Pass A Grille Beach

A Little R&R

Pass-A-Grille is at the southernmost end of St. Pete Beach.

This beach area balances between laid back to crowded and everything in between! A great place to kick back and let the daily stresses melt away. A little piece of paradise!

The Beautiful Blue


aka Boat Rush Hour (Photos by RSheridan)

Best Channel Without the Need for Technology – Tune In, Kick Back, Check Out, and Get Your R&R On!

Acting Like A Kid

Kid Rules To Live By

As An Adult

Cultivate Curiosity and Imagination

Remember letting your imagination run wild as a child! That going within to imagine and create and wonder. That curiosity that let you explore and go on adventures for hours. Remember to engage your imagination as an adult each and every day!

To look at everything as if you were seeing it for the 1st time! Get curious, explore and learn. I love sharing an experience with another person because they see things completely different than I do. Experience the world you live in!


Question and Question Some More

It is okay to not know or even understand something. Just be open to the opportunity and get involved in the learning process! I want to know, learn and understand, especially things that are new to me. Question and question some more to learn, discover and experience!

Questioning and learning brings out the curiosity, the imagination and the creativity! It makes you excited and motivated. It makes you inspired and passionate. There is so much to learn, soak in, savor, and experience!

Why . . . When . . . Who . . .

Soak In the World

Soak in the world around you each and every day! Do away with the limits, the expectations and the perfections. Dream BIG and day dream! Hope and wish and set goals and milestones.

Every day is a new day, a new start! Get a little uncomfortable by stretching your comfort zone. Be open and accepting of new possibilities, opportunities and experiences!

Where Are You Going?

Bust a Move

Seeing kids playing is a true act of constant motion! Those kids are busy and on the move. Those kids are carefree and happy. Those kids are playing and having fun. It feels good to move and be active!

I think about the song Happy by Pharrell Williams and it makes me want to bust a move plus clap and sing along! There is nothing better than singing along or using the steering wheel as a drum while commuting to and from work. I find myself humming or tapping along when I am somewhere that has music playing. Just let the music move you!

Shake a Tail Feather

Savor the Littlest & Simplest Things.

Find the joy by doing what makes you happy! There is something about discovering contentment in the littlest things. Savor the moment and make it a lasting memory!

Soaking It In . . . Savoring . . . Making Moments & Memories . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Let Your BIG Kid Out! Do You Have a Kid Rule to Live By? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Nature Walk

Connecting To The Natural



Hanging Out!


After the Rain

Capturing a Great Heron


A Blending In Ibis

The Boardwalks

Water Views

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Gone For A Walk About Today?

Soaking “It” In

Love This Quote!

Live in the Sunshine.

Swim the Sea.

Drink the Wild Air. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s to Being Free To Be In the Present Moment!

Fort Desoto Park

The Park

1,136 acre refuge spread over 5 interconnected islands (keys)!

Plant Life to Bird Life to Sea Life to Wild Life! The beach provides refuge to the loggerhead sea turtle, which nests between April to September.

Located at 3500 Pinellas Bayway South in Tierra Verde. The park is open daily from 7:00 a.m. until dark.

  • Beaches and Swimming
  • Boating and Fishing and Fishing Piers
  • Nature Trails
  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching – over 328 species of birds!
  • Picnicking
  • Camping
  • Canoeing and Kayaking – 2.25 mile recreational canoe trail
  • 2.5 acre Dog Park with beachfront

Bird Life

Who Is Watching Whom???

Osprey Catching Lunch

Lunch is Served!

Plant Life

Sea Life

Fort De Sota Gulf Pier Area

The Fort

The fort, built at the start of the 20th century, still stands! The Quartermaster Museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Data Booth

Vent Shafts

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Fort De Soto Park has a spectacular view of the Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay!

The Bob Graham (former U.S. Senator and Governor) Sunshine Skyway Bridge is 21,877 feet in total length or 4.1 miles! The bridge is part of I-275 (SR 93) and US 19 (SR 55). The bridge connects St. Petersburg in Pinellas County and Terra Ceia in Manatee County passing through Hillsborough County. The bridge was designed by the Figg & Muller Engineering Group. Who also designed the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

Heading Out of the Park

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Exploring!

Thanks to All the Men and Women That Serve Our Country – Thank You for Your Service – Today is Veterans Day.

Taking The Map

Directing and Guiding

  • Do you let your needs and wants guide you?
  • Do you listen to your inner voice, follow your heart and trust your gut?
  • Do you let your hopes, wishes and dreams guide you in living your life?

Sometimes you have to just follow your heart! You can live a life of abundance. Think of it as an exploration of yourself to find the life you want to live! You may even have a better sense of your self and your self-worth and self-love. Continue to find the motivation and passion as well as feed your hopes and dreams!

I believe that I can create the life I desire by living my dreams!

Discovering and Following

  • Are you discovering that following the journey is the best part?
  • What moments, memories and milestones are you making along the way?
  • Do you celebrate how far you have come?

Sometimes our biggest obstacle is our own self that is holding us back! Change can be good and can give you a new and fresh perspective. You can create your own reality from your hopes and dreams. You can create goals and strategies. You can have personal fulfillment and happiness as well as personal growth and love. You can have great physical and mental health as well as a connection to your spirit and soul!

I wonder to myself if I can make it happen just by living or is there more to it than that!

Navigating and Journeying

  • Do you believe the journey is more rewarding than the destination?
  • Do you know that difficult roads lead to divine destinations?
  • Do you know how important the process of the journey truly is?

Continue exploring and adventuring as well as stretching your comfort zone in trying new things!

I love a great adventure story, especially one that leaves you wanting more and wanting to know what is next!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Experiencing Your Own Life Adventures! Then get ready for the ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! Love to Hear About What You Have Been Up To, Please Share!

Clam Bayou Nature Preserve

In Gulfport, Florida

Clam Bayou is a 170-acre estuary between Gulfport, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida and Boca Ciega Bay. Home to the 10-acre Clam Bayou Nature Preserve Park.

  • Estuary
  • Nature Preserve
  • Walking Trails
  • Observation Decks
  • Canoe and Kayak Launch Point
  • Nearby is the City of Gulfport full-service Marina

I had mixed emotions exploring this nature preserve. I saw the wild beauty, but the park felt neglected. It was fairly clean, but not well maintained. I get that there needs to be a balance between use and conservation.

The Bayou



I came around a corner and on to an observation deck and it was like the birds were lined up for viewing. Here I am, Look at Me! 

Here’s the Lineup:




Mystery Bird

More Birdlife Hanging About



LOVE this Photo!



(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Exploring the “Wild” Side!

Discovering Your Path

Keeping On Track

How does one learn to relax and go with the flow in living this crazy thing called life?

Learning to Relax . . .

I am not hardwired to just let things happen let alone enough patience waiting for the process to unfold! However, I have tried pushing and pulling and it usually backfires. I am working on releasing that perfection and that expectation of how things are supposed to turn out. I am slowly recognizing that everything happens not to me, but for me if I practice and process to progress and keep moving forward!

I am learning three very important lessons on this journey of self though!

  1. I am learning to stop trying to find my my purpose every day.
  2. I am learning that I am okay with not knowing the next step.
  3. I am learning that nothing else can work right until I do.


I want to live each and every day with purpose and just conquer it! Every day is a new day, a new start. I approach the day with a good and positive attitude as well as a healthy and happy outlook. Why not, right! Life is way too short and it will pass you by if you let it. Why not be a part of it!

Learning to Fly By Exploring, Growing and Experiencing . . .


I am trying to embrace and enjoy exploring the unknown! Being open to the present and the possibilities and see what works best for me. I am trying to put the fear of the unknown on the down low. Reveling in the present moment more!

I ask myself the following questions.

  • Am I forgetting to be present?
  • Am I missing the journey in just racing to the destination and the next and the next?
  • Am I reaching and not grasping what I want let alone need?
  • Am I forgetting how important the process is, the journey?

Learning to Be Present and Journey Along . . .


Setbacks are opportunities.

Reverses are forwards.

Failures are life lessons in the disguise of successes!

Learning to Love, Believe, Hope, Etc. . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

We ALL are just trying to figure it out, right! We do not give ourselves enough credit. We have the gifts, the skills and the talents to be prepared for what comes our way. Give yourself a break already and just give yourself some much needed tender loving care!

Remember to Dance and Move With the Music!

Sometimes Keeping It SIMPLE Is the BEST! Minute by Minute, Moment by Moment – Making Memories by Gaining Life Experiences! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Walking On

The Wild Side

In Sawgrass Lake Park again. Can you tell I like to go here to explore and adventure.

The Wild

We encountered a gentleman on the boardwalk and he introduced us to Mama Gator. He stated she has about 24 babies. I saw one of the babies.

Mama Gator

Mama Gator

The Flora



These are Beauty Berries

The Unusual

I could not figure out what species of bird this was, so I sent a picture of it to the local Audubon Society to help me identify.

Let me introduce you to a Limpkin. Looks like a cross between a crane and a rail. However, this wading bird does not have any close relatives. I got to see not 1 but 2 Limpkins! These birds are usually solitary.

An unusual bird of southern swamps and marshes. These birds like to eat apple snails hence the shape of their long bill to extract the snails from their shells. This bird enters into Florida and Southern Georgia to satisfy its dietary requirement for apple snails.

I encourage you all to do an internet search for the “Limpkin Call”. Its screaming call is like a haunting banshee wail. This bird was too busy searching for food, so it did not make any noise when around it. In my research I found out these birds mainly call at dawn or at night. I cannot imagine traipsing through the swamp at night and hearing this bird scream – gives me goose bumps writing that!

The Fauna

The Birdlife





The Exotic

Do you see the snake?

(Photos by RSheridan)

Have You Taken A Walk On the Wild Side? Happy Exploring & Adventuring!

Inspirational Forces

Be Inspired . . .

In my opinion Elizabeth Gilbert is an inspirational force to me! Her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear just speaks volumes and on so many levels to my whole being. Creating and living a creative life! 

“Creative Forces of Enchantment.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

To Be Curious

I still embrace my curiosity as an adult!

I like the phrase “creative” living! It applies to each and everyone of us. We all have gifts, talents and passions that we need to share with ourselves as well as other people!

The fun part is discovering what you love and what gives you passion and purpose in living your life! Tuning into your whole being and tapping into what you love, makes you happy and brings you joy. I am practicing to go after what I love most! It inspires, motivates and energizes my whole being. I am learning to come from a place of love by following my heart and doing more of what I love to do!

A big part of that process is facing head on what I fear most! There is nothing wrong in being fearful, however; if it stops you from living your life then that is not a good place to be. Taking a hard look at your values and beliefs as well as your attitudes and habits. You have to learn how to process and work through that fear in order to keep moving forward in creating and living your life! 

The relationship between fear and creativity: “Fear is a desolate boneyard where our dreams go to desiccate in the hot sun.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

There needs to be that balance that works best for you and your whole being! Fear can be healthy in that it protects you from very real dangers. Every one of use is hardwired with a feeling of fear and sensing that fear to be good or bad. You have to create space and make boundaries to guide you in a safe and protected manner! 

Discovering . . .

To Be Free

I know the greatest lesson I have given myself and my whole being lately is practicing mindfulness! Just being in the present moment. I experience more passion and creativity as well as joy and happiness by being in that moment. That race to be all and do it all is draining and exhausting and really gets me nowhere with nothing gained!

It is about feeling inspired and motivated to explore, create and pursue what you want and need in creating and living your life! However, what matters is going for it and doing it! To be open to the possibilities. To be passionate to create.

Being inspired makes you open and motivated and energized to do more of what you love! To be curious to explore and try new things. To imagine and create. To communicate, interact, engage, and connect to your whole being. It can be a freeing process!

Just unleash your creative side and let it out to play!

Practicing . . .

To Be Brave

Here is the BIGGEST Revelation that I have had – Everything is Connected! There is meaning. There is purpose. There is conviction. Those unconnected events are connected in so many ways and on so many levels when it comes to creating and living our lives! 

The decisions and choices we make or do not make. Being stuck and getting unstuck.

The chances and the risks we take or do not take. Learning, growing and experiencing.

The way we respond and react. Changing and transitioning. Transforming and being true to who you are.

Everything is part of a bigger plan and some things come back around! Practicing, testing, learning. Developing, growing, experiencing. Every experience matters on some level in creating and living your life! 

Doing the things that scare you.

Being in the moment making those life memories.

Being humble as well as vulnerable to allow yourself to just go there, go for it and do it.

Taking That 1st Step . . .

To Be Creative

I practice cultivating creativity by making time to play, explore and adventure! Being able to use my imagination. Being able to express myself on many levels. By having creative outlets I am more effective and efficient in other areas of my life!

Being creative is about immersing myself in the process and enjoying being in that creative zone and flow of creative energy! It lets me stretch myself and try new things. It lets me explore my potential, gives me purpose and makes me feel good. Being creative is very much a part of my whole being!   

Being creative is about being aware of my surroundings and tapping into my senses! Paying attention and taking notice. Thinking outside of the box and coloring outside of the lines. That awareness creates inspiration and sparks creativity!

Creativity is like breathing at least for me! I see the good and the positive. I wish, hope and dream. I find life more exciting! 

Playing . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You Do To Inspire Creativity In Your Life Each and Every Day? Love to Hear, Please Share!

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