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The Whole Being


Do you nurture and nourish your body on a daily basis?

The things we do to live our lives keeps us moving and shaking! It is so worth it though. Life is beautifully messy and busy! 

However, sometimes we feel like we are just going through the motions! We fall out of practice, especially making time for our whole beings! 

Reset the routine from time to time! Find that motivation and excitement again. Find your center and energy again. Your whole being will thank you!

We all can use a check in with ourselves to take stock and tune up the body, mind and spirit!

  • Am I still headed in the direction to follow my path to journey along?
  • Are my pursuits purposeful?
  • Are my ambitions and passions on track with my intentions?
  • Where is my focus and am I mindful of where I am heading?


Do you tap into your mind on a daily basis? Do you talk it out or write it out when it comes to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You just have to get it out of your head to release, let go and move on! Otherwise you are creating worry and stress for yourself and that is not good for your well being.

Making the time to be mindful as well as grateful! It gives you clarity to form a plan of action. It lets you clear your mind to create space for new things. Be one with yourself and connect with your breathe!

Let your mind wander and the thoughts flow freely! 


Do you tune into your spirit on a daily basis? Do you instill a practice into your daily life. Do you make the time to connect, interact and communicate with your whole being. Do what is best for you and serves your needs!

Making time to reconnect with yourself and your whole being! Making time to refresh and renew. Making time to go within to center yourself to find balance and energy! Making time to relax and rest.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Today, Do What Feels Best For You and Your Whole Being! You DESERVE It! Enjoy 🙂

Getting Into the Spirit

Tuning In,

Tapping Into It

Some people call it soul! Other people call it faith!

How Do You Tune In and

Tap Into Your Spiritual Side?

I am not the best at it, but I try! I call it listening to myself and following my heart. I call it paying attention to my gut and my intuition. I call it believing in and trusting in myself!

How Do You Act On That Connection

With Your Spiritual Side?

I either act and go or I resist and ignore when my spiritual side is trying to guide me! I usually get that feeling of persistence in that I should be aware of someone or something. Sometimes I get that ding, ding alarm bell. Other times I just feel as if it is speaking directly and loudly to me to wake up and pay attention already!

I know at times I end up in more trouble then I imagined because I did not listen to myself from the inside out! My mind is taking charge and taking over control instead. I need to tune in and tap into my soul/spirit and my faith a little more, especially in reconnecting with my whole being again! This is one reason I feel a disconnect with myself at times.

I have lost that connection in living from the inside out and believing in my faith! I am lost, dazed and confused. I do not like the feeling of being out of touch and not being able to find that middle ground. I find myself searching and seeking for more in living my life, especially in my wants. It is sad to say, but it happens!

How Do You Know What Is Best For You?

I am navigationally challenged, so I tend to focus on landmarks instead of signs! I am starting to pay more attention to those signs though. Sometimes the meaning means nothing to me and it makes me stop to think! It can be a clearing of the mind, opening up the heart, freeing of the spirit experience.

Who and What Do You Listen To?

I do not do well with being uncomfortable and uncertain! Especially of the unknown and the final outcome. I am learning to lean into that discomfort. I am finding that love trumps fear if I open up and listen to my whole being!

How Do You Find The Direction You Need?

I try really hard not to fall in the trap of could, should and would! I feel like I give myself the excuse to not be committed. I like can and will better! I feel like it is possible to believe in myself and give myself a 100%.

(Photos by RSheridan)

LOVE to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

Out of Rooms

Cleaning The “Emotional House”

I have been learning to live in the present and treat each day as a gift! Part of the process is letting go of the crud that clutters my body, mind and spirit; cleaning my “emotional house”. This crud is not important, certainly does not matter and just takes up valuable real estate. The hardest lesson of letting go is when you have NO CONTROL! You either roll with it or stress yourself out.

I want to put my energies into the GREAT things in my life!

Think About . . .

  • Reenergizing Your Body
  • Cleansing Your Mind
  • Lifting Your Spirit
  • Putting Your Heart & Soul into WHAT MATTERS!

How do you know WHAT MATTERS is between you and yourself? You will KNOW when you FIND IT! How do you find your inner strength and emotional freedom? I find it by being true to myself, feeding my body and living life!

Coming Out, Of My Shell That Is! (Photo by RSheridan)

I am not going to say that being open to what life has to offer has been easy for me because you are putting yourself out there. Some people just do not understand and heck there are days I do not even understand it myself. I just get out there and try to be and do the best I can! Yes, it scares me as well as at the same time frees me!

Here’s the KICKER – In Letting Go You are ABLE to Forgive Yourself and Just Move Forward in Your Life! PLUS IT CAN BE FREEING – BONUS PEOPLE!!!

Feed Your Mind & Soul

Strong Body, Warm Heart, Active Spirit

How do you nourish your body, mind and spirit? I feel that it starts with being an active person – feed the machine per se! I realize that day after day over time we can get bogged down in the daily grind of life. You MAKE LIFE what IT IS though!

Some Options to Consider:

  • Select Healthier Food Choices
  • Get Your Exercise On
  • Put Stress on the Down Low
  • Love to Learn Daily
  • Be Socially Active
  • Explore & Adventure Extensively

I do not care for the “D” word! Instead I think in terms of changing one’s lifestyle and selecting healthier food choices. We all DESERVE to indulge and treat ourselves! Have FUN trying new foods and new ways to cook foods.

Simply EXERCISE makes your body and mind strong as well as gets the HEART pumping. There are multiple ways to get your exercise on and have fun doing it!

Put that STRESS on the Down Low. There are times where you are in control and other times where you just might have to ROLL with it.

Learn something NEW every day! Keeps the mind sharp and the spirit active. I love to learn and read as well as try new things and challenge myself.

Here’s the one I LOVE – be SOCIALLY active!!! Does this mean that you have to turn yourself into the Social Butterfly, certainly not. However, get out there and get involved in LIFE – so many wonderful opportunities out there if you are open to them.

Another FAVORITE one – Explore & Adventure Extensively! This truly can CHALLENGE your body, mind and spirit. We are curious by nature, so why not put it to good use!


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