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On the Water

Boat Cruising


(Photos by RSheridan)

There is Just Something About the Sun, Sand and Blue Skies to Recharge Your Whole Being for the BETTER!


Garden Oasis – Part 2

Becoming One With the Natural

Rainbow of Colors


This is a Pine Cone!

Water Features


Hot Pink


(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Explored a Green Space Recently? Love to Hear About It, Please Share.

Garden Oasis – Part 1

Becoming One With the Natural

I love exploring gardens! The fauna and the flora. The water features. The places to sit back and relax!

Rainbow of Colors


Water Features




Hot Pink


This parrot spoke one note that sounded like a small child calling mom, mom, mom . . .

This parrot was silent until I was near and then starting talking a stream of words.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Explored a Green Space Recently? Love to Hear About It, Please Share.

Christmas Day 2017

Beach Time

A Holiday Tradition since moving South is to take time out to walk the beach.

I really enjoyed watching the pelicans plunging and feeding.

This Seagull was relentless in getting the Pelican’s catch! Get off my head!

(Photos by RSheridan)


Here’s to Stooping for Seashells! Remember to Take the Time to Slow Down and Savor the Moment.

Beach Explore

On the Lookout for Seashells

Sunshine, Sand and Seashells. Happy Exploring!

Beach Day

Here’s to Sun, Salt and Sand

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Enjoy – Play, Laugh and Have FUN!

Dolphin Cruising

All Aboard

Sun Light


Dolphin Splash Downs

Fun Ships

Water Views


Osprey Fledgling




(Photos by RSheridan)

 Happy Cruising – Enjoy!            

Soaking “It” In

Love This Quote!

Live in the Sunshine.

Swim the Sea.

Drink the Wild Air. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s to Being Free To Be In the Present Moment!

Evening Stroll

North Redington Beach

Strolling Along . . .

Capturing Seashells

A Glob of a Jelly – Watch Out!

An Ocean Bubble

Beautiful Blues

Beach L-O-V-E

(Photos by RSheridan)

It Feels GOOD to Slow Down the Pace and Be In the Moment – Enjoy!

Craving Water

Water Is Very Much A

Part Of My Whole Being

I have a dominant water personality! I have a water energy too! I know I tune into and tap into my emotions, feelings and thoughts way more than I should at times. I have to have personal space and set boundaries due to seeking out and soaking up things around me. I am curious about what makes me tick and how I operate as a person!

The Ocean and The Waves

The #1 thing that just baffles me is that I do not have a “go with the flow” personality and/or trait! I am so not self-contained either. However, I am very self-protective of myself. That is probably why I struggle with stability, balance and calm; my emotional power needs to be reigned in more!

  • I crave it and thirst for it.
  • I am imaginative and intuitive.
  • I am emotional, sensitive and empathetic.
  • I am nurturing as well as moody and secretive.
  • I ponder and reflect.
  • I am able to have that sense of self.

I love a great escape and I am especially drawn to places with water elements! I love connecting and becoming one with nature and natural elements. I find water to be soothing, cleansing and purifying to me!

Experiencing . . .

Love This!

  • Water mixed with fire creates steam.
  • Water mixed with air creates rain
  • Water mixed with earth creates mud.
  • Water can create as well as take away!

I am learning to nurture and nourish myself and my needs! I am blunt and working on being more tactful. I am discovering compassion by learning to be flexible and having the ability to adapt better. I am a wanderer that tends to get lost, but eventually I find my way again!

I want to better navigate my life in order to find meaning and purpose! Who I am? What I Want? Where Do I Want to Be? How Do I Get There? Finding my faith and my truth as well as being natural and real!

Navigating . . .

I am practicing and making progress in building a stronger foundation for myself in order to learn, grow and experience! I want to be engaged and motivated to find my imaginative and creative sides. I am finding my voice and expressing myself once again. I want to build and develop deeper connections with my greatest someones, especially my adventure partner!

I tend to be guarded, protective and hold back when I am around people I do not know! I am an introvert screaming to be an extrovert. I want to be part of the action and be around people. I am an inspirer and an encourager!

I Crave Water – It Fulfills Me and It Is A Source of Healing for Me! I Enjoy the Solace and the Deepness Water Gives To Me! I Love Gazing at the Ocean and Watching the Waves Come In and Go Out Again! I Can Just Be!

Beautiful and Shades of Blue (Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

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