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The Body Talks Part 3

Building Self Esteem

I have learned a very valuable lesson over the last year pertaining to my body image! I use to think my body image was about the way I LOOKED. However, I fell out of love with my body with each and every weight gain. I have learned that my body image is about how I FEEL!

I also learned that you have to build up from the foundation or in this case with your own body! You have to do what works best for you and your needs. You will start to feel it as your body changes. Remember if it starts to feel like work or a chore make some adjustments and keep going!

I am having fun when it comes to getting my sweat on and I certainly want to play more too!

Building . . . Playing . . . Living . . . FUN!

Personal Space

I am the one in control of me, my body and my self worth! I have to listen to me. I have to nurture and nourish my whole being from the inside out!

This starts with creating personal space and healthier boundaries for myself! It is bad enough when you make yourself less than and then you listen and maybe feed into that from other people. It is so unhealthy and borderline toxic. You build your worth by taking care of yourself and your needs, especially mentally and emotionally!

Space . . . Boundaries . . . Solace

Living For You

Have you ever thought about living for you? Making yourself a priority even if it is for five minutes!

I enjoy carving out time for myself to do what I love to do! I just feel more nurtured and nourished throughout my whole being, especially from within to what I share with other people. I want to tap into my talents, especially when it comes to what I am most passionate about! I know for me it builds me up and that is a great feeling.

Life is worth learning, growing and experiencing! Life is worth doing what you love to do too!

Learning . . . Growing . . . Experiencing

Working It

I am enjoying the process of my journey of self! It is work and I have had to get into that mindset of taking action. I have had to work through some things along the way and confront some of the ugliness that I really do not like about myself. It is so worth it though and it can be a freeing experience too!

The biggest eye-opener for me has been learning to connect with myself again! The mental and the physical. The emotions, the feelings and the thoughts. I lost that belief and trust in myself! I was not being true to who I am. I was doing myself a disservice and I deserved so much more!

I am working on listening to my voice, following my heart and trusting my gut again and it feels so good!

Discovering . . . Creating . . . Journeying (Photos by RSheridan)

Remember It Takes Self Care and a True Sense of Self to BUILD UP Your Self Esteem and Self Worth!

Being Grounded

Finding Your Roots

Finding your roots is about discovering your “true self”! Being grounded is your foundation and being self-aware is how you engage and interact in your life on a daily basis. It is about carrying that learning forward to be the best you and to live the best life. Being grounded and being self-aware benefits you in engaging and living your life!

Finding Roots (Photo by RSheridan)

Your successes as well as setbacks are the greatest opportunities to learn about yourself and grow as a person! In being grounded you form the foundation for personal growth. In being self-aware you give yourself love and compassion. For the most part it is pretty simple, but certainly not easy and comes with its fair share of successes and setbacks!

As human beings we can hold ourselves back with self-doubt, self-talk and negative thoughts as well as a whole range of emotions! You continue to learn and grow as a person throughout your liftime. Why not put your best self forward; your true self!

Being Grounded (Photo by RSheridan)

Take that Journey and Remember to Create Your Story!!!

Being True

To Yourself

Back on December 5, 2012 I wrote a post called Enough Said. This post is a follow-up to that post to discuss the following question:

How do you engage your body, mind and spirit

to stimulate courage, compassion and connection

to your TRUE SELF?

I am the type of person who has a hard time finding a happy medium at times. Why you might ask? I am pretty confident and independent as well as stubborn as heck! It just gets me in trouble or creates a way for trouble to seek me out.

What I lack in courage is made up in stubborness. What I lack in compassion to myself I give to others (have been learning to put the people pleasing on the down low). I have no problems with connection because once I click with you just Watch Out!

LIVE a Full, Rich in Body, Mind and Spirit Life!

I have been trying to be more open lately; people, possibilities, experiences. I have had to really look within myself and really be true to myself in the process. It is certainly not easy at times!


So you are probably thinking . . . Why not let your TRUE SELF out to shine to the world? There are many reasons and it changes from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, etc.

Here is my reasoning . . .

  • I really do not have a medium button, so what you see is what you get.
  • This results in being an “Acquired Taste” at times – ha!
  • In the end I love hanging out with myself and that is what matters.

Be TRUE to Yourself and SHARE that Side of You with the Ones You LOVE!!!

Going With the Flow! (Photo by RSheridan)

Lose Your Self – I

Being Mindful

A Few Other Terms

  • Being Positive
  • Being Self-Aware
  • Being Thankful

Do YOU practice being mindful; really reflect what is going on around YOU on a daily basis? Just take a few minutes to reflect! I am simply amazed what I take in when I slow the pace down. Just be in that moment and take in the experience!

My word for 2012 is Acceptance! I am trying to be more self-aware. I am focusing on being more positive. I am celebrating the tiny to huge milestones in my life. It is such a FREEING & MOTIVATING experience! I love that at the end of yoga class you are focusing on the positive and being thankful.

I want to be proactive versus reactive. I want to be positive versus negative. Just more accepting overall to myself! I am an emotional intelligent being that will make mistakes, but I do not need to beat myself up and dwell on it. Just need to keep moving forward!

I recently read a great quote and the part that stuck with me was “Life is about creating YOURSELF“. YOU have a story to create and unfold as well as tell and share. How Cool Is That! There is that connection that you are part of something; something that may be minimal to significant as well as simple to amazing. Being mindful and grateful is a part of ALL that!

Will you experience wants, worries, challenges, and disappointments. Yes, of course! Do you need to deal with it? Probably! Do you need to dwell on it? Depends! Just remember to not spend too much time dwelling and to move forward as soon as you can.

Create YOUR Life!!!

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