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To Click Or Not To Click

With Other People

I know for me developing those social relationships started when I was 4 or 5 years old! Then I moved into “clicks” around 5th grade. Talk about life altering moments of embarrassment and rejection amongst your peers! It continued into my high school years with the added twist of “girl drama” and of course starting to like boys in a whole different way.

I learned some valuable lessons about rejection in my 20’s with friendships and relationships! There were times I took rejection like the ultimate sucker punch, especially when a friendship went sour or had a bad breakup. I seriously thought something was wrong with me because I could not handle rejection, confrontation or conflict well at all! It made me physically sick and I really did not like the person that I would become in those situations.

Then I had that “Aha Moment” where it just clicked one day for me! I needed to start loving myself and taking care of my needs. I will either like someone or not as well as someone will like me or not. I cannot please everyone and that goes with trying to be everyone’s friend too!

Finding Buried Treasures

Somewhere in my early 30’s I stopped trying to click with anyone and everyone! I am comfortable with who I am and I am proud to have made it to that stage in my life. You either like me or not and that is okay! I will just continue on to the next interaction to see if there is a click or even a connection.

The one area I still struggle with is letting someone down, especially if I am not aware that I let someone down! I think the part I struggle with is in not talking about it and not dealing with it until months down the road. How can you possibly protect or defend yourself in these situations? I think this is a case of just being the bigger person, apologizing and agreeing to disagree and moving on!

Thinking About the Silly and the Funny

I have had moments where I have become so frustrated that I felt myself withdrawing and my mouth just shutting like a trap! I was afraid to open my mouth and speak. I felt the stupid, the miscommunicated and the misconstrued just ready to leak out! Then to add insult to injury let me throw in some social awkwardness too.

I had to stop beating myself up and worrying about every little thing I did say! I will let people down and disappoint them too. It will either make sense or not. It will be either fair or not. I just have to roll with it for the most part!

I love myself and I am loved! I have my protectors, my supporters and my cheerleaders helping me and guiding me along. I love hanging with the people that just get me and want to be with me! I will continue to keep on keeping on.

Going With The Flow (Photos by RSheridan)

Can We Be Friends . . . Yes! . . . With Myself and Anyone Else Who Wants to Join the Adventure!!!



IS A Beautiful Word

How Do You Live For Today?

I am learning to be more present than I have been in the past and really live for TODAY! Life is happening and constantly changing and it is a bit challenging to keep up at times. That happening comes with change as well as growth, which can be scary, but can also be the Greatest Gift of Life EVER! I am one that SCREAMS change and then tries to RUN from it when change happens.

The Sun Is A Rising

Wanting and Needing

I do not know how I manage to get anything done in being indecisive on a good majority of things! It swings from one extreme to the next at times. I want or need this and when I have it I want or need something else. I do not know how I enjoy life being in a constant state of flux!

The nice thing is I do not have to set limits and the possibilities are pretty much endless too! I can be open and embrace that state of flux as well as the possibilities and opportunities. I can try new things and step out of my comfort zone. I can live it how I want to live it!


Exploring and Discovering

What Do You Do On A Daily Basis To Seek Out and Soak Up The World Around You?

My Top 3 Answers

  • I appreciate being given another day to conquer!
  • I like to look for the good and the positive throughout my day.
  • I am so lucky and grateful for the life I do get to live.

I think about what gets me motivated, what brings me joy and what makes me passionate! For me it is mostly the simple things that make my day!

Hello! Morning Sunshine

Giving, Sharing and Connecting

What Do You Give and/or Share On A Daily Basis?

Have You Connected With Yourself or Other People Today?

“Happiness, like love, increases when it is shared.” ~ Unknown

I feel happiest when I am giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I feel like I get an added bonus in being able to share life and its many experiences with other people. I learn and explore as well as grow and expand my experiences and my world when giving, sharing and connecting with other people! I connect with myself and my whole being in so many great ways too.

BIG World Waiting Out There . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Exploring and Growing and Connecting To Yourself and Your World!!!

Your Heart Knows

What You Want To Experience In Life

This journey of self has me tapping more into what I love and want in my life, especially in following my heart more! This includes just getting out there to adventure and gain life experiences!

How do you create fullness in your life? How do you inspire yourself to get out there and live it?

I know for me it is being more open to the possibilities and opportunities that inspire me and create fullness in my life! I am still figuring things out and very much a work in progress too. I am looking to find that what I do for a living is a love! Yes, money is nice and let’s me play and travel, but it is so much more than that. I want to be challenged. I want to be passionate about what I do and truly love it! I want to put my energies and time to the best use and not waste it.

I strongly believe creating fullness in my life comes from getting back to the basics and keeping it simple!

For instance, create, develop and build those lifelong friendships and spend real quality time with my greatest someones! It is about having fun together as well as the love and support for each other; give and take. It is about connection, interaction and communication with each other. It is about inspiring and motivating each other. I am so lucky that my greatest someone is also my best friend and we get to adventure through life together, side by side!

For instance, make myself a priority, take care of myself and set boundaries for myself! I want to be true to myself and who I am and that means living from within and living within my own terms. I want to live my life with purpose and intention and that comes from following my own heart and coming from a place of love. I want to find that balance between independence and freedom and support and service in living my life fully and completely.

For instance, take advantage of those life-changing opportunities that come my way! I want to be more accepting and be more embracing when it comes to what is happening in my life and that includes change and growth. I want to learn, experience growth and gain life experiences. I also want to travel, explore and adventure every chance I get!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Connecting From Within; Follow Your Hear and Listen to Your Inner Voice and Intuition! Please Share Your Thoughts!

Connections – Part 3

Practice, Practice, Practice

I believe it is important to connect throughout the day! Being aware and mindful. Finding meaning and purpose. Being in the here and now!

Navigation Skills

In developing your navigation skills you can handle just about any situation as well as any mental landmines! These navigation skills can help you determine if a situation is worth your time and energy or to just let it go and move on. This is where your adaptability and flexibility skills come into play. Another important skill is being open and accepting of change; let yourself be the change agent!

I believe in developing your navigation skills that the “taking it personal” aspect is a little less pronounced! These navigation skills may give you a leg up when dealing with an unexpected situation. There is that connected and grounded feeling when you have the skills to deal! Place the focus back at you instead of the situation.

Navigating LIFE!!!

Reach Out

It is okay to reach out and ask for a little help and support! Sometimes going through a situation is easier with a trusted friend or two. Feeling safe helps you connect from within to deal with what is going on around you! It is okay to feel scared and vulnerable as long as you can find the relief you need to move forward once again.

Having fears and doubts of the unknown is normal and can be healthy for you! Healthy in that you are seeking the truth or challenging the unknown to find that connection and relief. Remember avoidance and talking smack about yourself and your sense of self is so not worth your time and energy! Really find that value in yourself and if it means reaching out to find it just do it.

Stop judging and blaming yourself because it is counterproductive, especially in moving forward! Turn that focus inward and be a little kinder to yourself in that moment. The one thing I truly struggle with is patience! I either want it to continue or want to hurry it up.

Not There Yet!

It has been stated that “Knowing this natural awareness is the innermost truth of who you are.”! I think I pretty much know who I am. The journey I am on is learning how to live my life from within! I am on my way, but not there yet.

NOT There Yet! (Photos by RSheridan)

What are you putting in to practice when it comes to connecting in your life? Love to hear, please share!

Connections – Part 2

Practice, Practice, Practice

I believe it is important to connect throughout the day! Being aware and mindful. Finding meaning and purpose. Being in the here and now!

Connecting . . .

The “Small Stuff”

Big Difference when it comes to the “Small Stuff”! There is the “small stuff” that you have no control over. Then there is the “small stuff” that matters. Which one to choose, oh the decisions!

It is about driving the passions that are of interest and gaining those life experiences! It is about the independance and freedom of living life to the fullest. It is about appreciating the little things in life and treating every day as a gift to be embraced, opened and explored! It is about being not doing and experiencing not reacting.

Opening UP!

Attention and Acceptance

When it comes to your attention and acceptance only you know what matters the most! Especially when it comes to the connection from within yourself as well as from others. Learning to accept yourself and meet your needs does matter! The connection you have from within yourself will shine from the inside out.

A case of “What do I want from me as well as others?” and/or “What do I need from me as well as others?”! Acceptance, Attention or Recognition. Love, Relationships or Friendships. Awareness, Forgiveness or Compassion.

Exploring & Discovering (Photos by RSheridan)

Get Curious

Do you live a life with curiousity? Learning and growing. Exploring and adventuring. Lessons and experiences.

I believe that living a life of purpose and intention feeds my inner life; physically, mentally, spiritually! I believe that listening to my inner voice helps me discover my interests and passions, which fuels my curiousity. Living from within lets me grow through life lessons as well as gain life experiences! I can be an active player in living the life I want.

The “Time Out”

I love taking a “time out” to find my center and still my mind! I cannot be at my best when multi-tasking and constantly being distrupted and distracted. I am enjoying being in the moment and focusing on the task at hand. This gives me the ability to focus, pay attention and really listen!

To Be Continued . . .

Connections – Part 1

Did You Connect Today?

Making good connections matters to your health and well being! Finding that sense of calm and peace among the craziness and chaos. Being mindful and finding gratitude. Pause, Breathe & Connect!

I have been learning to go by how I feel on a daily basis! I have been trying to find that balance between my rational self and emotional self. Thinking of a crisis as a potential opportunity and not just come out reacting. Feeling stuck and wanting to escape. Finding that connection among the conflict and reaching out in a good and healthy way!

Reaching Out & Connecting (Photo by RSheridan)

I still continue to struggle between being in the present moment and hiding my head under the covers not wanting to deal with it! I do think it is a good idea to step away or step back at times instead of just reacting to a situation. Taking a step back creates a little distance from the situation, especially if there is confrontation and conflict. I know it gives me a chance to respond in a manner that is not emotionally charged.

In connecting with yourself from within you are able to listen to your mind, heart and soul! Being true to yourself matters. You have that connection instead of that disconnection! I feel a little more receptive to what is going on around me when I am tuned in and connected from the inside out.

The best part is when you do not feel like you have to be on the defensive all the time! You can be on the receiving side as well as the giving side. You are able to be receptive and open to experiences. Reconnecting with your SENSE OF SELF feels GREAT!

Here’s to Giving Yourself the Quality of Attention You Need & DESERVE! Here’s to Giving Yourself the Quanity of Kindness You Need & DESERVE! Here’s to Being More Receptive of HOW YOU ARE FEELING!!!

Crying Foul

Gaining a New Perspective

I know most of you have had the experience of being in a great mood while your greatest someone(s) were experiencing a foul mood. You want to escape and enjoy being in a great mood, especially when you have something fun and exciting planned for the day. You want to enjoy spending time together to connect with your greatest someones! Then there is that disconnection when the foul mood turns into venting and ranting. You struggle with being in a good mood while dealing with the frustration and aggravation of the situation you have found yourself in. Especially when after 5 minutes or so the venting and ranting continues.

Not Taking It To Heart

You want to enjoy being in the moment and not really stuck listening to the venting and ranting. You start thinking what a waste of my time and energy. How do I find myself in this position in these types of situations? You start thinking should I just listen or should I interject and share my perspective to lighten the mood and calm the person down.

Do you find yourself splitting your attention between being in the moment and listening? I know I do at times. I know I have been on the giving as well as receiving end too.

Do you find yourself feeling like the situation is directed at you and you take it personally? At times. Do you find yourself feeling like you are being taken advantage of in certain situations? I know I have at times.

I have found myself becoming an active participant and letting my emotions take control over me. Not good at all! There may be situations where you will find yourself stepping back and setting boundaries.

Following Your Heart & Listening to Your Needs

So I try to turn my focus inward and project my appreciation and gratitude to that interaction and connection by listening and being there as well as giving and receiving! An expression of love and respect for each other.  In loving and having compassion for yourself you are able to be more open and available to your needs and other people’s needs. I am amazed at the interactions as well as surprised at the motivating and inspiring conversations when you have a true sense of yourself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Accept and Embrace Your Interactions, Connections and Conversations with Your Greatest Someones for the BETTER? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Getting Connected

Seeking Social Support

Be it in person or online getting connected with others can do you good! Seeking that social support and just being able to share yourself with others. It is like “Group Therapy” and it is FREE! Connecting with others just gets you motivated and excited to live life.

Remember to receive and give back! Nurture and grow that connection with each other. Never take it for granted! You make each other accountable in living life to the fullest by gaining life experiences.

“Group Therapy” comforts you as well as helps you cope with your crazy busy life! The good and not so good times. Just reach out, connect and ask for a little support from each other! It goes a long way and may come back tenfold sometimes.

You need a t-shirt that states:  “Do Not Worry! I am in Group Therapy and These People Get ME!”.

I love when someone gets you and WANTS to be around you! That connection just flourishes and continues to grow, especially when getting to know each other. It certainly makes opening yourself up to another person a little easier. YOU can be YOURSELF and that MATTERS!!!

Here’s to Letting Your True Self SHINE & Sharing It With Others!!!

Being . . .

Opening Up . . .

Hanging Out . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Good Intentions

Better Interactions

It is hard enough understanding yourself at times let alone the other people you interact with on a daily basis! So how does one go about doing that with minimal conflict and playing well together?!?

Sometimes it requires you to put your wants and needs aside. Sometimes it is really listening and hearing the other person out without interuptions or suggestions. You have to develop a connection and build trust with that person!

In not communicating well, especially listening, you form communication barriers that are a deteriment and can really damage a relationship. Especially if one person or another becomes defensive or aggressive. I know it sucks at times, but sometimes you have to work out problems with others as well as resolve conflicts.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox (Photo by RSheridan)

Sometimes it just comes down to the ability to listen as well as being able to assert yourself in certain situations. Human beings bring emotions into the mix too. I think the hardest situation to deal with is the “emotionally charged”! It can be stressful and hurtful.

You can develop good communication skills with effort and practice. In time you will be able to communicate concisely and clearly. A part of your success is learning to understand others as well as yourself in every day interactions. You can develop better relationships.

Here’s to Better Interactions and Greater Relationships!!!

Faced With – Part Deux

A Challenge

Check Out! – Faced With – Part 1

Think Outside of the Oh Crud Box

  • What Can You Control, Leverage, Influence?
  • What Are Your Options/Solutions?
  • Think Inside Yourself & Outside of the Box!

I take myself within in order to think outside of the box! I also like to form a plan of attack when being faced with a challenge. I feel like it gives me back the control in the situation. Just playing trial and error at times!

Life Can Be Messy! (Photo by RSheridan)


Seek Support

  • Phone a Friend
  • Write Down Options or Pros & Cons
  • Just Work Through It & Take the Time YOU Need
  • Think About the Other Times You Have OVERCAME a Obstacle/Challenge
  • Lean on Your Support Network – Just Connect with Others!

Remind Yourself that You have a Purpose –

That You Belong & Make a Difference in Your Life & To Others!

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a break – give your body, mind and spirit a time out to reboot! It may distract yourself so you do not become “Debbie Downer”. You can cry, laugh or have a melt down; have a good laugh! Give yourself a positive boost through laughter.

  • Let Go of Your Emotions
  • Get Relaxation & Rest
  • Eat Well – Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Get Moving – Exercise Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Release Tension & Stress
  • Get Calm and Assertive; Not Reactionary

Here’s to Strengthening and Adding to Your Bag of Tricks to Overcome Challenges!!!

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