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Showing Yourself

Some Much Needed Self Love

We all need love and support from ourselves as well as others! It is important to ask for what you need from yourself and others. I know it is not always easy to ask for that assistance, support, love, etc. It matters though for your whole, well being and the well being of others, especially your greatest someones!

This whole pandemic has taught me a few really good things! Balance for one. Second is learning to take it moment by moment. Third is going with the flow even though so not my speed. However, I have learned that going with the flow has its place and purpose when it comes to me living my life day in and day out!

When we start feeling like Chicken Little and the sky falling on his head it is time to pause! Especially when that overwhelmed feeling kicks in and makes us stressed, panicky, frustrated, even angry, etc. Take a much needed “me” break! You will thank yourself for doing it.

A break lets you address what your needs are and that is so powerful in being there and showing up for yourself! Remember to take time and make space for yourself even if it is just for 5-minutes. YOU are SO WORTH IT!

Find Inspiration

What gives you inspiration?

A passage from a book, a poem, an inspirational quote, etc.

I love my deck of “Crazy Sexy Love Notes” from Kris Carr. I can shuffle the deck daily or weekly and post my inspirational card for the day or the week. Talk about an inspirational and supportive message!

Really take in what your eyes land on, what you heart clings to, where your mind takes you, and how your spirit speaks to you!


Bust out the music and break out the dance party! Music is one medium that speaks to your whole being on so many levels. Talk about communicating, connecting and engaging your whole being. Love those songs that just get you tapping your feet and make you smile from head to toe! 

Mirror Talk

I know we all do this, but not something we talk about! You stand in front of a mirror, take yourself in, maybe give yourself affirmations, state an “I love you”, maybe blow yourself a kiss, etc. There is no shame in doing this! True Self Love for Yourself! 


What do you do to energize yourself as well as others?

  • Doing more of what you love.
  • Taking time and making space for yourself.
  • Spending quality time with your greatest someones.
  • Tuning and tapping into that whole mind and body connection.
  • Sharing yourself with yourself and others. Simple gestures of kindness. Thank You! Show your love. Sincere compliments.

It makes the day so much better when putting the positive energy out there! It makes your day and the day of others around your energies and positivity. It makes it easier to give of yourself and your energies. Such an attitude adjuster and mood booster!


Self care is so important to self loving you and your whole, well being!

Do what is best for you and your needs! Explore the “whys” to those needs. Get real with yourself and be true to who you are. That is love!

Do what makes you happy, healthy and well! Get dressed/dolled up just for you. Find your comfy and cozy. Play, laugh, have fun!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do let go more! Let go of the stress, guilt, perfection, hardness on ourselves, etc. Learn to forgive to love more!

Do you and be true to yourself! Be honest and truthful to yourself and what you need. Make sure to include your mind, heart and gut in all you do, especially in decision making and problem solving. That is self compassion and a love and hug to your whole being!


Gaining – Part III

Balancing . . .

I have to say during a pandemic is when I start learning balance in my life! It is a little ironic. It is a little humorous. It is humbling too!

Balance has improved my overall health and wellness! I felt pushed and now know I was the one doing the pushing when it came to my health and wellness. I was losing that desire to take care of my self care. I was losing that passion that self motivates and self drives me. Auto pilot and cruise control are okay, however; at times manual is a better option!

When I stop pushing and holding myself back I feel more open! I am more confident and empowered. I tend to go for what I need, want, crave, desire, etc. instead of someone or something telling me to. I am able to bring that inner strength out more and tap into my strong!

That matters and is oh so important! It provides clarity. It gives you control. It brings about what makes you feel good!

To being a lighter and freer being! That balance between control and letting go. That balance between scheduled and breaking the routine. It can be renewing and refreshing as well as reenergizing and recharging to your whole being!

One of the gifts I give to myself every once in a while is an “I do not have to do anything if I do not want to day”. Really make some time for myself and create the space I need. I can connect and practice. I can simply do nothing. It brings lightness and is oh so freeing too!

Balance has me letting go more! I have a greater love for myself in letting go a little more and practicing to go with the flow a little more too. I am not typically a go with the flow type of person. Balance has shown me what matters most!

Really think about opening versus constricting! Learn to release and let go more. Practice actively relaxing and resting. Tune into and tap into what your whole being needs from mind to heart to soul!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Gaining – Part II

Through Creating . . .

Remember when you were a child and given a stack of blank paper to get your creative on. I reflect back on that blank page and getting to do whatever I wanted with it. I recently learned I want more of that in my adult life.

What does creativity truly mean to you and your whole being?

  • Just trying something.
  • Being inspired and motivated.
  • Just making something.
  • Being passionate and creative.

It is taking yourself out of being one-dimensional and being multi-faceted again! Find that curiosity and creativity again. Wonder and wander. We all are many things and not just one!

Getting your creative on helps in many ways!

You are able to open up more! Find solutions to solve what is challenging you. Taking chances and maybe even some risks. Increased motivation to do more of what you love to do and have a passion for!

You seek to explore the opportunities and experiences! To find the positive and the pursuit. To expand and discover the inspiration and wonderment. For enjoyment and fulfillment!

To just go after what you want and make things happen!

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Gaining – Part I

Through Breathing . . . Being . . .

There are times you just need to pause and just breathe! I know we get focused in on the race and being on repeat most days. That repeat needs to stop and take a break at times! 

To focus in and pay attention! To gain clarity and direction. To reflect on what you are grateful and thankful for. To calm the craziness! 

To truly think about what really speaks to you from within your being! 

  • What makes me feel good?
  • What are the whys to my wants and needs?
  • What brings me joy and makes me happy?

 Need to think outside the box, create, play, and most of all have some FUN!

Connecting . . .

I really think about that connection between the mental to the physical to the emotional to the spiritual! Mind, heart and soul connecting as ONE!

  • Connecting to the present more.
  • Becoming more mindful.
  • Creating space and making time for yourself and self care.

Communicating and connecting to your whole being as well as from the inside out! Supporting health and wellness. Exploring and experiencing to grow and expand. Loving and living your best life each and every day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Brings Enlightenment!

That Mind Body Connection!

It is very much about the mind body connection! It took me some time to figure out that connection for my whole, well being. The mind and body as well as your heart and spirit should be connected as one!

I had an aha! moment recently in my practice! That when I am practicing I am tuning into my whole being. I am grounding my feet, engaging my core, aligning my whole body from head to toe, etc. I am learning more about myself too. Again everything is connected! 

I have learned throughout my health and wellness practice that I truly needed to shift my mindset to find alignment and bring enlightenment to my whole, well being!

Practicing to Let Go . . .

  • How you respond/react to yourself as well as other people?
  • How you think and/or feel versus just responding/reacting?
  • How you tune into expansion versus contraction?

Think about the emotional connection you have with yourself. Think about your overall energy and how that affects pretty much everything you do. Think about how we feel about others and how others make us feel about ourselves.

I have been learning how to tune into my senses and spiritual side more to help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. I have found it is going within myself to become more aware and mindful. That awareness can be so opening and freeing!

How do you just let it go or at least let it be and maybe continue moving on! 

Next time you feel stressed stand up and stand tall! Find your confident self. It will boost your mood, mind and your energies!

Practicing to Flow . . .

Think about shifting and balancing! Pausing to FULLY breathe (i.e. inhale/exhale), stretch, think, etc. When you are able to shift you feel more open, balanced and relaxed. Expansion allows for flow, good energies and maybe some much needed ease!

Think of change and transition as a reevaluation!

  • Positives vs. the negatives.
  • Strengths vs. the weaknesses.
  • Gifts vs. the limitations.

Think of it as reframing yourself with every moment, experience, etc!

  • Being open to opportunities.
  • Trying and practicing and trying some more.
  • Learning more about yourself and how you tick and what your traits and tendencies are.

I am discovering through my practice it has helped me change and transition as well as experience expansion and growth!

Practicing to Be . . .

Do you take the time to silence the not so good?
Do you distract yourself from handling and dealing with it? Especially the not so good feelings we tell and talk to ourselves about.

Think about accepting all sides of yourself for a healthier relationship with yourself! Self love and self compassion. Self acceptance and being true to who you are. We are all multi-faceted and continuing to experience growth and life through our experiences!

In tuning into this you can work on the energies you put forth and putting your energies toward the good! I strongly believe that. I think it is human nature to have that need to change other people. However, in dealing with your own emotions and energies in time and with practice that change will come from within you!

Really tapping into your senses, gut, heart and mind! Again everything is connected!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Practicing to Find Alignment and Bring Enlightenment to Your Whole, Well Being! Love to Hear, Please Share!

Home Buddying

Home Sweeter

What have you been up to while at home?

The Natural

  • Living room, patio and/or backyard picnics. Is there anything better than picnic foods (i.e. cold fried chicken, bubbles, dessert, etc.). Make yourself comfy and ready to lazy about!
  • Finding some much needed zen or at least some R&R! Look for ways to unwind, calm down and find some quiet time. Yoga to meditation. Comfy pillows to cozy blankets. Curling up with a great book.
  • Spruce up or add the natural to you interior and exterior spaces. House plants to gardening. Photos to art. Pops of color to the sounds of nature.
  • Getting out into the Great Outdoors. Nature can be healing, freeing and relaxing.

I have seen a lot of home renovations going on! A new coat of paint, new fauna and flora, upping the patio scene, etc. Nothing better than a refresh to make the home front sweeter!


  • Make a Meal Together. I really love this one. Pizza making from the dough to the fixins to baking and eating. Italian in making your own pasta or a lasagna. Making a taco bar. The possibilities are endless!
  • Set the Table. In making a meal together go ahead and set the table. Add the tablecloth, arrangements, candles, etc. Just have FUN with it!
  • Game Night is making a strong comeback!
  • A Bar Night In. I like this one and how much fun. Start with apps and drinks in the kitchen. Move to popcorn and candy in the living room. Take it outside. ‘Clink’ Cheers!!!
  • Spa Day/Night. Facial treatments to foot soaks to manis and pedis. Just give me my pajamas and I would be set!

Just doing away with technology for a good 15-to-30 minutes and maybe even an hour! With all of us living in the virtual sometimes you need to break away from it all. It is good to disconnect to recharge! 


  • Crafting and Creating. Think outside the box and get the creative on for a change of pace.
  • Starting a new project to trying something NEW! It is important to have something to look forward to and to get excited about to break up the repeat and routine. Talk about motivation.
  • Journaling and Writing. Writers’ retreat with short stories. Reflection and Gratitude.
  • Reading. I think a good majority of us have a reading list.

I am sure some of you are wondering about the next real escape and maybe dare to start planning it out! From real travel to arm chair traveling to staycations what is not to love. There is nothing better than sharing experiences! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

What is the one thing you will continue to do that you discovered while at home? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Relationships MATTER!

I recently read an article and it addressed relationship care. I thought to myself what is relationship care. Then I started thinking about how to connect during a pandemic. How technology connects us as well as can disconnect us. Really be with each other when face-to-face as well as virtually!

Think about the time you take to work, exercise, etc. Then think about the time you take with your greatest someones. Is there a good balance or could use a re-balance. 

That meaningful and nurturing time with your greatest someones matters! I really believe it helps with wholeness and balance. It helps with your health and wellness too!

I remember growing up with my group of girls and we could not get enough time together. We spent all day together in school and for hours by phone in the evenings. If we could get together on the weekends for shopping or a movie we made it happen!

As an adult I have those few close relationships where you pick up right where you left off even if it has been days, weeks or months. Also, I tend to nourish and nurture those relationships that are healthy and positive. I really try to not take those relationships for granted either. Those relationships are precious, matter and are a true gift!

With your relationships you may see an improvement in the quality of your life as well as your health and wellness! Especially in communicating and engaging. In connecting and deepening those relationships. Making the time to continue to build, grow and expand those relationships!

That nurturing of our relationships helps us nourish ourselves and our well being as well as others and their well being! It is another form of self care. It can be enriching and boosting to your whole being!

We are humans that crave connection and engagement. We are humans that want to belong to something other than ourselves. We are social beings living in a tech world.

There is nothing better than making time to spend quality time with family and friends! You do not need to spend monies either. The simplest things are totally satisfying and make your day better. That is the love and support we all crave! 

  • Gathering and sharing a meal.
  • Catching up, sharing and laughing.
  • Caring and supporting by being there, thinking about them, etc.

That landscape has changed a bit with the pandemic. However, a lot of people are getting creative with the virtual and making time to gather and share! 

We all do our best to live well! To be kind and generous. To be compassionate and care. To just be genuine and be who we are!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Please Share Some Fun Ways You Are Staying Connected To Your Greatest Someones. Love to Hear!


Your Self Love and How You Feel About Yourself

Do you practice self love?

I do and my whole being likes a good pep talk! Tuning in to how your whole being feels. From your mental awareness to your mood to your body language. Your breathing and posture can tell you a lot about your current state of being too! 

Do you know how amazing of a being you truly are! You have everything you need from within to handle life’s moments and life’s adventures, from the happiest to the most challenging. How you discover that is by listening to the inner you!

  • Your beliefs, values and virtues.
  • Your respect and trust.
  • Your intuition and wisdom.
  • Your gifts and talents.
  • Your gratitude and appreciation.

Remember to reflect on and focus in on nourishing and nurturing your whole being! How to feel better in your whole, well being. How to be the best you can be. Most of all love you for you!

Remember to learn and try new things! Be present to what you are truly experiencing. Tune into your mindful awareness and really focus in, especially on the here and now. Tap into that passion and empowerment as well as that motivation and drive. Practice and learn each and every day!

Sometimes I feel like I need to speed up and sometimes I feel like I need to slow down! I find I make better decisions and choices in slowing down. To think and to process. To quiet the noise to gain clarity. To become more aware and pay attention to what I need!

Think about pleasing yourself as well as forgiving yourself! Find that confidence to boost yourself and make your whole being feel its best. Find that trust to build yourself and engage your instincts. Discover your whys in your needs and do it for you!

Think about that internal validation from yourself versus the external validation from others! Own your decisions. Validate. Own your feelings and emotions. Empowerment. Own your passions and dreams. Owe it to yourself to be the true, real person that you are!

Remember to communicate and connect with yourself! To build. To cultivate. To challenge. To just be and show up for YOU!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember to Pause, Breathe Deep and Really Listen to What Your Whole Being Needs! Tune Into Your Self-Talk and Truly Listen!

Practicing Kindness

How DO You DO KIND To Your Whole Well Being

It is so IMPORTANT to practice kindness for yourself and your whole well being! You are also able to share that kindness with others too!

Think about the chances and opportunities given to you daily, weekly and/or monthly! Remember to acknowledge the wins. Remember to celebrate. It helps inspire and motivate you!

My Top 3

  • Spending quality time with my greatest someone(s). (Due to COVID a little different with social distancing, however; thank goodness for technology.)
  • Taking time for myself throughout the week for my overall health, exercise and wellness.
  • Bookending. Taking 30-minutes for myself at the start of the day and at the end of the day.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Self Care = Self Love! Love to Hear How You Are Practicing Kindness, Please Share.

Take 30

For Your Whole, Well Being

Are you up for a reward? How about taking 30-minutes for yourself. How would you use those thirty minutes? Remember at times you may have to break it up into increments throughout the day to get your thirty minutes in.

  • Spending time with your greatest someones.
  • R&R.
  • Health, Wellness, Exercise.
  • Getting creative.
  • Goal setting.
  • Planning and scheduling.

Your needs will change from day to day, week to week and month to month! What are you truly needing? What would have the biggest impact for you? Just go with the one that speaks the loudest to you!

What is truly beneficial to your whole, well being! Remember to value yourself and your needs. Remember to make yourself and your whole, well being a priority. Ask yourself what you are needing and know your whys in meeting those needs and making a desired impact for yourself and your whole, well being!

Some favorites of mine.

  • Carving out time to cook, entertain and gather round with my greatest someones.
  • Making date night a priority a few times a month.
  • Connecting and catching up with my greatest someones.
  • Trying new things and meeting new people. Being part of a community.
  • Doing nothing and just enjoying and soaking in the day.

I use to wish for more time and still do! However, I am learning how to use my time and energies more efficiently and effectively. Stop wasting it and start using it proactively and productively!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear How You Take 30, Please Share!

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