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Making Each Day Count

Seeing the Good and the Positive

Life is short! Every day is a NEW! Day. It is important to make each day count! 

A New Day!

3 Zen Principles

  1. Mushin: Mind Without Mind
  2. Zanshin: Presence and Awareness
  3. Satori: The Natural State

Open Minded

Think about this! Mushin means that your mind is not fixed on any emotions or judgments.

Individuals react without much thought to our own emotions and feelings let alone the other person’s. Individuals rush to make a judgment about something or someone in seconds. Individuals are quick to put out a fire and to find solutions to a problem. Individuals may take a challenge head on or at times just head (aka run) in the opposite direction.

That is being human and having instincts! We have a built in defense mechanism to protect ourselves. That fight or flight response! Your mind goes into overdrive in being reactive and jumping to conclusions. Your perception perceives what it wants to perceive! You start looking for something or someone to blame.

It is not always easy to keep an open mind let alone just hold yourself together! How do you not attach to your emotions, feelings and thoughts in those types of situations?  How do you remain clear headed and have an objective mind set? Just stop, breathe and take a time out or break from the action!

Openness . . .


Being present and being aware! 

I am practicing to be more in the present moment! I am more productive and able to adjust. I am tuning into and tapping into what I need to nurture and nourish my whole being. I am a healthier and happier being!

Taking pleasure and joy in the smallest things as well as in the simple! 

Stillness . . .

State of Mind

I so need more Satori in my life! The natural state of the mind and the total harmony between the mind and the body. The body and the mind can play well together or be against one another! Reduce the tension, anxiety and stress. Decrease the distractions and disruptions. Being more in the present moment and doing more of what you love to do!

I think about children and how curious and open they are to just about anything and everything! It is about opening your mind and engaging your body. It is about finding the inspiration and excitement. It is about playing, laughing and having fun. It is about growing and experiencing each and every day!

Naturalness . . . (Photos by RSheridan)

What Is One Practice You Do For Yourself Every Day? Here’s To Living Your BEST Life and Making Each Day Count! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!

So NOT Helpless

Love This Quote!

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that.

We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not.

We always have the power of our minds . . .

Claim and consciously use your power.” ~Louise Hay

The mind is a powerful thing to have in your arsenal for tackling life head on! I am like a triple-threat – brains, beauty and braun. Play the opportunist instead of the victim in your life! You have the ability to own and take control of creating and living your life.


BE Strong

BE Beautiful and SHINE (Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Using YOUR POWER(S)!!! Please Feel Free to Share Your Powers, Love to Hear!

See the Greater Picture

Take in the Details Too!

With all the craziness going on lately in this world it got me thinking.

Open Minded/Close Minded

Are you more open minded or closed minded when it comes to the craziness and chaos? Do you see the greater picture or focus in on the details? For me I think it depends on the situation and just how crazy and chaotic it is in order to wrap my head around it. Sometimes I feel like sticking my fingers in my ears and saying “I cannot hear you!”.

Focusing on the Details (Photo by RSheridan)


Do you become desensitized or more aware in your surroundings? For me some things I just have become desensitized to while other things just cause me to be more aware. The one thing that really scares the bleep out of me is that mass shootings seem to be the norm lately and that is a tragedy. There are times when the craziness gets me motivated to take action, but then I falter when not knowing what action I should take.

Explore/Shut the Door

Are you more open to explore or just shut the door and call it a day? I feel a real sense some days of people taking care of themselves and then becoming a community when tragedy strikes. That is just sad because a sense of community should result from good too. There is a real sense of distrust among people and it has become a one on one for survival lately.

Seeing the Greater Picture (Photo by RSheridan)


Do you look for the potential and/or inspiration among the craziness and chaos? Do you look for ways to make a difference? If so, how do you make a difference. I would love to know!

Please note these are my opinions and ramblings that I share with you. I have tried to leave the questions open-ended, so people feel free to share in order to have a healthy discussion. Please refrain from conflict and confrontation among the discussions unless it is a healthy reaction that adds to the discussion. Thank you!

Here’s a Smile, Please Share It & Spread It to Others! Thank you!

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