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Actively R&Ring

There is truly a balance when it comes to active R&R. You are actively seeking and setting R&R time for your whole, well being!

I think mental preparedness is just as important as physical preparedness! Especially in the 24-7 tech world we live in. Lately I think a good majority us are being challenged more mentally as well as physically these days. Hence the need to make that time to actively R&R!

How do you practice active R&R? How do you create the space to actively R&R?

You really have to do what makes sense and what works best for you and your whole, well being! Learning to invite R&R into your daily practice each and every day. Really try to not skip a day even if you can give yourself 5-to-15 minutes. It matters and is so worth it! 

  • Pausing to think and just clear the mind.
  • Taking the time to tune into your emotions and feelings.
  • Slowing down to know what your whole being truly needs.
  • Reflecting and listening.
  • Easing the energies and shifting down a bit.
  • Grounding yourself to find some much needed balance and calm.
  • Embracing those lazier and maybe do nothing days.
  • Releasing and letting go (i.e. guilt, doing everything, etc.).

That mind body connection is strong right now! Everything from what is going on inside you to what is going on outside of you is connected in a major way right now!

You actively need to know what grounds you! Finding that balance and calm!

There has been a lot of being cooped up and that can instill bouts of boredom, frustration, etc. In a lot ways this has us putting our creative hats on to stay connected and engaged. The busyness and noise versus the ebb and flow. Becoming one with yourself in embracing the quiet and solitude.

It is okay to feel your emotions and thoughts. I think all of us experience great, energetic days to sluggish, mentally burned days. Mainlining the sugar and caffeine may not be the long-term answer when you need a boost of energy. Maybe it is actively relaxing and resting!

There is a lot of missing going on with your greatest someones, your sense of community and belonging, etc.  We are looking for the lightness and fulfillment again. Some of that comes from having no choice in having to slow down. To tune into what we need to be safe.

Sometimes you have that “aha” moment where what is truly bothering you comes to surface like a light bulb over your being! Once that happens then you can work out the solution to resolve it. In opening yourself up to tune into your whole being you start to bring clarity. That reflection can be so restorative, calming and freeing!

It is very much about inviting relaxation in! To feel versus think. To let go versus keeping it in. To receive versus give. Setting that intention to practice active R&R!

Discover that joy and find what makes you happy for your whole, well being! How to comfort and sooth. How to open and expand when feeling constricted. How to self care and self love. To just go easier on yourself!

Practicing nourishing and nurturing!  Pause to breathe and reorient yourself. Cultivate to shift and grow. It connects your whole being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Practicing Active R&R and Doing What is BEST for YOU and Your Whole Being!

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Staying Active

Keep Moving

Staying active and being physical can be an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle! Staying active keeps your mind challenged and your spirit connected too!

Keep On Keeping On! (Photo by RSheridan)

Staying Active

I prefer being active to being idle. I can become your worst nightmare if cooped up for too long with nothing to do. When I was a kid I loved being outside exploring and creating adventures. I still do and escape the 40-hour desk jockey gig as much as possible. You have to find that balance in your life when it comes to being active!

Being Physical

Do you try to get 30 minutes of exercise in each day? I brisk walk if I am not able to hit the gym or get a full workout in. Plus I have cut back on the exercising to 3 days a week too. Being inactive can take a toll on your body, especially if you sit or stand for long periods of time.

Getting Physical (Photo by RSheridan)

The BEST thing about being physical is the extra energy and being able to go for longer periods at a time! Plus you certainly improve your health; body, mind and spirit!

The benefits of being physical are:

  • An increase in your strength to protect your bones, joints and muscles
  • An increase in stamina and overall flexibility
  • Helps prevents injuries, especially falls
  • Helps develop better form and posture
  • Helps keep your mind challenged
  • Helps keep your spirit connected

Imagine if you had the ability and ease to do the things you needed to do on a daily basis! Just being able to live your life to the fullest!

Just Start Today and Keep Moving – Make Staying Active and Being Physical a Daily Habit – Your Body Will Love You!!!

Strike a Pose

Let Your Body Go With the Flow

I have learned a valuable lesson and that is you can take being active to the extreme (and not in a good way at times). Taking it to the extreme can result in wear and tear to your joints (repetitive motions), really sore muscles (internally – take time to heal) and even result in injury. That is NOT GOOD for you and your body!

I am still learning how to tune into my body and its mechanics. How you move, how you breath and how you stretch. Your spine, bones, joints, and muscles will “Thank You”! You may even decrease, eliminate or avoid pain. That would be nice!

The worse thing you can do to your body is sit for long periods of time. Then you add the hunch to the mix; computer, cell, tablet, etc. We will have to start reminding each other to sit up straight, head up and shoulders back. That will be the new workout in the workplace of 8 hour, 10 hour, 12 hour, even 14 hour days. SCARY, right!

Then there are those “Stressors” that surround us on a daily basis. How to handle, how to avoid, how to not have them take over our lives, etc. That is a work in progress for me as well as learning how to relax. I feel like a rubberband or stuck on a springboard some days. It takes a physical toll on you as well as zaps your energy!

Here’s to Good Posture!

  • Helps You Look Healthy
  • Strengthens Your Bones
  • Gives You Flexibility
  • Helps You Maintain Mobility
  • Gives You a Boost of Energy

STRIKING (Photo by RSheridan)

You Know You Can Do It!!!

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