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Wild Imagination


Do you read? What is it about reading that you enjoy?

I love reading! I can let my imagination go wild. I can escape and get lost in reading a good book. I can learn new words and writing styles!

I enjoy a good narrator in telling a story! I can listen and connect to the story being told. I feel like I am a part of the story when I start thinking about what I would do if I was the main character in the story. I love when a story speaks to my whole being!


Do you write? What is it about writing that you enjoy?

I love writing stories and adding pictures! I started blogging and writing for myself and it has expanded from there. I like sharing experiences with myself and with other people. I enjoy using my voice and expressing myself!

I love capturing my memories and my experiences through writing and photography! I can see where I have been as well as reflect on those memories and experiences. I feel a sense of belonging to myself and my world; my identity, my history and my family. I feel I connect to my sense of self and to who I am and where I am going!

I love connecting with others and creating relationships! I love being a part of the blogging community and building those relationships. I especially love when those relationships become friendships! I enjoy being around creative people because it inspires and motivates me to create, share and produce stories of experiences.

I enjoy the creativity of the writing! I like when the writing draws me in and I want to read more. I like being made to think and ponder. I enjoy being able to relate to myself and others through writing and sharing. I find writing healing and cathartic for my whole being!

Reading and writing peaks my curiosity and sets my imagination off! I experience connection and engagement. My brain is stimulated and my mind is engaged! I experience growth and transformation. I am listening from within, connecting to my heart and conversing with soul!

I experience the opening and the expanding of my world to the NEW!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Sharing Is Inspiring




Blogging and writing has burst my bubble and blown my world a little more wide open! I enjoy sharing my experiences with my readers, especially life experiences. Plus I gain NEW! perspectives when my readers share back with me their experiences. I am learning more about myself and my whole being through this experience!

  1. I enjoy the sharing and the inspiration.
  2. I enjoy the motivation and the engagement.
  3. I enjoy the growing and the empowering.
  4. I enjoy the love and the happiness.
  5. I enjoy the emotional and the spiritual.
  6. I enjoy the joy and the celebration.
  7. I enjoy the teachable moments and the lessons.
  8. I enjoy the growth and the change.
  9. I enjoy the experiences and stories of adventure.
  10. I enjoy the journey and the creating of our stories.

When I first started blogging I felt vulnerable and was unsure just how to put myself out there! I am glad I did it though and learned humility and humor along the way. I take it in stride and have fun with it and laugh. I love being creative and expressing my passions!

I am supportive and share myself and my experiences! I am willing to learn and gain knowledge. I am open to developing and experiencing growth. I am all for inspiring and being a positive force!

I love that my writing connects and that I am not alone in what I am experiencing! Sometimes I need a new perception or perspective. Sometimes I need those teachable moments to learn from. Sometimes I discover that I am communicating and discussing the same thing that someone else has been thinking about. It is so relatable at times!

I love reading and getting lost in a great story! I enjoy reading other blogs due to the connection and the support as well as the inspiration and making me think. For me reading, writing and photographing is so transformative to me! There is that exchange of connecting and experiencing with myself and with other people.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Why Do You Share? What Do You Experience From That Sharing? Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


About Writing

Some of my favorite quotes!

“Either write something worth reading or

do something worth writing.”~Benjamin Franklin


“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition

to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.” ~Paulo Coelho


“Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift.

It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.” ~Amy Tan


“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” ~Steven Wright


“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about,

But the inner music that words make.” ~Truman Capote




Take Aways

From Writing

Take Away #1 – A Form of Exercise

For me writing is exercise for my mind, my heart and my spirit! I enjoy writing from an active stand point instead of a passive one. It gives a story power, energy and life!

Take Away #2 – Creating A Story

What Is The Story To Be About?

I love when the story starts to unfold! I start to know what the story is about and what direction to take it in. I enjoy when a story not only tells, but shows with imagery and illustration. I love when I can get wrapped up in and feel like I am part of the story!

Take Away #3 – Write From Your Heart

I love to write in my own words from my own experiences! I write from my heart, my feelings and my thoughts. I write from my dreams, passions and desires. I write from who I am and the way I live my life!

Take Away #4 – Learning How Much of

Yourself to Put Out There

I am learning how much of myself I want to put out there in my writing! I am finding the balance that works best for me. There needs to be just the right amount of humanness and the personal without going TMI. I am discovering what experiences I want to share with others!

Take Away #5 – Practice, Practice and Practice Some More

Practicing writing is such a teachable moment for me when it comes to developing, learning and growing in my writing! The number one lesson I have learned is that writing teaches me humility. Another lesson I have learned is that my writing is ever changing as I practice, grow and age. I write from who I am right now and with what I am experiencing today!

Take Away #6 – Edit = Rework and Rewrite

I will write the first draft and then edit it by reworking and rewriting it over and over again! It is about practice and improvement. It is about knowing where the trash can is when a piece is no longer coming together and just starting over. It is about learning, growing and experiencing each and every day and never giving up!

Please Share Your Take Aways From Writing, Love to Hear!


The Writing Process

One Word At A Time . . .

I LOVE writing, especially creative writing! I receive so much pleasure from authoring my blog, Craves Adventure. My blog gives me lots of practice in writing. Who knows all that writing may produce that book I dream about one day!

The two hardest and greatest aspects of writing are . . .

  1. It takes hard work to write, especially creatively.
  2. It takes courage to put myself out there as a writer.

The Writing Process

First and foremost identify what you are passionate about!


Adventuring – Hang On!


I am passionate about traveling, adventuring and exploring. I wanted to write about my travel experiences and share those experiences with other people.

  1. Prewriting
  2. Writing
  3. Responding
  4. Revising
  5. Editing
  6. Publishing and/or Sharing

#1 – Prewriting

I have two favorite parts of the prewriting process. I find that inspiration that sparks my creativity and speaks to me on pretty much every level. I enjoy doing the research on a subject. Prewriting helps you identify the purpose, form and audience.

Then comes the brain dump. I dump the data and start the writing and creative process to formulate a post. I find this method most helpful in minimizing writer’s block. I find the creating part more free flowing.

#2 – Writing

The actual writing is where the organization of the post comes together. I also find my voice along with the fluency of the post.

#3 – Responding

I do a self review and evaluation of the post. I usually read through the post and then set it aside for a day or two before reading again.

#4 – Revising

Then I start the revising process of the post. I think I spend too much time in the revising process. I like to refine and reorganize the post multiple times. However, this gives the post clarification in that it reads well.

#5 – Editing

I am pretty good when it comes to the editing of post. This is when I pull the post together and add photos that help tell the story of the post.

#6 – Publishing/Sharing

I enjoy the sharing of my writing now. When I first started I struggled in putting myself out there, especially my true self. I like to take the time to create and develop my website as well as add in the social media aspects to share and reach a boarder audience of readers.

Thank You WordPress!

I love that I can schedule my posts. It really helps me in having a writing schedule to determine how many posts a week I want to publish and share.

Please Share Your Writing Process, Love to Hear!

Book Recommendation

Unbroken:  A World War II Story

of Survival, Resilience and Redemption

by Laura Hillenbrand

Unbroken will steal your heart while reading! A true story of survival of the body, the mind and the heart!

The book is based on the life of Louis Silvie “Louie” Zamperini. Zamperini was born on January 26, 1917 in New York  and moved with his family in 1919 to California. Zamperini qualified for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany and finished 8th in the 5000 meter distance event. He was 19 and the youngest U.S. qualifier ever in that event.

In September 1941 Zamperini enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Forces and earned a commission as a second lieutenant. He was deployed to the Pacific Island of Funafuti as a bombardier on a B-24 Liberator bomber.

Here is the part of the story that becomes a journey of survival for Zamperini! In April 1942 while on a search the bomber he was on crashed into the ocean. 850 miles west of Oahu. The crash killed eight of the eleven men aboard.

  • Zamperini survived the crash. The bombardier is housed in the nose of the bomber!
  • 47 Days adrift at sea in a dinghy! There was the open ocean for miles to see, a storm, multiple shark attacks and Japanese Bombers strafing them and their dinghy. Then there was the thirst and starvation.
  • Just think of the mental will power to stay ALIVE and SURVIVE!
  • Zamperini was held in the Japanese POW camp at Ofuna for captives who were not registered as prisoners of war.
  • Zamperini was held in captivity until the end of the war in August 1945.
  • Zamperini was first declared missing at sea and then a year and a day after his disappearance declared killed in action. He was ALIVE and SURVIVED though!

The tragedies and the triumphs played with my heart throughout the reading of the book! How much can one person take, especially in a span of 2 to 3 years. Zamperini was a little bit of a rebel in his youth and I truly believe this helped him ENDURE and SURVIVE!

If You Have Read, Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear Your Thoughts On The Book!

Sharing The Wealth

Of Knowledge

I was recently asked, “Why do you blog and use social media?”. My first thought was I love blogging. My second thought was I enjoy socializing, interacting and connecting with people in general. Then I paused and realized that I like sharing with people too (within reason of course, No! TMI!!!).

I see technology as a medium to learn from each other and share with each other too! I contribute to that medium through my blog and connecting my blog to various social media applications. Every one of us learns differently and with technology there is usually a medium available for every one to learn from. Every one of us is sharing through that medium by putting information out there, reading it and/or sharing it with others.

Sit and Share Awhile

I know some great bloggers out there sharing their wealth of knowledge with others! I think about how many people watch videos online (i.e. funny, music, exercise, DIY, etc.). I think about how many people conduct internet searches to find information. I think about how many people use technology for traveling, exploring and adventuring (i.e. reservations, maps, tourist and local 411, sharing experiences, etc.).

Adventuring . . .

Just Imagine . . .

  • What You Do Know?
  • What You Don’t Know?
  • What You Can Learn?
  • What You Can Share?
  • What You Can Experience
  • What Makes You Dream BIG?

BIG Dreams DO Come True (Photos By RSheridan)

My ULTIMATE Favorite is Arm Chair Traveling! I love the photography that is out there to see and soak in. I enjoy a good balance between reading and visual when learning and sharing. It makes me WANT to EXPAND my world and EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE LIFE!

What Do Your Learn and Share Using Technology? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!

2013 Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for CravesAdventure.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I SOLD OUT 4 Performances – WOW WEE!!! Thanks so much to my readers, followers and commenters – Giving, Sharing and Receiving the LOVE People!!!

Of Course My MOST Popular Post was Love My Readers.

My Top 3 Attractions in 2013

  1. “Isle of Chickens”
  2. Travel Confessions
  3. Firestone Walker Brewing Company

My Top 5 Commenters

  1. Audrey – Minnesota Prairie Roots
  2. Vanessa – Rant and Roll
  3. Darcie – Belle of the Carnival
  4. Donna – Garden Walk Garden Talk
  5. Emily – Hoof Beats and Foot Prints

Please Check These Bloggers Out!!!

Happy Blogging in 2014 – Happy Adventuring EVERYONE!!!

Book Recommendation

The Daughters of Mars

by Thomas Keneally

Thomas Keneally is best known for writing Schindler’s Ark, which was later adapted to the movie Schindler’s List. I have started and stopped reading that book multiple times over the years. I really have not seen the movie from beginning to end either due to the tough topic.

That being said . . .

A Great Read

The Daughters of Mars was a great read and one that I had a hard time putting down! “Inspired by the journals of Australian nurses who gave their all to the Great War effort and the men they nursed.”

The Elements That Spoke to Me:

  • The Sisters Element
  • The Friendships and Relationships Element (Women and Men)
  • The Journey to War Element (from Australia in the 1900’s)
  • The War Element (WWI)

The Sisters Element

The book starts in 1915 with two sisters from Australia. The one sister is working as a nurse in the city while the other sister is working as a nurse in the country or bush. These two sisters join the war effort as nurses. The sisters witness firsthand the destruction of war on human life and the loss of human life on a hospital ship near Gallipoli and then on the Western Front in France.

The Friendships and Relationships Element

The greatest part of the book is the friendships, the bonds, the relationships, and the love! These women form friendships and lifetime bonds with one another as war nurses. These women fall in love with men who will and will not survive war. These women and men transition and transform and those friendships and relationships are tested!

These women and men leave the place they know and that they call home and go on a journey to confront war and danger. These women and men find strength and courage as well as compassion and humor.  The danger these women and men faced day in and day out just AMAZED me!

The Journey to War Element

I loved that the book provided a map on the inside cover; front and back. Otherwise I would have been looking for a map because these women and men went on a journey upon leaving Australia to join the war effort. From Australia to Colombo to Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Port Suez) to Lemnos to The Dardanelles/Gallipoli to France (Marseille, Paris, Amiens). I was reading and arm chair traveling at the same time.

The War Element (WWI)

WWI started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1918. The book spanned 1915 to 1922.

I found myself rooting for survival, for triumph and for the end to the war with these women and men! These women and men brought decency to destruction!

A Great Story

I enjoyed the perspective the book was written from because it told a great story! There was the big picture to the intimate and everything else in between when it came to the events and the details throughout the book.

If You Have Read, Please Share Your Thoughts, Love to Hear Your Thoughts On The Book!

New Series: Writing

Blogging Inspiration

What Inspires You to Blog?

My Top 3 Inspirations

  1. Traveling, Exploring & Adventuring
  2. Checking out other blogs and reading posts
  3. Receiving feedback and kudos from my readers and followers

#1 Traveling, Exploring & Adventuring

Just getting out there and living life is INSPIRING to me! I love blogging to share my adventures with my readers and followers. I enjoy creative writing and using my photos to create a story.

#2 Checking Out Other Blogs & Reading Posts

I enjoy checking out other blogs and reading posts. It is FUN & INSPIRING! I love checking out what is NEW!

#3 Receiving Feedback

My readers and followers are GREAT! They give me feedback, kudos and support. I am AMAZED at how supportive the blogging community is and so welcoming too! Thanks to my readers and followers I continue to grow as a blogger and expand my blog to new levels.

Your feedback INSPIRES me! This feedback gives me the opportunity to expand categories as well as pages on my blog. This feedback tells me what you like and want more of as well as the creation of spin off posts. This feedback allows me to change what is not working and make it better. When I started out blogging I did it for myself and NOW I do it for my readers and followers too!

Here’s to Finding Inspiration in Every Day!!!

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