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Manifesting Empowerment

Questioning Yourself Each & Every Day

I have been thinking about performing lately. Your motivation and drive. Your energy and ambition. Your power and control. Do you really put different parts of yourself into action?

  • For seeking approval.
  • For meeting expectations.
  • For finding purpose.
  • For determining choices.
  • For proving and pleasing and ensuring “abc” and “xyz”.

Do you perform for you? or Do you look to receive it from other people?

Really think about what you are giving and receiving to yourself. Do you know your “whys” in what you need and want as well as crave and desire. Are you doing what you want, especially in what works best for you. Make that time to communicate and connect with your whole being!

Start making time to do self checks to determine your needs and if those needs are being met or not! Start asking yourself questions and seek the answers that work best for you. You may find yourself saying “No!” to let in a “Yes!” to what you need! 

Top Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Your Greatest Someones – Who makes you feel loved and supported? Who do you want to spend quality time with to form a deeper connection with?
  2. Play Time – Are you doing what you love? Are you making time for yourself?
  3. Prospects – How do you want to save and spend your hard earned monies?
  4. Work – Are you passionate? Does it inspire, motivate and drive you?
  5. Community – Do you have that sense of belonging? Do you want to get out to explore and adventure?

The best gift you can give yourself is being true to who you are! Believing and valuing you. Supporting and trusting you. Respecting you by setting boundaries and creating your personal space. Knowing your passions and loves as well as your talents and gifts. You are your biggest love, friend and cheerleader in living your life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Life Is Too Short NOT To LIVE IT Each and Every Day! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.


Manifesting Receiving

To Receive, Release & Give

I was in the process of writing a blog post on manifesting receiving when I read an article On Mind Body Green by Dr. Danielle Dowling called How to Manifest Abundance In Your Relationships & Finances. Her words just SPOKE to me. The main reason her words spoke to me is the connection between receiving and releasing!

Dr. Dowling’s number one tip for abundant success is RELEASE in any are of your life! She talks about saying to yourself “I release so that I may receive.”

  • Release resentment (that you haven’t gotten it yet).
  • Release expectation (of what it should look like).
  • Release attachment (to the eventual outcome).

I think about that desire for abundance and how to attract it. I think about that need of getting what you want in your life to live your life.

It is like a teeter totter! On one side release seems simple and easy. On the other side release can be difficult and challenging. I think it comes down to being true to who you are by believing, valuing, loving, and trusting yourself! 

In knowing your essential inner being you can go after what you need, crave, want, and desire! You can find your healthiness and happiness. You can discover your passions and loves. It starts with you and from within you!

It is about building a good foundation for yourself! Practicing to shift, change and transition to develop and grow. Experiencing to live a good, full life. Creating your story as you journey along!

It is about being there and helping yourself connect more deeply to who you are and your world!

Really connecting with your whole being . . .

  • To Communicate
  • To Listen
  • To Interact
  • To Engage

It is about that triple combo in RECEIVING, RELEASING and GIVING! Being open to the possibilities and opportunities. Learning when you need to slow down, step back or even speed up a bit. Being, doing and going for what really matters to you and what you truly love to do!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Ask Yourself and Think About . . .

  • What are you learning and experiencing?
  • How are you developing and growing?
  • How do you tune into and tap into your curiosity and creativity?
  • What stories and memories are you creating along your journey?
  • How are you communicating, interacting, connecting, and engaging with yourself?
  • How are you effectively using your time and energy?

How Are You Manifesting Receiving, Releasing and Giving? Love to Hear, Please Share.


Of A Different Kind

No Technology Needed

Do you find yourself needing to download your mind? To clear it out. To reboot to start fresh. When we do get a minute or two to pause our minds are still clicking along! Stop already and give me a break-ha!

Living . . .

How do you tune into the thoughts in your head?

Being Aware . . . Paying Attention . . . Practicing . . .

  • It can be healing from the inside out.
  • It can help you tap into your emotions, feelings and thoughts.
  • It can help you tune into your heart to come from a place of love.
  • It can help you find passion to discover what you love to do.
  • It can be calming in finding your sense of balance and peace again.
  • It can help you become aware of your emotions, feelings and thoughts to communicate, interact and connect with yourself.
  • It can help you be in the present moment where you are communicating with your mind, interacting with your body and connecting to your heart.

“During practice, experiment with expanding your awareness to include not only your thoughts and feelings but also your breath or heart center.

As you expand your awareness to include everything, you’ll release your grip on any one thing and begin to relax into the stillness.”~Suzanne Heyn

Expanding . . .

Thinking is like wandering it is GOOD for your whole being!

  • Allow your thoughts to flow.
  • Allow your body to wander.
  • Allow your heart to love.

Give yourself permission to do what is best for your whole self!

Giving . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

 Happy Day – Enjoy! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Matters of the Heart

Your Love Life

Over the past few months I have really delved into the heart of the matter!

  • Discovering my passions.
  • Coming from a place of love.
  • Following my heart.
  • Giving from the heart.
  • Following my path.
  • Journeying along.
  • Creating my story.
  • Doing more of what I love to do!

Yes making money and getting ahead is great! Yes attaining status and financial success is rewarding.

For me lately when I live and love from my heart am I truly happy! Pleasure and health. Fulfillment and joy. I communicate, interact and connect with my whole being in discovering my passions and strengths! 

It is exciting and energizing! The inspiration and creativity. The possibilities and opportunities! The collaboration and connection. It is actionable, impactful and most of all powerful!

The sharing of your gifts and talents with yourself and others! You interact and connect to others. It is motivating. The power of one becomes many people working together to build relationships and form a sense of community! 

You realize your potential and strengths! The learning and developing. You realize your passions and what you love to do! The growing and experiencing. You go after what you want and desire! 

The nurturing and nourishing of my whole being is a true blessing that I am grateful for! It helps me delve deeper within myself to learn more about who I am. It makes me want to reach out to share with others and learn more about them. The love, belief and trust I have in myself is such an intimate and bonding experience with my whole being! Then taking that one step further to communicate, interact and connect with others is a whole new experience in love and trust. The building of a relationship and bonding with another person is a true act of giving from the heart!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Are You Getting to the Heart of the Matter? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Yourself the Gift of You

By Living a Good Life

I have been thinking about . . .

  • Thriving versus living.
  • Monetary versus richness.
  • Letting go versus hanging on.
  • Releasing versus freeing.
  • Wanting versus needing.
  • Settling versus growing.
  • Comfort versus experiencing.
  • Chaos versus balance.

What Do You Give To Yourself?

I give myself . . .

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Care

How Do You Give To Others?

I give . . .

  • Myself
  • Love
  • Communication
  • Interaction and Connection
  • Sharing and Experiencing

What are Your Gifts, Talents and Passions?

I am . . .

  • Natural
  • Creative
  • Active
  • Energetic
  • Genuine

How Do You Live the Good Life?

  • My “Home Sweet Home” is With My Greatest Someone.
  • Loving Myself, My Greatest Someone and My Greatest Someones.
  • Appreciating the Life I Do Have.
  • Communicating, Interacting and Connecting.
  • Making Memories and Life Experiences.
  • Celebrating More!!!
  • Hoping, Wishing and Dreaming.
  • Being Mindful of the Good and the Positive.
  • Being an Inspiration as well as Passionate.
  • Feeling Good in general.
  • Acceptance as well as Forgiveness to Myself and Others.
  • Learning, Developing, Growing, and Experiencing.
  • Being In the Present Moment and Enjoying the Process.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Have You Been Thinking About? Love to Hear, Please Share!



To Not Plan

Your Day Today!

I arise in the morning torn between

a desire to improve the world

and a desire to enjoy the world.

This makes it hard to plan

the day. ~ E.B. White

(Photos by RSheridan)

Good Luck – Enjoy!

Learning to Share

You With You

I am starting to take time for myself! I am enjoying that 30 minutes to the start of my day and that 30 minutes at the end of my day that I spend on myself and my whole being. I am learning to make the choices I need for me!

My Top 3 Needs

  1. Stop perfecting and controlling; less doing, more being.
  2. Discover my calm and collected self.
  3. Do more of what makes me creative, passionate and happy.

So Over the OVER DOING!

Do you ever feel like you on OVER DOING it mode? I know the one reason I do this is so I do not have to answer to myself and/or to my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I prefer to have a private moment and just get it out of my system. Blowing up is not a pretty sight and blowing up at someone is so uncool!

Fluffy, but WATCH OUT! for my thorns!

What makes you feel more like you?

I know I need to start learning to share me with me! I can only give so much of myself to others. I need to give back to myself too, especially from the inside out. I feel more like me when I get to do what I want and what I love to do!

My Top 5

  1. Being with my Greatest Someone and Someones.
  2. Traveling, Adventuring and Exploring.
  3. Nature and the Great Outdoors.
  4. Creative Writing, Reading and Photography
  5. Being Active and Staying Motivated; Exercise and/or Play.

I enjoy having some much needed fun time!

Exploring . . .

Here is Your Challenge if You to Choose to Accept It – Do One Thing For Yourself Each and Every Day! Remember to Soak Up Life and Share in the Happiness With Yourself!

Giving Back

To Yourself & Others

How do you give back to yourself and others? Your inspiration and motivation to give of yourself to others. Your passions that drive you to step up for a cause. Sharing your time, talents and ideas.

Do you share your talents, experience and knowledge with others? Living a purposeful life. Being open to opportunities as well as challenges. Discovering your values and putting them into action!

How do you nourish and nurture your spirit? Being aware of your appreciation and gratitude. Sharing your kindness and compassion. Discovering what is important and what matters in your life!

Sometimes it is about forgiving and being able to move on! It is about finding grace and being the bigger person at times. There are times where you do not see the error of your ways and need a little direction or advice or just a self-check! Being more mindful and a little less judgemental.

Does it add enjoyment and satisfaction to you and your life? Sometimes it feels good to be the giver and not just the receiver. Sometimes it feels good to stop, breathe and just reflect. Sometimes it feels good to CELEBRATE!!!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Give to Yourself in order to Give of Yourself to Others!!!

Crying Foul

Gaining a New Perspective

I know most of you have had the experience of being in a great mood while your greatest someone(s) were experiencing a foul mood. You want to escape and enjoy being in a great mood, especially when you have something fun and exciting planned for the day. You want to enjoy spending time together to connect with your greatest someones! Then there is that disconnection when the foul mood turns into venting and ranting. You struggle with being in a good mood while dealing with the frustration and aggravation of the situation you have found yourself in. Especially when after 5 minutes or so the venting and ranting continues.

Not Taking It To Heart

You want to enjoy being in the moment and not really stuck listening to the venting and ranting. You start thinking what a waste of my time and energy. How do I find myself in this position in these types of situations? You start thinking should I just listen or should I interject and share my perspective to lighten the mood and calm the person down.

Do you find yourself splitting your attention between being in the moment and listening? I know I do at times. I know I have been on the giving as well as receiving end too.

Do you find yourself feeling like the situation is directed at you and you take it personally? At times. Do you find yourself feeling like you are being taken advantage of in certain situations? I know I have at times.

I have found myself becoming an active participant and letting my emotions take control over me. Not good at all! There may be situations where you will find yourself stepping back and setting boundaries.

Following Your Heart & Listening to Your Needs

So I try to turn my focus inward and project my appreciation and gratitude to that interaction and connection by listening and being there as well as giving and receiving! An expression of love and respect for each other.  In loving and having compassion for yourself you are able to be more open and available to your needs and other people’s needs. I am amazed at the interactions as well as surprised at the motivating and inspiring conversations when you have a true sense of yourself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Accept and Embrace Your Interactions, Connections and Conversations with Your Greatest Someones for the BETTER? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Let Love In

Open Your Heart

Give It, Receive It & Express It! We all need to be loved and have love in our lives. Plain & Simple! It can be exciting, scary and anywhere in between, but so worth it.

Let LOVE In (Photo by RSheridan)

Emotions are an essential part to loving yourself and sharing that love with other people though. Sometimes you have to let go and just go for it. Sometimes you just need to step out of your head and listen to your heart and soul. Life is a Gift with a Bow On Top! The Ribbon is the Love that Wraps Your Body, Mind and Spirit!

It is about living in the present and being open to the possibilities. Tone down the doubt, fear and negativity in your life. Tune up the fun, happiness and positivity in your life. Be humble, appreciative and grateful.

Take a Journey of the Heart and Go On an Adventure of Love! It is an adventure that should not be passed up and if nothing else do it for yourself. It is such a learning experience as well as a life experience. Just Let Love In!

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