My Calling

Is Hanging Up On Me!

Hey now that is so not nice! I keep telling myself to stop stressing and worrying about finding my purpose in life. Especially when I am not sure what it really is! I am hoping if I just let it happen naturally it will stop hanging up on me and seek me out instead.

Accepting and Surrendering

Let me tell you that you cannot make the process just happen either! I am trying to accept that, but it is hard to accept as well as to surrender at times. I am starting to feel like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole! However, Alice overcame adaptations and made changes to survive and get back outside the rabbit hole though! I have to remind myself that I managed to survive every time I was faced with a challenging time in my life.

At least my calling is not a heavy breather when calling just a heavy thinker! My crazy mind is all about sabotaging me!  Another act of surrender is not trying to reason with my crazy mind either. So stop thinking, less doing and more being.

Wondering and Wandering

I am starting to think it is okay as well as acceptable to wonder and wander throughout your lifetime! In wandering I will find my path or at least clear a path. In wondering I am listening to my inner voice, following my heart and trusting my gut instincts. I will always be a curious person that loves to explore and enjoys stretching my comfort zone!

I am learning that the journey can be the BEST part of the whole experience! I need to enjoy the process more and not just focus in on the end result. Also, that the end result has to be completed to the Nth degree of perfection and/or completion. I call that struggling stupidly and that is so not worth it!

By enjoying the process I can take pleasure in the creative process as well as take joy in playing and having fun! That makes me happy too. I totally believe in working hard, but playing harder! I also believe in living for today and not some day.

Learning and Loving

I know I will discover my calling when I spend time doing what I love to do! What motivates me. What inspires me. What energizes me. I am such an amazing klutz that I am sure I will smack right into one of these days!

I lack patience and very much want to shove the round peg in the square hole some days! It can be frustrating. Sometimes I even miss the timing of opportunities due to my lack of focus and not paying attention to the good and positive in my life! I am learning I just need to let go of being in control at times. That is when life usually SURPRISES me with what I truly want!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember When Your Nerves Kick In and You Start Feeling a Little Crazy That is When the GREATNESS Happens in Your Life!!!


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17 responses to “My Calling

  • susielindau

    I didn’t find my calling until 3 years ago and my kids were in college! Nothing wrong with wandering and wondering! You’ll have a lot of adventures that way. 🙂

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    And sometimes I think we have multiple callings, which can change depending on our stage in life.

  • Sarah

    Love that: “I have to remind myself that I managed to survive every time I was faced with a challenging time in my life.” I hear ya about working on patience and not having to control everything, I too am always reminding myself to relax and just ‘enjoy the ride’

  • Sheila

    All true. I love to wonder and wander and I think sometimes that gives me the greatest happiness. As long as you keep doing both, you’ll always be amazed by life. Happy Spring!

  • stormy1812

    I hope that’s true lol. I feel like I’ve been on that verge for a while now so it would be good for things to kick into high gear now 🙂 I agree with acceptance, wandering and wondering. I need to get out of the comfort zone and wander and wonder much more. I need more acceptance and surrendering to the right things. Lovely post!

  • char

    I want to wander up those stairs on that hike you have the picture of…that is beautiful. Life is funny how you never know what will be around the next bend…or at the top of the ‘stairs’ you’re climbing. But the journey is overall amazing.

    • cravesadventure

      Loving your comment Char – “the journey is overall amazing.” 🙂

      Those steps are on a trail in Yosemite.

      Happy Weekend – Renee

      • char

        I love Yosemite. Someday I want to get back there. My son was so young when we were there before and he would throw tantrums when he didn’t want to hike…so I only got to do Vernal Falls that trip and a few smaller hikes.

      • cravesadventure

        Char –

        That would be some intense hiking for a wee one to hike or for you to carry in a pack. Vernal Falls is a beautiful to gorgeous to breathtaking hike; up and back down:) I am with in going back to explore some more – beautiful country!

        Take Care – Renee

      • char

        My husband didn’t get to go to the top of the falls with the rest of us because Mr. Grumpy (the 4 year old) refused to go another step. Now Mr. Grumpy is an energetic 14 year old who loves hiking. That’s why we should get back there. Ha.

      • cravesadventure

        Ha! – gotta love the independence of a 4 year old. Glad to hear he enjoys hiking now as a teenager.

      • cravesadventure

        Char –

        I remember the first couple of times hiking in Yosemite. Some people would ask us along the trail as to why we were not having a hard time breathing at that altitude. We live at that altitude, so I was glad to be acclimated because some trails are hard and rough and tough – ha!


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