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In Sawgrass Lake Park

Bird Life






Fauna & Flora





Wild Life

(Photos by RSheridan)

Happy Adventuring!!!

Go On An Adventure

Discover Time

When was the last time you went on an adventure? At least weekly for me, especially in escaping to the Great Outdoors.

Are you one that makes every outing an adventure? At times for me.

Are you one that finds fun in everything? I really try to.


Get Curious and Explore

A great way to get active and motivated as well as stimulated and engaged! Check out the sights and the happenings. Find the excitement, joy and pleasure in the small, simple and new! Refreshing and renewing too.

I love a good stroll to peak my curiosity and stimulate my inner explorer. Outdoor play is a fun way to get the exercise in too.

Good for the whole being!


Finding the Light

I look, seek and even crave the natural light upon waking in the morning. Plus I find spending time outside helps me sleep better too.

Natural Light

Tapping Into Your Senses

  • Your sense of self
  • Your creative self
  • Your five senses

Sense of Self

Creative Self

Engage Your 5 Senses (Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear What You Are Up To, Please Share!

Navigation Challenged

Where Am I?

Do you wish for a sign that states “YOU ARE HERE” and still have no clue where you are at? Does deciphering ANY map (including the one at the mall) make you break out in a sweat and send you into a panic attack? Do you pretend you know where you are at in order to get someone to tell you where you really are? Then you may be “Navigation Challenged”!


  • Do you pretty much take the same route every time to get somewhere even if it is the long way there?
  • Do you avoid the word “Shortcut” because you know darn well taking that shortcut is going to have you lost for at least an hour or two or maybe half the day?
  • Do you conduct a dry run a few days before hand when you have to go somewhere new and unfamiliar to you?

Some of us need detailed directions, 1 2 3, abc as well as a dry run – at least we are trying to improve our navigational skills!


Beware youmay get lost.

However, think of all the places you would not have seen

if you were not with the “Navigation Challenged”.

We take getting lost to a whole new level of excitement and maybe even a little fear.~RSheridan

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to all the Navigation Challenged People – May You Find Your Way (Eventually & In Your Own Way)!

Where Are You Getting Lost To Today? Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

A Natural Bond

With Nature

Do you have a natural bond with nature? Do you like to get out and into the Great Outdoors?

Yes and yes for me! That quality time with myself. That grounded feeling with my feet touching the terra firma. That connection to my whole being!


I love to wander to wonder and let my body, heart and mind just be free! 

Nature is unique and magical! Nature provides inspiration and motivation. Nature is accessible and for the most part a free activity to enjoy. Nature makes you want to slow the pace down to enjoy your surroundings and tap into your senses! 

There are many ways to experience nature.

  • Gardening.
  • Going to the Farmers Market to explore, eat and wander as well as pick out fruits, veggies and/or flowers.
  • Going to a Pick Your Own Place for fruits and/or veggies (i.e. apples, berries, pumpkins, etc.).
  • Eco friendly activities (i.e. ziplining, paddle boarding, fishing, etc.).
  • Foraging (make sure you know what is edible and what is not – take a tour with an expert).
  • Journaling, creating and/or capturing your explorations and adventures.
  • Learning in general. Cooking and Creating. Gardening and Foraging. Fauna and flora. Endless possibilities!
  • Seeking out an adventure.
  • Sparking your curiosity to explore as well as using your senses to smell and even taste.
  • Walking, hiking, biking, etc. Hitting the nature trail or exploring nature and its natural beauty.





(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear How You Bond With Nature, Please Share!

Doing Nothing

Breaking the Routine of Go, Go, Go

You can call it a slack, a slump, a rut, etc. We all have experienced one and maybe are even in one now. Have you ever thought that it is your body’s way of slowing you down before you just crash! When your body gives you that kind of signal you may want to listen to it.

You go within yourself to introspect and reflect! It can be a bit self centered, however; you are able to center yourself when you make the time to take care of your whole being and its needs. It comes full circle though. When you do for you then you can do for others! That always feels good.


I usually start to clue in when the simple things seem hard to do! Especially those things I know I am good at doing. I am not focusing and I am making mistakes. I am not motivated or energized. I am not communicating and at time just reacting. I am doing things half way or if completed my efforts were sub par. I am not operating at my optimal level!

Do you struggle in keeping the distruptions and distractions to a minimum? I know I do. Do you find your to do list never ending along with your e-mail inbox? Yes and yes. Think in terms of – What’s the one thing I can do today? Then tackle it!

We just need to reboot to start fresh again! Reprioritize all those plates up in the air by delegating or doing away with a few. Reenergize by taking time for yourself as well as spending some much needed quality time with your greatest someones. Reflect on what truly matters and what makes you a healthy and happy being!

That is why making time for yourself is important! The act of doing nothing or at least embracing some down time is needed is key. You give back to yourself in nuturing and nourishing your whole being by becoming aware of your needs. You put yourself back in control again!


My Top 3

  • Escaping to the Great Outdoors To Reconnect and Wander
  • Letting My Big Kid Out To Play, Laugh and Have FUN
  • Celebrating By Treating Myself

I find myself and reconnect to my whole being in escaping to the Great Outdoors! Especially with my camera in hand. I love to wander and enjoy a slower pace! 

Sometimes you need to turn down the noise in your world to hear yourself and your needs! To tap into your senses and intuition. To reflect and release as well as to let go and forgive. To being true and truly honest with who you are. To dream and desire as well as hope and believe in the opportunties out there waiting for you to grab hold!

Have FUN! There is no better mood booster than having a good laugh. I enjoy letting my big kid out to play too!

Remember to Celebrate! Especially by treating yourself. You get reenergized as well as inspired and motivated. You are deserving and it is rewarding too!

Find your sense of adventure to get your adrenline pumping again! Find your sense of wanderment and get lost for a while! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

 What Are You Doing Today? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Gaining Depth

Getting Intense

That warm and fuzzy feeling that just feels oh so GOOD!

Warm & Fuzzy like a Teddy Bear!

I experienced that the other day and it was so intense as well as profund and powerful! I was talking to someone about life experiences and we both honed in on what makes its so special. The memories of where you were at that given moment, who you were sharing that moment with and reliving that experience! It brings such joy and overall happiness.

Your mind is engaged and your whole being is activated in the experience! You are looking inside yourself and coming from a place a love by following your heart. You hold those feelings, thoughts and experiences within your whole being. That is what abundance, fullness and love is all about and it is oh so beautiful too!

Hoping . . . Loving . . . Believing . . .

So . . . Ask Yourself (2) Questions Today

  1. Does it raise or reduce your energy?
  2. Does it limit or liberate you?

Remind Yourself to Make Time For YOU!

  • Get curious and explore.
  • Get psyched up and conquer TODAY!
  • Get your energy going by doing whatever excites and moves you.
  • Get silly and laugh.
  • Get playful and have FUN.
  • Just GET OUT THERE!!!

ADVENTURE ON . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear What You Are Up To TODAY, Please Share!

Fresh Air

Green Spaces

There is just something about being in the fresh air and seeing shades of green! I love escaping to the great outdoors and becoming one with nature!

A natural environment has health benefits too!

  • CRAVE fresh air!
  • Soak up the sunshine.
  • Become one with nature.

I am usually out in the great outdoors on the weekends! It is GOOD for my whole being!

I can only desk jockey for so long with all that sitting and computing! Plus unplugging from technology and taking a break from screen time is needed. I walk and take the stairs whenever I can. It is good for your whole being to be active in movement as well as stretch!

  • Walking and hiking.
  • Riding a bike.
  • Packing a picnic.

It is refreshing and freeing! You can slow down the pace and relax a bit. You can re-energize and recharge your whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Get Outside . . . To Explore & Adventure . . . To Play, Laugh & Have Fun!

Adventuring On

Journeying Along

Creating Your Story . . .

Reading . . .

Creating Your Life . . .

Designing . . .

Creating Experiences and Memories . . .

Exploring . . .

Love & Acceptance

  • Love Y-O-U.
  • Be true to who you are and be your best self.
  • Do what you love to do.

Go on a journey to discover what you love, especially Y-O-U! Being true to who you are by believing in yourself and loving your whole being. Being true to who you are by trusting and being honest with yourself. Living a quality life that you create as well as crave!

Being the best you and sharing your gifts, strengths and talents with yourself and others! Power and empowerment. Dependence and independence. Purpose and passion. Being open to changing, growing and experiencing!

There is nothing better than loving what you do and doing what you love! It energizes and motivates you. It gives you passion. It nurtures your heart, soul and spirit!

“Self-love is the radical action that separates people who show up to work and people who show up to make magic!” ~Rebekah Borucki from BexLife

Loving . . .

Inside & Out

You need to get our of your head and listen to your inner voice and follow your heart! Tap into your imagination and creativity. Tune into your confidence and strengths. Communicate, interact and connect with yourself and your whole being!

There is nothing better than getting to know who you are and what you want, crave and need in living your life! Find your interests, passions and desires. Imagine your hopes, wishes and dreams. Think about what you would like to try. Think about what you like or even love to do! 

It is so enhancing and expanding to stretch your comfort zone to learn, grow and experience! Have the courage to take risks that speak to your whole being and that are best for you. Adventure and gain the wealth of abundance. Life is simple and rich!

Interacting . . .

Stretching . . .

Reflecting . . .

What Adventures Are You Up To? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Hanging On

For the Ride

This quote reminds me of the cat poster where the cat is hanging from the branch with the saying, “Hang In There”! 

Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope.

And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day. ~E.B. White

I love the writing of E.B. White! Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little were favorite reads growing up. I enjoyed reading about the adventures Stuart would get up to or more like in to, especially with Snowbell the cat. I loved the friendship between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the barn spider in Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web was a unique as well as sad story to me as a child and I did not fully understand it until I was older. Adventuring is Better with Friends or More Like Partners In Crime – ha!

Adventuring . . . Journeying Along . . . Creating Your Story . . . Living Life Each and Every Day . . .

(Photos by RSheridan)

Every Day is a NEW! Day – Enjoy!

Doing the Shuffle

Shuffleboard That Is!

St. Petersburg Shuffle Board Club. 559 Mirror Lake Drive North. A great sense of community with people of all ages playing! Family-friendly night of FUN.

The St. Pete Shuffle happens on Fridays from 7 to 11 p.m.! A St. Petersburg tradition since 2005. FREE, first come first served and weather permitting.

This is the hip and happening place to be on a Friday Night! Plus it makes a great date night activity too. I have never seen so many shuffleboard courts in one place! 

I enjoyed trying it! We asked a volunteer to help us get set up on a court and show us how to play. Playing it is a whole new game once you have mastered the rules and scoring!

  • Tangs are the cues to push the biscuits (aka weighted discs), which sends the biscuits gliding down a narrow and elongated court.
  • There is one tang (cue) for each player.
  • There are 8 biscuits (discs); 4 yellow and 4 black.
  • The purpose is getting the biscuits to come to a rest within the triangular marked scoring area at the far end of the court.
  • NEVER step on the court. Use the walkways along the court.
  • The game is played in matches of 4, 6 or 8 frames (a frame is both players or teams taking their turns. OR There is also the 75-point-match in which the player that reaches 75 points first is the winner.
  • The competitive nature of shuffleboard is in deflecting the opposition’s biscuits out of zones with a positive value as well as increasing your own points by landing biscuits into areas of high point value.
  • The biscuit cannot touch any part of the borders of the triangle. This is a loss of 5 points.
  • The top of the triangle is worth 10 points with the second section of the triangle worth 8 points with the third section of the triangle worth 7 points. The bottom of the triangle is a minus 10 points.

The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club

A Shuffleboard Court is 52 feet over all in length, 39 feet from baseline to baseline and 6 feet wide. Those dimensions were standardized in 1928 when the four-year-old club realized that it was time to end the confusion of rules that varied from club to club across Florida. A club committee worked out a standardized set of rules that governed not only the play of the game but the specifications of disks and cues, and the dimensions of the court.

Image result for shuffleboard pics

Interesting Fact:  The center line running through the scoring triangles became informally known as Central Avenue, named for St. Petersburg’s main street.

Shuffleboard arrived in St. Petersburg in 1923. In 1924 the St. Petersburg Mirror Lake Park Shuffleboard Club began with two shuffleboard courts in Mirror Lake Park.

In 1927 the first clubhouse was built.  By 1929 the club had 2,588 members. The clubhouse was expanded in 1931. The membership roster in 1931 listed people from 41 states and two foreign countries; Canada and Scotland. In 1932 the club changed its name to the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. In 1937 another building was added to accommodate the bridge club and social gatherings. In 1938 a new clubhouse opened for the club. The club reached 5000 members in 1944.

In 1994 the city’s historic preservation office designated the club, its buildings and courts a historic landmark.

Club membership was down to 35 members ten years ago from 6,000 members.

In 2005 a group of young artists, known as the The Artillery, took up the game and joined forces with preservationists to host Friday night games. The public was invited to play for free on Friday nights. Today the club has hundreds of members by introducing the game to a new generation.

I felt like I stepped back into time to the 1920’s! The strings of white lights dangling over a set of courts. Taking that first step into the club house to get some tangs and biscuits. Walking to the court for the first time with a volunteer helping us out and showing us the ropes. The green benches and chalkboards at each court. There is even a grandstand! 

I am all for adventuring, especially when it is free and I can bring my own cooler! It is quite the workout too. I was sore the next day in finding new muscles while trying/playing shuffleboard!

Who is Up for Trying Something New & Adventuring On? Yes, Please! 

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