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Experiences Are Part of Your Story

Creating Your Story One Experience, One Moment, One Chapter At A Time

You find your path and define it as you go along. Your path sets you on the course to journey along. Those experiences and those moments become a part of the story you create.

Journeying Along . . .

  • There are times you have to ask for help along the way. This helps you communicate, interact, connect, and engage.
  • There are times you have to ask for directions. This helps you in stopping to process. This helps you in pausing to breathe. This helps you redirect.
  • There are times you have to unpack and regroup; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This helps you create space and set boundaries. This also helps you learn how to release and let go of what is no longer working or serving your best interests.

Opening Up . . . Being . . . Letting Go . . .

It can be uncomfortable to open yourself up, however; vulnerability helps you grow and evolve! Being vulnerable is okay and not a weakness or flaw. It can become an essential part of who you are and how you express yourself by living from within your being! Humility goes a long way too.

We all experience the good, the bad, at times the ugly, and everything in between! You can be in control of how you make decisions and choices. You can be in control of how you respond and react. It can serve you or sabotage you and you choose which one it will be! 

Make the time to slow down and be more! All that rushing about. All those excuses about not having the time. Stop the “busyness” – your 20’s turn into your 40’s and your 40’s into your 80’s before your own eyes in hurrying and rushing about to the next and the next and the next!

Sink Your Toes Into the Sand!

Remember . . .

  • MAKE Time For Yourself. Make the space you need for you and your whole well being.
  • DO What You Love. Find the fun and play as well as the joy and happiness.
  • TAKE Note of the Beauty Around You. Practice to progress . . . Be grateful, appreciative and thankful . . . Celebrate more . . .
  • EMBRACE Your Journey. Explore, adventure, travel . . . Communicate and interact as well as engage and connect . . . Learn, experience growth and gain life experiences . . .

Play, Laugh & Have Fun . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Your Whole Being Will Thank You & You Will Feel Better In Your Health and Happiness! What Are You Doing for Your Whole Being? Love to Hear, Please Share.

The Learning Path

Staying The Course

There is nothing better than when the pieces click into place! That feeling of enlightenment and lightness. That feeling of freedom with a twist of enchantment. That feeling of being proud of yourself for doing it, going through the experience and accomplishing it!

You are more open to expand, especially in your personal development and growth! Oh the possibilities and the opportunities. The creativity. The connection you have to yourself, to others and to the world you live in.


Think about how lucky and how blessed you are to experience those moments that become a part of you! That help you learn, grow and experience. That make you smile and laugh! That help you just be and to be mindful and present. That give you pure bliss, joy and happiness!  

  • You have to seek what you need and want as well as what you dream and desire.
  • You have to be open to the opportunities and be willing to learn, grow and experience.
  • You have to learn how to believe and value as well as love and trust yourself.
  • You have to tune into your inner voice and tap into your inner self.
  • You have to nurture and nourish your whole well being.

It is wonderful when your inner being finds its voice again. It is amazing when your inner guidance system kicks in and you begin sending and receiving. It is amazing when you live your life by giving your inner being the opportunity to shine from within.

Remember to find your learning path to stay on course in those good times as well as the challenging times! To come from a place of love to follow your heart. To let your inner self guide by shining through to provide much needed light. To remind yourself to journey along and not rush or race from destination to destination!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What are you grateful for? For Oh So Much! Love to Hear, Please Share.

Focusing Inward

Reflecting & Redirecting

Do you know the percentage of time you spend focused on technology every day? Especially when technology assists you in your 8 to 5 job. Especially when you are waiting or bored. We spend a good majority of our time reacting to technology!

Technology has broaden our worlds. However, we react more than reflect and at times that gives us no sense of direction. Our attention and focus is so directed outwards with technology, especially cell phones, computers and technology devices and even televisions. Are we truly thinking for ourselves at times?

You lose your sense of direction throughout the day in responding to technology because it is distracting and disrupting! You need to remember to take the time to just be and shut if off for a few minutes throughout the day. When you take the time to step back it gives you clarity and a chance to regroup your thinking processes. You may even feel like a more productive, efficient being too!

How about directing that focus inward for a change of pace?

Focusing Inward . . .

Do you want to be a part of the world you are living in? Life does not have to happen to us if we learn how to take back the controls. To be in control of our lives, especially the choices and decisions we make on a daily basis. To be more present and mindful instead of looking to the future for the next latest and greatest! You can be in the present and prepare for your desired future. That is inspiration to find your passion to be purposeful. That is motivation to find what you love to do to be successful. 

  • Do you reflect at the end of the day, week or month? How?
  • Do you practice releasing and letting go, especially of what is not working for you or serving your best interests?

Journeying . . . Experiencing . . . Growing . . .

We all need to make the time for ourselves, especially in listening to our needs! You need to tune into your inner voice and tap into your inner knowledge, guidance and wisdom. That is where you find your passions and learn what you love to do. That is where you find your emotions, feelings and thoughts. That is where you find your connection to communicate, interact and engage.

  • Do you address your actions, behaviors, emotions, and/or feelings? What about your habits and routines? Anything need an adjustment, change and/or just do away with?
  • Do you know what makes you confident and empowered? Do you know what is holding you back or in place?

Being . . . Reflecting . . . Redirecting . . .

There are times where we need to zoom in and other times where we need to zoom out! Sometimes the details bog us down and we need to focus on a bigger scope. Sometimes the big picture is getting in the way of the details. A little reflection and redirection helps make things clearer! 

  • Do you look at the details as well as the big picture? Do you see the shades of gray among the black and white?

Details . . . Big Picture . . . & Everything In Between . . .

Remember to ask yourself each and every day!

  • Am I learning as well as making mistakes?
  • Am I creating?
  • Am I experiencing growth?
  • Am I gaining the life experiences I need and want as well as dream and desire?

By getting to know who you are and how you tick you get to know your whole self for the better! It can be loving and caring. It can be freeing and transforming. It can be rewarding in so many ways (i.e. health, happiness, abundance, etc.)!

Filling Your Bucket for Your Needs, Wants, & Desires (Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Make Time For Yourself and Your Whole Being? Love to Hear, Please Share.

You Are Love

You Are Loved

Think about the love you give to yourself as well as others, especially your greatest someones!

Loving, Growing, Experiencing . . .

Sense of Self

How do you tune into your sense of self and tap into your inner being?

  • Belief, value, trust.
  • Love, care, kindness, compassion.
  • Making time to go within yourself.
  • Connecting to your breath to reconnect with your whole being.
  • Being there for you and supporting yourself.

Create that space for yourself to have some much needed “me” time! To do what you want you want even if it means doing nothing.

Sense of Community

We all have that innate sense to belong and be a part of a bigger world. To communicate, interact and connect. To find that support. To spend time with others and not be such a solitary being. You find comfort in being within a community.

Being part of a community is a great way to learn, create and experience! To just be; present and mindful. To refresh and recharge. To give back and receive in return. The possibilities and opportunities are awaiting you!

This sense of community may bring out the adventurer in you too! Want to try something new. How about trying it by being part of a bigger group. A popular term in my community is the “exercise social” where you combine community, exercise/play and fun.

Love, Belief, Hope . . .

Sense of Direction

How do you share and spread the love with yourself as well as others, especially your greatest someones?

  • Remind yourself that you are love and that you are loved.
  • Remind yourself to believe, value and trust in who you are.
  • Remind yourself to come from a place of love by listening to your heart and what it needs, wants and desires.
  • Remind yourself to be open to receiving as well as giving.
  • Remind yourself to share and spread the loving kindness.

How do you direct your focus, especially your passions and purpose?

  • By being . . .
  • By doing . . .
  • By learning
  • By experiencing . . .

The one that matters and is important is creating your own path to journey on!

Creating Your Own Path to Journey! (Photos by RSheridan)

Love Sweet Love! Love to Hear How You Share The Loving Kindness!

Guiding Yourself By . . .

Tuning Into Your Energy,

Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

You know you are your greatest supporter and protector, right! 


How do you tune into your energy?

  • Doing more of what you love.
  • Exploring more of your creative self.
  • Making time for yourself.
  • Taking the time to relax and rest throughout the day, week, month, and year.
  • Nurturing and nourishing your whole well being.

“Develop a discipline of listening to your feelings and trusting their wisdom

as energetic signposts along your personal journey to help guide yourself toward

that which is in alignment with your truest values and deeper visions.”~Jenny Clarke

How do you tap into your inner strength?

  • Being in charge and controlling your choices and decisions.
  • Making time for self care and self love; self confidence and self independence and support.
  • Believing, valuing and trusting yourself; self worth and empowerment.
  • Communicating, interacting and connecting to your whole being from the inside out.
  • Learning to release and let go of what is no longer working or serving you.

How Are You Filling Your Bucket? (Photos by RSheridan)

Really Think About What Gives You Fulfillment and Satisfaction! Remember to Create That Space For Your Whole Well Being. Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

The Journey of Self

Discovering The True Version Of Your Self

This speaks volumes to me!

“We are not our life hats. We are not our professions. We are not our life roles.

In the end, we are that inner observer that sees, feels and experiences all these outside influences.

Losing these hats does not mean losing yourself – it just means starting a new adventure.”~Cristina Bold

I have been tuning into my inner being more and more!

Tuning . . . Listening . . . Embracing . . .

Really ask yourself these questions . . .

  1. Where does your self worth come from?
  2. What are your intrinsic beliefs and values?
  3. What do you want, need, crave in living your life?
  4. What is leading you; your heart or your mind?
  5. Are we ever prepared?

Practicing . . . Filling . . . Experiencing . . .

I am a planner and a preparer! I am learning though that when something does feel right to not overthink it. Go for it and do it! You cannot prepare for every experience. Sometimes you just have to let those experiences happen and embrace it. I am finding that learning to go with the flow can be quite the eye opening experience!

I am practicing to progress to discover who I am and be true to myself! I do not have to know my purpose. I can explore and find what I love to do. I can discover what I want, need and crave in living my life!

I am learning from my mistakes and celebrating my successes! I am learning to practice to progress. I am learning to do what is best for me and my whole being. I am learning that a journey of self is a great way to discover your true self and become a better version of your self too! 

Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

 Are You On A Journey Of Self? If So, How Is It Going? Love to Hear, Please Share Your Successes, Milestones, Celebrations, etc.

Creating Those Moments

Within Your Story

How do you capture those moments within your story? Do you journal, blog, social media, photos, etc.?

I find it is a way to remain present throughout the day, week and/or month! That inspiration and motivation. That happiness and joy. Those things that light me up and make me shine from within. I find it is a way to be mindful and grateful in truly appreciating what I have in my life! 

Creating . . .

It is about creating and cultivating what you need, want and crave in your life! It is about directing and guiding yourself down your path. It is about creating your story and those moments within your story! It is about journeying along.

It is your place of joy and happiness. It is your place of calm and clarity. It is a place of creativity and idea making. It is a place of gains, rewards, successes, and abundances.

Being . . .

It is about creating space for yourself to be mindful and to be present! To focus on the good and the positive. To take the time to release and let go of what is no longer working for you or serving your best interests! To clear out the mental and emotional clutter. To get out of your head and listen to your whole being from within! 

It is about what you can do for you! The love, care and support you give to your whole being. The love and presence you share with others, especially your greatest someones. The kindness and generosity that you want to share with yourself as well as others! 

Space . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Moments Are You Creating and Capturing? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Creating Your Why

Ready, Start, GO!!!

Do You Create Your Why?

  • What do you need, want and/or crave?
  • Why do you need, want and/or crave “abc”?
  • What do you want to pursue?
  • Why do you want to pursue “xyz”?

You have to start somewhere, right!  Why not start by creating your why!

  • Start practicing and building.
  • Start learning and developing.
  • Start experiencing growth and gaining life experiences.
  • Start listening to your inner knowing, following your heart and believing, valuing and trusting in yourself.
  • Start creating your story, following your path and journeying along.

Do Not Wait – Start & Just GO!

Up For the Challenge

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.”~Chalene Johnson

Are You Up to the Challenge?

You are in control of the choices you make each and every day!

Are You Open to the Possibilities and Opportunities?

You have the power to change and for the better too! 

Are You Seeing the Good and the Positive?

Yes. No. Maybe.

I Am Up for the Challenge!

I am not sure if I was born a questioner or if it was instilled in me at a young age! It certainly has helped me in going after what I want. I think for myself and ask questions; lots of questions!

When I think about conquering today I think about two things! 

  1. Waking up excited.
  2. Going to sleep knowing tomorrow is another day to live it.

I tune into and tap into that communication, interaction and connection with myself and my whole being! It is inspiring, motivating and energizing. It is calming, balancing and grounding. I feel connected to myself, my whole being and my life!

You have to believe and trust in yourself ! Believe that you deserve to be here. Trust that you are right where you need to be. You are in control in your power of choice!

Get to know yourself to love yourself and live from within yourself! This helps you discover what you want and need in creating, loving and living your life. To do what you love and love what you do. Choose the challenge to be and to do for you!

I go to sleep at night knowing I lived a present life as well as a creative life! 

Do Not Forget To Remember Your Why

As You Journey Along . . .

  • Why did you decide to commit to these changes for yourself?
  • How will/do you feel? (i.e. emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc.)
  • How do you stay committed and on course?
  • How do you define success, gains, rewards, abundance, etc.?
  • What are your beliefs, values and truths that keep you true to who you are?

You have to navigate yourself in order to direct yourself down the path to go after what you really want! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

No One Will Give It To You, Except YOU! You Have to Claim It and Own It!

Your Self

Putting YOU Out There

I discuss on this blog about becoming a better version of yourself and being a healthier and happier being. For me it is a lifestyle change/decision and a journey of self.

I do not always care for the word change though! Not that it is a bad word or even a good word at times. I see change more like a beginning! A transition or a new chapter. The start of a new day each and every day!

It is more about the freedom to be able to choose and make decisions for myself and my whole being. Be the one in charge!

Learning to Go With the Flow . . .

It is about balance!

  • How do you make time and spend time for yourself?
  • What truly matters in your life?
  • How do you deal without being consumed each and every day?
  • What do you focus on at any one time? (i.e. the task at hand, the top 3, all of it, etc.)

I so wish I was an easy going and go with the flow type of person! I am not though! We all are in a constant state of flux daily.

Taking It Easy!

However, I do want to put my best self out there! I also want to be a healthier and happier being too. I am so truly blessed in living the life I have!

You can live your life how you want to live it! You do not need to change your life before you begin though. You do need to do what works BEST for YOU

  • Do what you love to do.
  • Explore your passions.
  • Focus your energies on what is best for you.
  • Find your balance.
  • Get curious and stretch your comfort zone.
  • Learn, experience growth and gain experiences.
  • Travel and adventure.

Journeying Along . . . Creating Your Story . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Just Begin! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

The Act of Self

In Holding Yourself Back

On this journey of self I still find it amazing what stops me in my tracks and sets me a few steps back! Almost feel like a child again in trouble learning a lesson the hard way!

The “over” everything and anything was stuck on hamster wheel doing 90 mph and going nowhere fast! Who wants to be trapped and stuck!

Do away with those self sabotaging behaviors and get out of your own way! It is a process that has to be practiced and learned over and over again as well as over time. I need to do what works best for me!

  • Practice to progress and grow.
  • Learn to develop and experience.
  • Nurture happiness and nourish healthiness.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and stretch.
  • Love and support yourself.

I did a reset for myself in 2015! I felt myself settling and not in a good way. I kept having all these “un” words pop in my head! I was starting to lower my expectations and not care about certain things in my life. I needed to start creating the life I loved and experiencing the new again!

The biggest lesson was in getting to the heart of the matter for my whole being! Getting out of my head and listening to my heart. Setting the fears aside and coming from a place of love. Believing and trusting in myself again. Being true to who I am and going after what I love!

I needed to change direction and go down a different path! I needed to be a happier and healthier being. I have not looked back!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s To Moving Forward With Your Eye On What You Want! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

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