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4 Buckets

When It Comes To

FULLfiling Our Whole, Well Beings

I recently attended a class on managing stress. There were some really profound aha! moments for me!

#1 – There are essentially four buckets to FULLfil.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional (including Social)
  • Spiritual

#2 – Exercising is more than the physical.

Exercise is physical well being as well as mental health and wellness! It is good to engage both in the activities. Remember fun and not chore. Play, laugh, get curious, explore . . .

Really think about what gives you joy, pleasure and overall happiness! It is motivating and energizing. It can be an attitude and mood changer. It is a confidence booster and gives you a sense of your overall strength aka empowerment!

#3 – Thinking about social being part of not only the emotional, but the physical, mental and spiritual.

I like being solo; however, grabbing a friend or being in a group can add a social aspect and a spirit of fun! It makes you accountable. It makes you a little more willing to try new things. It can be connecting if not at times bonding. It is a way to communicate, interact and engage too! 

I also enjoy getting outside to escape into the Great Outdoors! The fresh air and natural light. The becoming of one with the natural and nature is calming and grounding. The engagement of all your senses! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

It all correlates and connects, right! Communicating and engaging. Interacting and connecting. Your whole, well being!


Neutral Balance

Slowing Down, Staying Present

How do you keep up the pace while finding that balance that works best for you?

I recently had a woe is me moment. I am guilty of getting sucked into the hurry mode lately. I needed to stop feeding into that mode too. Then I had that aha! moment!

I felt so much better in being a calmer being with a clearer head! Basically declutter your being as well as your life on a daily basis. It is hard to be, create, build, do, etc. when you have to much on your plate and running low on energy. Basically slow down to be a better processor and communicator!

“We generally experience less stress and fewer struggles in life when we move and speak slowly and mindfully.”~Chogyam Trungpa

That aha! moment taught me two important things! I need to be giving myself the love I deserve each and every day. I need to practice my coping skills to be more resilient. That will help me reconnect to my balance when I go off the rails!

Staying the course . . .

Practice . . .

  • Switching to manual and shifting into neutral.
  • Connecting with your breathe. Breath in . . . Breathe Out . . . Repeat . . .
  • Adjusting your speed to slowing down and coasting; physically and mentally.

I love this advice from Cara Bradley!

“Pausing, taking a deep breath and paying attention to the transition of entering a new space is an effective way of becoming present.”

You hurry less and learn to slow yourself down! You stress less and focus more. You make yourself a happier and healthier being. You have the power to be in control and take charge! 

Being . . . Practicing . . . Growing . . .

Giving Yourself the Love You Deserve

Giving love . . . feeling love . . . love sweet love . . .

A healthy and happy being lets the possibilities and opportunities in by coming from a place of love and following your heart!

  • Follow what feels good to you and serves you best.
  • Make time for yourself and your whole being, especially for relaxation and rest.
  • Take the path that is meant for you to journey along.
  • Let go of the guilt in taking and making time for YOU!

You become more open and available in enjoying life’s experiences!

Do what feels good to you that brings you joy, happiness and ultimate pleasure! It truly attracts what you need and love to do in living the good life. When you believe and trust in yourself and live from within it leads you down your path to journey along! 

I want to carry the good and the positive energy with me daily! Make the time to do for you. Make relaxation and rest a priority. Your whole being will love you and thank you!

Remember to clear your path! Stop putting up barriers that you create. Let go of the right and the perfection. Practice to progress in learning, growing and gaining life experiences!

Journeying Along . . .

Let go of the guilt too! It can be such a deterrent in being, creating, doing, etc. It can also keep you stuck and not moving forward. It can let your mind take control. It is not easy to do and is certainly a process to practice in order to progress in down lowing the guilt! 

You need to open your mind to dream and follow your heart to what you desire! You need to learn how to process your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You need to learn how to process perfections and expectations to do for yourself. You need to remain true to who you are to truly go after what your heart desires and loves to do! 

Being Resilient

What does being resilient mean?

  • Think about practicing your coping skills. Developing a coping tool kit to become more resilient.
  • Think about building upon your strengths and turning your weaknesses into strengths. Sharing your gifts and strengths with yourself and others.
  • Think about your challenges and struggles. Learning to cope. Developing your character. Doing it for your overall well being.
  • Think about handling it and dealing with it. Persevering. Being humble and kind to yourself and others.
  • Think about it as a learning and growing experience. Gaining important life experiences.

Resilience is a skill that you can develop! It is like strengthening another muscle and it gets stronger with practice, time and hard work. Where does the strength come from to handle as well as deal with what is thrown at us? By practicing your coping skills. By being true to who you are to believe and trust in yourself to make good decisions. By taking control and using your energies to be resilient.

Thinking . . . Learning . . . Gaining Experiences . . .

Ask Yourself These 2 Questions!

  • How do you tune into those feelings, thoughts and emotions to tap into being resilient?
  • How do you think being resilient helps in being a happier as well as healthier being?

Coping and resilience gives us the ability to overcome and bounce back! Changing your responses and putting the reactionary on the down low. Shifting your perceptions and putting the attitude on the down low. Experiencing personal growth through learning, developing and experiencing!

Remember you have control in how you respond and react to what life throws at you! To be open to the possibilities and opportunities, especially those true meaning life lessons. To build strength and resilience to endure challenges and struggles. To become stronger by learning, growing and experiencing!

Being true to who you are, especially your beliefs and values! To define your identity and find your purpose and passion in living your life to the fullest. To build that solid foundation to grow from and experience it all. Life is messy beautiful with many layers to explore and experience! 

“Knowing in advance that we will come out of it stronger reduces some of the sting.
We all have the power to be the strongest, most resilient version of ourselves.”~Zelana Montminy

Loving & Living . . . CONQUER TODAY!!! (Photos by RSheridan)

In being able to cope and be resilient you have the ability to be a healthy and happy whole being! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!



I am a non-traditional meditator! I have little patience for sitting still. I meditate in the great outdoors and connecting with my surroundings! The ground beneath my feet. The sun upon my face. The wind breathing across my skin. The motion of movement and being active. That is mediation that works best for me! 

It is good for my health and happiness as well as my wellness and well being! I feel the stress melting away and becoming more energized. I feel more productive and motivated. I feel calm, centered and balanced again!

The greatest gains for me are presence and mindfulness! I can quiet my whole being. I can get out of my head and unplug from technology. I can be present with me, myself and I! 

Some of my best thinking is done in the great outdoors or sleeping! I think I have more “a-ha!” moments while sleeping. However, my creativity comes alive when I am out exploring and adventuring!

I become more observant when I am out in the great outdoors! I am alert and exploring my surroundings in detail. I am engaging my senses. I am more aware and present!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Does life not seem simpler when you are relaxed and rested! 

What Type of Meditator Are You? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Making Each Day Count

Seeing the Good and the Positive

Life is short! Every day is a NEW! Day. It is important to make each day count! 

A New Day!

3 Zen Principles

  1. Mushin: Mind Without Mind
  2. Zanshin: Presence and Awareness
  3. Satori: The Natural State

Open Minded

Think about this! Mushin means that your mind is not fixed on any emotions or judgments.

Individuals react without much thought to our own emotions and feelings let alone the other person’s. Individuals rush to make a judgment about something or someone in seconds. Individuals are quick to put out a fire and to find solutions to a problem. Individuals may take a challenge head on or at times just head (aka run) in the opposite direction.

That is being human and having instincts! We have a built in defense mechanism to protect ourselves. That fight or flight response! Your mind goes into overdrive in being reactive and jumping to conclusions. Your perception perceives what it wants to perceive! You start looking for something or someone to blame.

It is not always easy to keep an open mind let alone just hold yourself together! How do you not attach to your emotions, feelings and thoughts in those types of situations?  How do you remain clear headed and have an objective mind set? Just stop, breathe and take a time out or break from the action!

Openness . . .


Being present and being aware! 

I am practicing to be more in the present moment! I am more productive and able to adjust. I am tuning into and tapping into what I need to nurture and nourish my whole being. I am a healthier and happier being!

Taking pleasure and joy in the smallest things as well as in the simple! 

Stillness . . .

State of Mind

I so need more Satori in my life! The natural state of the mind and the total harmony between the mind and the body. The body and the mind can play well together or be against one another! Reduce the tension, anxiety and stress. Decrease the distractions and disruptions. Being more in the present moment and doing more of what you love to do!

I think about children and how curious and open they are to just about anything and everything! It is about opening your mind and engaging your body. It is about finding the inspiration and excitement. It is about playing, laughing and having fun. It is about growing and experiencing each and every day!

Naturalness . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Is One Practice You Do For Yourself Every Day? Here’s To Living Your BEST Life and Making Each Day Count! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!



I have put the pressure on the down low lately! To have and do more. It is exhausting and it feels like I am going backwards instead of forwards in my practice and progress! That pushing and thinking the harder I push the better off I will be. NOT! 

I made the decision to stop and slow down for a change of pace! Discovering calm and balance and freedom. Discovering inspiration and motivation and passion. Talk about finding YOU again by going within yourself! 

A Little Stopping and Slowing Down (S&S)

I was OVER the OVER Everything and Anything! 

I am nurturing and nourishing my whole being! What do I need and giving it to myself. What is no longer serving me and letting it go. I am a loving and caring being. I am healthier and happier. I am reclaiming myself and discovering a personal freedom in stopping, slowing down, releasing, and just letting go!

I am learning, growing and experiencing! Mistakes and failures are learning opportunities. Weaknesses into strengths. I will embrace and practice to progress!

Being . . . Caring . . . Loving . . .

To love yourself is not to be selfish.

If the inside is nurtured, the outside will flourish. ~Unknown

I am listening to my body, following my heart and trusting my gut! Tuning into my intuitions. Tapping into my gifts and talents. I am choosing to come from a place of love!

I am where I need to be on my journey in living my life! There is no map and no directions. There is no right or wrong or even perfect. I am doing what I love and what feels right to me!

I am reconsidering my commitments and learning to say no more! I want to be in the present moment doing what I want to be doing. I need to serve myself first so I can be there to help others. I am giving up to grow and gain in so many other ways!

Exploring . . . Adventuring . . . Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Releasing? What Are You Reclaiming? How Have You Grown and Gained In Doing So? Love To Hear, Please Share Your Thoughts!

Being Present


Remember being in school and having to check in with your home room teacher!

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.

When mindfulness embraces those we love they bloom like flowers.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Some days I am either present or present, but not really there! How do I find awareness and mindfulness amongst the craziness and chaos every day? The piling on and the packed schedule. The checking of the inbox way too many times throughout the day because it seems to never be empty. The constant action along with the disruptions and distractions. I feel like I am getting nowhere fast at times!

Tuning Inward

I need to tune into my needs and my whole being! I need to nurture and nourish myself. I need that inspiration and motivation to feed and fuel me. I need to be aware of what is going on inside of me, so I can be more mindful of what is going on around me!

Making It Matter

I want to conquer today, be in the present moment and make the most of my day each and every day!

  • I tend to lose my perception and my perspective and need to bring it back to the forefront again.
  • I tend to lose my gratitude, give appreciation and be thankful for what I do have.
  • I tend to lose myself in the land of technology and the time sucking e-mail and internet.
  • I tend to lose myself with the worry and stress that I cannot keep up let alone increase my speed. That is not healthy or a way to live.

It is changeable and doable though! I need to look at what I am gaining in seeking the good and searching for the positive in living my life on a daily basis. I certainly feel more motivated, energized and productive! I feel like I am using my time more effectively and efficiently.

Escaping . . . Wandering . . .

My two favorite things to do is to escape and to wander, especially with no destination in mind! I love exploring, adventuring and just letting my curiosity go wild. I enjoy creating the space and the time I need for myself. I like pondering and puttering as well as wondering and wandering to my heart’s content!

I like to do these two things when I need a break from the routine and the four walls I live and work in! Running here, running there and running errands. Checking this and that off the to do list. There are days I feel productive and accomplished. There are days I feel like I ran nowhere and got not much done.

There are days I just want to be! Pausing, breathing and just being with myself. No alarm clock, no schedule, and no routine. I love just being able to do what I want with no destination in mind!

Slowing Down to Journey Along

I am enjoying slowing down and finding that slower pace in going about my day! I feel more connected, engaged and productive.  I feel more balanced and centered. It is freeing, calming and relaxing to my whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Doing To Be Present In Living Your Life? Love to Hear, Please Share!

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