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Gratitude Intentions

An Intentional Practice

I enjoy taking the time to reflect what I am grateful for and thankful for on a daily basis! I also take the time to release and just let go of what is no longer serving me at the end of the day. I enjoy the practice in order to progress, develop and continue to grow as a person! It gives me inspiration and motivation as well as energizes and drives me.

My Top 3

  1. I am thankful for the life I get to live each and every day, especially today.
  2. I will nurture and nourish my whole being today.
  3. I will take time to center myself, breathe and connect from my feet to my head and just say THANK YOU!

CONQUER Today . . . LIVE It!!! (Photo by RSheridan)

Have You Said “Thank You” Today!

Practice and Practice Some More

Building Strength, Mentally

My mental state takes a beating at times! I have to say most of it comes from myself. I set expectations and have my perceptions of myself, other people and in situations. I have to get out of my head and not be so willing to follow my crazy mind!

When I am under pressure I cannot focus mentally. When I am dealing with other people I either want to flee or fight, especially if there is drama, conflict and/or confrontation. When I am in a demanding situation I sometimes struggle when it comes to thinking clearly and concisely. I am just stretched to my limit or at least I THINK I am!

How do you strengthen your mental aptitude?

The biggest lesson I have learned from building strength mentally is to know myself! Also, it helps to know what is important to me. It matters to me in staying true to who I am! It gives me a sense of priority and purpose too.

I try to remain as calm and collected as possible. I try to put a smile and a positive spin on it too! Sometimes instead of envisioning the outcome I focus on the challenge at hand. This gives me a plan when figuring out what I want to do and where I want to go!

Basically, I ask myself 2 questions!

  1. What did I do well?
  2. What solutions are available to me to solve the problem at hand?

I remember the one manager I had a few years back. This manager did not want to hear problems unless you came with some solutions to those problems! This manager wanted you to change your thought process of a problem to focusing on thinking of solutions. I know it helped me in my thought processes as well as strengthing my mental aptitude!

This manager also helped me be more self motivated and to really trust myself and my abilities! This manager really challenged me mentally as well as motivated me mentally, emotionally and physically. I enjoyed that constructive feedback and that overall collaboration. I appreciated that building up instead of breaking me down!

This also holds me accountable to myself! If I take accountability I am way more likely to be successful. I really do not want to slack off, pass off or short myself. For me it is about doing the best that I can and knowing that I did it to the best of my abilities too! Otherwise I am not gaining, growing or learning in these situations because I am not following through to the end.

By growing and learning I am changing, improving and transitioning as a person and a better version of myself too! I strongly believe in learning and doing better when I make mistakes, have setbacks and experience failures. In building my mental strength I build my confidence too! This helps reduce the anxiety, pressure and stress. I have the ability to remain focused and hopefully find my patient, calm and collected self. The ultimate end result is being able to perform better by being able to think on my feet in order to take action!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s a Brain Teaser to Keep Your Mind Sharp – Can you think of a word associated with all three of these words: cottage, Swiss, cake? Go!

A Good Practice

Helps Build

A Solid Foundation

I am truly blessed and so lucky to work with a personal trainer! I am learning to do away with those unhealthy and bad habits I have formed in working out over the years. I am relearning the basics to create a good practice that gives me the solid foundation I need for myself, my needs and my whole being. I am discovering that in having a good practice it helps me throughout my day and not just in my work outs!

The greatest lesson I have learned is relying on myself once again! I love having a trainer that listens to my needs, guides me and supports me. I love that my trainer slowly hands my body back to me to educate myself on what my whole being needs! I am learning to form healthier movements, create new muscle memories and form healthier posture and alignment.

Posture and Poses

Posture helps me and my body in so many ways (i.e. breathing, moving, exercising, living, etc.)! I noticed my bad posture turning into good posture within days of being more aware of it. I love being able to correct myself in poses now! I need to listen to my body and its needs or risk injury.

Motions and Movements

I love being more aware of my body and how it moves! I want to do more good than harm to my whole being. I am more aware of healthy motions and movements now! I am still learning how to relieve tension and stress in my body in a more natural way.

Safety and Stability

I am learning how my body moves as well as how to align my body in my motions and movements! It helps me create stability and balance. It helps me with my posture and going into poses. It helps me be more aware of my limitations to move safely!

Strength and Flexibility

I absolutely LOVE discovering my STRONG again! I am building that strength in my muscles and my joints that helps me become more flexible in moving my body. I am more aware of pain and discomfort in order to lessen the risk of injury. I am building endurance not only in my work outs, but in living my daily life too!

Rest and Relaxation

I am enjoying working out two times a week! It gives my body a chance to rest and my muscles and my joints can relax and recover. I make rest and relaxation a part of my workout routine throughout the week. I have even learned that there is a proper way to position my body while sleeping!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Creating A Good Practice That Is Best For You and Your Body! Here’s to Building A Solid Foundation For You and Your Body! Here’s to Experiencing a Healthier Body and a Happier You!!! Love to Hear What You Are Doing, Please Share!

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