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Following Your Heart

Coming From 

A Place of Love

Your heart is to be trusted. It knows what your head has yet to figure out. When you stop chasing what your mind wants you will get what your soul needs. ~Shannon Kaiser

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Doing What Works Best for Your Whole Being!


Learning To Live With It!

Life is full of uncertainties, right! Uncertainties are not right or wrong. Uncertainties are not correct or incorrect. Uncertainties are not perfect or imperfect.

Uncertainty:  the state of being, something that is unknown.

I like to look at the antonyms of the definition of uncertainty.

  • Assurance
  • Confidence
  • Conviction
  • Sureness
  • Trust

You can look to the future, but can you plan or predict it! You can set goals and intentions. You can dream and desire. You can live in the present and know you are where you need to be at this moment in time!

I was too busy in my teens trying to grow up. I was too busy in my twenties worrying and stressing out over the stupid crud. I am done with the worrying about the next thing and stressing out about how things will work out. I was too busy in my thirties trying to keep up and at times survive. I am so done with freaking out when things do not go my way or according to my plan.

I have a general outlook and I am good with that! I am slowing down and being more present overall. It feels good for my whole being. I have a general direction that I want to go in!

The pieces of the puzzle will come into being and fall into place when it is time! If it is meant to be it will be. I am grateful for the learning lessons, the growing pains and the experiences in living my life! It has brought me to where I am today and who I am.

I know I hope, wish and dream for good things to come into my life as well as exciting adventures to come my way! I know I want to continue to learn, grow and gain life experiences. I know I want to embrace the opportunities as well as the challenges. I know I want to interact and engage and be present now! 

There are questions with impossible answers or unknowns. Trust. There are things out of my control. Confidence. There are no real maps and directions. Conviction. There are no real plans and have to let it unfold. Sureness and Assurance.

I am learning to live each and every day with a healthier and happier approach! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Looking Upon the Horizon With Your Whole Being Firmly Planted In the Present Living It Minute By Minute, Moment By Moment, Memory By Memory! 



Trust is a firm BELIEF in the ability, strength, reliability, or truth of someone of something.

Belief is the trust, FAITH or confidence in someone or something.

Faith is the COMPLETE TRUST or confidence in someone or something.

Have you found your inner warrior?

  • It is about being true to yourself and who you are.
  • It is about loving you for you.

Strength and Courage.

  • It is about communicating, interacting and connecting with your whole self.
  • It is about encouraging, expressing and empowering yourself.

Spirit and Soul.

  • It is about discovering your inner core to find your balanced, calm and peaceful self.
  • It is about practicing to learn, grow and experience.

Breathe and Energy.

Your Path

Ask yourself these 3 Questions.

  1. Do you commit to yourself?
  2. Do you know what works BEST for YOU?
  3. Do you practice to process and progress?

There is no perfect and there is no one right way!

You have to believe in and trust your whole self! Your values, your instincts, your boundaries, etc. You are the one in charge and you are the only one that has your back too! Your faith, your love, your compassion, etc.

Your Story

In practicing to process and progress you learn, grow and experience and that is what adds dimension, depth and interest to your story! You attract what you want by doing what you love and coming from a place of love. You are open and embrace the possibilities and the opportunities and by doing so you grow and gain strength, courage and belief in yourself. You will survive and live your best life!

Your heart knows the way. Trust it. ~Shannon Kaiser

There is no greater gift that you can give yourself in being true to who you are as well as listening to your inner voice, following your heart and trusting your gut! Your whole being will benefit from the love, compassion and care that you give it. You will create a healthier and happier lifestyle for yourself too. Keep the l-o-v-e flowing!

There are times I want to skim over or even skip the bad parts in order to get to the good parts of a story! However, that being said the best part of the story is the adventure and the journey to get there. Sometimes you are where you need to be and sometimes you are on your way to where you need to be. It is very much about putting one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward in experiencing life!

When things fall apart it is because

something better is falling into place. ~Shannon Kaiser


I love a good story that has plenty of inspiration! It motivates me to get out there!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Journey Along . . . Adventure On . . . Continue to Create Your Story! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Relationship for One

The Relationship With Yourself

Remember to INVEST in the relationship with yourself! It will be the most important relationship you have in your lifetime. Remember to RELATE to yourself each and every day and make it a POSITIVE interaction! With hard work, practice and exercise you will reap the greatest benefits and rewards in yourself. You have to BELIEVE and TRUST in yourself in order to take action and make it happen each and every day!

You are responsible for your self worth, so OWN it! It is okay to tell your crazy mind to just SHUT UP. Instead listen to YOU, follow your heart and trust in yourself for a CHANGE of pace! Take the time you need for yourself and just be a little kinder to yourself too.

Making Time . . . Switching Gears . . . Changing Pace

You are accountable for your actions, so take action and make it happen in living the life you want as well as DESERVE! You must live in the present and let go of the past and not worry about the future. STOP the torture with the negative, the blaming and the guilt you place on yourself. START celebrating what is AWESOME in your life no matter the size or shape that it comes in!

Life is going to be MESSY and certainly nowhere near PERFECTION! You just have to STICK a toe in and just WADE in or just do it in one BIG leap! Whatever works BEST in that MOMENT! Just GO FOR IT!!!

Dipping . . . Wading . . . Leaping – Just GO FOR IT!!!

I would rather focus on the good and the positive as well as the love, especially the love I have for myself when it comes to living the life I already do have! I want so much more of it too! I have talked about nuturing and nourshing yourself, your needs and your whole being. I want the satisfaction that I did good for myself today and every day. I want to tap into what makes me interested and passionate about wanting to get out there and experience it ALL!

Growing . . . Experiencing . . . Living (Photos by RSheridan)

YOUR Whole Being Will Thank You in Developing a GREAT Relationship with YOURSELF!!!

Life Savers

Hang On . . .

Sometimes life is like those Life Savers candies; fruit-flavored and a hard candy with a hole in the middle! The hole has an important role to play. I am learning that I need to throw myself a life saver every once in a while and hang on to the hole, especially in rough waters! Which flavor should I choose this time?


Then there are days where NOTHING sticks with me and EVERYTHING just sticks to me instead! I prefer things to bounce off of me and not stick to me. Life will do that though, sneak up on you and stick it to you!

I usually go on the defensive and get my reactionary on when life gets rough and comes at me! I had one of those Duh! moments recently. I discovered that I have the tools I need already at my disposal and just need to put them into action. These tools are great for sticky situations!

ROUGH Seas Ahead!!!

The 3 Tools You Already Have to Handle What Life Throws at You

  1. Listening to your intuition.
  2. Following your heart.
  3. Trusting in your instincts and gut reactions.

I need to start using those tools when it comes to myself and meeting my needs! Here is why . . .

  • In listening to my inner voice I am being guided by my intuition.
  • In following my heart I am doing what I love and what I am passionate about.
  • In trusting my instincts I am believing in myself.
  • It helps me connect to myself and my whole being!


Here are a few other things to consider .  . .

  • Why continue doing something that does not make you happy and does not make you feel great!
  • Why not clean out the emotional house and just declutter the whole place.
  • Why not release and let go of what is no longer serving you for your whole being.
  • Why not feed into your imagination and creativity!
  • Why not get curious and explore again.

I know I have high expectations and I know I want instant gratification at times too! However, expecting it to show up in my life is one thing, but the other thing is not making the space for it. That will start to weigh on me and swallow me up in no time at all! I have to make space as well as make changes and transitions when it comes to living the life I want too. I am just as guilty in adding to what life is already trying to hand me!

I know for me if I just stop or slow down, take a deep breathe and count to 10 my perspective usually changes for the better! Sometimes my attitude even follows right along! I do know when it happened, but I do not know all the reasons why it happened to me. I stopped believing and trusting in myself and that is so not the place to be! I do not want to close myself off like that and WANT so much more when it comes to living the life I want.

Riding the Waves and Going With the Flow (Pictures by RSheridan)

So . . . Just like those Life Savors. Life will keep giving you opportunities until 1 or 2 or 3 start to STICK!

Never Easy

Taking That 1st Step,

Have you found your “Wild & Crazy”? I am still searching and seeking. Do you have to be “Wild & Crazy” to get what you want? It depends on what you want out of life.

On the Path (Photo by RSheridan)

Have you taken that 1st step? At times yes and other times not so much. Are you thinking of leaping off the edge and going for one Wild & Crazy” adventure? I do love a great adventure.

WATCH Your Step (Photo by RSheridan)

That Leap Off the Edge

The hardest and scariest part is taking that 1st step and not the leap off the edge! The first step is so not easy. Why is that! I need to take that to heart and proceed with caution.

Taking That 1st Step (Photo by RSheridan)

I struggle just putting myself out there some days! Then there is that whole going after what I want. The pressure and stress as well as the rejection and failure. I so need my comforter to shield me and hide me some days. Just maybe I could use my comforter as a much needed parachute!

I am rife with self-doubt when it comes to making decisions because I am so set on making the right one! I am my biggest obstacle when it comes to getting in my way and stopping myself in going for something I really want. I need to be tapping into my talents in times of self-doubt. Switch from self-doubt to self-assurance!

I know I need to expand my world more, but I certainly make it more difficult than it needs to be! I must envision fulfillment, satisfaction and most of all success. I so want to be more and that means being a better version of myself! I must be more open to the possibilities and be an agent of change in my life.

Explore & Discover (Photo by RSheridan)

Hanging On & Holding Back

What keeps you hanging on and holding back in living the life you want?

I know for me it is the UNKNOWN! So sometimes I take it in baby steps versus taking that 1st step. I have to remind myself that the worse that can happen is I fall flat on my face. If and when that happens I just have to pick myself up and go on. I need to focus on letting go of perfection and just go with the process!

I can pretty much do anything I put my mind to! However, with that being said it is the commitment to do it that is hard work. Sometimes I just need a little push in the right direction. Sometimes I just need someone to hold me accountable, including myself. I have to say to myself that I can do it and will do it to the best of my abilities too!

On the Edge (Photo by RSheridan)

Learning to Let Go

How do you let go in taking that 1st step?

Sometimes a little trust and faith go a long way! Sometimes you need to take baby steps or need a push to get started. Sometimes you need to hold someone else’s hand and go together on the count of 3! Sometimes you just have to take that leap and hope you land on your 2 feet.

Remember to NOT hang on and hold back for too long! It may be the greatest opportunity ever passing you by!

Bridging the Great Divide (Photo by RSheridan)

Follow Your Heart, Proceed With Caution, Take the 1st Step, Then Take the Leap, & Go for One Wild Ride of an Adventure!!!

My Journey of Self – To Trust

In Taking Control of My Life

My Top 5

  • Taking back my life and experiencing some great results!
  • Controlling my emotions and stress has not been real easy lately.
  • Trying to find that balance and a “happy medium”.
  • Experiencing renewed energy in my life once again and it feels good.
  • Slowing getting rid of the crazy, angry person that lives inside of me!

You just feel so overwhelmed and unsure how to act/react, fight/flight or protect/surrender!

Breathing  . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Good Relations

Better Relationships

I know the hardest part for me in developing relationships is opening myself up to others. Especially when you have experienced bad relationships in the past.

I find that being myself and being true to who I am is important when it comes to developing a relationship with another person. If you respect yourself you are not going to change that in order to develop a relationship with someone. You are not being true to yourself and that is a start to an unhealthy relationship with someone!

Hanging with My Peeps (Photo by RSheridan)

I enjoy being social with others. I love the creative interaction too! Don’t you love those interactions where you pick up right where you left off even if it has been days or weeks since the last time you spoke to that person. I enjoy a relationship where someone just gets you and likes you for who you are.

Those are the relationships that nurture and nourish as well as gives you satisfaction and fulfillment in your life! It is such a loving and caring relationship to have in your life. It takes effort, hard work and understanding to create a relationship like that. So Worth It Though!

Here’s to Being Social, Developing Good Relations & Creating Better Relationships in Your Life!!!

How Are You Doing?

Feeling Good About Yourself

Part of taking control of the life I want in 2013 is assessing how I am doing. This includes feeling good about myself as well as reflecting on appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis. I am trying really hard not to plan or set goals and just go with the flow, be in the present moment. So far it feels pretty darn GREAT!!!

I am finding that trust in myself again to get what I really want out of my life, especially on a daily basis. I am finding a new normal and just letting go for a change of pace. I feel less pressure, tension and stress. I feel more calm, excitement and contentment. I feel nutured, satisfied and fulfilled with myself.

Going With the Flow, Obstacles Included (Photo by RSheridan)

I cannot believe how amazing you can feel when you control and manage your emotions and feelings. You feel on a new level when you get what you want/need out of your life. You feel freer to make choices and not let those choices influence you and your response. You feel like you have a purpose to pursue in your life again.

I am learning that everything is connected and that it truly comes from the inside out. I am discovering my inner strength and inner peace. I am finding my natural rhythm to get calm, connected and grounded. I am really listening to my inner voice to find my true self and just let her shine.

Get What You Really Want Out Of Your Life! Be Who You Want To Be! Reconnect With Yourself & How You Are Doing! Live Your Life With Drive & Purpose!

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