Lessons In Life

Getting Schooled

I am a list maker and think in terms of pros and cons, needs and wants, where I am and where I want to be, etc. I am learning that my life is constantly changing and that change can be a good thing to better myself and my life. I have the power to change it if I take charge, make good choices and just work at it and take action to make it happen! I am learning about slowing down, being in the present moment and making practices to progress and build a solid foundation to build off of.

Every day is a good day to conquer today!

What Have I Learned?

Building Independence

I lived on my own for a few years in my 20’s and it was a great learning experience! I learned so much about myself and who I was as a person at that time. I had my fears in living alone; however, I found my sense of self as well as independence and freedom! I embraced my fear of going it alone and experienced growth and gained life experiences.

I traveled and went on adventures by myself! One time I traveled from the Midwest to the West Coast and back in 3 days and had a BLAST. I felt big, bold and brave!

Lesson Learned:  Live alone and become one with yourself for a while!

The Internal

I worked on the internal by going on a journey of self in my 30’s! My fitness, health and wellness. My communication, interaction and connection to myself and my whole being. My relationship with myself, my greatest someone and with other people. My finances and career. My practice and progress in learning, growing and gaining experiences!

The biggest improvement I have made is taking charge of my life! To be in control and use my power and energy to my advantage. Taking responsibility and accountability for my decisions, choices and actions. Stop making excuses and blaming others. To be open to change to better myself and my life!

Lesson Learned:  It is important to take time for myself to work on myself and my whole being!

L-O-V-E Myself

I learned in my late 20’s that I needed to love myself in order to share that love with others! To be kind to me and care about myself. To give myself happiness and joy and laughter.

Lesson Learned:  Love myself each and every day!

What Do You Wish to Learn?

  • Take the Good and Make It Better.
  • Travel, Adventure, Explore!
  • Take the Challenges and Make Them Learning Lessons.
  • Take the Struggles and Make Them Strengths.
  • Learn, Experience Growth and Gain Experiences!
  • Take the Conflicts and Resolve Through Communicating, Interacting and Connecting.
  • EXPAND!!! Put My Best Self Out There Each and Every Day. 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Relationship of Self

Like, Love Yourself

I like “me” and enjoy connecting with myself! I love myself and love the attraction with my whole being!

My Top 3

  • Practicing
  • Learning
  • Gaining


There is no greater experience than discovering myself one layer at a time! The getting to know about me, myself and my whole being more and more. I am finding that it is not about perfecting and bettering myself to get the jump on myself and get there first. I am learning that practice helps me progress and gain experiences!

The relationship that I have with myself is now a daily practice! I practice mindfulness, calm and patience. I practice love and kindness. I practice compassion and forgiveness by releasing and letting go. I am learning that it is a mindset change in the way I take charge and make decisions in living my life each and every day!

Practice helps me create the space I need and want to learn, grow and gain life experiences! It makes me feel good and it makes me feel stronger from the inside out. Practice helps me learn about my whole being on so many levels! I fall down and pick myself up. I learn from every communication and interaction including conflict because it is an opportunity to understand one another and nurture each other! I learn from my challenges and struggles including the good, the bad and the ugly. I am learning to face it head on and not fear or run from it!


Every day is an opportunity to learn! I especially enjoy learning about myself and what makes me tick. What I love and want to do more of! What I need and want in my life and out of living my life. How I correlate and compliment my world and the greater world I live in. Being more open and soaking and savoring what is going on around me!

Learning is about growing, changing and transitioning as a person! I am learning to not resist change and that change can be good and for the better. I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear in getting out there to experience living my life each and every day. Taking baby steps by learning one thing at a time!

In learning about myself I am more open to learning more in general! I enjoy that communication and interaction with others. I love learning about people, places, cultures, history, etc. I am just a small part of this BIG WORLD and that is AMAZING!


There is a fine balance between being aware of what you gain in learning, changing and growing that relationship with yourself! Focus on strengths not weaknesses. Focus on successes and not failures. Focus on the good and the positive and not the not so good and the negative. Acknowledge the good and the positive, take pride in it and CELEBRATE it!

I love taking the time to be in the present and focus on the task at hand! Day dream and ponder the good stuff in life. Stop overthinking, taking everything on and then giving yourself the biggest guilt trip because you did not do it all. Just nurture and nourish myself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

The Relationship of Self is about Practice, Process and Progress! It is about Learning, Growing and Experiencing! It is about Creating Your Story and Journeying Along! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Loving Johnny & Willie

Journeying Along

from the West to the Southeast

1000 miles, 1000 miles more and 1000 miles more!


New Mexico

Beep, Beep!!!

And I said, “Listen, I’ve traveled every road in this here land!”

Crossed the desert’s bare, man.
I’ve breathed the mountain air, man.
Of travel I’ve had my share, man.
I’ve been everywhere.

I’ve been to:
Reno (YES), Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota (YES),
Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota (YES),
Wichita, Tulsa, Ottawa, Oklahoma,
Tampa(YES), Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma,
Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo,
Tocapillo, Baranquilla, and Perdilla,

I’ve been to:
Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana (YES),
Washington (YES), Houston (YES), Kingston, Texarkana,
Monterey (YES), Faraday, Santa Fe, Tallapoosa,
Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock (YES), Oskaloosa,
Tennessee to Tennesse Chicopee, Spirit Lake,
Grand Lake, Devils Lake, Crater Lake (YES), for Pete’s sake.

I’ve been to:
Louisville, Nashville (YES), Knoxville, Ombabika,
Schefferville, Jacksonville, Waterville, Costa Rica,
Pittsfield, Springfield, Bakersfield, Shreveport,
Hackensack, Cadillac, Fond du Lac, Davenport,
Idaho (YES), Jellico, Argentina, Diamantina,
Pasadena, Catalina, 

I’ve been to:
Pittsburgh (YES), Parkersburg, Gravelbourg, Colorado,
Ellensburg, Rexburg, Vicksburg, Eldorado,
Larimore, Atmore, Haverstraw, Chatanika,
Chaska (YES), Nebraska (YES), Alaska, Opelika,
Baraboo, Waterloo (YES), Kalamazoo, Kansas City,
Sioux City, Cedar City, Dodge City, what a pity.”

“I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash


 One BIG State to Cross! Windy one day and Rainy the next.

“One, two
One, two, three, four

On the road again
Just can’t wait to get on the road again

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again

On the road again
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway (For Sure – ha!)
We’re the best of friends

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.”

“On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson

Enjoying a Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Brew at Luke’s Icehouse.


To See GREEN Again After Living in the Desert!


“Bubba:  Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that’s about it.” – The Forest Gump Movie



Orange You Glad You Made It To Florida – ha!

Bears and Gators – Oh My!

The Blue Beauty!
Sail Away With Me . . .

Love the Waterways.

A Road Trip Deserves LAZINESS At the End – ha!

Built In Fans.

Love the Bird Life.

Welcome! Kick Back & Relax. (Photos by RSheridan)

Hello! Happy Day

Living Life

How Do You Nourish Your Spirit to Feed Your Whole Being?

I need to find that inspiration and motivation! I need to let my creative self outside of the box. I need to discover my passions and do what I love to do! I need to stretch my comfort zone by trying new things and doing the unknown.

I need to be engaged and challenged and maybe even a little uncomfortable at times! Ease and Comfort versus Hard Work and Rewards. I need to experience growth by gaining life experiences! Safety versus Risk.

I need to expand my skills and tap into my talents! I need to strengthen my weaknesses. I need to tune into my inner resources, especially in following my heart and believing and trusting in myself! I need to take the ebbs and the flows and hang on for the ride of a lifetime.

Just CRAVE Adventure and Everything In Between!

Being Alive

How Do You Feed Your Soul to Fuel Your Whole Being?

I have to take the good with the bad and learn from both to develop and grow into a better person! There is nothing better than some character building, learning life lessons and gaining experiences. I am blessed in the life I get to live every day! I need to be mindful of that and be grateful and appreciate that too.

I love that life I do have and want more of it! I have faith in myself in knowing where I am going or at least staying on my path. I am learning acceptance and forgiveness with myself and being able to move forward again. I am open to the opportunities and experiences and being in the present moment!

I do not want to stand on the sidelines and really want to join in on the party and what is happening around me! I want to hope, wish and dream. I want to be inspired, motivated and driven. I want to be a creative and passionate being!

Love Life As It Is and Get Out There To Experience It Every Day!

Loving YOU

How Do You Take Care Of Your Whole Being On A Daily Basis?

First and foremost by loving myself and my whole being! I need to take the time for myself and to take care of myself and my needs. I need to treat myself with love and kindness as well as respect and caring. I need to create that happier and healthier lifestyle for myself too!

I love being able to do what I love to do! I enjoy finding that inspiration to get me going and that motivation to get me out there. I enjoy being creative and thinking outside the box for a change of pace. I love discovering new passions!

I need to live from the inside out and just shine from within! This will help me in attracting what I need and want in my life. By being the person I love and want to be around will have other people wanting to be around me! That brings me joy and happiness and wanting to live my life to the fullest each and every day.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Discovering The Magical! Here’s to Finding Abundance and Fulfillment! Here’s to Gaining Experiences and Creating The Best Life For You! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

The Ocean Is Calling

Heading South

Does A Whole Being GOOD!!!


Sweet Joy

Joy:  a cause or source of great happiness; giving joy.

I am loved . . .

Loving myself and my whole being and being loved are my two greatest gifts in my life! There is love and kindness as well as care and support from myself and my greatest someone(s). I am learning to be more mindful and be more in the present moment. I appreciate and I am grateful for the love I give and receive!

I am blessed . . .

In being blessed in what I do have, I am doing more of what I love to do! It gives me inspiration and gets me motivated. I take at least 5 minutes to reflect at the end of the day on my blessings and what I am thankful for in my life. I also take time in my reflections to release and let go of what I no longer need or want. It is such a freeing process and refreshes and reenergizes me!

Joy:  a feeling of great happiness.

I feel . . .

Feeling good makes me and my whole being happy and joyful! It is about communicating and interacting with myself and others. It is about connecting and engaging with my whole being as well as my emotions, my feelings and my thoughts. I am so lucky and very blessed in loving and living my life each and every day!

Joy:  success in finding, doing or getting something.

I am honest and truthful about . . .

I am listening to myself, following my heart and trusting my gut! I am trying to not get stuck in my head and having my mind and heart do battle with one another. I am learning to come from a place of love each and every day. It is about being in the present and sticking to what I know to be true in living my life!

I am strong, alive and enthusiastic . . .

I want and need to:

  • Conquer Today.
  • Discover My Strong.
  • Do What I Love.
  • Be In the Moment.
  • Get Out There and Gain Experiences.

In The End It Is About . . .

  • Getting back to the simple life.
  • Celebrating life in general each and every day.
  • Inspiration and motivation to get moving and going throughout the day.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Doing What Is BEST For You and What Makes You Feel Good About Your Whole Being! Love To Hear From You, Please Share!


With Yourself From

The Inside Out


Do you believe in the magic inside of you? Do you tune into and tap into that energy?

I create it by . . .

  • Knowing what I need or want and then create it.
  • Envisioning it.
  • Doing what I love.
  • Learning more about myself and the world I live in.
  • Growing and gaining life experiences.
  • Being true to who I am.

I call it going after what I need or want!

Needing and Wanting

I tend to have a fierce and driven mindset when I need or want something! I continue to move toward it and not much will hold me back in getting it. I keep going and continue to keep going further. When I am committed fully it will happen!

Loving and Connecting

The greatest gift I can give myself each and every day is loving my whole being! That feeling of self love in connecting with myself from within my whole being. That attractive force that I tune into and that energy that I tap into. That communication, interaction and connection that I have with my whole being is so powerful in its attraction and love!

I enjoy taking the time to be with myself! Breathing. Releasing and letting go. Paying attention to the beat of my heart. My breathe truly connects me to my heart, my center and my core!

  • Can I feel the love from within myself?
  • Can I feel that sense of connection to myself?
  • Can I feel my calm and collected self?

I love to let it out and live it!

Exploring and Experiencing

I love to get my curiosity going! I enjoy exploring and learning. I enjoy stretching my comfort zone and trying something NEW. I love gaining new experiences!

Enjoying and Celebrating

Do the ENJOYable and then do it some more! Work hard to play harder as well as have fun and a great time.

Remember to create that attraction and go after the love and life you really need and want and that works best for you!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Attracting More Of Yourself In Loving and Living Your Life! Here’s to Attracting What Is Best For You, Especially In What You Need and Want! Love To Hear From You, Please Share Your Thoughts!


Staying Motivated

Never Give In & Never Give Up! Especially On Yourself!

In the world of instant gratification it can be frustrating when the results are not coming fast enough! How do you stay motivated? How do you not just give in and give up? Sometimes it comes down to not focusing in on the results and focusing on the process instead!

Patience is key as well as reminding yourself why you started in the first place! What does matter to you and why is most important to you? Sometimes you have to go within yourself to stay motivated and committed. This will help you get in touch as to why you started and maybe how to go through the process!

Like I have been told by one very strong woman, “Act like a duck and let it roll right off your back”.

The hardest part is continuing on when you hit obstacles, do not see results or even hit a wall! Do not give up and quit so easily at this point though!

  • Think of ways to conquer those obstacles.
  • Reflect on what you have achieved at that present moment.
  • Figure a way through or over that wall.

Focus on what you need and want instead of what you want to see! Put aside thinking and trying to do and achieve for approval and validation and even the ego driven. Be true to yourself and honest with yourself in what you want to achieve. That is your motivation to keep going!

Inspire yourself from within and you can do anything!

I am learning that it is about practice and progress instead of perfection and expectation! I take it one day at a time too. I do set goals though on a weekly and monthly basis to keep me motivated and to stay on course. I focus on the changes and not on the end results!

I feel better as well as my whole being is happier and healthier! I need to give myself love and care. I need to share, give and receive from myself and others. I am able and it is doable to overcome challenging moments with ease when I come from a place of love instead of fear!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember To Keep On Keeping On! Who You Want To BE Is What YOU DO TODAY! Start Today and Go! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

The Trick Pony

Hang On!

“Lofty career goals are not enough to inspire you today; what you need is some good old-fashioned magic. In fact, just setting the bar higher can have a chilling effect on your creativity now. If you’re worried about missing your mark, you’re not likely to take as many risks to express your imagination. Nevertheless, the well-traveled path isn’t for you now; reach for the sky, but keep your faith or you might fall off your unicorn.” ~ My Horoscope from May 6, 2015

(Photos by RSheridan)

Easy DOES It

Shifting Into A

NEW! Gear

What Do You Do On a Daily Basis To Make Your Life a Little Easier On Yourself?

I have discovered that if I stop pushing and start giving I receive what I need in my life! I am happier and healthier for my whole being. I am able to slow down and shift gears. I find that I can take charge and be in control!

Schedule In Ease

I stopped over scheduling my day and adding to my to do list! It overwhelmed and exhausted me. I became stressed out and that crazed person reared its ugly head. I needed to find my ease and calm as well as my balance and control again!

I now take time for myself in the morning to relax and in the evening to unwind, release and let go! I am done pushing myself and running around. I am done feeling guilty for not getting everything done on my to do list. I am happier and healthier now when I accomplish my top 3 things to do and just being more mindful and present throughout the day!

Slow Down, Way Down

I am slowing down, way down lately! I breathe, eat and exercise better. I am more aware of my motions and movements. I feel more at ease and it relaxes my whole being!

One Thing At A Time

Doing one thing at a time is not an easy thing to do when multitasking to the Nth degree is norm! I start feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing well when I multitask to the Nth degree. I feel better when I can tackle the task at hand, focus in on it, complete it well, and move on to the next task. I feel so much more put together and able to do my best too!


I am learning to use my energy levels to my advantage! I like to get things done in the morning, take an hour lunch break to reenergize and workout in the evening during the work week. It not only helps manage my energy levels but my stress levels!

Make Time To Play

I schedule in play time to laugh and just have FUN! I enjoy letting my inner child out. It gives me joy and happiness. It puts the stress on the down low and laughter is the best stress reliever!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Living Life, Especially With Less Stress and More Ease!

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