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Wild Imagination


Do you read? What is it about reading that you enjoy?

I love reading! I can let my imagination go wild. I can escape and get lost in reading a good book. I can learn new words and writing styles!

I enjoy a good narrator in telling a story! I can listen and connect to the story being told. I feel like I am a part of the story when I start thinking about what I would do if I was the main character in the story. I love when a story speaks to my whole being!


Do you write? What is it about writing that you enjoy?

I love writing stories and adding pictures! I started blogging and writing for myself and it has expanded from there. I like sharing experiences with myself and with other people. I enjoy using my voice and expressing myself!

I love capturing my memories and my experiences through writing and photography! I can see where I have been as well as reflect on those memories and experiences. I feel a sense of belonging to myself and my world; my identity, my history and my family. I feel I connect to my sense of self and to who I am and where I am going!

I love connecting with others and creating relationships! I love being a part of the blogging community and building those relationships. I especially love when those relationships become friendships! I enjoy being around creative people because it inspires and motivates me to create, share and produce stories of experiences.

I enjoy the creativity of the writing! I like when the writing draws me in and I want to read more. I like being made to think and ponder. I enjoy being able to relate to myself and others through writing and sharing. I find writing healing and cathartic for my whole being!

Reading and writing peaks my curiosity and sets my imagination off! I experience connection and engagement. My brain is stimulated and my mind is engaged! I experience growth and transformation. I am listening from within, connecting to my heart and conversing with soul!

I experience the opening and the expanding of my world to the NEW!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Filling Your Satisfied II

Do What Works BEST For You

The Path

What Do You Want To Live Your Life By?

I am creating that healthier lifestyle and building a solid foundation for myself! I find it so beneficial to my whole being in being more efficient and effective as well as healthy and productive. I am discovering what works best for me and doing more of that. There is nothing better than giving back to my being and my body that does so much for me every day!

I am learning to keep an open mind and not be so closed off! When I am closed off I feel a disconnect and a discord and it makes it hard for me to find that “happy medium”. I want to be more present, aware and mindful of what is happening to me and around me! I am all for slowing down and soaking everything in. Life is going to happen and change and I want to be there and not miss anything!

I want personal growth and that comes with challenging myself and pushing my limits! The hard work is so worth the gains and the rewards.

I want to be a passionate as well as a compassionate being in everything I do when it comes to living my life! Passion is fuel and drive. Compassion is healing and rewarding. Those random acts of kindness and being of service to others. That give and take and connecting with others. It is all good!

The Journey

Where Do You See Yourself?

Traveling, adventuring and exploring with my greatest someone and adventure partner!

In the present moment having a good time, making memories and gaining life experiences! I want to share myself including my smile and my laughter with myself and with others. I need to get in touch with myself, my greatest someone, my family and friends, and other people. That matters the most to me in living my life!

I need to love my whole being and create the space I need to live my life! I need to lean into discomfort and stretch my comfort zone. I need to make sure to clean and take out the clutter every now and then to make room for the things I do want to do. I need to be open to change and see where it takes me. I need to communicate, interact and connect with my whole being!

I see myself doing what I love! I see myself as a creative and passionate being in everything I do. I see myself creating that healthier and happier lifestyle for myself. I have the potential to experience growth and gain life experiences by doing, exploring, creating, and discovering!

I see myself working to play and live my life to its fullest capacity! I need to be open to the possibilities and opportunities and take full advantage. I need to use my imagination to visualize as well as dream when it comes to my desires. I need to live my life with eyes wide open, listening to myself and to my instincts and following my heart!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Journeying Along! Here’s to Filling You and Your Satisfied! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Filling Your Satisfied I

 Do What Works BEST For You

Love and Happiness

What Truly Satisfies and Fulfills You On A Daily Basis? Do You Spend Your Days Filling Your Satisfied and Being Fulfilled?

I am all for doing what I love and what makes me happy! I feel good, take pleasure in it and it brings me joy. I love stretching my comfort zone and expanding my world a little bit more every day!

My Top 3

  1. I love traveling, adventuring and exploring with my adventure partner.
  2. I enjoy reading, writing and photography.
  3. Dark chocolate as well as great eats and drinks makes me happy.

Inspiration and Motivation

What Inspires and Motivates You?

I love creating! It inspires and motivates me. I enjoy a good challenge! It drives me and makes me think on so many levels.

My Top 5

  1. I love getting outside and becoming one with nature.
  2. I am drawn to water and light elements.
  3. I love being creative.
  4. I enjoy getting my sweat on in being active, playing and exercising.

I find it fulfilling and take satisfaction from doing well! I enjoy developing weaknesses into strengths. I love being able to do something that I had no idea how to do! I enjoy turning mistakes and failures into successes. I take immense pride in that and want to celebrate!  

Time and Energy

How Do You Spend Your Time? How Do You Want To Spend Your Day(s)?

I am more energetic when I do things that I am good at! I find a slower and calmer pace. I am at ease with myself. It makes me happy and makes me feel good!

The Great Outdoors and Mother Nature stimulate and draw me in! I enjoy outside time and escaping the four walls I work and live in. I love being one with nature and engaging all my senses. The pops of color, the light and the water elements – Oh My Goodness!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Opening Up and Expanding Your World! Here’s to Filling You and Your Satisfied! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Feeling Good

 Needing, Wanting

Dreaming, Desiring

How Do You Make Yourself Feel Good?

I am having a great day when I just feel good and that is all I need and want! I feel motivated and energized to get out there and start my day!

I know for me that connection to feeling good comes from within myself! I have to be true to who I am, including my values, my beliefs and my feelings. I reflect on how I want to feel versus how I think I should feel! I feel good when I make myself a priority in going after what I need and want. I want to focus in on nurturing and nourishing my whole being!

How Do I Want To Feel About . . . ?

I look into my . . .

  • Needs and Wants.

I prefer good and positive feelings! For instance, love attracts love. My feelings are a part of attracting what I need and want in my life. I need to be tuned into my feelings to help me choose what I do need and want in order to create the experiences that I need and want in living my life!

  • Cravings.

I need to dance and not sprint or race through living my life! I need to find that balance that works best for me when it comes to engaging and involving myself. I do not want to miss out, however; sometimes I have to make those choices for myself in what I do and really do what I want and love!

  • Aspirations and Ambitions.

By being in touch with myself and my feelings I am open to expanding my world! I can go after my dreams, aspirations and desires. I have focus, direction and purpose. I am open to trying new things. I am communicating, interacting and connecting with myself and my whole being!

  • Desires and Passions.

My dreams inspire me while my desires and passions drive me, especially in how I feel! I feel more natural and at ease with myself. I feel more calm and collected. I feel more grounded and balanced. I feel I have that clarity in my mind and that conciseness in following my heart!

How Do I Tune Into . . . ? How Do I Tap Into . . . ?

I need to tune into myself from within and tune into my instincts! I need to nurture my whole being and use my senses and my intuitions. I need to tap into my heart and follow it! I need to nourish my whole being and use that fuel to be creative and passionate. That inspires, motivates and energizes my whole being from the inside out!

I need to communicate and connect with myself in order to be in touch with my emotions, feelings and thoughts! I give myself balance and stability. I give myself support. I am grounded from my feet to my head and that feels really good to my whole being!

I am learning . . .

I am learning that I need to be willing to change! I am coming to realize that at times change happens because it gets me closer to what I need or want. I can change my mind as well as change my path, direction or course!

I am learning that I can fail to plan or plan to succeed! I take action through planning. I am able to put the worry, anxiety and stress on the down low. I need to go through the motions throughout the process. I need to take my time through the process and be in the moment!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember It Is Important To Know What You Need and Want! It Matters In What Feels Right To You Too! Life IS Good!

Making It Stick

For The Better

Do you ever have that thought pop into your head where you either have to shut up or put up and take action!

Life is constantly fluxing and moving and shaking!

I knew I needed to learn how to ebb and flow better! I can close a door and open a window. I can shut up and move on. I can stick with it and put myself into action. I knew I needed to either shut up or take action!

The first step was to change my mindset to practicing to make progress happen! I am learning that it is not necessarily the situation I have to change, but my perception, habits, ego, and attitude. I have to take in the details as well as the big picture.  I find myself being focused, balanced and productive!

Nothing is going to do me any good unless I put it into action!

The second step is to tune into my inner being and tap into my strengths! Love, Compassion and Kindness. Communicating, Interacting and Connecting. Laughter and Joy as well as Fun and Pleasure. Happiness and Playfulness. I feel good and it energizes me to do good and it drives me to be better!

The third step is nurturing and nourishing my whole being! Purpose, Power and Strength. Motivation and Inspiration. Simple and Slowing Down. Appreciation and Gratitude. I need to do what I love and add more of what I love to do throughout my day!

With action comes changes and transitions! I have to be the one in control to make those choices and decisions. I have to be the one in control to make those changes and transitions. Do I thrive and survive or LIVE my life? I choose to live my life for today and every day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Making Stick In Living Your Life? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Walking Around

The Wall

I recently read an article that smacked me upside the head and had me pausing for thought!

Why not just walk around the wall or obstacle that is in my way! Genius, right!

Why do I have to break through it or jump over it! Can it really be that simple. Yes it can!

Why not find an entrance!

My perception and perspective either work with me or against me! I either see the good and the positive or the bad and the negative. I do see the in between and the grey areas. I just tend to think more in black and white and look at the big picture!


Walking Through

Finding The Entrance (Photos by RSheridan)

Just Wondering and Wandering Here! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Inner Guidance System (IGS)

Connecting From Within

There are no instructions, no map and no manual in the game of life!

I have to learn how to steer, navigate and guide myself! It is doable and actionable if I lead from within myself. I have to communicate, interact and connect with my inner compass or inner guidance system! It is possible if I live from the inside out.

My inner compass guides me by:

  • Listening to my inner voice and leading me from within.
  • Following my heart and loving my whole being.
  • Believing in myself and trusting my gut instincts.

I am not good with directions or navigation in the real world and then I have to do it for myself too! Life is in a state of constant flux and the directions are ever changing. Talk about scary and exciting all rolled into one! Changing directions is one thing and then there is the fear of the unknown. Which way to go?

I have been thinking more about where I am at instead of where I think I should be! I need to embrace the present and stop thinking about the next thing and the next thing in the future. I need to be right here, right now! I need to accept that waiting for and wanting more right now is a waste of my time and energy. I am missing out on what is right in front of me!

I know in my heart and in my being that I am right where I need to be to get to where I want to be! I need a ton of patience though to just be and live moment to moment each and every day. I do have the potential to grow and in order to grow I have to be in the moment, be open and embrace the possibilities and opportunities. I want to and I am willing to learn and experience life!

  • What is important to me and what matters to me?
  •  How do I define myself to me, myself and I?
  • What works best for me?

I have to be true to who I am in everything I do!

I need to ask myself questions and seek out the answers! I need to communicate and listen to myself. I need to connect to my whole being. I need to continually challenge myself and be curious!

I practice self love! I have faith, believe in and trust myself. A major part of being true to myself and knowing who I am starts with loving my whole being. I take the approach that I fit in as I am! That acceptance is the greatest gift I can give myself.

I have that internal direction and guidance that I can tune into and tap into when I need it!

I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear! I have to get out of my head, follow my heart and move my feet forward. That first step is key in getting started and taking action in living the life I want for myself! It can be a liberating process and a freeing experience when I am open to it and not closed off.

I practice personal growth! I look at situations in my life as growth opportunities. It is about working on it and figuring it out! I learn life lessons from those teachable moments and gain life experiences. It is about changing and transforming into a better version of myself!

Doing more of what I love!

I am working on my other core, the inner core! I am either in alignment with my core in being true to myself or I create distance in moving away from who I am at times. I do not function well when I am not being true and trusting myself. I feel a disconnect and a discord within my whole being!

When I release and let go I am letting the NEW! into my life! There is a time and place for everyone and everything and it will run its course in due time.  I feel much better about myself in surrendering and accepting instead of pushing and pulling to get someone or something to work out!

It makes me feel good and gives me happiness!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Listen To Your IGS and Truly Connect To Yourself From Within – Good Luck! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Destination Unknown

Journeying Along . . .

Have you thought about redirecting your focus from reaching your destination to just journeying along? Your whole being is thinking and moving on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. It is exhausting and draining at times. How about slowing down, taking it one moment at a time and really conquering today!

How about being in the present and enjoying the process! The past is the past and the future has not happened just yet. Practice to process and practice to progress! Part of that practice is to remember to release and let go of what is no longer needed or serving you at the end of the day. Create the space and the time you need for you and just be!

My Top 3 Insights 

#1 – L-O-V-E

I find it funny that I am curious about the unknown, but also fear it at times too! I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear. I am learning to follow my heart instead of letting my mind take charge of the controls. I am working on going along for the ride and what happens will happen in due course and time!

#2 – L-O-V-E

I have to have faith, believe and trust in myself that “here” is where I need to be right now! It makes me motivated, excited and energetic. It makes me feel good and gives me happiness. It is important when I want to be present in the process and it matters to practice to make progress, experience growth and gain experiences!

#3 – L-O-V-E

I am blessed to have my greatest someone along for the journey! My adventure partner along with my family and friends matter to me more than anything else and mean the world to me! Without them I would not be who I am and where I am at. They add such richness and an abundance of love to sustain and support me in living the life I want. They add happiness and joy and laughter and fun. Love Ya!

Remember to . . .  Journey along, enjoy the process and just be in the present moment!

Find Your Path and Journey Along . . . Remember Your Destination is UNKNOWN! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!



The Inspiration In

Living Your Life


Think about what sparks your inspiration! Then Tap Into It!

  • Spending time with your greatest someone(s).
  • Great conversations with tons of laughter and good time memories.
  • Escaping and wandering.
  • Exploring and adventuring.
  • Getting outside.
  • Dancing.
  • Singing out loud and at the top of your lungs.
  • Doing something kid-like; playing, biking, swinging, water fights, etc.
  • Being around inspiring, creative and motivating people.
  • Finding inspiration each and every day.


I love tuning into and tapping into my passions! It inspires and motivates my whole being. It energizes and fulfills me. It makes me happy and gives me joy. In being passionate I follow my heart and that gives me direction in living my life!


I spark my creativity through reading, writing and photography! I can just escape and get lost in a good book. I love creating a story with pictures!

I love nurturing and nourishing my creative being! It feeds my whole being and fuels my passions. It gives me a voice and another way to communicate and connect to myself as well as others. It gives me a way to express myself!


I love sharing! The ability to teach others and learn from each other. The sharing of experiences. The sharing of the wealth of knowledge with each other!


I am working on my listening skills to be more open and receptive! When I take the time to listen I feel more connected and engaged to myself. The silence and the solace gives me the chance to soak up my surroundings and take in what is going on around me!


Learning is growing and experiencing! Being challenged and figuring it out. Brain storming and problem solving. Being curious and creative! Practice and process to progress. Being able to expand your knowledge and skill set and gaining experiences!


I am a curious being who loves to explore and who craves adventure! I am tapping into the new and tuning into my potential to grow as a person. It inspires, motivates and excites me to try new things and stretch my comfort zone. It is about taking the risks that work best for me. My curiosity gives me the willingness to open up to experience and expand my world!

Play, Laughing, Having Fun

Playfulness is a great mood booster and energizer to spark creativity and inspiration! I feel carefree and the need to be silly overcomes me. I escape the routine and seriousness when having fun. I love laughing and having a good time!

Taking Action . . . Go!

3 More Things to think about and to consider in sparking you into action!

  1. Create A Vision Board.
  2. Come Up With a Passion Project.
  3. Create A “Life List” Of What You Want To Do and Love.

A vision board gives me a place to be clear about what I want in my life! It gives me direction and intention. I am able to trust in the practice and process to make progress in getting closer to my visions and making my visions reality. I am able to commit to myself in going after what I want!

My passion project at this moment is blogging about life and travel experiences!

I have a life bucket list and a travel bucket list! It keeps getting longer and longer with the things I want to do and experience. I am all about the enjoyable and new adventures!

(Photos by RSheridan)

SPARK You, Be Inspired and Be Creative! You Never Know What Will Happen When You Open Up Your World! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Journey Of Self

Teachable Moments

The BEST teachable moments have been:

  1. Listening to my inner voice, following my heart and trusting my gut instincts.
  2. Valuing, believing, trusting, and having faith in myself again.
  3. Being worthy and being enough.
  4. Loving my whole being again.
  5. Living to my full potential by being true to who I am and living a passionate life by doing what I love.

There is no better teacher than the love I have for myself and listening to my intuition! I need to use all my senses. My senses are my inner guide and a powerful resource to put into play! My senses center me and keep me calm as well as give me clarity, confidence and courage. My inner compass while journeying along on my path to create my story!

Becoming One . . . Getting In Touch . . . Exploring . . .

Lessons Learned

  • Nurture! Richness
  • Nourishment! Abundance
  • I am celebrating more, especially the simple.
  • Tuning into my passions and tapping into my potential and purpose.
  • Learning, growing and gaining life experiences.

There is no greater gift that I can give myself than the love I have for myself and being true to who I am in living my life!

Finding the Path . . . Journeying Along . . . Adventuring . . .


I love communicating, interacting and connecting with myself! The greatest growth for me has come from focusing on practice instead of perfection. I need to come from and experience growth from a place of love and compassion for my whole being!

I love “Discovering My Strong”! I do need to be in charge as well as be in control. My hopes and wishes as well as my dreams and desires. My potential, my purpose and my passions. I need to make a commitment to myself to take time for myself and take care of my needs. I do need to make myself a priority!

Loving . . . Being . . . Growing . . .

A part of that priority is doing what I love and what I want/need to do! Traveling. Adventuring. Exploring. Work/Life Balance! Being inspired, motivated and active.

I need to support myself and be there for my greatest someone(s)!


I am so blessed and lucky to live the life I do have! I am able to be more aware and mindful in order to just be and to be in the present moment. I am grateful for what my whole being does for me on a daily basis!

Experiencing Life . . . Creating My Story . . . Traveling . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Designing Your Life Plan, Heading Down Your Path, Journeying Along, and Creating Your Story!

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