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Finding Your Clear Path

Is Like Hugging

The Middle of the Road

  • Do you ever feel inspired AND overwhelmed at the same time?
  • What Do You Focus On?
  • What Direction Do You Go In?

I DO! My mind and thoughts are racing with my emotions and feelings. Sometimes I feel like it is within reach and other times I feel like it is unattainable. I feel like finding my clear path on this journey of life is like hugging the middle of the road!

DO NOT go too far right or too far left and WHATEVER I do, DO NOT OVERCORRECT! If I go to slow I get stagnant. If I go to fast I do not get to enjoy the process. I just may find myself stuck on OVER everything and anything too. It is very much about seeking out that happy medium when it comes to living the life I do have and wanting MORE of it!

Here’s a Sign

Putting The Pieces Together

I strongly believe that I already have a good amount of the pieces in my life! I just have to figure out how they fit together to complete a part of the puzzle. I know the right pieces will seek me out if I am open and patient enough. Once I do that I can continue on my journey because I have found a clear path once again!

What talents and gifts DO I have? I need to look at my strengths, my weaknesses and my limitations! Where DO I spend my time, energy and of course money? I need to look at my passions, especially when it comes to what motivates and drives me.

I really want to do what I enjoy or at least build it into my life! I know even if I cannot make a living doing what I enjoy it still adds to my life!

Exploring . . . Discovering . . . Experiencing . . .

What Matters Most To Me

  • I want to get involved in my life; try new things and stretch my comfort zone.
  • I want to communicate, interact and connect with myself and others, especially my greatest someones.
  • I need to learn, grow and gain life experiences.
  • I need to live the life I do have and want more of it.

I have been on this journey of self for a year now and it has been quite the experience! I am learning to take time for myself and listen to myself in what I want in my life. Most times I know what I want. Sometimes I have no idea how to go about getting what I want and other times I have no idea what I really want.

I need to stop focusing on perfection and putting unnecessary pressure on myself too! I do want to find my purpose and discover my passion. I do want my life to be meaningful and make it count each and every day. It does take time as well as patience!

Journeying Along . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Life is a GIFT To Be Treasured Every Day! Time is PRECIOUS, so DO NOT Waste a Minute of it!


Journey of Self

Taking Charge In a Good Way

I am the person in charge of my life and how I live it! I am the person in charge of my calm and peace. I am the person in charge of my happiness and enjoyment. I am the person in charge of living the life I do have and wanting more of it!

Taking Charge and Steering

The hardest part for me is keeping my emotions, feelings and thoughts in check! I have to remind myself that I can change the way I think and think differently about certain things. I just have to put it into practice way more than I actually do! I think sometimes gaining a different perspective on certain things can be a good thing. I cannot live my life in just black and white!

I started setting boundaries for myself not to guard myself, but to have the ability to not take everything so serious and personal at times! It is that boundary between what my mind and my emotions is picking up on versus what is truly happening to and around me.

Setting . . . Letting . . . Releasing

The one power I have been using more of lately is “No!”. I want to commit to a few things that I do really well and not get wrapped up in the overall crazy busyness. I tend to lose myself and my sense of self when I try to take it all on and try to do it all. It does not work and it is exhausting too!

I feel in being self aware I am more accepting of myself and who I truly am when it comes to living a fuller and healthier life! I am working on being more mindful and in the present moment. I want to gain those life lessons and those life experiences in order to grow as a person for the better. I am so lucky for what I do have in my life!

I feel in being self aware I am able to get back on my feet and be able to cope with what life hands me too! I am going to experience certain things in my life that I really do not want to deal with. However, I know I have the skills and the support from others to help me deal with it and to keep me moving forward. I prefer to have a positive outlook and a good laugh when the going gets rough too!

Gaining . . . Growing . . . Experiencing

The one thing I would like to do better in my life is to communicate, interact and connect better when it comes to the people in my life! I want to create, develop and build healthier relationships; quality not quantity. I want to be more supportive and listen more to develop a deeper level of connectedness! I know I feel much better when my mental and emotional needs are in balance, especially with the my physical needs too.

I so need to have that balance between work and play! I love doing something creative and outside of the box. I enjoy having a good time and having fun doing it. I crave great escapes and greater adventures!

Adventuring (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Life is a Process and a Journey of Self! So Strap In & Hang On!!!

Being Grounded

Finding Your Roots

Finding your roots is about discovering your “true self”! Being grounded is your foundation and being self-aware is how you engage and interact in your life on a daily basis. It is about carrying that learning forward to be the best you and to live the best life. Being grounded and being self-aware benefits you in engaging and living your life!

Finding Roots (Photo by RSheridan)

Your successes as well as setbacks are the greatest opportunities to learn about yourself and grow as a person! In being grounded you form the foundation for personal growth. In being self-aware you give yourself love and compassion. For the most part it is pretty simple, but certainly not easy and comes with its fair share of successes and setbacks!

As human beings we can hold ourselves back with self-doubt, self-talk and negative thoughts as well as a whole range of emotions! You continue to learn and grow as a person throughout your liftime. Why not put your best self forward; your true self!

Being Grounded (Photo by RSheridan)

Take that Journey and Remember to Create Your Story!!!

Finding the Calm

In The Crazy, Busyness

Do You Try to Find the Calm and the Stillness Daily, Weekly or Monthly?

I do! I have a few things that work best for me. I am able to be more self aware and it helps me release the pressure, tension and stress. I feel less mental and emotional too!

Little Things

I find my calm and stillness in the little things I do for myself and my whole being! It is relaxing and refreshing. I can just let my mind wander and my body be!

  • Taking the time in the morning to wake up, lie in bed and just get a good stretch in.
  • Having a scheduled time frame to go to bed in the evening as well as taking that 15 to 30 minutes to myself before turning out the lights.
  • Taking a walk and watching the sun rise.
  • Having a meal or a glass of wine and watching the sun set.
  • Building a campfire and star gazing.
  • Being aware of my breathing.
  • Cooking, baking and eating.
  • Being open and embracing the simple and the beautiful!

Getting Outside

I find my center again in getting outside and becoming one with nature! I can just lose myself and still my mind. I love creating a green space in my daily life! I find renewal, hope and growth in having a green space around me.


I love to brain storm and brain dump! I find it clears my mind and lets me go on a bit of a tangent too. I find writing relaxing and calming. I feel more energetic and creative too!


I can get really lost and zone out while reading, especially if it is a page turner!


I see my world differently when I am capturing it! I have been putting the camera down to just soak it in. I am like a tourist as well as on auto pilot when I get into photographing my surroundings! I become more aware and observant of those surroundings too.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear How You Find the Calm and the Stillness! Please Share!

Being Mindful

Not Judgemental

How do you tune into being more mindful and being less judgemental in your daily life? Especially when you are being pushed and pulled in so many directions every day. Do you get sucked in or hope like heck it will just go away? I find denial and avoidance works well at times. However my mental and emotional sides overrule that at times too!

Getting SUCKED In

You are faced with decisions that you hope you make the “right” choices in these moments! Then you add in the pressure, tension and stress. You either flounder or flourish or hope like heck to just SURVIVE! How do you handle it without just going off and blowing up? You have to deal otherwise you may REGRET what comes out!

I have given myself the challenge to be more mindful and pay attention “on purpose”! I want to bring my focus closer in and really center in on it. Pay more attention to the task at hand. Be more aware, especially with my actions and reactions!

Being Mindful . . . Bringing Focus . . . Being Aware . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

I want to live a more purposeful life and really experience it on a daily basis! I want to live in the “present moment” and not always be thinking ahead. Be more open and accepting!

Here’s to Being Mindful on a Daily Basis for Yourself and Others!!!

Increasing the Love

Self Love That Is!!!

I have decided to continue on my journey of self in 2014! I want to continue to give myself love by transforming and transitioning myself for the better and the healthier!

My Top 3

  1. Continuing to Create a Healthier Me.
  2. Becoming a Better Me.
  3. Finding a More Balanced Me.


I am the ONLY person who can love, respect, forgive, and accept ME! I am loving my whole being and what it does for me each and every day. I am finding my groove when it comes to working out and eating right for me. I love me for me and that feels GREAT!


I have 3 basic premises when it comes to becoming a better me! 1) I want to be who I am and love who I am and share that person with myself and others. 2) I want to do what I love to do. 3) I want to live life TODAY and the life I do have that I want more of too. In learning to do that and by loving myself I am discovering my value, my needs and my boundaries!


I want to let go of my perfectionist and release that angry person that lives inside of me! With a little kindness and compassion to myself I want to discover more calm, collectedness and just being in living my life. I prefer contentment and joy over chaos and turmoil. I need to lean in more and embrace the possibilities and opportunities that come into my life!

Here’s to LOVING Yourself , LIVING for Yourself and KNOWING Your Are In The Right Place Right NOW!!!

Reliance of Self

Becoming More Self Aware

I have been dealing with excess pressure, tension and stress over the the last year! I never thought to look at myself as the culprit, but I quickly learned that I was and should not have been all that amazed as to what I was doing to myself. I decided to become more self aware in order to clear my mind of the clutter and clean my emotional house! I lost that reliance of self by sabatoging my own self as well as my health and well being. Think about that, can you imagine that happening!

I now know why I was edgy and anxious and certainly not myself! I was either holding myself stuck in the past or fast forwarding to the what is next, what is in my future. I was not even in the present! I knew I needed to STOP the crazyness and busyness. I needed to find my way back to being in the present moment again!

I very much needed to take responsibility of my own state of mind and my own state of being and not let it fall into the wrong hands ever again! I had to find reliance in my self, be proactive with my whole being and believe and trust in myself. I really needed to start taking care of myself from the inside out as well as stay active and engaged. I needed to make myself priority number 1!

I discovered in becoming more self aware I was able to be more open! To the possibilities and opportunities. To embracing and  accepting change. To being able to cope better when things do not go my way. To keeping it simple. To learning, growing and gaining. To be one with myself and find the quiet. To relax, recharge, and reenergize. So many things to be open to when you are creating the life you want!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I am learning to slow down, be in the present moment and really listen to myself and my needs! I am starting and starting small and will continue to take baby steps every day.

Remember to Look and Listen Inside Yourself & Tap Into It! It Is NOT Something That You Have to Think About Going Out to Get! It Is Already There & YOU Make It Happen!

Punch Drunk

LOVE this Quote!

The Aim of Life is to Live,

and To Live Means to Be Aware,

Joyously, Drunkenly,

Serenely, Divinely Aware. ~Henry Miller

Isn’t Being Punch Drunk On Life GREAT!!!

Afraid to Ask for


How do you know which direction to go in? I know I can turn myself around and find myself lost, dazed and confused. Then you add to the stress and worry when obstacles appear in your path. Before you know it frustration is setting in on you too!

To the Left?

You do not know which way to go and all you really want is a way to get out of there!

Love this . . .

“The flow of life’s abundance brings me everything.” ~Unknown

How do you become more self-ware of what is going on around you? I am either practical and realistic or emotional and chaotic. I know I am chasing my own tail some days and sometimes that is okay. I have to focus inward when it comes to awareness and listen to what is going on from the inside out!

You will discover your sense of purpose and express your desires when you listen to what is on the inside!

How do you know where to focus your attention? Think about mindfulness versus multitasking by being in the moment and focusing on the task at hand. In being more aware and in paying attention you can find your possibilities, opportunities and intentions in your life. I want to live more openly and love more abundantly!

You will find that balance between nurture and release!

How do you know when to go with the flow? I am much better at rocking the boat then going with the current at times. I want to let go of the controls some days and see what happens. I need to learn how to just drift in my life!

To the Right? (Photos by RSheridan)

Let your mind slow down, let your heart be open and let your spirit go free!

Here’s to Finding Your OWN Way in Living A Life of Abundance!!!

One Way to Live Life

From the Inside Out

I am finding that I can fulfill my needs within myself! I am slowly discovering my true self and letting that true self out to the world. It is not a pretty process at times, especially when you find something about yourself that you really do not like. I have hope though that I can change that and for the better!

IMAGINE Living YOUR LIFE from the INSIDE OUT instead of the OUTSIDE IN!

From the Inside Out (Photo by RSheridan)

Take you back and live the life that you want! You define who you are not those external things in your life. You define yourself through your behaviors to experience growth. You satisfy yourself through living your life!


In being self-aware you realize your true potential to achieve your personal goals, hopes and dreams! Sometimes you have to push yourself and your personal boundaries in order to fulfill your needs. Sometimes you have to reach beyond yourself and your comfort zone to achieve great successes. In finding that balance between your inner fulfillment and outer achievement you find love and compassion for yourself and that you can share with others!


Live your life one day at a time and be in the present! Sometimes it is about finding a balance between the way you live and the environment you live your life within. Sometimes you have to let go of control and be open to the possibilities; be receptive and not take for granted. You have to be self-aware of both your internal and external lives in order to create the life you want to live on a daily basis!

Experiencing Growth (Photo by RSheridan)

What would YOUR LIFE BE? Just Think About That!

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