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Manifesting Love

Love Sweet Love

We all search and seek out love! How do you manifest love for yourself? How about others, especially your greatest someones?

  • To love and be loved.
  • To give and to receive.
  • To belong and be a part of something.


How do you open your heart as well as your mind to receive the love you are searching and seeking?

  • Knowing what you want and why.
  • Learning to forgive, especially yourself.
  • Learning how to be open to receive what you want.
  • Learning to release and let go of what is no longer serving you.
  • Stretching . . . experiencing . . . growing . . .

Really think about shifting gears! Coming from a place of love versus fear. Getting the mind and the heart together as one team. Believing, valuing and trusting yourself by being who you are!


Do you know what you want and why! What do you want to receive? What do you want to give? A key piece in manifesting is getting clear on exactly what it is you want and the reasoning behind it (aka the why?)!

  • What is your practice? Coming from a place of love in following your heart.
  • What is your focus? Being clear on why you want what you want.
  • What is your passion? Doing more of what you love.
  • What is your purpose? Tuning and tapping into your hopes and wishes as well as your dreams and desires.



Learning to forgive and letting go of the guilt in being and doing for YOU! You will start to open up more. You will start to attract more of what you want. In being more open and in attracting more of what you want you will open yourself to the possibilities and opportunities!

What are you opening to? Involve your mind and heart and whole being. Engage your senses and feelings. Imagine and envision. In knowing what it is you want you bring that into your life by manifesting, attracting, going for it, and doing it! 

Practicing and learning to release and let go! Especially of what is no longer working for you or serving your best interest. This is not so easy when you want to be the one in control! Think about how you can be more open to receiving what you want.

  • Being curious and exploring.
  • Adventuring and trying new things.
  • Being flexible in order to shift, transition and just adapt.
  • Learning, developing and experiencing growth.
  • Stretching yourself and your whole being from the inside out.
  • Gaining those life experiences and lifetime memories.
  • Expressing what you want and why!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Love to Hear How You Are Manifesting Love For Your Whole Well Being and Your Greatest Someones. Please Share.


The Learning Path

Staying The Course

There is nothing better than when the pieces click into place! That feeling of enlightenment and lightness. That feeling of freedom with a twist of enchantment. That feeling of being proud of yourself for doing it, going through the experience and accomplishing it!

You are more open to expand, especially in your personal development and growth! Oh the possibilities and the opportunities. The creativity. The connection you have to yourself, to others and to the world you live in.


Think about how lucky and how blessed you are to experience those moments that become a part of you! That help you learn, grow and experience. That make you smile and laugh! That help you just be and to be mindful and present. That give you pure bliss, joy and happiness!  

  • You have to seek what you need and want as well as what you dream and desire.
  • You have to be open to the opportunities and be willing to learn, grow and experience.
  • You have to learn how to believe and value as well as love and trust yourself.
  • You have to tune into your inner voice and tap into your inner self.
  • You have to nurture and nourish your whole well being.

It is wonderful when your inner being finds its voice again. It is amazing when your inner guidance system kicks in and you begin sending and receiving. It is amazing when you live your life by giving your inner being the opportunity to shine from within.

Remember to find your learning path to stay on course in those good times as well as the challenging times! To come from a place of love to follow your heart. To let your inner self guide by shining through to provide much needed light. To remind yourself to journey along and not rush or race from destination to destination!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What are you grateful for? For Oh So Much! Love to Hear, Please Share.

Go On An Adventure

Discover Time

When was the last time you went on an adventure? At least weekly for me, especially in escaping to the Great Outdoors.

Are you one that makes every outing an adventure? At times for me.

Are you one that finds fun in everything? I really try to.


Get Curious and Explore

A great way to get active and motivated as well as stimulated and engaged! Check out the sights and the happenings. Find the excitement, joy and pleasure in the small, simple and new! Refreshing and renewing too.

I love a good stroll to peak my curiosity and stimulate my inner explorer. Outdoor play is a fun way to get the exercise in too.

Good for the whole being!


Finding the Light

I look, seek and even crave the natural light upon waking in the morning. Plus I find spending time outside helps me sleep better too.

Natural Light

Tapping Into Your Senses

  • Your sense of self
  • Your creative self
  • Your five senses

Sense of Self

Creative Self

Engage Your 5 Senses (Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear What You Are Up To, Please Share!


Self Building

Accepting who you are helps you build the foundation to learn, grow and gain experiences!

  • To expand yourself versus keeping yourself small.
  • Doing what is best for you versus perfection and what is right.
  • To making mistakes and having failures and learning from those experiences.
  • To celebrating the successes and the milestones.


A key piece in being a resilient being is to value who you are as well as believe and trust in yourself! That self acceptance and self respect. That self love and self forgiveness. Being there for YOU!

Think about building yourself up versus breaking yourself down to develop, improve and be the best you can be.

  • Being your biggest encourager, motivator and cheerleader.
  • Discovering more about who you are and how you tick.
  • Looking into the expectations you have and the standards you set for yourself.
  • Creating space to experience development and growth.
  • Being more resilient and developing your coping skills toolkit.
  • Changing . . . weaknesses to strengths . . . learning lessons into life experiences, etc.


Learning good self talk to inspire and motivate as well as encourage and cheer yourself on! Think about how you criticize, judge and interrograte yourself, especially those things that have become habits. Make good changes that work best for your whole being! Remember to do a self check of your whole being, including your current mood, ego and attitude. Become more loving, caring and kind in your self talk!

Learning to create space and set boundaries for yourself in order to show self value and self worth in how you want to be treated! You start tuning into your whole being in listening to it and knowing what it needs. You start to come from a place of love instead of fear. You start to know what matters to you and what is most important in living your life fully!

Learning to bounce back is a great life skill to practice, learn and develop! It can be a building process as well as a freeing process. You find better ways to communicate, interact and connect to your whole being. You go after what you need and what works best for you!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 How Do You Strengthen Your Resilience? How Do You Build Up Your Whole Being? Love to Hear, Please Share.

Everything Is Connected

The Act of Practicing

Practicing and learning go hand in hand! A few years back I stopped practicing and just went into learning mode. I could not figure out at times while all this learning was not helping me in living my life. Duh! – I forgot to practice! Practicing allows you to try things out, test them out and see if it is truly something you want to pursue or not. Why waste your time doing something that you are not passionate about and love doing, right!

Connecting = Practicing + Learning

This speaks volumes to me because I now know it is true! 

“You see that everything is connected, and realize that you weren’t off track. You were in training.”~Shannon Kaiser

  • What are you practicing?
  • What are you learning?
  • What have you learned?
  • What have you been given?

Everything is connected to help you in the next phase of living your life!

  • Making a commitment to yourself to do for you.
  • Cultivating your hopes, wishes and dreams.  
  • Finding your gifts and talents.
  • Discovering your loves and passions.

Being Curious

Remember to follow your curiosity! I learn so much when I am open to being curious about things. I find inspiration, passion and interest! 

I am practicing to act on my inspirations, passions and interests more by . . .

  • Stretching my comfort zone.
  • Trying new things.
  • Learning and growing.
  • Exploring and adventuring.
  • Experiencing and living.

Say “YES” to trying something new!

Unleashing Imagination

I can unleash my imagination! I like routine, but not when every minute is scheduled. I like technology, but not when every minute is consumed. I have to escape and let myself be free at least once a week!

I can get creative and just let my whole being unplug, unwind and unwrap itself! It feels so good to find that communication, interaction and connection with my whole being again. It feels good to recharge with those creative juices. It is such a free experiencing to tap into that creativity and just let it flow!

Say “YES” to creative time!

Making Time/Spending Time

I lose track of time in doing what I love! It brings me joy and happiness. I find I give myself more time to do what I love too!

“ASK” yourself what brings you joy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Love To Hear About Your Aha! Connection With Yourself, Please Share!

Reaching Out

To Stretch Yourself & Expand Your Life

My journey of self in 2015 made me more aware of who I am; being true to who I am and being myself!

Practicing . . .

  • I practiced releasing and letting go, especially the perfection and rightness.
  • I practiced being present and mindful.
  • I practiced resetting and creating the newness again.
  • I practiced to progress to learn, grow and experience.

I focused on how my life feels versus how it looks! Talk about a freeing experience. I can either practice balancing, holding on or letting go! 

Everything is a process as well as everything is connected! Practicing . . . Learning . . . Growing . . . Experiencing . . . Accepting what is in order to know I am where I need to be right now, especially in who I am!

Creating . . .

Learning . . .

  • I learned about humility.
  • I learned to dream and desire.
  • I learned to come from a place of love.

I do not have it figured out and I do not want to have it figured out! I am okay with taking it one step and one moment at a time. I am right where I need to be on my path journeying along! There does not need to be a destination. Conquer Today because each and every day is a TRUE GIFT to unwrap, revel in, cherish, and most of all celebrate!

Another lesson in humility is learning that getting what I wanted was not what I always needed! MIND BLOW & MIND BLOWN!!!

Journeying . . .

I learned to get out of my head and follow my heart! Coming from a place of love is better than letting my fears override how I live my life. Believing and trusting in myself again. Nurturing and nourishing my whole being. Tuning into and tapping into my emotions, feelings and thoughts. Learning that my head and my heart need to collaborate instead of pin one against the other! Share the wisdom with my heart and that love with my head and my mind. Let my whole being discover, play and have fun!

My greatest someones are my greatest gifts of love! Family and friends are the most important piece of journeying along and experiencing what life has to offer. The care and the support. The true act and expression of unconditional love! 

Experiencing . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Practicing and Learning? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Dream BIG

Living From Your Heart

“I believe that radical self-love can go hand in hand with a ruby-red lip . . . that learning how to love yourself can be a party: streamers, disco balls, helium balloons, and all!” ~Gala Darling

How to go about living a full life? How to make it happen, right?

  • Adventure
  • Doing What You Love
  • Dreaming . . . Hoping . . . Wishing . . .
  • Health and Happiness
  • Laughter and Love
  • Magic and Miracles

I think about the items listed above as well as creating the life I want, need, crave, and love! Finding my path and journeying along. Writing my story and adding photos, experiences and memories. Most of all being true to who I in living a full life!

Creating . . . Experiencing . . .

Following Your Heart

  • Letting Go of the Perfection.
  • Releasing the Expectations.
  • Being Open to the Limitless Possibilities and Opportunities.
  • Doing Everything and Anything.

Growing . . . Accepting . . .

Coming From A Place of L-O-V-E

  • Loving Yourself.
  • Learning to Let Others In to Share the Love.
  • Compassion and Kindness.
  • Care and Support.

Blossoming . . . Cultivating . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Every Day Is A Gift To Be Treasured, Opened and Most Of All CELEBRATED! Life Is Beautiful, Messy and Everything In Between – Conquer It and Live It Each and Every Day! 

Discovering Your Path

Keeping On Track

How does one learn to relax and go with the flow in living this crazy thing called life?

Learning to Relax . . .

I am not hardwired to just let things happen let alone enough patience waiting for the process to unfold! However, I have tried pushing and pulling and it usually backfires. I am working on releasing that perfection and that expectation of how things are supposed to turn out. I am slowly recognizing that everything happens not to me, but for me if I practice and process to progress and keep moving forward!

I am learning three very important lessons on this journey of self though!

  1. I am learning to stop trying to find my my purpose every day.
  2. I am learning that I am okay with not knowing the next step.
  3. I am learning that nothing else can work right until I do.


I want to live each and every day with purpose and just conquer it! Every day is a new day, a new start. I approach the day with a good and positive attitude as well as a healthy and happy outlook. Why not, right! Life is way too short and it will pass you by if you let it. Why not be a part of it!

Learning to Fly By Exploring, Growing and Experiencing . . .


I am trying to embrace and enjoy exploring the unknown! Being open to the present and the possibilities and see what works best for me. I am trying to put the fear of the unknown on the down low. Reveling in the present moment more!

I ask myself the following questions.

  • Am I forgetting to be present?
  • Am I missing the journey in just racing to the destination and the next and the next?
  • Am I reaching and not grasping what I want let alone need?
  • Am I forgetting how important the process is, the journey?

Learning to Be Present and Journey Along . . .


Setbacks are opportunities.

Reverses are forwards.

Failures are life lessons in the disguise of successes!

Learning to Love, Believe, Hope, Etc. . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

We ALL are just trying to figure it out, right! We do not give ourselves enough credit. We have the gifts, the skills and the talents to be prepared for what comes our way. Give yourself a break already and just give yourself some much needed tender loving care!

Remember to Dance and Move With the Music!

Sometimes Keeping It SIMPLE Is the BEST! Minute by Minute, Moment by Moment – Making Memories by Gaining Life Experiences! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Learning & Practicing 

To Be Resilient

In learning to be resilient you can promote health and happiness! The ability to cope and bounce back. The ability to overcome pressure, stress and setbacks. The ability to use it to your advantage and get competitive with yourself to succeed!

In practicing to be resilient you can promote what works best for you to live the life you want to live!

Practicing . . .

  • For instance, seeing the good and the positive in a situation; active optimism.
  • For instance, being in control and making the decisions that work best for you; decisive action.

In practicing active optimism you have the power and the ability to change! Taking that fight or flight response and learning how to move forward instead of retreating. Conquering and learning from mistakes, setbacks and failures. Being open and weighing your options in a situation to learn, grow and gain experiences for the better of your whole being!  

Along with active optimism one needs to take decisive action to rebound and move forward! Be in control and make those decisions, especially the hard, difficult decisions. No one but you should be making hard, difficult decision for you! 

Learning . . .

Most importantly listen to your inner voice, follow your heart and trust your gut! What are your beliefs,values, ethics, and morals? How do you make honorable and honest decisions for yourself? How do you look for truth and integrity in making decisions for yourself? Being true to who you are and following your path in doing what is best for your whole being is a good option!

Along with competing with yourself is finding that determination and persistence to go after what you truly want! Practicing persistence is also knowing when to release, let go and head in another direction. Practicing to be aware and open to all opportunities. Learning when to power up or power down in a given situation to protect yourself and use your energy to your best advantage!

Here is something to think about!

  • Who has your back? You as well as your greatest supporters or not.
  • Who can you depend on? You, your supporters, a select few, or no one in particular.

This helps immensely in being resilient and tapping into your strengths!

There is that need for closing ranks and supporting each other! Just because you ask for support or even help does not mean you are weak. It means you need support and assistance as well as love and care. You need that optimism and positive energy from others to cheer yourself on!

Loving . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Build Yourself Up as well as Other People! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Learning To Live With It!

Life is full of uncertainties, right! Uncertainties are not right or wrong. Uncertainties are not correct or incorrect. Uncertainties are not perfect or imperfect.

Uncertainty:  the state of being, something that is unknown.

I like to look at the antonyms of the definition of uncertainty.

  • Assurance
  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Sureness
  • Trust

You can look to the future, but can you plan or predict it! You can set goals and intentions. You can dream and desire. You can live in the present and know you are where you need to be at this moment in time!

I was too busy in my teens trying to grow up. I was too busy in my twenties worrying and stressing out over the stupid crud. I am done with the worrying about the next thing and stressing out about how things will work out. I was too busy in my thirties trying to keep up and at times survive. I am so done with freaking out when things do not go my way or according to my plan.

I have a general outlook and I am good with that! I am slowing down and being more present overall. It feels good for my whole being. I have a general direction that I want to go in!

The pieces of the puzzle will come into being and fall into place when it is time! If it is meant to be it will be. I am grateful for the learning lessons, the growing pains and the experiences in living my life! It has brought me to where I am today and who I am.

I know I hope, wish and dream for good things to come into my life as well as exciting adventures to come my way! I know I want to continue to learn, grow and gain life experiences. I know I want to embrace the opportunities as well as the challenges. I know I want to interact and engage and be present now! 

There are questions with impossible answers or unknowns. Trust. There are things out of my control. Confidence. There are no real maps and directions. Conviction. There are no real plans and have to let it unfold. Sureness and Assurance.

I am learning to live each and every day with a healthier and happier approach! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Looking Upon the Horizon With Your Whole Being Firmly Planted In the Present Living It Minute By Minute, Moment By Moment, Memory By Memory! 

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