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Nature Walk

Exploring the Natural

There is nothing better (at least for me) than getting out in nature! I enjoy the unexpected too!

Exploring . . .


Look at that Plumage –
Males with Beautiful Tail Feathers


Community ROCKS!

(Photos by RSheridan)

How Are You Exploring the Natural? Love to Hear, Please Share.

Fresh Air

Green Spaces

There is just something about being in the fresh air and seeing shades of green! I love escaping to the great outdoors and becoming one with nature!

A natural environment has health benefits too!

  • CRAVE fresh air!
  • Soak up the sunshine.
  • Become one with nature.

I am usually out in the great outdoors on the weekends! It is GOOD for my whole being!

I can only desk jockey for so long with all that sitting and computing! Plus unplugging from technology and taking a break from screen time is needed. I walk and take the stairs whenever I can. It is good for your whole being to be active in movement as well as stretch!

  • Walking and hiking.
  • Riding a bike.
  • Packing a picnic.

It is refreshing and freeing! You can slow down the pace and relax a bit. You can re-energize and recharge your whole being!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Get Outside . . . To Explore & Adventure . . . To Play, Laugh & Have Fun!

Hitting the Trail

Hiking in the Great Outdoors

I have to say it feels pretty good getting back on the trail! I did not know if and when it would happen with my back injury. I am starting small and that is a good start and a good place to be in right now!

The Trail


The Bug World

Catapillars Galore!!!

The Meadows

The Forest

The Rusty Vehicles – Not 1 but 2


#2 (Photos by RSheridan)

Taking Baby Steps and Moving Forward Again!!!

Favorite Outdoor Destination

A Few of My Favorite Things . . .

I have decided to dedicate this week as “Favorites” Week! I am ending this week with Favorite Outdoor Destination.

Check Out – Favorite Travel Destination

Check Out – Favorite Travel Interest

Check Out – Favorite Wine Destination

Check Out – Favorite Foodie City

What is Your Ultimate Favorite Outdoor Destination? YOU can ONLY pick 1 – sorry!

Yosemite National Park! I have to say this place has it ALL when it comes to an outdoor destination. You can camp, explore on foot or bike and just adventure! Before you know it, it is time to leave.

Yosemite (Photo by RSheridan)

Tunnel View (Photo by RSheridan)

Yosemite is a place that MUST be seen in person – pictures just DO NOT do this place justice! You come to enjoy the escape to the Great Outdoors and ALL that it has to offer from the breathtaking views to the wildlife. In the main sections of the park you may find a little hustle and bustle, however; there is enough room to escape to your own little corner of the park! You will become bear aware in a very short time here too, especially depending on the season.

Half Dome (Photo by RSheridan)

Yosemite Falls (Photo by RSheridan)

I am not going to lie some of the hiking trails in Yosemite put up a quite a challenge! Just when you think you can climb no more you climb some more. Then you think great we are now climbing down, however; my knees are now screaming at me. I have experienced the hiker look in Yosemite. You are dusty and dirty from the trail and STARVING!!!

Trailhead Marker (Photo by RSheridan)

On the Trail (Photo by RSheridan)

Yosemite offers various options for lodging, so you do not need to be the outdoors type to enjoy the experience of the park! Also, there are many activities to choose from, so you can pull up a chair, wander or hit the trail for a day of fun. You can drive on through for a quick looksie, come for the day or stay for a few days. You will leave a piece of yourself in Yosemite as well as take a piece of Yosemite with you in your heart – trust me it is that special of a place!

Curry Village Tent Cabins (Photo by RSheridan)

Sentinel Dome (Photo by RSheridan)

Please Share Your Favorite Outdoor Destination!

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Hopefully your idea of the great outdoors is NOT like Dan Aykroyd and John Candy in The Great Outdoors. A marauding bear, crazy raccoons, bats in the middle of the night, a wild thunderstorm.  Fun Fact:  The Great Outdoors was actually shot on location in Bass Lake, California, a small resort town near Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is truly a place where you can explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Escape, Explore & Experience . . .

Who does not enjoy wide open spaces after a day or week of hanging out in cubeland! Have you noticed the cubes are shrinking lately? Maybe the cubes are shrinking because the workload continues to increase and the paperwork and files are taking over – what about that paperless system! Did I lose you? Have I stressed you out? Have you run out of the office after reading this to the great outdoors?

Yes, Escape, Explore & Experience the Great Outdoors. The BIGGEST PLAYGROUND is just out your front door – take advantage of it.

#1 Escape

The 1st step is escaping the hustle and bustle and to just get moving, get outside. Take advantage of the Green Spaces in the cities we live as well as the State and National parks nearby. Like I stated above one big playground waiting to be used for enjoyment.

#2 Explore

The next step is twofold in being open to exploring as well as being adventurous. What an Adrenaline Rush at times! You may never know if you like to do something unless you try it first – right.

Okay, I realize not everyone is a fan of the great outdoors. Trust me when I say there are plenty of options that do not require getting dirty, putting up with insects and snakes, and having close encounters with the local wildlife. You can and will find your comfort zone when it comes to the great outdoors.

The majority of people enjoying the great outdoors wear the outdoors with pride, like a badge of honor. You may over hear mountain bikers talking about falls, scraps & scars. I have hiked many trails in Yosemite and afterwards you have that hiker stance, are covered in dust and looking for food because you are STARVING! You can so rock helmet hair after a long bike ride – at least you know you got out there and did it. Trust me when I say after an hour or so in the great outdoors nothing will mess with you because you STINK!!!

#3 Experience

At the end of the day it is all about the experience – what you did, what you accomplished & what memories you made! I am not saying that you do not live life if you never go outside, but it sure makes it a better experience if you do. I recall my experience with the Panaroma Trail in Yosemite. Was I totally prepared for the experience? No! Was it challenging? Yes! Did I do it and enjoy it? Yes & No! I ate that trail and spit it out and it bit me back with a sprained knee, but I will never forget it – not one of my finest moments, but the best experience of my life!

If You Love the Great Outdoors, Join Us In Raising Your Hand – Here’s to the Great Outdoor Warriors (it lives inside of each and every one of us just have to release it)!!!

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