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Taking Your Sweet Time

Sometime Today, Please!

I am all for slowing down and taking my sweet time! However, there are times I go there and turn into a procrastinator. I either let things slide or try catching up. I cannot seem to get started and if I do I cannot stick with it and start thinking about the next thing! It is way more than just being lazy.

#1 Reason – My Inner Perfectionist is a Control Freak!

Plain and Simple – Perfectionism can make one a Procrastinator! Everything and Anything has to be PERFECT. It is exhausting, it wastes my time and it is just plain silly for my sanity!

PERFECT Bunch of Grapes

#2 Reason – Stressed Out and Just Plain Frustrated

The main reason I procrastinate is because I am stressed out and just plain frustrated! I do not want to do something, so the next best thing is to hold my ground and keep putting it off. I hope that it just DISAPPEARS if I wait long enough! I do not necessarily give up, but just go away for a while already.

Thinking About Paradise . . .

#3 Reason – Disruptions, Distractions, Busyness – Oh My The Craziness!

I blame my procrastination on disruptions, distractions and busyness! Then you throw in the craziness and chaos. Pretty much go into protection mode and screw everything else for a while!

Look! Squirrel with Cookie.

#4 Reason – Tired and/or Bored

I am pretty good at playing the tired and/or bored card at times! I feel like my brain just decided to turn itself off. Nope, not happening, not going to work today! There is just no clarity in my muddled and sleep deprived brain. Good Luck with getting my two feet working let alone prioritizing or multitasking throughout my day!

I have very little to no patience, so I do not do well with boredom either! There is nothing that zaps my energy faster than being bored. If I learned anything growing up it is not telling your mother you are bored and then throw in that you are tired too! I think this is the main reason I am a questioner, a challenger and a tryer of new things.

Won the Race – Now Time for R&R (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember The Turtle Did Win the Foot Race With the Hare!!!

Such a Rule Breaker

Going Rogue On Myself

I am ready to let go of the one thing in my life that is no longer serving me to be the best me! I have a relationship that is harmful and borderline toxic. I am so lucky to have come out the other side with my sanity almost intact; however, it has taken a toll on me physically and spiritually. I know with time I will be a whole being once again!

I have to remove myself from that relationship so that I can move on! I want to be healthier as well as happier. Stress takes and takes and never gives back!

Sometimes you go with the flow and other times you go against the current to get what you want and need! I am ready for a change and ready to take a chance. Sometimes you go with what is expected of you and other times you have to just break some rules! I am going rogue on myself and breaking free to get to a better place in my life again.

I need to have a little faith and a whole lot of courage to jump into the unknown and the uncharted! Otherwise I am going to stay stuck in a rut and continue to be stunted when it comes to experiencing growth. I want to make space to enjoy the good and experience the new in my life. I am ready to write a few new rules to live by!

Wine then CHOCOLATE and Cheese! (Photos by RSheridan)

Sometimes the Nice Have to Release Their Inner Rogue and Break Some Rules!!!

Your Calm

Centered Place

What makes you cool, calm and collected?

My Top 3

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Photography
  3. A Good Read

My calm usually comes from within myself. Finding that quiet place and a little personal solitude. Sometimes I want to refrain from the action for a bit and just be! Just focus on recharging and reenergizing.

Do you ever let your mind just wander instead of thinking at 90 miles an hour in every direction? I usually find my CALM when I let my mind just wander and be FREE! I can really center and focus on one thing. You know that whole multi-tasking thing is a myth, right!

Sometimes exercising helps because you really have to focus and tune in. Especially in working something out that has been bothering me. At least I can get my frustration out if nothing else! Healthy for your overall body too.

(Photos by RSheridan)

So . . . How Do You Find Your Calm in the Storm of Life? Please Share – Love to Hear!

One Vicious Cycle

Please Let Me Off Already!

There is one vicious cycle playing out in our lives every day! The never ending battle between stress and weight. It is everywhere and you may be able to ignore it, but you cannot hide from it. If you are not being faced with it yourself then you know someone who is!

Going Round & Round, Let Me Off, Pretty Please! (Photo by RSheridan)

Stress is plain ugly and SUCKS!!! That constant stress takes a toll on your body, mind and spirit. That constant stress affects your relationships and friendships. That constant stress affects YOU and who You ARE!

I have noticed a shift in the working environment and it is not pretty at times! The degradation, the beratement and the borderline harassing and bullying behaviors. It astounds me and is such a DEMOTIVATOR! I realize that not everyone gets along and the majority of us experience a bad day once in a while, but could we go a little easier on each other.

There are the stressors at work and then you compile those stressors with the ones already waiting for you at home. It can overwhelm you and have you breathing into a paper bag if you think too much about it. The emotions are like the rollercoaster of life at times. Stress is one monster you do not want to mess with for too long!

I feel in correlation to stress is your weight. You are either sick to the stomach or going in the opposite direction where the weight starts adding up. I know I tend to stress eat or crave junk because I feel that I have control over something in my life. I have also gone to the extreme with exercising to deal with stress and highly do not recommend. Scary and that is sometimes where the vicious cycle begins and grabs hold!

What Do You Do to Lessen the Stress in Your Life? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Faced With – Part Deux

A Challenge

Check Out! – Faced With – Part 1

Think Outside of the Oh Crud Box

  • What Can You Control, Leverage, Influence?
  • What Are Your Options/Solutions?
  • Think Inside Yourself & Outside of the Box!

I take myself within in order to think outside of the box! I also like to form a plan of attack when being faced with a challenge. I feel like it gives me back the control in the situation. Just playing trial and error at times!

Life Can Be Messy! (Photo by RSheridan)


Seek Support

  • Phone a Friend
  • Write Down Options or Pros & Cons
  • Just Work Through It & Take the Time YOU Need
  • Think About the Other Times You Have OVERCAME a Obstacle/Challenge
  • Lean on Your Support Network – Just Connect with Others!

Remind Yourself that You have a Purpose –

That You Belong & Make a Difference in Your Life & To Others!

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a break – give your body, mind and spirit a time out to reboot! It may distract yourself so you do not become “Debbie Downer”. You can cry, laugh or have a melt down; have a good laugh! Give yourself a positive boost through laughter.

  • Let Go of Your Emotions
  • Get Relaxation & Rest
  • Eat Well – Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Get Moving – Exercise Your Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Release Tension & Stress
  • Get Calm and Assertive; Not Reactionary

Here’s to Strengthening and Adding to Your Bag of Tricks to Overcome Challenges!!!

Faced With – Part 1

A Challenge

Check Out! – Faced With – Part Deux

Do you find you inner warrior and whip out a can of whoop arse? OR Do you go inside yourself to deal? I sometimes think of stress as a test and a test to your body, mind and spirit, especially your emotions. Every test is different and sometimes you say “What now? Really?”!

I know I say this! Then I assess the situation and decide on a plan of attack as to how to deal and react. Sometimes it just plain sucks and feels like you are having an out of body experience. I know I feel this way at times! Sometimes my mind goes to the extreme and takes me right to the very edge!

Watch Out! (Photo by RSheridan)

Choose To Be a Warrior

“Be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” ~ Nora Ephron

How do you strengthen your coping skills muscle?

I know I take certain challenges/situations personal because I feel as if someone is trying to be hurtful towards me. Then other times I want to strike back and be just as hurtful. That is not a great reaction to have and is really uncool! Your reaction will make a difference in how long it takes to recover and move forward.

YOU have the POWER to CHANGE Things for the BETTER!

Is it possible that this just might change your life for the better or open new doors for you?

I realize that at times you have NO CONTROL over what happens in your life! However, how you handle and react to the challenge is UP TO YOU! Think in terms of a “Temporary Setback”! Think POSITIVE not NEGATIVE!

To Be Continued . . .

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