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Gaining – Part III

Balancing . . .

I have to say during a pandemic is when I start learning balance in my life! It is a little ironic. It is a little humorous. It is humbling too!

Balance has improved my overall health and wellness! I felt pushed and now know I was the one doing the pushing when it came to my health and wellness. I was losing that desire to take care of my self care. I was losing that passion that self motivates and self drives me. Auto pilot and cruise control are okay, however; at times manual is a better option!

When I stop pushing and holding myself back I feel more open! I am more confident and empowered. I tend to go for what I need, want, crave, desire, etc. instead of someone or something telling me to. I am able to bring that inner strength out more and tap into my strong!

That matters and is oh so important! It provides clarity. It gives you control. It brings about what makes you feel good!

To being a lighter and freer being! That balance between control and letting go. That balance between scheduled and breaking the routine. It can be renewing and refreshing as well as reenergizing and recharging to your whole being!

One of the gifts I give to myself every once in a while is an “I do not have to do anything if I do not want to day”. Really make some time for myself and create the space I need. I can connect and practice. I can simply do nothing. It brings lightness and is oh so freeing too!

Balance has me letting go more! I have a greater love for myself in letting go a little more and practicing to go with the flow a little more too. I am not typically a go with the flow type of person. Balance has shown me what matters most!

Really think about opening versus constricting! Learn to release and let go more. Practice actively relaxing and resting. Tune into and tap into what your whole being needs from mind to heart to soul!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Gaining – Part II

Through Creating . . .

Remember when you were a child and given a stack of blank paper to get your creative on. I reflect back on that blank page and getting to do whatever I wanted with it. I recently learned I want more of that in my adult life.

What does creativity truly mean to you and your whole being?

  • Just trying something.
  • Being inspired and motivated.
  • Just making something.
  • Being passionate and creative.

It is taking yourself out of being one-dimensional and being multi-faceted again! Find that curiosity and creativity again. Wonder and wander. We all are many things and not just one!

Getting your creative on helps in many ways!

You are able to open up more! Find solutions to solve what is challenging you. Taking chances and maybe even some risks. Increased motivation to do more of what you love to do and have a passion for!

You seek to explore the opportunities and experiences! To find the positive and the pursuit. To expand and discover the inspiration and wonderment. For enjoyment and fulfillment!

To just go after what you want and make things happen!

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Gaining – Part I

Through Breathing . . . Being . . .

There are times you just need to pause and just breathe! I know we get focused in on the race and being on repeat most days. That repeat needs to stop and take a break at times! 

To focus in and pay attention! To gain clarity and direction. To reflect on what you are grateful and thankful for. To calm the craziness! 

To truly think about what really speaks to you from within your being! 

  • What makes me feel good?
  • What are the whys to my wants and needs?
  • What brings me joy and makes me happy?

 Need to think outside the box, create, play, and most of all have some FUN!

Connecting . . .

I really think about that connection between the mental to the physical to the emotional to the spiritual! Mind, heart and soul connecting as ONE!

  • Connecting to the present more.
  • Becoming more mindful.
  • Creating space and making time for yourself and self care.

Communicating and connecting to your whole being as well as from the inside out! Supporting health and wellness. Exploring and experiencing to grow and expand. Loving and living your best life each and every day!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

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