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Listening To My Body’s Needs

Learning, Strengthening, Living . . .

What is that saying, “No Pain, No Gain” . . .

Over the past year I have learned that pain is not always bad! Pain is part of being human and with hard work comes great gains. Pain is doable and manageable in living my life and to the fullest too. Just Breathe, right!

I took for granted what my body did and does for me!

I have discovered that knowing how to breathe and having great posture makes a BIG difference in dealing with pain! Stretching and rotation are key too.  At times the feeling of tightness and cramping is worse than the actual pain. I am learning to find my calm self in order to let the tension, pressure and stress just release and let go! It significantly helps with the pain, tightness and cramping.

The #1 thing that has been eye opening is having the right team to help me through this process! I am bringing awareness to myself and my body. I am figuring out what my body needs to heal and strengthen. I am tuning into the way my body moves in its motions.

Just the education I have soaked up from this team of people amazes me at times! I am learning about muscles, nerves and joints and the importance to the human body and how it functions. For instance, the blood cannot properly flow to an area that is tight, cramped or congested. This could potential cause damage within that area as well as cause aches and pains.

So . . . Ding, Ding! I need to listen to those aches and pains and figure out what my body needs. Is it telling me to slow down and take a chill? It is telling me to hit the gym to work out and stretch out? What DOES my body NEED!

I DO NOT have to give into the pain! I can feel the pain and know how to release it now. I am discovering a deeper connection with myself, my needs and my WHOLE being! I am working on slowing down, relaxing and resting.

Here’s to DISCOVERING Your STRONG! ~RSheridan

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You LISTEN To Your Body? What Is Your Body TELLING You? What Does It NEED? Please Share, Love to Hear!


Working It Out

For a Healthier You

I have been a gym rat for many years. I enjoy the flexibility; the hours and working it out indoors when it is freezing cold or blazing hot outdoors. I enjoy the variety; machines, classes, trainers, etc. I enjoy the community; working out with others who crave fitness, health and overall wellness.

You Matter to Your Body

Work Out for You and Not Your Body for You! Remember to use your time, energy and money effectively and efficiently when getting your exercise on. You have to show up and put in the work if you want to see results. You are Key to Your Success!

Ease Into It

I do not feel that exercising should be a resolution, but a lifestyle! I commend anyone who gets their exercise on even for a month or three, but do not give up if possible. I think it is good to challenge yourself just do not over do it in the beginning. Start slowly and let you and your body ease into a good exercise routine!

Easy Does It

Timing is Everything

  1. Find the time that works best for you.
  2. Find a schedule that works best for you.

The best thing I do for myself is actually schedule in my hour of exercise twice a week in my electronic calendar. Keeps me accountable and consistent! I am working out two times a week right now and would like to work in that third day. Just Stay Active!

Reap the Rewards

DO NOT forget to reward yourself. Find a reward that makes you happy and makes you feel GREAT!

(Photos by RSheridan)

You CAN Introduce Exercise into Your Life and HAVE Fun Doing It!

A Little R & R

A Must DO!

The best lesson I have learned in the last year is to take the time to rest and recover! I feel better when I give myself a day or two between exercise workouts. I feel better when I give myself a break with food and just treat myself. My mantra lately is to NURTURE and NOURISH myself, my needs and my whole being!


I use to push the rest and recovery process and not allow it to happen naturally! I am discovering that my body will take care of itself if I give it the time to do so. The muscles, joints and bones can repair, rebuild and strengthen. The biggest benefit I get from a good workout is a great night of sleep!


I did not give my body the recovery it needed at times, so I ended up with repetitive motion injuries as well as overworking certain areas throughout the week! Especially when you add in weights to your workout. Recovery and rest makes a difference as well as not working the same muscle groups two days in a row. A muscle needs at least 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild. The muscle needs time to strengthen and not weaken and risk injury.

During a good workout the body is breaking down muscle tissue and depleting energy! So rest and refueling the body is so important after a good workout. Do not forget to HYDRATE too! I hydrate before, during and after a good workout.

I find a warm up, a cool down and stretching beneficial before, during and after a good workout, especially to avoid any injuries! Stretching helps with the strain on the joints, muscles and tendons as well as improves flexibility. I love a calf cramp at 2 am in the morning, NOT! The muscles are already in a strained mode after a workout, so stretch slow and easy and do not hold the stretch for too long either. Remember to breathe too!

DO What Is FUN!

I enjoy what I do for myself because it makes me happy and gives me pleasure! I know for me when it is no longer fun that I have to switch it up and make some much needed adjustments. What makes me FEEL GOOD? It is certainly not about what I am giving up, but what I am gaining!

I think of that movie Risky Business and the scene of dancing around the house! It gets the heart rate up, the sweat on and there is an element of fun, laughter and silliness. Just get your groove on and move!

My Top 5 R&R

  1. Refueling by eating properly.
  2. Replenishing fluids through hydration.
  3. Getting my 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night.
  4. Getting my stretch on.
  5. Finding the right amount of activity for me and my body throughout the week.

Remember to Listen to Your Body and Its Needs When It Comes to a Little R&R! DO What Works BEST For YOU & YOUR Body. Your Body Will Let You Know What It Needs Too!

Your Calm

Centered Place

What makes you cool, calm and collected?

My Top 3

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Photography
  3. A Good Read

My calm usually comes from within myself. Finding that quiet place and a little personal solitude. Sometimes I want to refrain from the action for a bit and just be! Just focus on recharging and reenergizing.

Do you ever let your mind just wander instead of thinking at 90 miles an hour in every direction? I usually find my CALM when I let my mind just wander and be FREE! I can really center and focus on one thing. You know that whole multi-tasking thing is a myth, right!

Sometimes exercising helps because you really have to focus and tune in. Especially in working something out that has been bothering me. At least I can get my frustration out if nothing else! Healthy for your overall body too.

(Photos by RSheridan)

So . . . How Do You Find Your Calm in the Storm of Life? Please Share – Love to Hear!


Does a Body GOOD!

I enjoy working out and some of the pleasure of working out comes from being able to stretch out my body, especially releasing the tension and stress!

I do warm up before working out! I do not stretch out when my body is cold though. I am currently recovering from an injury and have to be careful with bending from the waist. Stretching helps me in getting back my overall range of motion, especially with my joints. Stretching also helps increase the blood flow to my muscles, which has been so helpful in my healing process. I am slowly getting back my flexibility and being able to move more freely. I will never take for granted what my body can do for me in living my life!

I am learning that I need to give my body the time it needs to recover from a workout! I am the type of person who is sore (a good soreness too) the second day after a workout. I either work out a different part of my body the next day or wait until after that second day before working out again. I also stretch out during my total body workout too. My body is responding in a good way and changing for the better too!

I am discovering my comfort levels when it comes to stretching out too!


  • DOES NOT MEAN PAIN, so STOP and then start again and find that comfortable point.
  • DOES NOT MEAN holding the stretch for longer than you can stand it, so hold it for what you can and hold in a gentle place.
  • DOES MEAN stretching both side of your body to keep everything balanced and aligned.
  • DOES MEAN a gradual process, so take your time in stretching out and your body will respond by improving over time.
  • GOOD for the body and mind.
  • REMEMBER to stretch throughout the day, especially if you sit or stand for long periods of time.

Here’s to Getting a Good S-T-R-E-T-C-H On!!!

Hitting the Trail

Hiking in the Great Outdoors

I have to say it feels pretty good getting back on the trail! I did not know if and when it would happen with my back injury. I am starting small and that is a good start and a good place to be in right now!

The Trail


The Bug World

Catapillars Galore!!!

The Meadows

The Forest

The Rusty Vehicles – Not 1 but 2


#2 (Photos by RSheridan)

Taking Baby Steps and Moving Forward Again!!!

Getting a Jump

On the Day

Lay off the snooze button because every time you hit the snooze your body is so confused with the resetting and cannot adjust! Plus when your alarm does go off just lay in bed and do some stretching. Help yourself wake up those tired muscles, increase your circulation and improve your flexibility in less than 5 minutes. Feels Oh So Good Too!

Remember to get your 7 to 9 hours of sleep! When you are well rested it makes it just a little easier to jump start your day. I like reading for about 30 minutes before bed. Find what works for you to get a good, quality rest!

Give yourself some inspiration and motivation to get up, get out there and grab life! Think about something that gives you a burst of energy! Go . . .

Hitting the Beach (Photo by RSheridan)

Hitting the Trail (Photo by RSheridan)

Grabbing a Bite to Eat (Photo by RSheridan)

How do you get a jump on your day?

I usually jump start my day with a protein packed smoothie (low-fat, high fiber too)! Sometimes I am craving a strong cup of coffee and an egg breakfast. On the weekends I either hit the gym or hit the couch for a few hours of surfing. I am a morning person, but not before 6 am!

How do you keep going throughout the day?

Two words for me:  Lunch Break! An hour to get away from my desk to recharge and reenergize. Sometimes I go for a walk outside and other times I like to enjoy a good read. Just depends on the type of day I am having!

How does exercise fit into your day during the week?

I prefer my sleep to exercise in the mornings, so good luck waking this sleeping bear to exercise in the A.M. I get a 2nd wind by 4 pm, so enjoy hitting the gym after work. I enjoy taking a brisk walk during my morning and afternoon breaks. The fresh air is so cleansing to your body, mind and spirit!

Here’s to Conquering Your Day!!!

Going In

Slow Motion

I have been focusing on listening to my body lately. My posture as well as my body mechanics and movements. I want to appreciate the body I have and work with it not against it. Getting in tune with your body can be an eye-opening experience!

This focusing has brought up some very bad habits I have formed with exercising. For instance, that whole vein-popping, purple-faced look is so out right now! Breathing properly (inhaling/exhaling) is important, especially to your core strength.

In looking back I feel that I moved through exercising to just get it done at times, especially the hard, unpleasant stuff! The faster I went through the motions the faster I could get out of there. Then I found myself going in the opposite direction. Let’s spend an hour plus at the gym at least four days a week and one day do legs, then another day do cardio, then another day do arms, and then another day was a free for all. You know what I am talking about, right!

Then I went there the crazed woman in the gym taking it to the extreme! It is like someone let me loose and set my body on fire. The faster I went the faster I thought the fire would go out. I have stuffed that crazed woman in a locker and high tailed it out of there!

Finally I am finding a whole new appreciation for exercising and being active! I still experience setbacks, but do not give up. I never thought I would find a balance when it comes to exercising (it has been all over the place). My Body “Thanks” Me for the Good Changes I am Making!

Going In Slow Motion & Loving It!!!

Getting To

The Core

Your Core or Torso is the “Power Center” of your body! Your core and its strength help your abs and back work together in order to support your spine. Your core and its strength help you move and function every day. It is Amazing what your Core can do for You!

I thought the exercising I was doing was doing good things for my body. However, in pushing my body to new limits I was actually doing more harm than good at times. Breathing; who needs to know how to inhale and exhale. Posture; it is good enough. Form and function; went out the window at times to get it done. Movements and mechanics; just going with the flow here. At least I was doing something to get in shape, right! Boy did I have blinders on!

Getting to the CORE! (Photo by RSheridan)

I am trying to do away with bad habits and form some really great habits when it comes to exercising now, especially since experiencing an injury. The main lesson I have learned about my core is that gaining strength in that area improves how I move as well as live my life. My main goal in strengthening my core is reducing the risk of injury as well as being able to function better.

To have stability and balance once again will be my ultimate success! Say “Hello!” to some tools that just may become your best buds when exercising. There is that BOSU thingie that I have a love/hate relationship with. There is the stability balls and balance disks (I sit on a balance disk at work).

Here’s to Gaining In Strengthening Your Core!

Fighting Back

Just Beat It

Just beat it, beat it, beat it
No one wants to be defeated
Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
Just beat it, beat it 
Just beat it, beat it 
Just beat it, beat it 
Just beat it, beat it ~ Michael Jackson

Minor Setback

I experienced an injury that stopped me in my tracks and put exercising on hold for a short period of time. I am back in the gym and on the slow road to recovery. I am listening to my body instead of my body listening to me in telling it what to do! I no longer want to pay the price with my body.

Gaining Strength

Physically, Mentally and Spiritually! I want to be active again, so finding a new normal when it comes to exercising and staying active. I am learning to trust myself once again and conquer my fears. I can do this, I can do this!

Baby Steps

I have been taking baby steps throughout my recovery process. There have been times where I have taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward. I am not the most patient person, so sometimes things get a little ugly, especially with my emotions. Keep on Keeping On!

Taking it ONE Step at a Time! (Photo by RSheridan)

Taking It One Day at a Time, Not Sprinting & Certainly Not Running a Marathon!!!!

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