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Taking Conversation to a NEW Level

For the Better,

Better Connections & Better Interactions

I am so guilty of saying “use your words”! However, sometimes silence is best!

I have been working on being a better listener. I struggle with it and some days are better than other days. I am an interrupter and like to get my two cents into the conversation. I also find myself jumping to the conclusion that I KNOW what that person is going to say. Annoying, right!

In working on being a better listener I learned an important lesson! I tuned into my senses! I am working on being more self-aware of myself and other people around me. Interesting, right!

Some powerful communication as well as conversation going on without words! I am more aware of my body language and tuning into the body language of other people. I prefer to look a person in the eye when speaking to them, so imagine doing that without speaking. I found a calmness and collectedness about myself, which was just akwardness before!

I also found a connectedness that I have hid deep within myself! I love just being with no words exchanged. I enjoy reveling in that quiet and silence and stillness. I am discovering a new way to connect, to interact and to share.

I envision standing in the forest in the snow with nothing but silence surrounding me. I envision the sand between my toes with the waves coming in and going back out again. I envision becoming one with nature with the light coming through the trees. I envision sitting by the campfire with the stars above me.

(Photos by RSheridan)

I have the ability to find peace of mind when feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and on overload! I have the ability to protect myself when how I am feeling is reflected in the way I communicate and interact with other people. I have the ability to preserve my energies when I take a “time out” to reset, recharge and reenergize. I have the ability to find the simple life once again when being appreciative and thankful for what I do have in my life!

Here’s the BEST part! I love myself more when it comes to connecting more deeply, interacting more fully and sharing myself, my gifts and my love with other people. I find my calm, my solitude and my peace of mind. I enjoy putting the BEST of me out into this crazy world!

Remember to Pause, Breathe & Reflect Before Using Your Words!!!


Are Lessons In Love

Lessons Within Lessons and

Lessons of Life

Relationships are teachable moments with multiple layers and many lessons, especially in relation to other people! Just think about what you learn and what you share and what you gain in experiences from those relationships. Think about the relationship you have with yourself too. Pretty Amazing, right!

I love that I can be myself in certain relationships! I do have a voice and I can express myself. I feel that I can be open and free with who I am within that relationship. I can show and share myself and my many layers!

Showing Depth

It is a process though and it takes patience and commitment! I have to create that connection. I have to develop that communication and that interaction. I have to build on that relationship!

I need to trust in myself in order to open my heart and let another person into my inner circle! I can be more open and accepting of what I want to share about myself with another person when there is that trust too. Then there is the possibility and the opportunity to nurture, flourish and grow as a person!

Being Open

I enjoy when growth is a natural process between two people! That ability to build each other up instead of break each other down as individuals. Love versus Fear. Happiness versus Jealously. A desire to benefit and gain as well as experience and grow from and with each other!

I enjoy knowing where the boundaries are in order to give each other the personal space that we both need and want in a relationship! The giving and receiving. The listening and supporting. The respect, esteem and love for each other!

The not trying to change that person and letting them be who they are! The being there for each other when figuring out who we are, where our place is, what we want to do, and how to just live life in general!

Walking Side By Side

I love being an individual and having independence within a relationship! I certainly know it makes me a better partner and friend to myself and other people. I need my own interests, passions and dreams. I need to take time for myself and take care of my needs as well as my whole being!

Then I am not relying completely on another person to do that for me because I can do that for myself! I am nurturing and nourishing myself. I am feeding and fueling myself. Then I can spend time and share with another person and be there for them!

Some relationships are brief while others may last a lifetime! There will be lows and highs. There will be ups and downs. I think the greatest gifts to take out of any relationship is those lessons in growth and gaining life experiences!

Experiencing Growth (Photos by RSheridan)

You never know who you may meet as well as impact or transform by communicating, interacting and connecting with each other!

Every Interaction, Every Relationship is an Evolution in Love and Growth, Especially With Yourself! Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Crying Foul

Gaining a New Perspective

I know most of you have had the experience of being in a great mood while your greatest someone(s) were experiencing a foul mood. You want to escape and enjoy being in a great mood, especially when you have something fun and exciting planned for the day. You want to enjoy spending time together to connect with your greatest someones! Then there is that disconnection when the foul mood turns into venting and ranting. You struggle with being in a good mood while dealing with the frustration and aggravation of the situation you have found yourself in. Especially when after 5 minutes or so the venting and ranting continues.

Not Taking It To Heart

You want to enjoy being in the moment and not really stuck listening to the venting and ranting. You start thinking what a waste of my time and energy. How do I find myself in this position in these types of situations? You start thinking should I just listen or should I interject and share my perspective to lighten the mood and calm the person down.

Do you find yourself splitting your attention between being in the moment and listening? I know I do at times. I know I have been on the giving as well as receiving end too.

Do you find yourself feeling like the situation is directed at you and you take it personally? At times. Do you find yourself feeling like you are being taken advantage of in certain situations? I know I have at times.

I have found myself becoming an active participant and letting my emotions take control over me. Not good at all! There may be situations where you will find yourself stepping back and setting boundaries.

Following Your Heart & Listening to Your Needs

So I try to turn my focus inward and project my appreciation and gratitude to that interaction and connection by listening and being there as well as giving and receiving! An expression of love and respect for each other.  In loving and having compassion for yourself you are able to be more open and available to your needs and other people’s needs. I am amazed at the interactions as well as surprised at the motivating and inspiring conversations when you have a true sense of yourself!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Do You Accept and Embrace Your Interactions, Connections and Conversations with Your Greatest Someones for the BETTER? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Good Intentions

Better Interactions

It is hard enough understanding yourself at times let alone the other people you interact with on a daily basis! So how does one go about doing that with minimal conflict and playing well together?!?

Sometimes it requires you to put your wants and needs aside. Sometimes it is really listening and hearing the other person out without interuptions or suggestions. You have to develop a connection and build trust with that person!

In not communicating well, especially listening, you form communication barriers that are a deteriment and can really damage a relationship. Especially if one person or another becomes defensive or aggressive. I know it sucks at times, but sometimes you have to work out problems with others as well as resolve conflicts.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox (Photo by RSheridan)

Sometimes it just comes down to the ability to listen as well as being able to assert yourself in certain situations. Human beings bring emotions into the mix too. I think the hardest situation to deal with is the “emotionally charged”! It can be stressful and hurtful.

You can develop good communication skills with effort and practice. In time you will be able to communicate concisely and clearly. A part of your success is learning to understand others as well as yourself in every day interactions. You can develop better relationships.

Here’s to Better Interactions and Greater Relationships!!!

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