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Manifesting Passion

Tuning & Tapping Into It!

What Does Passion Mean? Where Does It Come From?

Self Being & Self Love

I think about self being and self love. What are you receiving? What are you giving, especially of yourself? How are you caring and loving your whole being?

  • Building a solid foundation to live from.
  • Tuning into your whys to tap into your needs and wants.
  • Dreaming and desiring.
  • Coming from a place of love. Following your heart.

It is about valuing and honoring yourself! Knowing how to receive and give. Giving and receiving is about the way you treat yourself and how you treat others too. Creating space and setting boundaries. How you show up in your life to be there for yourself and your greatest someones!

Compassion & Empathy

I think about compassion and empathy. Tuning into your feelings, emotions and thoughts as well as others. Understanding that we all are on our own journeys!

  • How are you supportive to yourself as well as others?
  • How do you approach the way you speak, interact and connect?
  • How do you show and share kindness, compassion and care?
  • How do you step outside of yourself and at times your comfort zone to be there for another person?

Really think about developing your coping toolkit and practicing compassion and empathy! Learning to expand and be more open. Developing a willingness to fully immerse yourself in your experiences. Practicing to be less reactionary by tuning into the care, especially in reflecting how you want to be treated and treating others the same way. You have the same need as everyone else to feel loved, appreciated and connected! 

Control & Power

I think about control and power. How many energies do you have inside of you to tune and tap into. It is about using your time and energy effectively and efficiently. You cannot be and do for all!

  • The need to pause to reflect.
  • The need to relax and rest to re-energize and recharge.
  • The need to ask for help and support.

Remember to take care of you and make yourself a priority! There are times you may need to power through, but then give yourself a much needed break and some down time. You can learn not to take on so much and even say no to certain things. You can slow down or even step back. You need to find your natural rhythm in living your life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts! Please Share.


Keeping it Real

With Yourself

I love Jude Temple’s approach to living more authentically, especially your “Authentic Self”! 

  1. Be a good zookeeper.
  2. Listen to your body.
  3. Shut the “should” up.
  4. Try not trying.
  5. Tell the truth.
  6. Gather your tribe.

One BIG World Out There!

#1 – Be A Good Zookeeper

Love This!

“Be a good zookeeper. It’s easier to connect with your Authentic Self when your physical self is content.

Our bodies are essentially animals, so be a good zookeeper to your animal. Feed it food it enjoys, keep it well-hydrated,

and offer it regular access to its preferred environment. A happy body creates a strong link to your Authentic Self.” ~Jude Temple

Hello! YOU!!!

#2 – Listen To Your Body

Your body will take you down if you do not listen to it! 

Ask yourself “How do you feel?”!

  • How do you communicate, interact and connect with your whole being?
  • How does your body feel when it experiences joy and excitment as well as happiness and contentment?
  • How does your body feel when it feels passionate and has a sense of purpose?
  • How does your body feel when you are open to the possibilities and expanding yourself to the opportunities?
  • How does listening to your body instead of your mind make you feel?

Cultivating . . . Listening . . . Growing . . .

#3 – Shut the “should” up

The words could, should and would need to be replaced with the words can, do and will! Along with the shoulds is the gottas and have tos. Instead start coming from a place of love and following your heart! 

Give yourself permission without the guilt in doing what you are passionate about, especially in what you love! Get curious and explore. Play, laugh and have fun; find your inner BIG kid! Do what brings you joy and happiness.

Loving, Believing, Hoping . . .

#4 – Try Not Trying

Give yourself a break! 

  • Less overthinking.
  • Being more in the present.
  • Creating space by setting boundaries to value and respect yourself.
  • Practicing to progress, grow and gain experiences.
  • Going within yourself to find YOU!
  • Listening to your inner being.
  • Leading with your heart instead of your head.
  • Making time for yourself.
  • Focusing on your breathing.
  • Taking time to relax and rest.

Time Out!

#5 – Tell The Truth

Telling the truth is not always easy, especially when it comes to the willingness to tell the truth to yourself! It can be tricky in finding that balance. The emotions, feelings and thoughts that the truth evokes in yourself and your whole being. It is important to express yourself and it it matters to have a voice, especially in being in control to make decisions and choices for YOU!

“Think of your Authentic Self as the you-est version of you.

She is your innate tendencies, your natural qualities, and your hard-wired personal preferences.

She is the part of you that likes salty over sweet, prefers an evening at home over a night out barhopping, and would choose Ryan Gosling over Ryan Reynolds any day of the week.

Your Authentic Self is the part of you that loves what she loves, wants what she wants, and knows precisely how to get there (if you let her).” ~Jude Temple

Baby steps can be key in getting started in telling the truth to yourself! You learn to pay attention and become more aware. You develop and experience personal growth on so many levels. You start to value, respect, believe, and trust in yourself; that is a HUGE step!

Telling . . . Gathering . . . Living . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

#6 – Gather Your Tribe

Be around the people who get you and value who you truly are! The communication, the interaction and the connection.Be around the people that love and support you! Love yourself and love your greatest someones. Gaining life experiences and making lifelong memories! 

Remember – You Make Yourself and Your Whole Being Happy! Embrace Your Authentic Self. Make Time For the Relationship With Yourself. Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

The Greatest Embrace

You Can Give To Yourself

To accept who you are and where you are!

  • Carving your own path.
  • Creating your own story.
  • Experiencing personal growth.
  • Journeying along.
  • Gaining life experiences.

The acceptance you give yourself helps you experience personal growth! It helps you change, transition and transform! 

I really did not understand the meaning behind releasing and letting go until I was in my 40’s! That was way to much baggage and clutter to be carrying around. What took me so long! In letting go you take back control and are in charge. You take the actions to create what you are seeking! 

Self love, self care, self kindness, and self compassion are the best tools to carry with you! 

Carving . . .

Creating . . .

Growing . . .

Journeying . . .

Exploring . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Do You Give To You? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Sense of Self

Practicing Self . . .

How do you practice self? To tune into and tap into your sense of self! 

Self Control

  • Take charge and be in control of you.
  • Set boundaries for yourself.
  • Make good choices and decisions for yourself.
  • Take responsibility for your choices and actions.
  • Take responsibility for your decisions and the consequences.

When you make good choices and decisions you improve, change and grow! You practice and learn and then do it all over again. If you do not like the end result then choose differently!

The best boundary you can set for yourself is knowing how to state no! In setting boundaries for yourself, you are valuing yourself. Others know what is acceptable to you and how to treat you. You matter and boost your self worth!

Self Strengths

You physical strong helps your emotional strength! You and your whole being are stronger than you think and give yourself credit for. We all are “discovering our strong”! Practicing and learning your strengths helps you build a solid foundation to experience personal growth from. Once you realize your inner strength(s) there is nothing that you cannot do! 

You self strengths include relaxation and rest as well as using your energies effectively and efficiently! How do you slow down? How do you connect to your whole being? What is your outlet; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

Self Knowing

Your inner voice, the trust you have in yourself and following your gut instinct! That inner knowing and how to trust it and to voice your truth. Practice trusting what you know and believing in yourself!

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ~Goethe 

You define your worth and you can learn to love yourself and your whole being! Your beliefs and values. Your voice to express yourself. You can and do for YOU!

It is important to teach yourself how to trust your own intuition!

I recently read an article about the inner bond that you have with yourself! I have not thought about it like that before and it got me thinking. Where was that when I lost myself a bit a few years back. Practicing that connection that you have with yourself and your personal source of truth!

Being able to find and follow that path back again and again in trusting yourself, especially when you have lost that trust in yourself! It helps you cope and be more resilient. It really changes everything around when it seems a little upside down! The trust as well as the belief in yourself and how you value and stay true to who you are. Mind Blown!

You are in control! You make better decisions and choices. You see right and wrong with clarity. You listen to yourself more than others in making those decisions and choices that serve you best! 

You tap into your gut instincts and intuitions! You tune into your inner voice. You have the ability to come from a place of love and tone down the fear better. Your inner guidance and radar system starts kicking in to better warn you!

That is Self Growth On the Highest Level!

Self Love

What do you like or even love about yourself? Your qualities and assets. Your talents and gifts.

Practice self love and self care. Practice self compassion and self gratitude.

Being honest and true to who you are! Especially in believing and in trusting yourself. Being self aware and self confident. Who you are and who you want to be? 

Self Compassion

Practicing and learning self compassion is about loving you and your whole being!

Love and compassion. Care and support. Kindness and positiveness. Forgiveness and acceptance.

Self compassion helps you cope and build resilience! You have your own back. You are your own best friend and cheerleader. You are your biggest supporter in going after what it is you need to live the life you love!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Practicing! Love to Hear What You Are Doing For You, Please Share!

Intentions of Self

An Intentional Practice

Self love and self care are so IMPORTANT in living your life and coming from a place of love each and every day! There should be no guilt or shame in putting yourself and your needs first. Setting self intentions is a GOOD practice! You give back to yourself and in doing so can give back to others.

My Top 5

  • I will listen to myself and take care of myself and my needs for today.
  • I will eat well and be active throughout my day.
  • I will connect to my breathe and just be.
  • I will come from a place of love.
  • I will be open to the opportunities to learn, grow and gain experiences.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Intentions Are You Setting For Yourself Today? Love to Hear, Please Share.

Relationship of Self

Like, Love Yourself

I like “me” and enjoy connecting with myself! I love myself and love the attraction with my whole being!

My Top 3

  • Practicing
  • Learning
  • Gaining


There is no greater experience than discovering myself one layer at a time! The getting to know about me, myself and my whole being more and more. I am finding that it is not about perfecting and bettering myself to get the jump on myself and get there first. I am learning that practice helps me progress and gain experiences!

The relationship that I have with myself is now a daily practice! I practice mindfulness, calm and patience. I practice love and kindness. I practice compassion and forgiveness by releasing and letting go. I am learning that it is a mindset change in the way I take charge and make decisions in living my life each and every day!

Practice helps me create the space I need and want to learn, grow and gain life experiences! It makes me feel good and it makes me feel stronger from the inside out. Practice helps me learn about my whole being on so many levels! I fall down and pick myself up. I learn from every communication and interaction including conflict because it is an opportunity to understand one another and nurture each other! I learn from my challenges and struggles including the good, the bad and the ugly. I am learning to face it head on and not fear or run from it!


Every day is an opportunity to learn! I especially enjoy learning about myself and what makes me tick. What I love and want to do more of! What I need and want in my life and out of living my life. How I correlate and compliment my world and the greater world I live in. Being more open and soaking and savoring what is going on around me!

Learning is about growing, changing and transitioning as a person! I am learning to not resist change and that change can be good and for the better. I am learning to come from a place of love instead of fear in getting out there to experience living my life each and every day. Taking baby steps by learning one thing at a time!

In learning about myself I am more open to learning more in general! I enjoy that communication and interaction with others. I love learning about people, places, cultures, history, etc. I am just a small part of this BIG WORLD and that is AMAZING!


There is a fine balance between being aware of what you gain in learning, changing and growing that relationship with yourself! Focus on strengths not weaknesses. Focus on successes and not failures. Focus on the good and the positive and not the not so good and the negative. Acknowledge the good and the positive, take pride in it and CELEBRATE it!

I love taking the time to be in the present and focus on the task at hand! Day dream and ponder the good stuff in life. Stop overthinking, taking everything on and then giving yourself the biggest guilt trip because you did not do it all. Just nurture and nourish myself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

The Relationship of Self is about Practice, Process and Progress! It is about Learning, Growing and Experiencing! It is about Creating Your Story and Journeying Along! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Taking A Time Out

To Do What You Want and

To Do What You Love To Do

Do you add play time to your day?

I like to schedule in my play time and leisure time throughout the week and the month! Be it 5 minutes to 15 minutes to 30 minutes during the week. Be it 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer on the weekends. I have put the guilt on the down low and do it for myself and my whole being. I am a better person for it and to be around!

There are so many FREE options available too! Hitting the trail to going to the park to hanging out in the great outdoors. Gathering and hanging out with family and friends. Taking the time to read, write, photograph, and just be creative. Just find a place to play, leisure and escape for a while!

Do you add movement and motion to your day?

I pretty much have to move around every 3o minutes to an hour or I become the tin man; need oil STAT! It takes work to get the whole being to work efficiently and effectively. It is about making better choices when it comes to eating, moving and being well. Instead of thinking about exercising think about playing and having fun!

Do you make every day the weekend?

I know this one is a stretch and even I struggle with it come Monday! I know for me it is more about reflecting on the past weekend or looking forward to the coming weekend that inspires, motivates and drives me. I like to let my week and weekend unfold and not schedule it to the Nth degree! It gives me freedom and adds some spontaneity to my week. It boosts my mood and makes me happy!

Do you escape to wander and get lost?

I am talking about . . .

  • Day dreaming, visioning and meditating.
  • Getting outside for a walk.
  • Taking a nap and dreaming a little dream.
  • Reading, writing and being creative.
  • Arm chair traveling and looking at photography.
  • Sleeping in or spending time at home.

I find it a great way to connect to my whole being! To nurture and nourish. To be curious and explore. I find it feeds and fuels my creativity and passions!

Do you release and let go throughout the day? Breathe in, Breathe Out!

I find it cleansing to release and let go throughout the day! I can connect with my breathe and start anew. It is about being mindful and aware as well as being grateful! It helps control and keep in check the emotions, the reactions and the attitude. Hold on to the good experiences and let the rest go!  

Do you indulge? Within reason and moderation of course.

I am not talking just about eating, but doing something nice for yourself! I enjoy a  little indulgence now and then because it makes living my life a little better and even a little sweeter. We all know where restriction and deprivation gets us at times. Just a little pick me up in treating yourself every once in a while!

Have you laughed today? Hard and uncontrollable where you almost PYP – ha!

There is nothing better or more cleansing then a good laugh! The type of laughter that burns calories and has your stomach muscles feeling the burn. I like when you get the giggles and it pretty much lasts all day long. Just find something that makes you laugh throughout the day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Doing The Best For Your Whole Being and Finding What Works Best For You In Doing It! Love to Hear, Please Share! 

Top 5 Qualities

The Attraction of Self

What Are Your Top 5 Qualities? Those qualities that are attractive to you and your sense of self. Those qualities that you love about yourself! Those qualities that make you who you are and make up your unique self.

That sense of control, power and energy!

#1 – Integrity

I need to be true to who I am and live my life by believing and trusting in who I am! It is about being honest with myself and other people. It is about listening to my intuition to make sound choices and decisions. It is about being aware of my strengths and weaknesses, my challenges and my successes and my mistakes and learning lessons. I am able to grow as a person and gain life experiences!

#2 – Strength

I love discovering my strong! I am so lucky to have strong women in my life.

#3 – Adventuring

When I say adventuring I mean being present, having a purpose and finding direction in living my life!

I am practicing to be in the present moment more! I want to be able to connect myself to the here and now. I need to engage my other core by listening to myself, following my heart and trusting my gut way more than I already do!

I am still working on the purpose driven life. I do love the process of discovering who I am and what I want and where I want to be in living my life! I want to interact, connect and share with myself and with other people. I love tapping into my wishes, dreams and passions! I enjoy taking time to play, laugh and have fun.

I am not a navigator. I find myself and my direction by wandering and getting lost! I want to get out there, do it, experience it, and live it each and every day. I will find my direction to the path to journey on!

 #4 – Creative

I love to fuel and feed my creative side! I am trapped inside the box in my 8 to 5 professional world. I am passionate about writing, reading and photography. I enjoy being able to stimulate and engage my whole mind and my whole being through creativity!

#5 Humor

I get my sense of humor and can certainly laugh at myself! I find that it helps put me in a better mood. I find that I can control my emotional self through my humorous self! I feel lighter and happier as if a weight has been lifted off of me through laughter.

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Top Qualities? Please Share, Love to Hear!!!

Journey of Self

Taking Charge In a Good Way

I am the person in charge of my life and how I live it! I am the person in charge of my calm and peace. I am the person in charge of my happiness and enjoyment. I am the person in charge of living the life I do have and wanting more of it!

Taking Charge and Steering

The hardest part for me is keeping my emotions, feelings and thoughts in check! I have to remind myself that I can change the way I think and think differently about certain things. I just have to put it into practice way more than I actually do! I think sometimes gaining a different perspective on certain things can be a good thing. I cannot live my life in just black and white!

I started setting boundaries for myself not to guard myself, but to have the ability to not take everything so serious and personal at times! It is that boundary between what my mind and my emotions is picking up on versus what is truly happening to and around me.

Setting . . . Letting . . . Releasing

The one power I have been using more of lately is “No!”. I want to commit to a few things that I do really well and not get wrapped up in the overall crazy busyness. I tend to lose myself and my sense of self when I try to take it all on and try to do it all. It does not work and it is exhausting too!

I feel in being self aware I am more accepting of myself and who I truly am when it comes to living a fuller and healthier life! I am working on being more mindful and in the present moment. I want to gain those life lessons and those life experiences in order to grow as a person for the better. I am so lucky for what I do have in my life!

I feel in being self aware I am able to get back on my feet and be able to cope with what life hands me too! I am going to experience certain things in my life that I really do not want to deal with. However, I know I have the skills and the support from others to help me deal with it and to keep me moving forward. I prefer to have a positive outlook and a good laugh when the going gets rough too!

Gaining . . . Growing . . . Experiencing

The one thing I would like to do better in my life is to communicate, interact and connect better when it comes to the people in my life! I want to create, develop and build healthier relationships; quality not quantity. I want to be more supportive and listen more to develop a deeper level of connectedness! I know I feel much better when my mental and emotional needs are in balance, especially with the my physical needs too.

I so need to have that balance between work and play! I love doing something creative and outside of the box. I enjoy having a good time and having fun doing it. I crave great escapes and greater adventures!

Adventuring (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember Life is a Process and a Journey of Self! So Strap In & Hang On!!!

Creating the Romance

In Your Life Story

To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a

Lifelong Romance ~Oscar Wilde

I am learning to know who I really am on this journey of self!

Self Love

I feel that in expanding as a person I can believe, trust and love myself more, so much more! I want to become more of me as well as a better version of myself too. I love figuring out the mystery that is me and who I am! I feel that it matters when it comes to living the life I do have and want more of.

The hardest part is hearing let alone listening to myself and following my intuition and instincts! I am working on self doubting and second guessing myself. I am learning to come from a place of love with believing and trusting in myself. I want to have a positive mindset, follow my heart and really listen to myself and my needs from within. There is just something about being self confident and discovering my strong that makes me LOVE the life I do have!

Questions I Ask My Self

#1 “Would I like me if I did . . .?”

I truly want to make decisions and choices that I can live with and that come from my heart. I want to like me and love me for being myself! The only person I am letting down is me, myself and I when I do not stay true to myself.

#2 “Will . . . move me forward or not?”

Why not experience growth and expand your sense of self while learning and gaining life experiences! I need to tune in and be aware of myself and my needs. I want to develop a good relationship with myself by being true to who I am! This includes being true to my beliefs and my values as well as my preferences and my needs.

I really have to stop putting obstacles in my way, including myself! I want to be more open and be able to accept what life has to offer me. I want to be more passionate and engaged when it comes to living my life fully!

#3 “Am I being open-minded or close-minded on . . .?”

I prefer to be as open-minded as possible. However, sometimes I am biting my tongue or inserting my foot in my mouth! I really try to come from a positive place when I speak my mind or follow my heart. The best part is I have the freedome to make choices and decisions that benefit me and that are good for me!

My Sense of Strength

I am tapping into my inner strengths and discovering my strong! I feel it gives me a sense of balance and stability as well as a sense of security from the inside out. I know I cannot control everything in my life, but at least I can cope and deal with what is happening in my life. Otherwise I am going to just fall apart when things do not go as planned or do not go in my favor!

I have to let go of some of that control, especially when it comes from my ego! I end up limiting myself and not showing the real me. I want to make myself feel good and not always depend on other people to do that for me! I have to depend on myself and give myself strength and security. I need to listen to myself and take care of myself!

Believing in My Self

I believe personal change, personal growth and personal transformation can be a GOOD thing! I amaze and surprise myself at times in what I truly can do, especially when I believe and trust in myself. It certainly is not easy at times, but it is so worth it though. I want to put the best me out there every day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to LOVE! Here’s to Being Open and Embracing YOU! Here’s to Living and Experiencing Life! Please Share Your Thoughts!

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