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The Greatest Kindness


Love this!

“Compassion is the beating heart of all spiritual practices.

The peace you seek comes from the peace you create.

Extend your compassion to all beings today, including yourself.”~Kris Carr

Think about it!

Experiencing . . .

What peace are you seeking?

My Top 3

  • Much more patience.
  • Going with the flow.
  • Releasing and letting go.

Seeking . . .

What peace are you creating?

My Top 3

  • Leading with my heart more and coming from a place of love.
  • Believing, valuing and trusting myself.
  • Doing more of what I love to do, which makes me a healthier and happier being.

Everyone truly benefits from kindness and compassion! Everyone wants TO BE . . . happy, free, [insert a word]!

Creating . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Kindness Are You Sharing Today? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Getting The MOST

Out Of Living Your Life

How Do You Take Intention and Make It Motivation For Yourself?

I know I intend to do certain things and then discover I have little to no motivation to get those things done! I think for me part of it has to do with setting too big of a goal to achieve and accomplish. It just seems unattainable and then overwhelms me! I think for me part of it has to do with setting intentions on the bad and negative and not the good and positive. I go after what I dislike, despise and even hate, especially about myself! I need to go after what I want from a place of  love.

How Do You Turn Hate to Love For Yourself and What You Want?

I am done going to battle with myself, fighting myself and beating myself up! I am done with setting hard, fast rules for myself. I am done with the negativity, the perfectionism, the shame, and the guilt. I am done with limiting or even depriving myself, especially of what I want or need!

That is so NOT the way I want to live my life!

I need to be supportive and loving to myself, my needs and my whole being! I am learning to think in terms of moderation and in terms of processes to make progress. I am so grateful for my mind and my body and what it does for me every day. I want to be one with my whole being and just OWN IT and ROCK IT!

I need to be nurturing and nourishing to myself, my needs and my whole being! What motivates me? What do I love? What feeds me? What do I want and/or need?

How Do You Support Yourself In a Loving, Kind and Compassionate Way?

My Top 10

  1. Feeling Good About Myself and My Whole Being. Asking Myself, “How Do I Feel?”
  2. Looking For Fulfillment First and then Going After What I Want or Need.
  3. Living My Life To The Fullest.
  4. Creating a Healthier Lifestyle.
  5. Making Plans and Setting Goals.
  6. Communicating, Interacting and Connecting With Myself and Other People.
  7. Being Creative and Passionate to Learn and Grow.
  8. Experiencing Life.
  9. Being of Service and Giving Back.
  10. BIG Dreams and BUCKET Lists.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Give Yourself YOU More and Get the MOST Out Of Living Your Life!!!

Finding the COM in Passion

Taking Care In What You Do

I have been told that I have a do not care approach when interacting with other people. I do and do not care depending on the situation and if I can relate to that situation. I am either “on” or “off” and need to locate the “dimmer”. I am engaged or not so much, but that does not mean I do not care.


I tend to cross my arms! I cross my arms in order not to talk, especially with my hands!


I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and let my emotions rip! I have 2 things I carry with me; rejection and guilt. I need to carry these 2 things instead; humility and humbleness! I can be reactive and direct and go back and forth in being objective and subjective.

Kiss Me You Fool – Humorous!


I am a passionate being. The problem is finding the COM in passion to approach with compassion when it comes to connecting, communicating and interacting with other people. I still struggle in finding empathy at times. I have a hard time giving myself compassion let alone other people, especially with people I do not know well!

Passionate and Compassionate


I am curious and that gets me into T-R-O-U-B-L-E with a capital T at times! My defense tactic is to ask questions and the more the better. I feel it puts the conflict and confrontation on simmer and opens the flow of communication and discussion. However, I have experienced backfires or misfires with this approach because answering a question with a question is not always the best!


I am not a patient person and that really reflects when it comes to guiding, teaching or training other people! I want to give support and encouragement as well as motivation and inspiration to others. I enjoy seeing people get it and do better. However, I take the wrong approach in going about it at times. Less frustration and more appreciation!


I do not always know what to say let alone how and when to say it! Then I need to tune into a person’s eye contact and body language. I have a hard time reading myself let alone other people! Then you add everything else that is going on around you. I know I am going to screw something up or be screwed in the process!

Tied Into Knots!


I am working on stopping before I react and spew out my words as well as emotions! I am trying to find the compassion and be a little more complimentary. I am finding new ways to express my curiousity to show that I do care. When I feel like I am losing it I take deep breathes and count to 10!

Here’s to Finding the COM in Passion . . . COMPASSION! Speaking and Communicating with Compassion is a GOOD Thing!

A Little TLC

Tender Loving Care That Is!


Give Yourself the Greatest Gift! Give Yourself Compassion! Give yourself a break and go a little easier on yourself!

Do you not feel better when you treat yourself. Do you not feel better when you unwrap a chocolate bar. Do you not feel better when you give yourself a little loving and tender care. Living It, right!

A Sweet Treat (Photo by RSheridan)


Love Yourself as well as Your Greatest Someones! It helps you release your stress, keeps you healthy and happy and gives you a boost of motivation. Spending quality time with yourself and your loved ones is the BEST! I feel more confident and better about myself when I give and receive L-O-V-E.

Giving Myself Some L-O-V-E (Photo by RSheridan)


Do what you ENJOY! Find your passions. Go on a creative streak. Get fired up, inspired and motivated again. Surprise Yourself and Try Something New; Stretch that Comfort Zone!

Takes Care to Make this Natural Beauty (Photo by RSheridan)

In caring about yourself and sharing that care with others you improve your life for the better. Your body, mind and spirit reap the healthy benefits. Your reward is being a happy, healthier and productive person. Amazing, right!

Just Grab Life & Go NOW!!!

Tough Love

Facing What Is In the Mirror Head On!

Do you give yourself tough love? At least a “Pep Talk” at times! Do you ever face the mirror head on? Give yourself a little affirmation and say “You Can Do This“! Just do not answer yourself okay – ha!

Seeing the Beauty . . .

Give yourself some tough love and compassion! Let yourself reflect and discover what might be holding you back. Give yourself a little push in the right direction. Making those life choices!

Feel the L-O-V-E!

Give yourself some insight and a new perspective! Especially when you are torn as to what choices to make in your life. That “what to do when you do not know what to do”! You have to decide if your brain or your heart is going to lead or maybe even both.

One Big Hairy Situation or NOT?!? (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Making a Difference in Your Life with Some Tough Love!!!

Out of Control

Letting GO of Self-Control

I am learning that part of self-acceptance is letting GO of self-control! I know I feel better when I am in control, however; sometimes that control can do more harm than good, especially to your body, mind and spirit. Learn to Stop, Pause and Take a Breathe at times!

Love this! “Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control”. Hard Lesson to Learn at times!

I am learning that part of self-control is learning the art of relaxation! Your body and mind have that push-pull thing going on with each other at times. Sometimes your brain just takes over. Stop That Already!

Start Relaxing NOW!

I am learning that part of self-acceptance as well as self-control is trusting your instinicts and five senses. I am hoping by tuning into my instinicts and 5 senses it will improve my body (health), my mind (productivity) and my spirit (happiness)! Self-control as well as willpower are a mind-body response, so instead of reacting and protecting learn to trust yourself through your instinicts and senses.

Like the saying goes trust your gut!

I am finding that feeding into the guilt and shame is just a destructive behavior and habit to have in your life. I would rather spend my energies focusing on being mindful and grateful in my life. I am also finding that being able to forgive yourself is a BONUS when it comes to self-acceptance as well as self-control. Give yourself a break and show yourself a little compassion when you experience a setback, which sometimes you have no control over anyway!

Stress, Anxiety, Temptation – Oh My!

Do I need to say anymore on this and what it does to your body, mind and spirit? I eat junk, cannot sleep, and certainly have a hard time shutting the brain off. I am just a mess having a meltdown, along with a pity party and playing the blame game! Instead I should be picking myself up and be focusing on nutrition, exercise and 8 hours of peaceful rest. Easier said than done at times!

Let’s Stop Beating Ourselves Up and Show Ourselves a Little More Compassion – YOU DESERVE IT!!!

(Photo by RSheridan)

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