life experiences together!

You have a story to tell that is unique to you!

  • How Am I Being Challenged?

I am talking about how you challenge yourself! I am not talking about struggles and problems. I strongly believe in being challenged because it helps me learn, experience and grow as a person! I want to put the best me out there each and every day.

A little vulnerability and humility is good to have to when you are challenging yourself! It is about taking risks, stretching the old comfort zone and here is a BIG ONE asking for help. It is about having a sense of humor and a good laugh at yourself at times. You will be AMAZED at what YOU CAN DO!


The BEST Question To Ask Yourself Is . . .

  • What Are You Grateful For?

It is pretty bad at times that I have to remind myself that a) I am enough and b) that I have enough when it comes to living the life I want! I am practicing gratitude, becoming more aware and just being more mindful in my life. I am so blessed in what I do have and I count those blessings too!

L-I-V-I-N-G (Photos by RSheridan)

I am not saying that you have to interrogate yourself under a bright bulb every day, week or month, but remind yourself to REFLECT on the GOOD in your life!!!

Deserving The BEST

For The GOOD Of Self

There is nothing BETTER than appreciating yourself and your appreciation for life!

Then why is it not ENOUGH at times! I think it has to do with the EXPECTATIONS that we set. There are times we literally set ourselves up!

I am discovering that I am enough by looking within myself and listening to myself and my needs! I do deserve the best because I am learning to appreciate and be grateful for what I already do have in myself and in living my life. I do for the good of my self through the love, kindness and compassion that I give to myself and my whole being. It is ENOUGH!!!

My Top 3 Good Deeds For ME

  1. To Be Enough By Showing Up and Doing the BEST That I Can Do!
  2. Stop The OVER Everything and Anything.
  3. To Follow My Dreams On This Journey Called LIFE.

I choose the good and the positive. I choose happiness, joy and pleasure. I choose love over approval and perfection. I choose hoping, wishing and dreaming.

I so CRAVE the Simple Life some days!

Why do I have to make it harder than it needs to be! Being More, Doing More. Working Harder, Playing Less. OVER everything and anything. Pressure, Tension, Stress. Perfection!

MY Daily Reminders

  • LOVE – myself and my greatest someones.
  • PLAY – release my inner child and play, laugh and have FUN!
  • CARE – take care of myself, my needs and my whole being.
  • KINDNESS – respect myself and others; share a smile or laugh, give and receive, etc.
  • GRATITUDE – deserving the BEST!
  • TALENTS – be open and embrace who I am and who I am.
  • BE More, DO What Your Love.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You DO For the GOOD Of Your Self? You Know You DESERVE It, Right! Please Share, Love to Hear!

All That Fluff

What Do You Truly Think

About Happiness???

Yes, I am GOING THERE! Let’s have an honest and open conversation about happiness. Is it achievable, it is all that fluff, it is unattainable, etc. The books I have read on happiness had me finding it or trying to achieve it or pursue it. I even went so far as to stalk it a few times!

The reason I called this post “All That Fluff” is because happiness to me is sometimes like cotton candy!

  1. You CRAVE It.
  2. It Comes in a PRETTY Package.
  3. You are EXCITED to have it.
  4. It Makes You HAPPY and BRINGS You Joy and Pleasure.
  5. Before You Can Blink it is ALL GONE!


Some days I cannot find the “happi” in happiness!


I start thinking and asking questions. For instance . . .

  • Is it self gratification vs. instant gratification?
  • Is it about wants and needs?
  • Is it about fulfillment and purpose?
  • Is it about beliefs and values as well as perceptions and insights?
  • Is it about communication, interaction and connection?
  • Is it about finding that balance and stability mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  • Is it about your whole, well being?

I like to believe that happiness comes from a personal level and not a materialistic level! I like to think that all these questions play a part! I want to discover my sense of self, especially in living from within. I need that sense of belonging, sense of community and sense of purpose, especially in living my life to the fullest.

I also know it is not all about me! That I am part of something bigger too! It is about tapping into my values and what matters to me. It is about being open in my perceptions and learning to adapt. It is about really connecting on many levels!

One BIG World (Photos by RSheridan)

So . . . Are You Pursuing Happiness or Is It Pursuing You or Is it a Bit of Both???

Checking Back In

On Gratitude

I wrote a post called Oh The Goodness back on December 30, 2013. I thought I would check back in and see how everyone is doing on gratitude.

The Big 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. What Good Did I Do/Share?
  2. I Give Thanks for . . .
  3. I Am Grateful for . . .


I do good by loving and sharing life with my greatest someones! I do good by being and doing the best I can each and every day. I do good by being of service to others.


I give thanks for the life I DO get to live each and every day!


I am grateful for the many blessings in my life; one lucky girl!

The Biggest, Baddest Question To Ask Yourself

  • What Am I Taking For Granted . . .
  • How Can I Turn That Into Gratitude!

What Am I Taking For Granted . . .

  1. I take my Greatest Someone for granted at times and need to STOP doing that!
  2. I take myself and my whole being for granted.
  3. I take the life I do have for granted by wanting and needing MORE.

How Can I Turn That Into Gratitude!

  1. My Greatest Someone is My Greatest GIFT; remember that!
  2. I have this one body and need to take care of it.
  3. I need to live the life I DO have.

I need to be spending my time and my energy on the good and the positive! I need to work on communicating, interacting and connecting better with my greatest someone and greatest someones. I need to learn how to give and how to receive with grace, kindness and most of all love! I am trying to learn and grow from the changes and challenges that I experience in my life.

(Photos by RSheridan)

The Final 2 Questions

  • How can I be more open and accept the opportunities, the changes and the challenges in my life?
  • How can I be more appreciative and thankful for the lessons, the growth and the experiences?

I need to let go of the perfection and lean into the process more! I need to accept me for who I truly am and share that person with others more. I need to release my fears of the unknown and just jump in more. I need to celebrate life more than I already do!

CELEBRATE Life MORE Than You Already DO!!! What Have You Been Up To? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Keeping It Light

Finding the Humor in Life

When ALL else fails find the humor and bring on the laughter! Laugh More, Much More!

Ha! – Love This (Photo by RSheridan)

Give yourself a break and some much deserved TLC! Love More, Much More!

LOVE this quote . . .

Life is harder than it looks.

You are not alone.

You are doing better than you think.

Just keep going. ~Unknown

I know I seek 2 things when life is packing a 1-2-3 punch! #1 The humorous and #2 The simple. Focus in on the positive and run like heck from the negative!

You are not the ONLY person on the island and you are not ALONE! You can ask for help and it is okay to lean on your support group. You can reach out, connect to others and be of service. Share yourself and your gifts!

Ride the Waves People! (Photo by RSheridan)

My biggest struggle is perfection! I am turning my attention instead to progress in living the life I want. I feel like my energies are better spent on nurturing and nourishing myself and sharing that with other people. Take a  very different perspective when it comes to adding fullness to your life in a good and positive way!

Forgive and Just Let Go and Move On!

Sometimes you want to slow down than speed up! Sometimes you want to pause, breathe and reflect. Sometimes you want to stop, rest and recharge. Sometimes you keep on keeping on!

Hello! (Photo by RSheridan)

Find Appreciation and Gratitude and Be Thankful!

In finding that balance in your life you learn what truly matters to you and living your life to the fullest too. Never take anything for granted! Every day is a NEW day to be savored as well as treasured. DO NOT waste one minute! 

It Is NEVER Too Late . . . Get Out There & Be Present In Living YOUR LIFE!!!

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