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Manifesting Receiving

To Receive, Release & Give

I was in the process of writing a blog post on manifesting receiving when I read an article On Mind Body Green by Dr. Danielle Dowling called How to Manifest Abundance In Your Relationships & Finances. Her words just SPOKE to me. The main reason her words spoke to me is the connection between receiving and releasing!

Dr. Dowling’s number one tip for abundant success is RELEASE in any are of your life! She talks about saying to yourself “I release so that I may receive.”

  • Release resentment (that you haven’t gotten it yet).
  • Release expectation (of what it should look like).
  • Release attachment (to the eventual outcome).

I think about that desire for abundance and how to attract it. I think about that need of getting what you want in your life to live your life.

It is like a teeter totter! On one side release seems simple and easy. On the other side release can be difficult and challenging. I think it comes down to being true to who you are by believing, valuing, loving, and trusting yourself! 

In knowing your essential inner being you can go after what you need, crave, want, and desire! You can find your healthiness and happiness. You can discover your passions and loves. It starts with you and from within you!

It is about building a good foundation for yourself! Practicing to shift, change and transition to develop and grow. Experiencing to live a good, full life. Creating your story as you journey along!

It is about being there and helping yourself connect more deeply to who you are and your world!

Really connecting with your whole being . . .

  • To Communicate
  • To Listen
  • To Interact
  • To Engage

It is about that triple combo in RECEIVING, RELEASING and GIVING! Being open to the possibilities and opportunities. Learning when you need to slow down, step back or even speed up a bit. Being, doing and going for what really matters to you and what you truly love to do!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Ask Yourself and Think About . . .

  • What are you learning and experiencing?
  • How are you developing and growing?
  • How do you tune into and tap into your curiosity and creativity?
  • What stories and memories are you creating along your journey?
  • How are you communicating, interacting, connecting, and engaging with yourself?
  • How are you effectively using your time and energy?

How Are You Manifesting Receiving, Releasing and Giving? Love to Hear, Please Share.

Shifting How

You Think

I recently read an article by Eric Zimmer titled “The Surprising “Good” Habit That Could Be Holding You Back”.

  • There is positive thinking. There is optimism.
  • There is negative thinking. There is pessimism.
  • There is realism.
  • There is black and white. There are gray areas.
  • There is the big picture. There are the details.

“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist thinks that it will change, and the realist adjusts the sails.” ~Oliver Burkeman

Zimmer talks about there being a middle ground that he calls constructive thinking! Strategic thinking. Then look for the actionable opportunity to change it! He talks about acknowledging the potential for things to go wrong in order to strategize a solution. 

I like it! Do I focus only on the positive in a negative situation? Do I weigh only the pros and not the cons in dealing with situation? I find it hard to find that balance at times.

I find at times releasing “this stuff sucks” stress relieving! It is natural to be anxious and tense. It is natural to worry and have fears. Is it better to deal with it, dwell on it, bottle it up, etc.? 

I find myself going into problem solving mode and at times that involves making lists to come up with solutions! How does this affect me or not? It is about perception and interpretation. How does this affect my quality of life? Some times focusing only on the negative or only on the positive just keeps you stuck! 

Do you approach it one way or can it be approached in a combination of ways? For instance, looking at the gray areas of the big picture while having inclinations toward the positive.

It is thinking about the best strategy that works best for you! If you deny or deceive yourself will you have the chance to find your way out of the situation to move forward again. For example, you are faced with a wall. Do you go around it or over it? OR Do you just go through it?

“It’s not always easy to find this perspective in life, but it is always valuable.

When the next storm hits your life, adjust your sails, and you’ll have a much better chance of making it through.” ~Andrew Zimmer

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!



I have put the pressure on the down low lately! To have and do more. It is exhausting and it feels like I am going backwards instead of forwards in my practice and progress! That pushing and thinking the harder I push the better off I will be. NOT! 

I made the decision to stop and slow down for a change of pace! Discovering calm and balance and freedom. Discovering inspiration and motivation and passion. Talk about finding YOU again by going within yourself! 

A Little Stopping and Slowing Down (S&S)

I was OVER the OVER Everything and Anything! 

I am nurturing and nourishing my whole being! What do I need and giving it to myself. What is no longer serving me and letting it go. I am a loving and caring being. I am healthier and happier. I am reclaiming myself and discovering a personal freedom in stopping, slowing down, releasing, and just letting go!

I am learning, growing and experiencing! Mistakes and failures are learning opportunities. Weaknesses into strengths. I will embrace and practice to progress!

Being . . . Caring . . . Loving . . .

To love yourself is not to be selfish.

If the inside is nurtured, the outside will flourish. ~Unknown

I am listening to my body, following my heart and trusting my gut! Tuning into my intuitions. Tapping into my gifts and talents. I am choosing to come from a place of love!

I am where I need to be on my journey in living my life! There is no map and no directions. There is no right or wrong or even perfect. I am doing what I love and what feels right to me!

I am reconsidering my commitments and learning to say no more! I want to be in the present moment doing what I want to be doing. I need to serve myself first so I can be there to help others. I am giving up to grow and gain in so many other ways!

Exploring . . . Adventuring . . . Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Are You Releasing? What Are You Reclaiming? How Have You Grown and Gained In Doing So? Love To Hear, Please Share Your Thoughts!

Adjusting the Settings

Cold, Medium or Hot

Does Every One Have a Different Setting When It Comes To Their Temperament?

I am really trying to find that balance or that happy medium again!

Taking It Personal

Why do I feel at times that anything and everything is a personal attack? I do not know why I feed into that mindset at times. I am working on it and slowly making some progress on it. I know better and need to use some of my common sense and smarts!

I am still learning to find my calm and collected self. My mantra lately is, “If I have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”!

The Littlest Things

Why does the littlest things just get to me? I am really trying to pause, take a breathe and focus on the present moment. Why do I feel at times inconvenienced, disappointed, disrespected, and even at times just defeated? I need to use my power and my energy to take back control of the situation.

I need to be aware of my feelings, emotions and thoughts in these situations and have my wits about me! My tone of voice and my body language need some polishing at times.

A Negative Into A Positive

How do I turn a negative experience into a positive experience? It comes down to changing my perspective and seeing the good and the positive in a negative experience. It comes down to not focusing on the “OVER” anything and everything feelings, emotions and thoughts. It comes down to forgiving myself, letting go and moving on again!

I let the most insignificant things bother me the most!

Letting Go and Releasing

What Stays? What Goes? What Gives?

I do think about the distractions, the disruptions and just the fast pace day in and day out! I do get annoyed in not being able to just focus on one thing at a time. I do think my multitasking skill set has been pushed to its maximum limit! I do get to that breaking point if one more person or one more thing needs my attention I am just going to lose it and need to check into a padded cell for a while.

I feel lost, dazed and confused when I cannot keep up! I feel like I am not carrying my fair share of the weight and that I am doing anything and everything half-arsed too. I feel like I need to do a brain dump and reboot because I cannot maintain, learn and retain any more information. It is just one crazy cycle!

I know STOP already and get a life, right!

“OVER” Anything and Everything

I am trying not to do the “OVER” anything and everything and I know I cannot do it all either! I am trying to be more aware. I am trying to make tweaks, adjustments and changes. I am in control when it comes to what I let ruin my day!

Sometimes I am too busy looking for answers and cannot see what is right in front of me! I am a fixer. I am a perfectionist. I am a want everything right person. There is a time and place to reason, challenge, ask questions, problem solve, and come up with answers and resolutions! Especially if I remove the emotions, feelings and thoughts from the equation. Action vs. Reaction! Reward vs. Regrets!

STOP! Rocking the Boat Already

I know my whole being will thank me if I would stop rocking the boat! Sometimes life is not fair and cannot be planned. Sometimes I have to take the good with the bad and just go with the flow! I have to let go of the fear and the expectations to let the love in and hopefully the goodness.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Learning to Adjust and Shift Into Gear In a More Positive and Healthier Way! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

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