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First Create

Second Mindfulness

Love this quote!

“Where the mind and passion goes, the energy flows.”~Sarah Wilson

You have to start creating . . . To build a solid foundation to experience personal growth. To gain life experiences. To live from for yourself and your whole being! 

Creating . . .

Third Passion

What does passion mean to you in living your life?

For me it means being able to do what I love to do!

How do your discover your purpose in living your life?

For me by practicing to progress to learn, experience growth and gain life experiences!

Practicing . . .

Fourth Energy Flow

How do you share that energy flow with yourself and your whole being? How do you share it with others?

My Top 7

  1. Being . . .
  2. Creating . . .
  3. Craving . . .
  4. Practicing . . .
  5. Journeying . . .
  6. Loving  . . .
  7. Living . . .

How to live a life that matters! How to find that rich abundance. How to find that freedom. Work hard, play harder and be rewarded and blessed in so many ways!

Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

CONQUER Today! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.


Letting Your Purpose

Be Your Guide

What does a purposeful like look like to you?

For me it is two fold! To me it means knowing and being able to fulfill my purpose in life. AND To me it means being surrounded by my greatest someone(s) who support me and love me in fulfilling my purpose.

  • Empowering myself to go after what I want, need and crave.
  • Following my passion(s) to guide me in fulfilling my purpose in life.
  • Learning, experiencing growth and gaining experiences.
  • Counting my blessings.
  • Creating a life that I love!

“Your purpose is found through the challenges.”

One BIG World Out There Just Waiting For You . . .

What does a healthy life look like to you?

  • Work/life balance.
  • Being my own advocate in my health, wellness and fitness.
  • Loving myself and my whole being!
  • Making time/space to do more of what I love to do.
  • Trying NEW! things.

I get excited and light up when I do what I love to do! I am passionate and energetic. It is stimulating and freeing. I feel purposeful and alive! 

I enjoy talking to people who are truly passionate in something they do! I want to surround myself with that passion, excitement and energy. I want to be better and do better. I fall in love with the life I am living all over again!

I have learned that I do not have to do everything at once! I know what my priority is and focus in on it. I do not feel so scatter brained and doing everything half arse! 

Paying Attention To Your Surroundings . . .

I make time as well as space for myself and my whole being! Especially in doing more of what I love to do. I need to be an active being that nurtures and nourishes my body well and spends quality time with my greatest someone(s)! I crave that communication, interaction and connection with myself and others. That is what matters the most to me!

That connection with the true you as well as following your heart, being guided by your intuition and tuning into your spiritual sense! Believing in yourself to go after what you crave and desire. Making your dreams come to fruition. You can do anything if you put your whole being into it!

Cultivating . . . Growing . . . Experiencing (Photos by RSheridan)

Just Start Practicing . . . Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!





I recently read an article by Saiisha called The 5 Paths to Discovering Your Dharma. It certainly peaked my interest and I wanted to know more.

What is Dharma?

“Dharma is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to righteous living, but the original word itself has a far deeper meaning than its direct translation. The ancient Hindu texts of The Vedas describe Dharma as an inner wisdom, or a cosmic guidance that governs not only the individual, but the universe itself.”

“It is better to live your own Dharma imperfectly,

than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” ~Bhagavad Gita

I think about inner wisdom and inner guidance; listening to yourself from within and living from the inside out! I think about myself and the world around me. I think about my thoughts, perspectives and expectations. I think about my words and my actions toward myself and others! I think about balance and purpose. I think about motion and movement and direction. I think about journeying and adventuring!

The Various Voices are:
  • Inner voice.
  • Voice of mind.
  • Voice of heart.
  • Voices of other individuals.
  • Voice of culture throughout the generations.
  • Voice of Conscience.
  • Voices of Beliefs and Expectations.

The 5 Paths

The Path of Joy

“Wherever your joy is, that is where your purpose lies.”

I am learning to do more of what I love, especially if it makes me feel good and gives me joy and happiness. I am learning to tune into and tap into my whole being; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear. Just get excited and live for the day!

The Path of Synchronicity

“Synchronicity is a sign that the universe uses to show you that you are on the right path.”

I use to think in terms of right and perfection. However, I am learning to think in terms of practice and progress. I need to be aware of my inner voice and my inner wisdom to find my inner guidance and inner direction. I need to project that outwards too.

The Path of Letting Go

“You’ve probably heard the saying, “Letting go of what you are, to become what you might be,” right?”

I have spent my fair amount of time on this path in my journey of self. In learning to let go I have found practice in releasing and letting go of what I no longer need or what is no longer serving me. In learning to let go I have found freedom and purpose in finding balance and calm. In learning to let go I have opened myself up to the opportunities and possibilities.

The Path of Practice

The best discovery so far on this journey of self is practicing and progressing and growing! I am communicating, interacting and connecting with myself and my whole being. It feels so good!

The Path of Being

“The quality of your “nothing” matters. Slowly learn to build these pockets of “nothing” into your every day, to invite more “being” into your life.”

I need to be on the Path of Being more. Just to be with myself to take time for myself and my needs. Just to shut off, go away and find solitude and solace for my being. Nothing better for my whole being than that!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Using Your Talents and Gifts – Tune Into and Tap Into Them! Here’s to Discovering and Finding Your Potential and Purpose! Please Share, Love To Hear Your Thoughts.

From the Heart

With Love

I struggle some days in finding my sense of being human! I know what you are thinking, so let me explain.

Do you live every day with intention or at least from your heart? To love what you are doing as well as to love yourself and other people!

I know I do not and even get up on the wrong side of the bed some days! I  really love having 30 to 45 minutes for myself in the morning! I feel less stress and much better when it comes to taking on my day. I wish the weekends were longer. I still struggle with Mondays – ha!

Finding My Calm and Collected Self!!!

I like to think I show kindness and appreciation to the people I engage, interact and communicate with! I like to think I show love and gratitude to myself and other people, especially my greatest someones. I like to think I am a work in progress and working really hard at living my crazy, busy life and even loving it a little more too!

I know I am learning to be a more compassionate being! I am working on my control and perfection issues and it is certainly not easy at times. I am learning to put my ego on the down low and turn up my intuition; live from the inside out. What I am saying about my ego is that I need to become more self-aware in order to self-regulate myself and my actions! My sense of self needs to come from the heart and really be at an appropriate level too.

Listening To My Whole Being, Especially My Heart

I am a lot to take in when I get fiery, especially when I take it too personally! I either go silent or become reactionary and defensive. I do not even like being around that person and it is ME! I am learning there is a time and place to release and release in a good way. I try to do away with the negative self talk, berating myself and feeling guilty because it just continues to fester.

Everyone has an ego! I feel that in being aware of my ego and understanding my ego I can accept and embrace my ego. I need to STOP controlling my ego and thinking bad of it! I can find my sense of balance with my ego and not be swinging from one extreme to the next. I am figuring out what works best for me when it comes to my sense of balance and my needs in living the life I want!

I am learning that everything and anything I want comes from me! I am learning to follow my heart, listen to my inner self and trust my instincts and intuitions better. I can let my true sense of self out and love from my heart. In being more open to loving and accepting myself I can share, give and receive to myself and other people. I want to be open to the possibilities and opportunities as well as make good decisions and choices. I want to go after my desires and passions by stretching my comfort zone and taking risks. I am growing and gaining experiences that are adding richness to living my life!

When Life (Fill in the Blank) . . . Drink Wine (Photos by RSheridan)

I am a good person and I certainly can work on being a better version of myself too! I am falling in love with my whole being again and it feels pretty good too! I truly want to share my inner world with the outside world!

Here’s to Giving It Your Best, Loving from the Heart & Just Living IT! Here’s to Sharing the Love & Spending Time With Your Loved Ones! Today is a GIFT to Be TREASURED!!!

My Calling

Is Hanging Up On Me!

Hey now that is so not nice! I keep telling myself to stop stressing and worrying about finding my purpose in life. Especially when I am not sure what it really is! I am hoping if I just let it happen naturally it will stop hanging up on me and seek me out instead.

Accepting and Surrendering

Let me tell you that you cannot make the process just happen either! I am trying to accept that, but it is hard to accept as well as to surrender at times. I am starting to feel like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole! However, Alice overcame adaptations and made changes to survive and get back outside the rabbit hole though! I have to remind myself that I managed to survive every time I was faced with a challenging time in my life.

At least my calling is not a heavy breather when calling just a heavy thinker! My crazy mind is all about sabotaging me!  Another act of surrender is not trying to reason with my crazy mind either. So stop thinking, less doing and more being.

Wondering and Wandering

I am starting to think it is okay as well as acceptable to wonder and wander throughout your lifetime! In wandering I will find my path or at least clear a path. In wondering I am listening to my inner voice, following my heart and trusting my gut instincts. I will always be a curious person that loves to explore and enjoys stretching my comfort zone!

I am learning that the journey can be the BEST part of the whole experience! I need to enjoy the process more and not just focus in on the end result. Also, that the end result has to be completed to the Nth degree of perfection and/or completion. I call that struggling stupidly and that is so not worth it!

By enjoying the process I can take pleasure in the creative process as well as take joy in playing and having fun! That makes me happy too. I totally believe in working hard, but playing harder! I also believe in living for today and not some day.

Learning and Loving

I know I will discover my calling when I spend time doing what I love to do! What motivates me. What inspires me. What energizes me. I am such an amazing klutz that I am sure I will smack right into one of these days!

I lack patience and very much want to shove the round peg in the square hole some days! It can be frustrating. Sometimes I even miss the timing of opportunities due to my lack of focus and not paying attention to the good and positive in my life! I am learning I just need to let go of being in control at times. That is when life usually SURPRISES me with what I truly want!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember When Your Nerves Kick In and You Start Feeling a Little Crazy That is When the GREATNESS Happens in Your Life!!!

Money, Money

Certainly Makes Living Life Easier

I do not need to be wealthy to have a rich life. Yes, money helps in living the lifestyle I want at times. However, I do not want to put my life on hold until I have the monies. I want to get out there now and experience life.

Experiencing Life . . .

My Top 3 for Happiness & Fulfillment

  • Living the Good Life Every Day
  • Love from Myself & My Greatest Someones
  • Being Healthy

I have a good life and enjoy living it every day. I appreciate and am grateful for the life I do have and for what I have in my life. I have been given this one body and take my health seriously. I have love for myself and my greatest someones and that is pretty special to me.


Think about what is important to you in living your life every day! Become more aware of what makes you feel happy and fulfills you! Money is a means not an end all be all to living your life! You make your life what it is!

I am trying to discover my purpose and really live a value added life. This includes my greatest someone, my family and my friends that add to my life and assist me in gaining life experiences. I am still missing that sense of community and have not given up on finding it. You need that human connection in your life to experience growth and fulfillment.

Do not forget to LAUGH along the way! Sometimes it is the best medicine to turn you around and get your life back on track again. It is the Spice of Life! Plus laughter is better when it is shared with your greatest someones too.

Makes Me Laugh (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s what I discovered! When you are living your life you gain a richer life as well as wealth. You are doing what you want with purpose and passion as well as drive and motivation. You are accomplishing your goals and reaping the benefits. There is no stopping YOU once you get going!

Grab Life & Just GO . . .

Pushing the Limits

Challenging Yourself Every Day

Life is about growing as a person and gaining life experiences! You just have to get out of your own way and get out of your comfort zone. You have to be brave and challenge yourself. No more excuses, no more “cannots”!

Taking Flight and Soaring

Do you push your limits or have a buddy that helps you push your limits?

I have been working with a personal trainer and she pushes me in a good way. She gets me and where I want to go in my overall health and fitness. She makes me want to say “can” instead of “cannot”. She makes me push myself in ways I never thought possible.

Trust me I have my fair share of excuses! Somedays I would love to pull the covers up over my head and just not face the day. I want to live my life and not just give in and give up! I want to push my limits and accept the challenges in my life.

Looking Beyond the Rough Parts

This takes determination and dedication on my part. Sometimes I just get mad and stubborn and you better watch out because not much will stop me once I get going. I do try to find a more positive approach in finding the inspiration and movitation to drive me. When I think about quitting, it pushes me at times to continue on or at least find someone to help me continue on.

My biggest competitor is myself! I can kick my own butt or give myself a pat on the back. I will never know my true potential until I try pushing my limits and challenging myself. I try to focus on what I can do!

Challenging Myself

I am learning to embrace humility and to continue encouraging myself to try new things. I have to be willing to confront challenges head on and not run in the opposite direction. I enjoy discovering more about myself. I am in awe of my strength and what I can do.

It is time to get passionate and go after your dreams! Have a little patience and be willing to forgive yourself. Really know your intentions and where you want to go in your life. Show up and just grab life and go!

Discovering My Path Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Intentions Today to Be the Best You Can Be? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Giving Back

To Yourself & Others

How do you give back to yourself and others? Your inspiration and motivation to give of yourself to others. Your passions that drive you to step up for a cause. Sharing your time, talents and ideas.

Do you share your talents, experience and knowledge with others? Living a purposeful life. Being open to opportunities as well as challenges. Discovering your values and putting them into action!

How do you nourish and nurture your spirit? Being aware of your appreciation and gratitude. Sharing your kindness and compassion. Discovering what is important and what matters in your life!

Sometimes it is about forgiving and being able to move on! It is about finding grace and being the bigger person at times. There are times where you do not see the error of your ways and need a little direction or advice or just a self-check! Being more mindful and a little less judgemental.

Does it add enjoyment and satisfaction to you and your life? Sometimes it feels good to be the giver and not just the receiver. Sometimes it feels good to stop, breathe and just reflect. Sometimes it feels good to CELEBRATE!!!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Give to Yourself in order to Give of Yourself to Others!!!

Celebrating Life

Showing Up & Being Successful

Thank yourself for SHOWING UP in your life today! I was told recently to share my successes with myself on a daily basis. You deserve to pat yourself on the back and say “good job” or “way to go”. Really reflect on the positive and the successes in your every day!

Shining . . .

Celebrating Life Every Day is an AMAZING Experience! I want to let the good into my life and just let it shine. I just feel so much more energized and motivated to conquer the day. I am so WORTH IT!!!

Celebrating . . .

I am learning to forgive myself and let go of the control and perfectionism in my life. I am going to make mistakes and that is okay. I can forgive myself and celebrate my successes.  I want to find my true heart and give myself some love!

Loving . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Let Your AWESOME Out Today!!!

How Are You Doing?

Feeling Good About Yourself

Part of taking control of the life I want in 2013 is assessing how I am doing. This includes feeling good about myself as well as reflecting on appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis. I am trying really hard not to plan or set goals and just go with the flow, be in the present moment. So far it feels pretty darn GREAT!!!

I am finding that trust in myself again to get what I really want out of my life, especially on a daily basis. I am finding a new normal and just letting go for a change of pace. I feel less pressure, tension and stress. I feel more calm, excitement and contentment. I feel nutured, satisfied and fulfilled with myself.

Going With the Flow, Obstacles Included (Photo by RSheridan)

I cannot believe how amazing you can feel when you control and manage your emotions and feelings. You feel on a new level when you get what you want/need out of your life. You feel freer to make choices and not let those choices influence you and your response. You feel like you have a purpose to pursue in your life again.

I am learning that everything is connected and that it truly comes from the inside out. I am discovering my inner strength and inner peace. I am finding my natural rhythm to get calm, connected and grounded. I am really listening to my inner voice to find my true self and just let her shine.

Get What You Really Want Out Of Your Life! Be Who You Want To Be! Reconnect With Yourself & How You Are Doing! Live Your Life With Drive & Purpose!

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