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Tough Conversations

Learning HOW To Express Yourself

I have been all over the place when it came to expressing myself. Now I am looking for that balance in my life when it comes to expressing myself. I get a little tired of hearing oh here she goes having another moment. Well let me have that moment so I can move on I say! I am also finding that there is a time and a place to have that moment too.

Learning to Pick Your Battles

You have to learn to pick your battles because at times you are better off just walking away from the situation! You start going around in circles, nothing gets accomplished and you just end up frustrated and pissed off. Not Good At All!

Learning to Pick Your Battles (Photo by RSheridan)

Sometimes it is more about being understanding and caring than BEING RIGHT! Having that last word. Sometimes taking a step back is much better than acting petty and childish. Think before you just REACT!

Instead . . .

Be a Good Communicator. Be a Better Listener. Encourage One Another to Discuss What is Bothering Them. No Judging, No Suggestions!

Conflict & Confrontation

I do not care for conflict let alone confrontation, but sometimes it just has to go down! I usually need a few minutes alone to gather myself in order to approach the situation at hand tactfully. Plus it allows me the time to engage my brain and not my mouth too! Really do not want to say something that I cannot take back and will regret later on. So Not Cool!

So Not in the Mood, So Getting Along for NOW! (Photo by RSheridan)

So Not a Mind Reader

As human beings we are not able to read minds! At least I have not been given this super power. So use your words, speak up and get it out in the open. Does that not make you feel better, especially when the person you are dealing with is having the SAME PROBLEM!

Bottled Up & Ready to Explode

All those bottled up emotions and added stress can eat you up and spit you out! Plus take you down if you let it! There is a productive as well as a healthy way to deal with a situation. Your body, mind and spirit will benefit too.

Sometimes you just need to vent in order to clear the air and get it out of your head. Otherwise it becomes like a bad rerun played over and over again! Limit yourself to less than 5 minutes. Find someone that you can vent to and if not just write it down and throw it away. It helps you get it out of your head.

Expressing Myself (Photo by RSheridan)

Expressing yourself is about finding that happy medium! It is about becoming a better communicator and building a connection with yourself and others to be able to express yourself better. To know there is a better approach that can be relaxing and healthy as well as a productive and a positive experience.

Give Yourself the Freedom to Share What is On Your Mind (within reason of course)!


Where My Heart Longs

To Be

Do you ever wonder if your heart is in the right place? That maybe it is showing too much or not enough. That you have lost that connection between your heart, mind and spirit. Really good question, right!

There is a major difference between feeling and thinking! For instance, how you feel versus how you think you should feel. It comes down to knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and using them to your advantage! For instance, how you feel and what you think is being true to yourself as well as having open and honest communication with yourself and others.

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. However, I am slowly putting my heart back to where it longs to be and that is back in its natural place! I need to find the calm in my emotional self and find the balance with my emotions. Especially when it comes to sharing too much of my emotions with others!

I truly want to start speaking from my heart and not just have my emotions run the show! I am not being true to who I am if I do not listen to myself, follow my heart and trust my gut. I want to come from a place of love, kindness and compassion. However, I need more practice as well as patience in doing so! I need to discover a deeper connection in the love I have for myself too.

I reflect on expressing my true self each and every day! I am enough. I want to do what brings me joy and makes me happy! I do want to be more responsive when it comes to taking care of myself, my needs and my whole being. I am so worth it!

(Photos by RSheridan)

What Are Your Thoughts On This? Please Share, Love to Hear!

My Three’s Company

Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts

I get it and it clicks into place for me now! Your energy comes from emotions, feelings and thoughts. I am starting to understand why this part of my energy comes out so overwhelming and overpowering in certain situations. Especially the emotionally charged situations I find myself in more than I would like to be!

I knew I had buttons that could be pushed, but never thought I had a wind up key too! I think about that wind up monkey on the shelf growing up and how sometimes it would go off all by itself – creepy. Where is that “stop” button that I know is around here somewhere. Talk about a dangerous combination when those 2 get going!

My main emotion that comes out is anger.

My main feeling that comes out is defensive.

My main thought is the color red.

Then comes another whole set of emotions, feelings and thoughts, like shame, guilt, blame.

What do you think should be done with emotions, feelings and thoughts?

Should you handle it, deal with it and move on! Should you stay with that emotion and give yourself the permission to feel it. Should you have the experience of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Should you practice the art of avoidance and wish it away!

I usually have to experience my emotions, feelings and thoughts! I struggle with pushing it aside and hoping it just goes away. I want to have a positive energy instead of a negative energy about me. I am able to have that positive energy when I clear my body completely and overall by becoming aware of my emotions, feelings and thoughts!

In becoming more aware of my emotions, feelings and thoughts I have the ability to tune into my buttons and wind up key as well as my triggers and trip ups! I know I need to slow down and not continue to speed up. I need to be in better control of my emotions, feelings and thoughts and just how to handle it. I need to tap into the good energy!

Come and Knock On Our Door . . .

Delving Deep

When It Comes to Emotions & Feelings

I know what you are thinking that she is GOING THERE! I am learning that dealing with your emotions and feelings is so much better than not dealing. It is like some crazy 3-Step Program at times! Step 1 –  Accepting. Step 2 –  Dealing. Step 3 –  Forgiving.

To me emotions and feelings mean love and strength not weakness. I am learning that you have to control and reign in those emotions and feelings and not let them just take over your life though. That is not healthy for you and those around you. You create the life you want to live on a daily basis.

Accepting and allowing your emotions and feelings to run their course is so important to moving forward in your life. I feel better when I embrace my emotions and feelings and forgive myself. I do not want to dwell on the past and focus on regrets. So not worth my time and energy!

Delving deep into your emotions and feelings helps you discover what you want in life, experience growth and gain life experiences! You have to be willing to go there, delve deep and deal in order to take care of yourself and your needs. You need to rely on yourself to give yourself some love, compassion and forgiveness is this craziness called life. You are so worth it!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Find Your Calm, Love and Happiness!

On My Tip Toes

Leaning Over the UNKNOWN!!!

I am trying to see the good as well as the blessings that came from having doubts and fears! Change and the unknown are a great way to learn and grow as a person. I am engaged and stretching outside of my comfort zone too. So far I am very much alive and surviving my fears and embracing change!

I have 3 things in my life that keep me on my toes.

  1. Having Doubts and Fears
  2. Experiencing Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts

I really want to move through my doubts, fears, emotions, and changes! I do not want to get stuck in the motions and feed into it. It is okay to be afraid, but you need to understand why and how to handle it! There are times you move forward and proceed with caution. There are times you step back or back off from a situation to really evaluate it. There are times you need to take a breathe and clear the mind before taking that initial step; “standing on your tip toes“!

I often wonder where my strength and courage comes from and how it knows I need it too! Especially when I feel as if it is MIA. I usually go within myself and tap into my inner strengths to handle a situation. I know I need to be ready to act and deal with what comes my way; the good, the bad and the ugly!

I know I need to follow my heart and listen to my inner voice! I know getting myself into the negative self talk and putting myself down is so not going to work and is so counterproductive too. I want safety instead of risk. I want protection instead of putting myself out there. I want MORE out of life, so I do what I have to do when it comes to living my life and creating the life I WANT!

Thank goodness for social support, cat-like reflexes of being able to land on your feet and when all else fails parachutes! I want to feel motivated and inspired to gain those life lessons and life experiences. I want to be following my path and listening to myself and my needs when it comes to living my life! So I am going to get out there and live it large.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Not Letting Anything Stop You and Get In Your Way to Living A Life of Want!!!

Funky Town


Don’t you love a good funk or not so much?

Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me

Town to keep me movin’

Keep me groovin’ with some energy

Well, I talk about it, Talk about it . . . Talk about movin’

Gotta move on . . .

Won’t you take me to Funkytown ~Blondie

I do not like when a MOOD hangs around and over stays its welcome, especially for more than a few days – UGH! It is bad enough when it hangs around for longer than a few hours. I do not deal well with the emotions, feelings and thoughts that put me into one bad mood either. I try to experience it, get through it to the best of my ability and move on!

I need to find that pure joy and find laughter again!

I like to listen to music, move and shake and sometimes DANCE when in a funk! I still struggle when it comes to emotional eating during the crisis, crazyness and chaos, so I focus on being active. I feel so much better and have more energy when I make healthy food choices instead of reaching for the JUNK! My mood thanks me too.

I love escaping to the great outdoors and spending quality time in nature! I enjoy the solitude and becoming one with my natural surroundings. I feel more energized and it helps boost my mood too! I am reminded that life and time is precious and not to waste one minute of it and just get to living it.

I find myself turning inward to reconnect, recharge and reenergize to find that calm, collected person that lives inside of me! I know my inner self to be true and a constant in my life, which helps me center myself once again. I am lucky in what I DO HAVE right here, right now! I am grateful and appreciate the life I do have and makes me more mindful in attracting more of the good in my life.

DO NOT FORGET to spend time doing what you love! I love hanging out with my greatest someones. I love carving out time for myself and just craving life in general. I love being passionate about life and just getting out there to live it!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Getting Yourself Back Into the Flow & Living Your Life!!!

Crying Foul

Gaining a New Perspective

I know most of you have had the experience of being in a great mood while your greatest someone(s) were experiencing a foul mood. You want to escape and enjoy being in a great mood, especially when you have something fun and exciting planned for the day. You want to enjoy spending time together to connect with your greatest someones! Then there is that disconnection when the foul mood turns into venting and ranting. You struggle with being in a good mood while dealing with the frustration and aggravation of the situation you have found yourself in. Especially when after 5 minutes or so the venting and ranting continues.

Not Taking It To Heart

You want to enjoy being in the moment and not really stuck listening to the venting and ranting. You start thinking what a waste of my time and energy. How do I find myself in this position in these types of situations? You start thinking should I just listen or should I interject and share my perspective to lighten the mood and calm the person down.

Do you find yourself splitting your attention between being in the moment and listening? I know I do at times. I know I have been on the giving as well as receiving end too.

Do you find yourself feeling like the situation is directed at you and you take it personally? At times. Do you find yourself feeling like you are being taken advantage of in certain situations? I know I have at times.

I have found myself becoming an active participant and letting my emotions take control over me. Not good at all! There may be situations where you will find yourself stepping back and setting boundaries.

Following Your Heart & Listening to Your Needs

So I try to turn my focus inward and project my appreciation and gratitude to that interaction and connection by listening and being there as well as giving and receiving! An expression of love and respect for each other.  In loving and having compassion for yourself you are able to be more open and available to your needs and other people’s needs. I am amazed at the interactions as well as surprised at the motivating and inspiring conversations when you have a true sense of yourself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Accept and Embrace Your Interactions, Connections and Conversations with Your Greatest Someones for the BETTER? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Out of Rooms

Cleaning The “Emotional House”

I have been learning to live in the present and treat each day as a gift! Part of the process is letting go of the crud that clutters my body, mind and spirit; cleaning my “emotional house”. This crud is not important, certainly does not matter and just takes up valuable real estate. The hardest lesson of letting go is when you have NO CONTROL! You either roll with it or stress yourself out.

I want to put my energies into the GREAT things in my life!

Think About . . .

  • Reenergizing Your Body
  • Cleansing Your Mind
  • Lifting Your Spirit
  • Putting Your Heart & Soul into WHAT MATTERS!

How do you know WHAT MATTERS is between you and yourself? You will KNOW when you FIND IT! How do you find your inner strength and emotional freedom? I find it by being true to myself, feeding my body and living life!

Coming Out, Of My Shell That Is! (Photo by RSheridan)

I am not going to say that being open to what life has to offer has been easy for me because you are putting yourself out there. Some people just do not understand and heck there are days I do not even understand it myself. I just get out there and try to be and do the best I can! Yes, it scares me as well as at the same time frees me!

Here’s the KICKER – In Letting Go You are ABLE to Forgive Yourself and Just Move Forward in Your Life! PLUS IT CAN BE FREEING – BONUS PEOPLE!!!

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