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A Whole Flock

I enjoyed watching them fluff out their feathers. Gorgeous coloring in shades of pink!

Shake a Tail Feather

I found their feet interesting too. Pink and Purple in color.

Sleepy Time

(Photos by RSheridan)

Pink Is SO IN!!!


Bird Watching

In the Park

I love having a park nearby that has such varieties of bird life and wildlife!






The Turtles Were Out Sunning Too!

(Photos by RSheridan)

ESCAPE To Nature – Enjoy!

The Yellow Duckling

In the Park

There is a Mama Mallard with a brood right now in the local park. She has a handful of multi-colored ducklings and one yellow duckling fuzzball. Love a great surprise!

(Photos by RSheridan)


The Sun Dance

Of the Anhinga





Lord of the Dance


Guard Duty


Blending In


(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!!!

Shake A Tail Feather

Striking Plumage

The great egret is a large heron.

  • An adult has white plumage with contrasting black legs and feet.
  • A bright yellow bill, tipped with black.
  • A greenish-yellow area between the bill and the eye.
  • A long neck.

During the breeding season the great egret displays plumes on its back, which extend up to ten centimeters past the tail. Those plumes are used in courtship displays. Nothing better than shaking a tail feather to attract a mate!

Beauty . . .

Elegance . . .

Walking the Bird Walk

Striking a pose . . .

Strutting a pose . . .

Plumage Out (Photos by RSheridan)

Enjoy the Natural Beauty Surrounding You! 

Bodega Bay Sunrise

A Sunset and NOW! a Sunrise


(Photos by RSheridan)

Bodega Head Sunset

Just Takes My Breathe Away


(Photos by RSheridan)

Up North

On the California Coast

I am going to take you on a tour of the Northern California Coast. Mendocino County to be exact. I am drawn to this place and its natural beauty. Enjoy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I HEART the Northern California Coast & Mendocino County!!!

A Wild, Windy Day

In Paradise

The last day on vacation in Oahu was a WILD ONE! I have never experienced wind like this on previous visits. The jelly fish were claiming the beach and making it hard to walk the beach barefoot that morning (did that at Kailua Beach). You did not need to go to the spa just head to the beach for a great sand exfoliation (did that at Lanikai Beach)!

A dream day for kite surfers!

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve was closed! You could not have snorkeled and it probably would feel like you were swimming on the spin cycle. Too dangerous with big waves, rip currents and a rocky coral bottom.

Sandy Beach

Stopped at Sandy Beach to check out the waves due to the massive shore break here. The waves did not disappoint. Plus got in some more spa sand exfoliation too. Check it out!

Best to Stay Out of the Ocean and Admire It from a Distance!

(Photos by RSheridan)

The North Shore


I love the North Shore of Oahu! There are the impressive views of the ocean as well as many beaches to explore. There is shrimp to be had at almost every food truck. I decided to go with the coconut shrimp with a honey guava dipping sauce this time. (dug in and cleaned my plate before remembering I should have taken a photo – sorry!)

The Ocean & The Waves

The Beautiful Palms of Paradise

The Beach Treasures

(Photos by RSheridan)

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