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Guiding Yourself By . . .

Tuning Into Your Energy,

Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

You know you are your greatest supporter and protector, right! 


How do you tune into your energy?

  • Doing more of what you love.
  • Exploring more of your creative self.
  • Making time for yourself.
  • Taking the time to relax and rest throughout the day, week, month, and year.
  • Nurturing and nourishing your whole well being.

“Develop a discipline of listening to your feelings and trusting their wisdom

as energetic signposts along your personal journey to help guide yourself toward

that which is in alignment with your truest values and deeper visions.”~Jenny Clarke

How do you tap into your inner strength?

  • Being in charge and controlling your choices and decisions.
  • Making time for self care and self love; self confidence and self independence and support.
  • Believing, valuing and trusting yourself; self worth and empowerment.
  • Communicating, interacting and connecting to your whole being from the inside out.
  • Learning to release and let go of what is no longer working or serving you.

How Are You Filling Your Bucket? (Photos by RSheridan)

Really Think About What Gives You Fulfillment and Satisfaction! Remember to Create That Space For Your Whole Well Being. Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share.

Creating Space

For Yourself

How Do You Create Space? What Do You Do For You?

I need to create space for myself throughout the day, the week and the month! I need to carve out time to do what I want to do on a daily basis too!

I crave that . . .

  • Inspiration and Motivation.
  • Interaction and Connection.
  • Action and Creation.
  • Joy, Happiness and Pleasure.
  • Calm and Solace.
  • Fulfillment and Satisfaction.

I am working on . . .

  • Listening to myself, following my heart and trusting my gut.
  • Spending time with my greatest someone and someones.
  • Keeping it simple.
  • Taking time for myself and caring for myself, my needs and my whole being.
  • Creating that healthier lifestyle by eating better and being active.
  • Communicating, interacting and communicating to create, develop and build healthier relationships.

I love spending quality time with my greatest someone, especially adventuring together! I feel better when I disconnect from the crazy, busyness and the technology. I enjoy communicating, interacting and connecting with my greatest someone and someones! I need to create, develop and build healthy, strong relationships with the people I love.

I am not an early bird, but I do enjoy my 30 minutes to myself in the morning as well as in the evening! I start off my day a little better when I do this. I feel prepared and prioritized to conquer my day! I like to end my day in a calm and relaxed state.

I enjoy being active and scheduling an hour of exercise in twice a week! I feel better when I take the time to do this for myself. I love escaping to the great outdoors on the weekends to get some much needed fresh air! I enjoy exploring and playing tourist.

I am scheduling in some rest and relaxation too! I need to make myself a priority at times in order to be a better person to be around. I need to set boundaries to create space and I need to say “No!” in order to carve out time for myself! I need to use my time and my energies wisely.

I want to work hard and play harder! I need to find that work/life balance. I am tuning into my purpose and tapping into my passions. I am so blessed in living the life I do have and need to revel more in the simple life!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!!!

Keeper of the Keys

Taking Charge

I had to get a little uncomfortable with myself on this journey of self in order to get to know myself better! I learned that I need to acknowledge and address my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I feel that I am better able to handle the ebbs and flows in my life by tuning into my emotions, feelings and thoughts!  It does not mean that I have to fix or change me every time. It just helps me go with the flow more and move forward!

Ebbing and Flowing . . .

Where Do You Draw That Line Between Feeling and Thinking?

I know I feel different when I am feeling versus thinking in a situation! I feel as if I have removed myself from a situation when I kick the thinking into high gear. I feel I experience a situation more when I approach it with feeling! I feel more happiness and contentment too.

I have to STOP . . .

  • Taking everything so personal.
  • Breaking down my own personal space boundaries.
  • Getting involved and trying to resolve other people’s problems.
  • Letting people take advantage of my time.

How Do You Take Charge Of Yourself and Your Personal Space?

I am the keeper of the keys and if I give them to someone else I better be ready, right! I have to make the choices and decisions I need to live my life. I need to take charge and create the personal space I need!

Keeper of the Keys as well as the Driver

I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my time as well as my energy. I think about what is acceptable to me when it comes to my personal space. I think about how to become a better friend and a better listener. I think about what I can ignore when it comes to constant noise, interruptions and distractions. I think about things way more than I should at times too!

Hello! Happy Day

What Do You Want To Take Charge Of? ME! What Do You Want To Create Personal Space For In Living Your Life? Play, Travel, Exploration, Writing, Adventures, Reading, etc! Love to Hear, Please Share!

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