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Supporting One Another

“Make new friends but keep the old,

one is silver and the other gold.” ~Girl Scout song

Do you feel like your friendships have evolved throughout the years (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.)? I know I have experienced this in my life. Some friendships have endured the test of time while others have not. Some friendships have come back around while others go around and around again.

At this stage in my life I click with people, but miss the connection in forming a friendship at times. I have a small circle of friends and tend to live in my little life and do little to expand it. Sometimes I do not give myself the time to click let alone start a connection with another person. I want to invest in a friendship that offers camaraderie, mutual interests and that is healthy for both of us! It is no longer about being part of the popular group and hanging in the right circles. At least for me!

2 is Sometimes Better Than 1!

Friendships need to have a balance between giving and receiving. Friendships are supporting and cheering one another on as well as inspiring and motivating too. Friendships help give you a sense of direction in order to become a better version of your self. Friendships help you experience growth and gain life experiences!

Thanks to My Friends – Love You and Appreciate Your Support!!!

Hanging Out Together (Photo by RSheridan)

A Little Help Here

Asking for Help

I can take care of myself pretty well. I struggle when it comes to asking for a little help here and now. I know the people I share my life with are not mind readers. I need to rely on others more and ask for help.

I realize I create my own stress at times by not asking for help. It is one thing to ask for help and another thing when you express your needs to others. I am learning that you do not have to go it alone. The first step is asking for help and reaching out for a hand, shoulder, ear, etc.

You need that human connection in your life. I love connecting and hanging out with my family and friends. I enjoy being able to bounce ideas around with others. People want to help and be a part of your life.

The people you share your life with are your greatest supporters and protectors, especially when experiencing a tough spot. I cannot express my gratitude enough for what my greatest someone along with my family and friends have helped me through in my life. I can feel the love and support as well as the guidance and protection. I am pretty lucky to have these great people in my life.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Ask and You Shall Receive & Remember to Return the Favor too!!!

Getting Connected

Seeking Social Support

Be it in person or online getting connected with others can do you good! Seeking that social support and just being able to share yourself with others. It is like “Group Therapy” and it is FREE! Connecting with others just gets you motivated and excited to live life.

Remember to receive and give back! Nurture and grow that connection with each other. Never take it for granted! You make each other accountable in living life to the fullest by gaining life experiences.

“Group Therapy” comforts you as well as helps you cope with your crazy busy life! The good and not so good times. Just reach out, connect and ask for a little support from each other! It goes a long way and may come back tenfold sometimes.

You need a t-shirt that states:  “Do Not Worry! I am in Group Therapy and These People Get ME!”.

I love when someone gets you and WANTS to be around you! That connection just flourishes and continues to grow, especially when getting to know each other. It certainly makes opening yourself up to another person a little easier. YOU can be YOURSELF and that MATTERS!!!

Here’s to Letting Your True Self SHINE & Sharing It With Others!!!

Being . . .

Opening Up . . .

Hanging Out . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Looking Forward

To The FUN Part of Living Life

Imagine if you could ADD more FUN to your life!

The Work Place

What would be your vision for the work place to make it more FUN and less STRESS?


My Top 5

  1. Bubble Wrapped Walls and Floors
  2. A Slide with a Ball Pit
  3. Creative Crayon Friday – NO Pens, Pencils or Keyboards
  4. Light Sabers and Super Soakers for Conflict Resolution
  5. The Conference Rooms Redesign – #1 is now Bouncy House and #2 is now Rubber Room


How do you add more FUN in your life?

I feel more right side up in my world when I let a little fun in! I enjoy taking a break from the busyness and the half-arsed multi tasking that I pretend to do so well. I love letting my inner child out and being a Big Kid! I am a “grown up”, but that does not mean I stopped playing, imagining and dreaming.

You do not have to change who you are to add fun to your life. However, you can change your focus on adding and having fun in your life!

I think about what I was most passionate as a child and draw fun things to do from there at times.

  • I love to explore, so I travel and adventure.
  • I love to be active, so I exercise, hike and bike.
  • I love to be creative, so I write and do photography.
  • I love nature, so I camp and get outdoors

Great Company

You can have fun by yourself or join a group or take in a class. Nothing better than having a partner in fun! Plus getting involved, interacting and connecting adds to your life in so many ways. Nothing better than fun, laughter and great company to share it with!

Think of ALL the Happiness and Health that would RADIATE from so much FUN!!!

Reaching Out

Neil Diamond Said IT Best in Sweet Caroline

Reaching Out, Touching ME, Touching YOU!!! Here’s to the Blogging Community and YOU Who Make IT Happen Every Day!

I have recently made a connection with the person who nominated me for the Liebster Blog. Lisa at Food Table/La Vie Eclectique usually keeps me guessing when it comes to her posts. I love that and that she truly keeps it eclectic when it comes to living life. Thanks so much!

Leibster in German means “dearest”, “beloved” or “favorite”. The idea of the Leibster Award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers all in the spirit of gathering more connections.

I present the Liebster Award to the following Bloggers . . . Drum Roll Please!

Please note that some of these bloggers may have already been awarded this award as well as may have more than 200 followers.

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Here’s to Reaching Out & Making Great Connections!

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