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Crazy Calm

Kicking It Into Neutral!

How do you seek out the calm in the constant motion!

  • How do you stay neutral?
  • How do you find your sense of calm?
  • How do you just be?

Giving yourself the space you need! To remove yourself and not be so involved. To not add in the emotion or even the reaction. It gives you room to help yourself in order to help others.


Take the time to pause or at least slow down! Just become one in the moment. Tune out the disruptions and distractions. Release whatever has you tensed up. Remember to breathe! 

Think about the pauses between inhaling and exhaling while breathing! Create the space you need to focus on one thing in the present moment. Take the time to relax and rest your mind and body. Make time to nourish and nurture you and your whole being!

  • Are you aware of the pause?
  • Are you adding in what you and your whole being need in that pause?
  • Are you aware of what your mind is doing in the pause?


Take the time to be still and just breathe! In and out . . . create expansion aka deep breathing. Try some good strong sighing to really release whatever has you fired up (i.e. irritation, tension, frustration, overwhelm, etc.).  Release, reconnect and reset!

Think about breathing mindfully! 

Being Grateful

Take a moment in the pausing and breathing to be grateful! How do you connect mindfully and spiritually to ground your physical being and body? Palms together, feet to ground and saying what you are grateful for. It brings about awareness. It makes you more present. Just focus on the now!


Finding that balance between ease and being challenged! The proper mindset versus the attitude. Open versus closed. The communication and connection between the mind, body and soul!

Think about a practice that you can do anywhere, anytime! To pause and breathe. To balance and ground.


Think about reconnecting with your whole being when grounding! From head to hands to feet. It is like a reset, especially for your energies. Go within yourself to determine what you need at that moment!

When I need to ground myself and my whole being I do the following.

  • Daydreaming.
  • Going on a walk about.
  • Relaxing and adding in a little bit of ease.
  • Focusing and connecting with myself and my whole being.
  • Creating that space I need to close out the world for a moment.
  • Here’s a big one – Doing Nothing!

Think about awareness, especially your mood and energy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Practicing to process . . . cultivating calm . . . letting go of the craziness . . . The hardest part is visualizing the calm within the craziness. Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.


A Personal Journey

In Discovering a Lifestyle

That Works Best for You

Jason Wachob is the Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen.com. His site is dedicated to health and happiness. He wrote a book called Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a ResumeI like Jason’s approach on living life!

“A wellthy existence is one in which happiness is attainable, health is paramount,

and daily living is about abundance. It’s a life in which work is purposeful;

friendships are deep and plentiful; and there’s a daily sense of richness or overflowing joy.”~Jason Wachob


The one question he asks is “What will make your life more wellthy?”. 

For me – A life of well being for my whole being. Creating my story . . . following my path to journey along . . . gaining experiences and making memories.

I think we are all curious beings to a degree! Why not explore more to experience what life has to offer to each and every one of us. Being open to the possibilities and opportunities and even change. Believing and loving as well as valuing and trusting yourself to make the choices you need to live a good life. Learning and developing by stretching the old comfort zone in trying new things. Opening your heart and mind to embrace life in all its messy beautifulness! 

That creates passion and the craving to do more of what you love!

  • Working hard and playing harder.
  • Laughing and living.
  • Exploring and adventuring.

That creates richness, depth and abundance!

  • Gratefulness and groundedness.
  • Appreciation and thankfulness.
  • Nourishing and nurturing your whole being.


That creates meaning, purpose and fullness!

  • Finding your purpose and discovering a meaningful life.
  • Being active and motivating yourself.
  • Finding inspiration and sparking your creative being.

That creates a healthier and happier sense of self for your whole being! 

  • Breathing and connecting.
  • Releasing and letting go.
  • Forgiving and healing.

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Your own personal journey that is unique as well as matters to you! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.



I am a non-traditional meditator! I have little patience for sitting still. I meditate in the great outdoors and connecting with my surroundings! The ground beneath my feet. The sun upon my face. The wind breathing across my skin. The motion of movement and being active. That is mediation that works best for me! 

It is good for my health and happiness as well as my wellness and well being! I feel the stress melting away and becoming more energized. I feel more productive and motivated. I feel calm, centered and balanced again!

The greatest gains for me are presence and mindfulness! I can quiet my whole being. I can get out of my head and unplug from technology. I can be present with me, myself and I! 

Some of my best thinking is done in the great outdoors or sleeping! I think I have more “a-ha!” moments while sleeping. However, my creativity comes alive when I am out exploring and adventuring!

I become more observant when I am out in the great outdoors! I am alert and exploring my surroundings in detail. I am engaging my senses. I am more aware and present!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Does life not seem simpler when you are relaxed and rested! 

What Type of Meditator Are You? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Treating Yourself To

Something Good

I recently read in an article that the average person checks their phone between 110-150 times a day! I so do not do that and do not plan to start. I do not want that type of relationship in my life either. Technology is great, however; at times it adds stress, disruption and distraction to my day and I want to unplug from it!

Hello! This is the GREAT OUTDOORS Calling.

Do you celebrate YOU?

Nothing better than a little “me time” and spending time with myself! I enjoy throwing myself a solo celebration for a job well done or just because too!

How do you pamper yourself?

My Top 3

  • I take time for myself to take care of myself, my needs and my whole being.
  • I travel, adventure and explore.
  • I set aside time to do what I want to do and what I love to do.

What do you treat yourself to?

My Top 5

  • I spend time with my greatest someone and adventure partner.
  • I eat really well and indulge in a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a sweet treat once in a while.
  • I stay active and exercise.
  • I get my creative on.
  • I stretch my comfort zone in learning and trying new things.


My Top 10

  1. Making memories and gaining life experiences!
  2. Taking a “me” time out and/or “me” day.
  3. Getting outside to be with nature and the Great Outdoors.
  4. Becoming one with my senses and just being in the moment, especially with my sense of self.
  5. Some great R&R; relaxation and rest.
  6. I enjoy a BYOC (chair), BYOB (drinks), BYOF (food) outdoor concert. Mood boosting and spirit lifting.
  7. Unplugging and unwinding from technology and going old school (i.e. getting outside in nature, reading a real book, playing games, etc.).
  8. Socializing, meeting new people and making new friends.
  9. Just dance and shake my groove thing!
  10. Singing along to the radio and using the steering wheel as an instrument.

Just being able to laugh and play and have a good time while doing it with loads of FUN!

(Photos by RSheridan)

 Remember to BE With YOU and DO What Is BEST For YOU and What You LOVE! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Body Loving

Celebrating You,

Your Body and

Your Whole Being

I recently read an article by Shannon Kaiser and she asked some pretty great questions!

  • What if the body we live in, no matter its size, is a gift?
  • What if the way people treat us is a reflection of them, not us?
  • What if shame and judgment is just a stand-in for lack of love?

We all are human and have hearts and feelings! It is about living from within ourselves. It is about loving and feeling from our hearts! It is about loving yourself as a whole being.

“To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth…is potentially to have everything.” ~Joan Didion

The two questions I ask myself are:

  1. Do I feel good?
  2. Am I making healthy choices?

I am who I am! I do not feed into being, looking and acting a certain way. I am strong and confident. I am healthy and feel good. I am secure in who I am and that matters the most to me in living my life!

The Top 5 Things I Do For My Whole Being

  1. Love myself, my body and my whole being.
  2. Take time for myself.
  3. Take care of myself and my needs.
  4. I love to be curious and explore.
  5. I love thinking outside of the box and being creative.

I believe in being fit and healthy! The size you wear or the number on the scale is at times just a number. I believe in treating my whole being as a precious gift to be treasured and being a great caregiver too! It is about self love, self acceptance and self worth.

“Growing into your future…requires a dedication to caring

for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and

regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is.” ~Victoria Moran

I tune into how I feel from the inside out! This is where my happiness, pleasure and joy shines from. This is where my heart and my love radiates from. I am beautiful, worthy and enough!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love You for YOU and Your WHOLE BEING! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Yes I Can

Opening Myself Up To

The Possibilities,

The Opportunities,

The Surprises

I have sounded like a broken record lately with saying, “I can’t . . .”! I feed on my fear, especially the unknowns and the major changes. I focus on being lost, dazed and confused and use it as an excuse too. Sometimes the hurt, the anger and the pain is the only thing I can see and think about!

I am learning to take each day as a new day and as a gift to just be in it! I am becoming more mindful and aware of what is going on with me internally and externally. I am working on being grateful, appreciative and complimentary to myself and to other people. I am hoping, wishing and dreaming for what I love and what I love to do and most of all what I want in my life!

Growing . . . Giving . . . Engaging . . .

I am engaging and connecting with my whole being! I am listening to myself, taking time for myself and taking care of my needs. I am following my heart by having faith, believing and trusting in myself. I am going with my gut versus my mind on certain things. I am seeking out and soaking up . . . happiness and healthiness, love and joy, smile and shine . . . !

I am being true to who I am! That is so important and matters on so many levels in living my life. I remind myself there is at least two sides to every story! I have to put the ego and the attitude away or at least check it. I have to be willing to change my perspective because not everything is black and white or easy or hard!

Being . . . Doing . . . Living . . .

I am accepting of my whole being! I am loving my body again and getting more comfortable in my skin too. I focus on nurturing and nourishing my whole being! I am such a better person in doing that and want to share myself with other people.

I am learning to open my heart up and let my guard down to let myself and other people into my world! Love, kindness and compassion. Giving, sharing and receiving. It is all pretty amazing and makes me feel good, positive and happy!

The most eye opening moment is that I do have everything I need!

Blessings (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Opening Yourself To? It is about Creating Your Story and Experiencing What Life Has to Offer You! Love to Hear, Please Share!

Adjusting the Settings

Cold, Medium or Hot

Does Every One Have a Different Setting When It Comes To Their Temperament?

I am really trying to find that balance or that happy medium again!

Taking It Personal

Why do I feel at times that anything and everything is a personal attack? I do not know why I feed into that mindset at times. I am working on it and slowly making some progress on it. I know better and need to use some of my common sense and smarts!

I am still learning to find my calm and collected self. My mantra lately is, “If I have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”!

The Littlest Things

Why does the littlest things just get to me? I am really trying to pause, take a breathe and focus on the present moment. Why do I feel at times inconvenienced, disappointed, disrespected, and even at times just defeated? I need to use my power and my energy to take back control of the situation.

I need to be aware of my feelings, emotions and thoughts in these situations and have my wits about me! My tone of voice and my body language need some polishing at times.

A Negative Into A Positive

How do I turn a negative experience into a positive experience? It comes down to changing my perspective and seeing the good and the positive in a negative experience. It comes down to not focusing on the “OVER” anything and everything feelings, emotions and thoughts. It comes down to forgiving myself, letting go and moving on again!

I let the most insignificant things bother me the most!

Letting Go and Releasing

What Stays? What Goes? What Gives?

I do think about the distractions, the disruptions and just the fast pace day in and day out! I do get annoyed in not being able to just focus on one thing at a time. I do think my multitasking skill set has been pushed to its maximum limit! I do get to that breaking point if one more person or one more thing needs my attention I am just going to lose it and need to check into a padded cell for a while.

I feel lost, dazed and confused when I cannot keep up! I feel like I am not carrying my fair share of the weight and that I am doing anything and everything half-arsed too. I feel like I need to do a brain dump and reboot because I cannot maintain, learn and retain any more information. It is just one crazy cycle!

I know STOP already and get a life, right!

“OVER” Anything and Everything

I am trying not to do the “OVER” anything and everything and I know I cannot do it all either! I am trying to be more aware. I am trying to make tweaks, adjustments and changes. I am in control when it comes to what I let ruin my day!

Sometimes I am too busy looking for answers and cannot see what is right in front of me! I am a fixer. I am a perfectionist. I am a want everything right person. There is a time and place to reason, challenge, ask questions, problem solve, and come up with answers and resolutions! Especially if I remove the emotions, feelings and thoughts from the equation. Action vs. Reaction! Reward vs. Regrets!

STOP! Rocking the Boat Already

I know my whole being will thank me if I would stop rocking the boat! Sometimes life is not fair and cannot be planned. Sometimes I have to take the good with the bad and just go with the flow! I have to let go of the fear and the expectations to let the love in and hopefully the goodness.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Learning to Adjust and Shift Into Gear In a More Positive and Healthier Way! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

The Ultimate Forgiveness

Is Forgiving Yourself

Do you make forgiving yourself a daily practice or at least a weekly or a monthly practice?

I know it is a challenge for me, but it is also necessary to do for myself too! I can stew and dwell. I can hold a grudge. I can play the blame game, throw a pity party or go on a gulit trip!

Reflecting . . . Contemplating . . . Forgiving . . .

What is the point? There is NO point! Where does it get me in doing so? NOWHERE! All that holding in and negativity is not a healthy or happy way to live my life. I will just end up driving myself nuts!

Going Up

I need to practice forgiveness and move on, especially in forgiving myself! I cannot go backwards and rewrite the script. I can start again the next day and do the best that I can do! I am human and I make mistakes. What has happened, has happened! I need to live in the present, accept it and let it go.

It certainly is not my intention to hurt people! I need to better my communicating and listening skills. I want to have happy and healthy relationships with the people in my life! In practicing forgiveness with myself I am able to use my skills in forgiveness with other people and situations.

Baby Steps (Photos by RSheridan)

TODAY is a NEW! Day and Day of NEW! Beginnings!!!

Do You Feel The LOVE?

Especially From Yourself

When You Are In The Moment Are You Listening To Your Heart and Coming From a Place Of Love?


Is The Mind Trying To Take Control and Take Charge In That Moment?

I know when I am in the moment love is usually lagging behind in last place at times! I see RED, but it is anger not love. I am working on getting love into the first position though. I want and need to come from a place of love, especially with myself!

Loving . . . Learning . . . Experiencing . . .

My mouth opens and inserts foot as well as my ears close shut in certain moments! More than likely I have “la la la” running through my mind. I am quick to react and pass judgment. I just want to hear what I want to hear and have it be the end to the discussion!

How close minded am I in those moments! Very, that is for sure. I need to start listening from my heart and come at it from a place of love instead though! I imagine life would be much simpler if I did just that too.

Being . . . Listening . . . Developing . . .

I may just be more aware and mindful in my interactions with myself and other people! I need to own what I create and take responsibility for my actions. Why not create the good and the positive instead of the bad and the negative! I think there may be less emotion and hurt feelings. I think that it opens the lines of communication and lessens the confrontation and conflict. I think that it may result in a better if not healthier resolution too.

I need to be supportive in the way I love myself before I receive that support from other people, especially my greatest someones! I know I feel in being supported that I can take risks and be open to trying new experiences. I am able to work through my doubts and fears and insecurities. I can be who I am and that feels pretty good and loving!

Caring . . . Supporting . . . Growing . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Thoughts On This? Please Share, Love To Hear! 

Where Are You?

Where Do You Want To Be?

Do You Rush Into Making Changes In Your Life?


Do You Reflect Where You Are Right Now? Do You Think About Where You Want To Be?

Which Direction???

I love starting a new chapter in creating my story! However, sometimes the best place to start is where I left off. I enjoy reflecting on the last couple of chapters before deciding to start new or start where I left off! I am learning that I can not rush changes and changes happen as needed.

I like to reflect on what went well and what did not work well! I reflect on what motivates, energizes and inspires me. I reflect on what makes me happy and brings me joy. I reflect on what I am passionate about and what makes me want to get out there to live my dreams!

I reflect on my physical health, my personal development and growth! It just takes a little patience and practice. It is about being part of the process and making progress. It is about cleaning out the clutter and the excess baggage and doing away with what is no longer serving me!

I believe in having goals and making plans as well as being flexible and making changes as needed! I want to be able to go with the flow more and just be more. I want to enjoy what I do have and have fun doing it! I want to add to my life through learning and growing as well as gaining life experiences.

Going . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Some Questions I Ask Myself:

  • Am I right where I need to be?
  • What do I really want?
  • Is it worth the time, energy and monies?
  • What is best for my whole being?

How Are You Going To Get Where You Want To Be? Please Share, Love to Hear!

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