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Acting Like A Kid

Kid Rules To Live By

As An Adult

Cultivate Curiosity and Imagination

Remember letting your imagination run wild as a child! That going within to imagine and create and wonder. That curiosity that let you explore and go on adventures for hours. Remember to engage your imagination as an adult each and every day!

To look at everything as if you were seeing it for the 1st time! Get curious, explore and learn. I love sharing an experience with another person because they see things completely different than I do. Experience the world you live in!


Question and Question Some More

It is okay to not know or even understand something. Just be open to the opportunity and get involved in the learning process! I want to know, learn and understand, especially things that are new to me. Question and question some more to learn, discover and experience!

Questioning and learning brings out the curiosity, the imagination and the creativity! It makes you excited and motivated. It makes you inspired and passionate. There is so much to learn, soak in, savor, and experience!

Why . . . When . . . Who . . .

Soak In the World

Soak in the world around you each and every day! Do away with the limits, the expectations and the perfections. Dream BIG and day dream! Hope and wish and set goals and milestones.

Every day is a new day, a new start! Get a little uncomfortable by stretching your comfort zone. Be open and accepting of new possibilities, opportunities and experiences!

Where Are You Going?

Bust a Move

Seeing kids playing is a true act of constant motion! Those kids are busy and on the move. Those kids are carefree and happy. Those kids are playing and having fun. It feels good to move and be active!

I think about the song Happy by Pharrell Williams and it makes me want to bust a move plus clap and sing along! There is nothing better than singing along or using the steering wheel as a drum while commuting to and from work. I find myself humming or tapping along when I am somewhere that has music playing. Just let the music move you!

Shake a Tail Feather

Savor the Littlest & Simplest Things.

Find the joy by doing what makes you happy! There is something about discovering contentment in the littlest things. Savor the moment and make it a lasting memory!

Soaking It In . . . Savoring . . . Making Moments & Memories . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Let Your BIG Kid Out! Do You Have a Kid Rule to Live By? Love to Hear, Please Share!


Taking A Time Out

To Do What You Want and

To Do What You Love To Do

Do you add play time to your day?

I like to schedule in my play time and leisure time throughout the week and the month! Be it 5 minutes to 15 minutes to 30 minutes during the week. Be it 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer on the weekends. I have put the guilt on the down low and do it for myself and my whole being. I am a better person for it and to be around!

There are so many FREE options available too! Hitting the trail to going to the park to hanging out in the great outdoors. Gathering and hanging out with family and friends. Taking the time to read, write, photograph, and just be creative. Just find a place to play, leisure and escape for a while!

Do you add movement and motion to your day?

I pretty much have to move around every 3o minutes to an hour or I become the tin man; need oil STAT! It takes work to get the whole being to work efficiently and effectively. It is about making better choices when it comes to eating, moving and being well. Instead of thinking about exercising think about playing and having fun!

Do you make every day the weekend?

I know this one is a stretch and even I struggle with it come Monday! I know for me it is more about reflecting on the past weekend or looking forward to the coming weekend that inspires, motivates and drives me. I like to let my week and weekend unfold and not schedule it to the Nth degree! It gives me freedom and adds some spontaneity to my week. It boosts my mood and makes me happy!

Do you escape to wander and get lost?

I am talking about . . .

  • Day dreaming, visioning and meditating.
  • Getting outside for a walk.
  • Taking a nap and dreaming a little dream.
  • Reading, writing and being creative.
  • Arm chair traveling and looking at photography.
  • Sleeping in or spending time at home.

I find it a great way to connect to my whole being! To nurture and nourish. To be curious and explore. I find it feeds and fuels my creativity and passions!

Do you release and let go throughout the day? Breathe in, Breathe Out!

I find it cleansing to release and let go throughout the day! I can connect with my breathe and start anew. It is about being mindful and aware as well as being grateful! It helps control and keep in check the emotions, the reactions and the attitude. Hold on to the good experiences and let the rest go!  

Do you indulge? Within reason and moderation of course.

I am not talking just about eating, but doing something nice for yourself! I enjoy a  little indulgence now and then because it makes living my life a little better and even a little sweeter. We all know where restriction and deprivation gets us at times. Just a little pick me up in treating yourself every once in a while!

Have you laughed today? Hard and uncontrollable where you almost PYP – ha!

There is nothing better or more cleansing then a good laugh! The type of laughter that burns calories and has your stomach muscles feeling the burn. I like when you get the giggles and it pretty much lasts all day long. Just find something that makes you laugh throughout the day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Doing The Best For Your Whole Being and Finding What Works Best For You In Doing It! Love to Hear, Please Share! 

Do More Often

Hanging Out

ENJOYMENT Matters! I am carving out time to do the things I enjoy and it gets easier with practice. There is nothing better than unplugging and disconnecting from technology and the crazy, busyness!

I enjoy . . .

  • Making Time To Do Nothing.
  • Getting Lost and Just Wandering.
  • Playing, Laughing and Having Fun.

I love taking a few hours to do nothing at least once a week! I either kick back and chill or do something I have really been wanting to do for myself. I enjoy the down time to decompress, unwind and recharge again. I feel so much better after doing that for myself!

There is nothing better than sleeping in, taking a nap or going to bed early! Especially when I know I do not need to be at work or be on a schedule. I feel more productive even if I do nothing! I feel freer and happier too.

I love exploring, wandering and just getting lost! I enjoy not having a direction or destination in mind and just taking off. The possibilities are endless and I never know what I will find or who I will meet! I find inspiration and motivation. I discover my curious self and my creative side again!

I love playing, laughing and having fun! I call it fun exercise because playing is exercise and laughing burns calories. I release my inner child and just let go. I feel so free and carefree!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I love hanging out with family and friends! I crave that interaction and connection. I enjoy being around and spending time with people who just get me. Never a dull moment!

How Do You Do ENJOYMENT? Love to Hear, Please Share!

My ENJOYable List

Carve Out Time

To Play, Laugh and

Have FUN!

My Greatest Someone

I really enjoy spending a whole day with my greatest someone! Pretty much doing anything or nothing at all as long as we were together. I cherish that time together escaping, exploring and adventuring. That is pretty special to me!


“Me” Time

I enjoy taking time for myself to take care of myself, my needs and my whole being! I like spending time with myself. I love being able to do what I want to do and what I love to do too! It makes me happy and it fulfills and satisfies my whole being.

Yes to Chocolate!

The Little Things

I love taking pleasure in the little things throughout my day! A cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Reading a good book or a movie with popcorn. Anything that motivates and inspires me. It just boosts my mood and brightens my day!

Cheers & Celebrations!!!

Connecting and Sharing

I have been reaching out more and connecting with family and friends! I did not realize how much I was missing that lately. It makes me feel good and gives me a much need burst of energy! I love sharing that energy and positivity with others.

Communicating . . . Connecting . . . Interacting . . . Engaging . . .


I am doing a lot of writing lately! I enjoy taking the time to brain storm and brain dump. I love reading to get ideas for blog fodder in creating blog posts. I find it to be such a fun process lately!


I enjoy a great creative streak! My best creation is my blog. It fuels and feeds my whole being. A great outlet to get myself lost in!

Creating . . . Writing . . . Reading . . .

Book Party

I love picking up a stack of books at the library! I cannot wait to decide which one to read first.


I have not fed this passion in a while! I need to start taking photos again.

Getting Outside

I love getting outside to walk and hike! It is relaxing and refreshing. It is great exercise too. I love soaking up my surroundings and reveling in the solace and solitude!

Becoming One With Nature

Trying New! Things

I enjoy being able to try new things! It breaks up the daily grind and gets me out of my daily routine. I get energy from being curious and wanting to do something new and different! I enjoy learning, exploring and experiencing.

Taking the Train for a Day Trip


I love that every day is a new day with a new start! I am in control of the day that I will have. I enjoy being able to take the time to focus on one thing and be in that moment. I love when I do that one thing that just makes my day and makes me happy!

Conquering Today (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Relaxing, Recharging and Reenergizing Yourself By DOING the ENJOYable!!! Love to Hear What You Have Been Doing, Please Share!

Looking Forward

To The FUN Part of Living Life

Imagine if you could ADD more FUN to your life!

The Work Place

What would be your vision for the work place to make it more FUN and less STRESS?


My Top 5

  1. Bubble Wrapped Walls and Floors
  2. A Slide with a Ball Pit
  3. Creative Crayon Friday – NO Pens, Pencils or Keyboards
  4. Light Sabers and Super Soakers for Conflict Resolution
  5. The Conference Rooms Redesign – #1 is now Bouncy House and #2 is now Rubber Room


How do you add more FUN in your life?

I feel more right side up in my world when I let a little fun in! I enjoy taking a break from the busyness and the half-arsed multi tasking that I pretend to do so well. I love letting my inner child out and being a Big Kid! I am a “grown up”, but that does not mean I stopped playing, imagining and dreaming.

You do not have to change who you are to add fun to your life. However, you can change your focus on adding and having fun in your life!

I think about what I was most passionate as a child and draw fun things to do from there at times.

  • I love to explore, so I travel and adventure.
  • I love to be active, so I exercise, hike and bike.
  • I love to be creative, so I write and do photography.
  • I love nature, so I camp and get outdoors

Great Company

You can have fun by yourself or join a group or take in a class. Nothing better than having a partner in fun! Plus getting involved, interacting and connecting adds to your life in so many ways. Nothing better than fun, laughter and great company to share it with!

Think of ALL the Happiness and Health that would RADIATE from so much FUN!!!


A Sense of Enjoyment that Gives One Pleasure

Let’s have FUNFun Time, Dance Party Time, Silly Time . . .

Oh, this has gotta be the good life.

This has gotta be the good life.

This could really be a good life, good life.

~ OneRepublic “Good Life” Lyrics

LOVE this Song right now – just SPEAKS to me on EVERY LEVEL of MY BEING!!! Especially the part above!

Here’s to Having Some Dang FUN Today & Every Day!!!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Summer Loving

Having A Blast!

I am like a kid on Summer Vacation when it comes to the months of June, July and August! I enjoy taking that Big Summer Trip too! I love the sunshine, the blue skies and escaping to the great outdoors.

I focus on relaxation not the crazy busyness! I schedule in plenty of me time as well as time to spend with my greatest someones. The library book pile tends to increase and if the TV is on I prefer to take in a good movie. I love to just take time to breathe and soak in every minute of the summer months!

I feel more lightness and find a slower pace! I enjoy taking in the local events throughout the week and on the weekend. Nothing better than strolling through the farmer’s market. I love to savor it all because the summer days tend to fly by!

Here’s to a GREAT SUMMER!!!

Come Out, Come Out

To Play

Remember to let your inner child out to play!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Having Fun & Exploring What Life Has to Offer!!!

Message In A Blog

Content Matters!

My blogs have a message or two or three to share with my readers. The hardest part is generating GREAT CONTENT to keep my readers coming back. Some days it is quite the challenge! However, that being said my readers help me in wanting to write great content.

So Thank You!!!

There are 3 key components to generating great content as a blog writer.

#1 Know Your Readers.

I have found that you really cannot generate and write great content until you really know your readers. What content brings your readers back? I now know what my teachers were trying to tell me about knowing your audience! So key as a writer, especially being a blog writer with so many blogs out there. Really need to stand your ground in the blogosphere!!!

Just Enjoying Life Here!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

#2 Know Your Subject Matter.

Your subject matter is basically the meat of the great content! For instance, travel. Then you fill around the meat with various topics, issues and questions pertaining to travel. Sorta like your veggies, grains and dessert. Your subject matter helps fuel discussion and comments, which is pretty cool when you actually hear from your readers!

Becoming One With the Ocean (Photo by RSheridan)

#3 Know Your Message

Here is the FUN part of blogging, knowing and getting your message out there! Also, how you present that message out there and to your readers is so very important too!

  • My Main Message – Travel, Explore & Adventure!
  • My Secondary Message – Just Be Open to Life’s Possibilities and Live it to the Fullest!
  • My Final Message – JUST HAVE SOME DARN FUN!!!

Cheers!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s to Writing Great Content! Thanks From the Bottom of My Heart & Keep Reading!!!

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