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Feeling Good

 Needing, Wanting

Dreaming, Desiring

How Do You Make Yourself Feel Good?

I am having a great day when I just feel good and that is all I need and want! I feel motivated and energized to get out there and start my day!

I know for me that connection to feeling good comes from within myself! I have to be true to who I am, including my values, my beliefs and my feelings. I reflect on how I want to feel versus how I think I should feel! I feel good when I make myself a priority in going after what I need and want. I want to focus in on nurturing and nourishing my whole being!

How Do I Want To Feel About . . . ?

I look into my . . .

  • Needs and Wants.

I prefer good and positive feelings! For instance, love attracts love. My feelings are a part of attracting what I need and want in my life. I need to be tuned into my feelings to help me choose what I do need and want in order to create the experiences that I need and want in living my life!

  • Cravings.

I need to dance and not sprint or race through living my life! I need to find that balance that works best for me when it comes to engaging and involving myself. I do not want to miss out, however; sometimes I have to make those choices for myself in what I do and really do what I want and love!

  • Aspirations and Ambitions.

By being in touch with myself and my feelings I am open to expanding my world! I can go after my dreams, aspirations and desires. I have focus, direction and purpose. I am open to trying new things. I am communicating, interacting and connecting with myself and my whole being!

  • Desires and Passions.

My dreams inspire me while my desires and passions drive me, especially in how I feel! I feel more natural and at ease with myself. I feel more calm and collected. I feel more grounded and balanced. I feel I have that clarity in my mind and that conciseness in following my heart!

How Do I Tune Into . . . ? How Do I Tap Into . . . ?

I need to tune into myself from within and tune into my instincts! I need to nurture my whole being and use my senses and my intuitions. I need to tap into my heart and follow it! I need to nourish my whole being and use that fuel to be creative and passionate. That inspires, motivates and energizes my whole being from the inside out!

I need to communicate and connect with myself in order to be in touch with my emotions, feelings and thoughts! I give myself balance and stability. I give myself support. I am grounded from my feet to my head and that feels really good to my whole being!

I am learning . . .

I am learning that I need to be willing to change! I am coming to realize that at times change happens because it gets me closer to what I need or want. I can change my mind as well as change my path, direction or course!

I am learning that I can fail to plan or plan to succeed! I take action through planning. I am able to put the worry, anxiety and stress on the down low. I need to go through the motions throughout the process. I need to take my time through the process and be in the moment!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember It Is Important To Know What You Need and Want! It Matters In What Feels Right To You Too! Life IS Good!

My Three’s Company

Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts

I get it and it clicks into place for me now! Your energy comes from emotions, feelings and thoughts. I am starting to understand why this part of my energy comes out so overwhelming and overpowering in certain situations. Especially the emotionally charged situations I find myself in more than I would like to be!

I knew I had buttons that could be pushed, but never thought I had a wind up key too! I think about that wind up monkey on the shelf growing up and how sometimes it would go off all by itself – creepy. Where is that “stop” button that I know is around here somewhere. Talk about a dangerous combination when those 2 get going!

My main emotion that comes out is anger.

My main feeling that comes out is defensive.

My main thought is the color red.

Then comes another whole set of emotions, feelings and thoughts, like shame, guilt, blame.

What do you think should be done with emotions, feelings and thoughts?

Should you handle it, deal with it and move on! Should you stay with that emotion and give yourself the permission to feel it. Should you have the experience of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Should you practice the art of avoidance and wish it away!

I usually have to experience my emotions, feelings and thoughts! I struggle with pushing it aside and hoping it just goes away. I want to have a positive energy instead of a negative energy about me. I am able to have that positive energy when I clear my body completely and overall by becoming aware of my emotions, feelings and thoughts!

In becoming more aware of my emotions, feelings and thoughts I have the ability to tune into my buttons and wind up key as well as my triggers and trip ups! I know I need to slow down and not continue to speed up. I need to be in better control of my emotions, feelings and thoughts and just how to handle it. I need to tap into the good energy!

Come and Knock On Our Door . . .

Delving Deep

When It Comes to Emotions & Feelings

I know what you are thinking that she is GOING THERE! I am learning that dealing with your emotions and feelings is so much better than not dealing. It is like some crazy 3-Step Program at times! Step 1 –  Accepting. Step 2 –  Dealing. Step 3 –  Forgiving.

To me emotions and feelings mean love and strength not weakness. I am learning that you have to control and reign in those emotions and feelings and not let them just take over your life though. That is not healthy for you and those around you. You create the life you want to live on a daily basis.

Accepting and allowing your emotions and feelings to run their course is so important to moving forward in your life. I feel better when I embrace my emotions and feelings and forgive myself. I do not want to dwell on the past and focus on regrets. So not worth my time and energy!

Delving deep into your emotions and feelings helps you discover what you want in life, experience growth and gain life experiences! You have to be willing to go there, delve deep and deal in order to take care of yourself and your needs. You need to rely on yourself to give yourself some love, compassion and forgiveness is this craziness called life. You are so worth it!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Find Your Calm, Love and Happiness!

How Are You Doing?

Feeling Good About Yourself

Part of taking control of the life I want in 2013 is assessing how I am doing. This includes feeling good about myself as well as reflecting on appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis. I am trying really hard not to plan or set goals and just go with the flow, be in the present moment. So far it feels pretty darn GREAT!!!

I am finding that trust in myself again to get what I really want out of my life, especially on a daily basis. I am finding a new normal and just letting go for a change of pace. I feel less pressure, tension and stress. I feel more calm, excitement and contentment. I feel nutured, satisfied and fulfilled with myself.

Going With the Flow, Obstacles Included (Photo by RSheridan)

I cannot believe how amazing you can feel when you control and manage your emotions and feelings. You feel on a new level when you get what you want/need out of your life. You feel freer to make choices and not let those choices influence you and your response. You feel like you have a purpose to pursue in your life again.

I am learning that everything is connected and that it truly comes from the inside out. I am discovering my inner strength and inner peace. I am finding my natural rhythm to get calm, connected and grounded. I am really listening to my inner voice to find my true self and just let her shine.

Get What You Really Want Out Of Your Life! Be Who You Want To Be! Reconnect With Yourself & How You Are Doing! Live Your Life With Drive & Purpose!

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