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Manifesting “Whys”

Seeking Your “Whys” In What You Need

I have been thinking about being tested lately.

  • How do you find the gratitude to be grateful?
  • How do you feel blessed?
  • How do you wrap your head around it? Let alone make peace with it.

I am sure we all have thoughts of why me, why was I chosen! Determination versus denial. Resilience versus challenge. Gratitude and hope for the good, the bad and everything in between!

It is so we can teach ourselves as well as others how to be strong! 

  • With love and support.
  • With our biggest cheerleaders by our sides cheering us on.
  • With time and healing.
  • With determination and strength.
  • With resilience and the ability to cope (aka hope).
  • By building each other up when everything else around us seems to be breaking down.

It is so we can determine why we need what we need! The possibilities and opportunities. The gifts and the blessings. When your “whys” come to fruition in what you need! 

Do you reflect on . . .

  • Your blessings.
  • Your opportunities that you have been given.
  • Your gifts that you are grateful to have.
  • Your life experiences and memories that you treasure.

I think about anticipation, attraction and action! What is your purpose? Seeking and searching . . . Where are you being directed? Discovering and exploring . . . Taking action!

  • How do you anticipate what you need?
  • How do you attract your “whys” to get what you need?
  • How do you put those “whys” into action to go after what you need?

Are you anticipating the next thing once you have what you need? Or Do you savor the moment?

Do you expect instant gratification at times? Especially in having technology at your fingertips.

Really think about what you are inviting into your life!

  • The challenges that help you experience growth.
  • The lessons learned along with the experiences.
  • The possibilities and opportunities as well as the chances and risks given and taken.
  • The tough times that test your strength and endurance.
  • The memories created that tell your story as you journey along.

It matters and makes it so worth it! Gratitude keeps hope alive. Healing is learning, especially in learning how to let go. Embracing the opportunities to help you realize your dreams can come true!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Manifesting Your “Whys”? Love to Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

Making Time

To Put Your Dreams Into Action

  • Make time to get curious and explore.
  • Make time to break out of your comfort zone.
  • Make time to find your motivation and discover your passions.
  • Make time to dream, imagine and vision.

Journeying . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  1. What do you really enjoy?
  2. What is important to you?

Take the time to define your passions and really go after what you want! It may require being open . . . to the possibilities . . . to change . . . to the opportunties, etc. Communicate, interact and connect with your whole being to define and determine what you want, need, crave, etc.! Really tap into your power and tune into your energy. Develop a healthy and happy relationship in what you want!

Take the Time For YOU!

Dreaming . . . Loving . . . Living . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  1. What is not showing up for you when you ask for it?
  2. Why?
  3. What can you do to change that?

There are times you get what you ask for, but it comes in a different form. There are times you do not get what you ask for, but it is exactly what you needed though. There are times you have to think outside the box and get creative to get what you ask for. There are times you need to have a Plan B to your Plan A.

You ask and create your successes, milestones and experiences! 

Make the Time for YOU!

Relaxing & Resting

Ask Yourself . . .

  • What do you envision?
  • What can you do to obtain and achieve that vision?
  • What skills and tools will you need to use?

In knowing who you truly are you can reach outside of yourself! To stretch yourself and your comfort zone. To expand yourself to go after “IT”. You are the only one that can do that for you!

To be open to learning to gain those skills! To gain the knowledge to develop. To gain the experience to grow. Find a mentor to guide you and a buddy to journey along with you!

Remember to check in with yourself! What is your reason for going after “IT”. That vision gives you inspiration and motivation. That vision gives you a mood and energy boost! 

Narrow down the details and get specific in what you want and need!  

Focusing In . . .

Ask Yourself . . .

  • What is stopping you from going after “IT”?
  • Why?
  • How do you clear it out?

There are usually two clear blocks; fear and limits! Before you run and hide or even flee just stop and pause. You cannot just ignore or wish away what is blocking you. You have to deal with it and deal with it head on! 

You have to tune into and tap into the inner you! What do you believe and value? What matters and is important to you? Do you trust in yourself and have the confidence to go after what you need, want or crave?

You need to use your power to your advantage and do what is best for you! Really tap into your fears as well as your feelings. Really ask yourself the tough questions to get to the bottom of things for yourself and your whole being. That will help in releasing, letting go and clearing it out! 

Going for “IT” (Photos by RSheridan)

Find Your Inspiration and Motivation To Drive YOU! Find Your Practice To Be Disciplined In Going After What YOU Want! Find Your Progress In Practicing Small Steps Every Day! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

The Journey of Self

Discovering The True Version Of Your Self

This speaks volumes to me!

“We are not our life hats. We are not our professions. We are not our life roles.

In the end, we are that inner observer that sees, feels and experiences all these outside influences.

Losing these hats does not mean losing yourself – it just means starting a new adventure.”~Cristina Bold

I have been tuning into my inner being more and more!

Tuning . . . Listening . . . Embracing . . .

Really ask yourself these questions . . .

  1. Where does your self worth come from?
  2. What are your intrinsic beliefs and values?
  3. What do you want, need, crave in living your life?
  4. What is leading you; your heart or your mind?
  5. Are we ever prepared?

Practicing . . . Filling . . . Experiencing . . .

I am a planner and a preparer! I am learning though that when something does feel right to not overthink it. Go for it and do it! You cannot prepare for every experience. Sometimes you just have to let those experiences happen and embrace it. I am finding that learning to go with the flow can be quite the eye opening experience!

I am practicing to progress to discover who I am and be true to myself! I do not have to know my purpose. I can explore and find what I love to do. I can discover what I want, need and crave in living my life!

I am learning from my mistakes and celebrating my successes! I am learning to practice to progress. I am learning to do what is best for me and my whole being. I am learning that a journey of self is a great way to discover your true self and become a better version of your self too! 

Journeying . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

 Are You On A Journey Of Self? If So, How Is It Going? Love to Hear, Please Share Your Successes, Milestones, Celebrations, etc.

Creating Your Why

Ready, Start, GO!!!

Do You Create Your Why?

  • What do you need, want and/or crave?
  • Why do you need, want and/or crave “abc”?
  • What do you want to pursue?
  • Why do you want to pursue “xyz”?

You have to start somewhere, right!  Why not start by creating your why!

  • Start practicing and building.
  • Start learning and developing.
  • Start experiencing growth and gaining life experiences.
  • Start listening to your inner knowing, following your heart and believing, valuing and trusting in yourself.
  • Start creating your story, following your path and journeying along.

Do Not Wait – Start & Just GO!

Up For the Challenge

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.”~Chalene Johnson

Are You Up to the Challenge?

You are in control of the choices you make each and every day!

Are You Open to the Possibilities and Opportunities?

You have the power to change and for the better too! 

Are You Seeing the Good and the Positive?

Yes. No. Maybe.

I Am Up for the Challenge!

I am not sure if I was born a questioner or if it was instilled in me at a young age! It certainly has helped me in going after what I want. I think for myself and ask questions; lots of questions!

When I think about conquering today I think about two things! 

  1. Waking up excited.
  2. Going to sleep knowing tomorrow is another day to live it.

I tune into and tap into that communication, interaction and connection with myself and my whole being! It is inspiring, motivating and energizing. It is calming, balancing and grounding. I feel connected to myself, my whole being and my life!

You have to believe and trust in yourself ! Believe that you deserve to be here. Trust that you are right where you need to be. You are in control in your power of choice!

Get to know yourself to love yourself and live from within yourself! This helps you discover what you want and need in creating, loving and living your life. To do what you love and love what you do. Choose the challenge to be and to do for you!

I go to sleep at night knowing I lived a present life as well as a creative life! 

Do Not Forget To Remember Your Why

As You Journey Along . . .

  • Why did you decide to commit to these changes for yourself?
  • How will/do you feel? (i.e. emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc.)
  • How do you stay committed and on course?
  • How do you define success, gains, rewards, abundance, etc.?
  • What are your beliefs, values and truths that keep you true to who you are?

You have to navigate yourself in order to direct yourself down the path to go after what you really want! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

No One Will Give It To You, Except YOU! You Have to Claim It and Own It!

The 3rd Degree

The 1st Degree – Seek

I have been thinking lately about questions and answers, especially in what I am seeking to create and/or bring into my life! I am learning that doubts can become beliefs that I truly value. I am learning that there are no right or perfect answers unless you ask the right questions. Every question is practice to start making progress! 

Opening Up . . .

The 2nd Degree – Create

My Word for 2016

For the first quarter of the new year I am working on putting down roots to make a home to nest for a bit. Three moves within three years takes a toll on a person. I am continuing to experience growth with smart, hard work, especially professionally. 

In the second quarter of the new year I want to make time to create! 

  • To take pleasure and enjoy more.
  • To play, laugh and have fun.
  • To explore and adventure.
  • To love and to live.
  • To create . . . to envision . . .

Needing To . . .

I need to engage my excitement and energy! I need to invite my desires into each and every day. I need to practice and learn to develop and grow. I need to gain life experiences to create my story and make lifelong memories!

The 3rd Degree – Engage 

There are so many ways to engage when it comes to living your life each and every day!

  • Be present, engage and involve your whole being.
  • Converse, interact and connect.
  • Use your senses.
  • Utilize your whole being; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Encourage mindfulness, awareness, presence, and practice into daily life.
  • Stretch your comfort zone by trying, testing, practicing, etc.
  • Travel, adventure, and explore.

In Motion . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Seeking . . . Creating . . . Engaging . . . To Journey Along, Create Your Story and  Gain Life Experiences! Love to Hear What You Are Up To, Please Share!


A Solid Foundation

In building a solid foundation as well as a sound practice for yourself you can experience growth by learning, developing and gaining experiences! 

Ask yourself these two questions!

  • What is important to you?
  • What do you care about?

To Grow From

Do you take the time to ask yourself questions about who you are and where you are at in living your life! How about the questions you have avoided asking yourself? The questions we ask ourselves are some times more important than the answers! 

  1. When do I feel like my best self?
  2. What do I value most in myself?
  3. What do I do for myself that provides me with love and support?
  4. When do I feel calm, balance and peace?
  5. What do I do most naturally?

Asking good, strong questions is key in discovering more about yourself! You take on the responsibility and the accountability. You give yourself permission, especially to love and support yourself! 

  • Asking yourself questions is a freeing process, especially in releasing and letting go of what is no longer working or serving your best interests!
  • Asking yourself questions is a healing process, especially in determining what you want, crave and need!
  • Asking yourself questions is an actionable process, especially when you start seeing results, successes and milestones! 

(Photos by RSheridan)

Are You Questioning? Are You Listening? Are You Building A Solid Foundation By Practicing, Learning and Growing? Love to Hear, Please Share!

A Questioning Nature

Exploring Your Role

In Living the Life You Want

I remember from a young age asking questions, searching for answers and answering those questions with more questions! I was a bit of a challenger and may still be today. I did not know the right or wrong answer as well as know it was rude to answer a question with another question at that age! I simply was searching for answers and still do as an adult.

Seeking . . . Blooming . . . Growing

Lately I have been asking myself some questions and searching for the answers from within myself!

  • Why am I seeking change in my life?
  • What do I want to be doing in my life?
  • How do I go about living the life I want?

Some loaded questions, right! I can tell you I waste too much time and too much energy stressing over things that I cannot change in my life. I can tell you I waste too much time and too much energy trying to be perfect and to be correct in living my life. Why the over everything and anything, especially the overdoing, the overthinking, the overcompensating, and the overcomplicating!

Like Pearls of Wisdom and Beauty

I have to so get OVER myself, get a life and live a little more!

I fall into that trap of taking action and making decisions based on my emotions and not the positive emotions either! Fear instead of happiness. Doubts instead of confidence. Failure instead of success. I know I borrow trouble more that I should!

I really try to own my mistakes as well as learn from those mistakes too! I like to think mistakes are forgivable if I can admit to my mistakes and grow as a person from my mistakes. The hardest part in making mistakes is when I have hurt someone else and caused unnecessary problems, drama or conflict!

Learning To Be More Open

I am working on my communication skills in order to have more open and honest dialogue and conversations. I am working on my interpersonal relationship skills in order to interact and connect better with other people. I can be ignorant, I can be wrong and I can get the ego going, but it is admitting it and taking responsibility for it!

I think about what I love to do and what I do not love to do! I think about enjoyment and expectations. I think about my dreams and my passions! I think about being curious and exploring.

Being . . . Loving . . . Experiencing (Photos by RSheridan)

What Would Happen if You Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Try Something New? What Do You Love to Do? Why Not Go For It, Right! Please Share, Love to Hear!

Asking the Right Questions

To Get The Right Answers

Do You Ask the Same Questions Over and Over Again?

I know I ask the same questions over and over again in order to get different results each time! I think it would be easier to break out the Magic 8 Ball instead!

Do You Ask NEW! Questions?

I do and I do not! I find myself going backwards and straight into those old habits once again. I prefer to move forward though! I think at times I go back to what is most comfortable for me.

“Questions form the path to creation.

It’s how humans innovate and change.” ~ Jen Louden

I am guilty of asking questions that just set me up for failure! For instance, “Why am I not doing more?”. Talk about a loaded question in a lead balloon! The questions I ask myself should be helpful and not hinder me right from the start. I have to put that negative nelly with an egotistical attitude packing!

Lately I feel like I am stuck in a holding pattern and the last thing I want to do is settle! Funny how I did not want change and now I want change!

I do want to be in control and choose how I respond in living the life I want! I focus too much on the worst case scenario at times. I need to change my focus to the possibilities and the opportunities instead. I need to rewire my brain a bit and start listening to my inner voice, following my heart and trusting my gut way more than I do!

How to Form the Right Questions

  • Am I energetic?
  • Am I motivated and stimulated?
  • Am I in a good mood?

Then Drop the “Why” and Ask “What” and “How”! I find “why” questions exhausting in trying to figure things out. I feel like I am on an endless loop too. I should know what is wrong and what is not working, right!

  • What can I . . ?
  • How will I . . ?

The main reason I question and challenge is my love for being curious and exploring ALL my options! I just want to keep digging for those answers.

I feel that I learn, grow and experience in asking questions! I feel that I communicate, interact and connect in asking questions, especially with myself. I feel challenged, stimulated and motivated when questioning things. Those questions shape my life and the path(s) I go down in living my life!

Here’s the One Practice I Have Been Doing for About the Last 6 Months! How Do I Feel Today and What Do I Want To Do Today??? Here’s to Creating Your Story and That You Are Enough and More Than Likely In The Right Place Right Now!!!

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