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Your Smile

Have you shared your smile with someone today? Maybe even made them chuckle or laugh!

I know I feel better and my mood lifts when I smile throughout the day! People want to approach you and to be around you. Having that positive, inspiring and happy approach. It is the best share!

There are many ways to share! A smile. A compliment. A small kindness.

Here’s to a Good Day – Enjoy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Hanging Out

 Quality Time

When I talk about hanging out I am talking about real communication, interaction and connection! 

  • Socializing and visiting.
  • Dancing and partying.
  • Cooking and eating.
  • Being active and playing.
  • Being a tourist or going on tours.
  • Volunteering, training, or teaching.
  • Shopping.
  • Getting creative and crafty.

The possibilities are limitless!

I love sharing a meal with friends! The getting together. The sharing of what is going on in our lives. The making of eats and drinks. The sitting down at the table to eat, share and connect!

It builds and strengthens relationships! Conversations and Laughter. Stories and Memories. Interaction and Connection!

That being fully present with each other when you are together! It is not easy to do at times due to technology. It is doable though and attainable if you make being fully present a priority. We should be fully present, especially for our greatest someone(s), right! 

It helps in communicating, interacting and connecting to one another! It helps build that emotional intimacy to flourish and experience growth. It creates presence in being present with our whole beings! 

It helps in staying healthy as well as happy in maintaining a social life! Strengthening social skills to communicate, interact and connect with a broad range of people. Building broad social relationships. It is so important to surround yourself with people you care about for love and support!

They will be there for you no matter what! They may even help and support you in eating well, being active, gaining experiences, etc!

Hanging Out . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

Who Are You Inviting To Hang Out? What Will You Do? Love to Hear, Please Share!

Better Interactions

With Yourself and Others

I find myself pausing when I see a child interacting with their surroundings or other children. Talk about being curious and carefree! I find myself watching dogs play fetch or playing with other dogs. There is an awareness in paying attention to what is going on and that sense of discovery!

What can we learn through those interactions? I enjoy learning how others live and go about their day. I love learning more about myself in general! I also believe there is some life lessons to learn from in order to experience and to expand the world more. I live for the most part in a bubble and every once in a while burst it open to adventure, explore and discover the NEW!

I so want to be more curious and carefree when it comes to communicating, interacting and connecting with myself and others! I know it helps me just be more in the moment and be more open to the possibilities and opportunities. I think about the pure bliss and joy as well as the pleasure and happiness I receive and give back in having better interactions with myself and others! I enjoy putting the technology aside and spending quality time face-to-face with another human being. I really crave that one-on-one time with my greatest someone(s)!

I need to . . .

  • Come from a place of love and live from my heart.
  • Be aware of where my feet are pointing me on my path.
  • Pay attention to where my feet are leading me on this journey.
  • Create my story by living my life each and every day.
  • Get out there to travel, adventure and explore TODAY.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love to Hear Your Thoughts On Better Interactions, Please Share!

Knee Jerk Reaction

Being More Proactive

Why does that knee jerk reaction happen when dealing with people in certain situations?

I struggle when it comes to having an automatic response, especially in saying the RIGHT thing or at least saying what the other person WANTS to hear! Then you give a response that shows appreciation or gives a compliment and the person turns it into a negative. I start replaying in my head what went wrong and where the break down happened. Why does it have to be so hard to connect, interact and communicate with other people at times!

Say, “What”?!?

What triggers that response?

I know sometimes I just react and for no real reason either! I speak before I think and in goes my foot right into my open mouth. It can be over something simple and petty and dumb too! Sometimes that reaction becomes a personal attack where feelings are hurt and words are said that cannot be taken back.

I realize that I am not going to click with every person I interact with and that is okay! It really comes down to how you treat another person and hopefully for the better. I am sorry to say that the majority of people do not live life like a reality show and get self involved with ALL that DRAMA! You cannot go through life thinking that everything is happening TO YOU and everyone is out to GET YOU. So Not Worth Thinking Like That!

One BIG Hairy Situation

Why does a simple request just set off a chain of events and blow everything out of proportion at times?

I know I am guilty when it comes to my ears hearing one thing while my brain is processing that one thing completely different! In a way it is like that phone game where the first person states a word and by the time the word reaches the last person in the line the word has completely changed. I really try to be respectful as well as show common courtesy, but sometimes it goes so wrong!

Sometimes I would be much better off if I did not react and say nothing at all! I have beliefs and values as well as emotions, feelings and thoughts. I need to work on shutting my mouth and opening my ears more! I need to keep my self talk, comments and judgements to myself.


Learning Lessons . . .

I am learning to pause and process what is happening before just reacting! I am learning to focus in and see the situation for what it is and learn from it. I know that I need to be true to myself when it comes to connecting, interacting and communicating with other people. I am able to follow my heart and project from the inside out with love!

In the long run it is not the end for sure! You cannot just come out reacting and taking these situations personal. It may not be right, but it happens! You learn to deal and grow as a person.

Laugh . . . Make Moments and Memories . . . Live Life (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Being Opening and Gaining Another Perspective When It Comes to Connecting, Interacting and Communicating With Other People! Remember to Play Nice too!

Finding the COM in Passion

Taking Care In What You Do

I have been told that I have a do not care approach when interacting with other people. I do and do not care depending on the situation and if I can relate to that situation. I am either “on” or “off” and need to locate the “dimmer”. I am engaged or not so much, but that does not mean I do not care.


I tend to cross my arms! I cross my arms in order not to talk, especially with my hands!


I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and let my emotions rip! I have 2 things I carry with me; rejection and guilt. I need to carry these 2 things instead; humility and humbleness! I can be reactive and direct and go back and forth in being objective and subjective.

Kiss Me You Fool – Humorous!


I am a passionate being. The problem is finding the COM in passion to approach with compassion when it comes to connecting, communicating and interacting with other people. I still struggle in finding empathy at times. I have a hard time giving myself compassion let alone other people, especially with people I do not know well!

Passionate and Compassionate


I am curious and that gets me into T-R-O-U-B-L-E with a capital T at times! My defense tactic is to ask questions and the more the better. I feel it puts the conflict and confrontation on simmer and opens the flow of communication and discussion. However, I have experienced backfires or misfires with this approach because answering a question with a question is not always the best!


I am not a patient person and that really reflects when it comes to guiding, teaching or training other people! I want to give support and encouragement as well as motivation and inspiration to others. I enjoy seeing people get it and do better. However, I take the wrong approach in going about it at times. Less frustration and more appreciation!


I do not always know what to say let alone how and when to say it! Then I need to tune into a person’s eye contact and body language. I have a hard time reading myself let alone other people! Then you add everything else that is going on around you. I know I am going to screw something up or be screwed in the process!

Tied Into Knots!


I am working on stopping before I react and spew out my words as well as emotions! I am trying to find the compassion and be a little more complimentary. I am finding new ways to express my curiousity to show that I do care. When I feel like I am losing it I take deep breathes and count to 10!

Here’s to Finding the COM in Passion . . . COMPASSION! Speaking and Communicating with Compassion is a GOOD Thing!

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