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MacKerricher State Park

Take a Stroll on the Boardwalk

Talk about multiple habitats in one park! The main attraction for me is the seals. I love exploring the naturalness of a place. I enjoy watching the squirrels and birds.

The landscapes vary too! Beach to Dune to Forest. Wetland to Bluff to Headland.

The MacKerricher State Park enterance is in Cleone, California (near Fort Bragg, CA). Fort Bragg is worth a stop to explore. There is the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, North Coast Brewing Company, Noyo Harbor (great place to pick up some fresh fish and seafood, like crab), Glass Beach, and Russian Gulch State Park. Russian Gulch State Park offers great hiking and scenic views of the ocean.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Come for a Visit & Stay A While to Explore!!!

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve

DRAWS Me In!!!

Words cannot explain the beauty of this place! For me there is something about this place that just draws me in. Like the masterpieces of all masterpieces and the creation continues!

See there is this thing called The Ecological Staircase! The sea, a glacier and some tectonic activity got together in this area and formed five terraces. Then add in the coastal winds that have helped shape the terraces. The self-guided nature trail is about 2.5 miles.

You start your descent in the pygmy forest then you come to the pines that open up into a prairie and beyond the prairie is the rugged cliffs and the beautiful blue ocean.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve is near Caspar, California. The Point Cabrillo Light Station is in this area too (built in 1909).

Great Place to Take a Walkabout!

Westport-Union Landing State Beach Campground

DO NOT Miss the View!!!

Westport-Union Landing State Beach was one of the 70 parks that were to close in July 2012! However, a local native tribe saved it from closure. The road that runs through the park is crumbling right over the cliffs. Abalone Point Campground has been closed.

The campground is located north of Fort Bragg on Highway 1 and a few miles north of Westport. The campground had that deserted look to it! The road was crumbling right over the cliffs. It was a little eerie!

I found it a little bittersweet too! On one hand there is the preservation and protection of this land for future generations and to do this with little to no monies. On the other hand Mother Nature is trying to take back the naturalness of this land. It requires a find balance at times!

The campground overlooks the ocean and the views are IMPRESSIVE! I would have loved to stay and see the sun set here. I am sure the fog puts on quite a show some mornings.

The Big Buzzards were there hanging out though!

(Photos by RSheridan)

We drove through Westport on the way to the campground. Westport and Union Landing were settled back in the day to supply lumber and railroad ties as well as Tan Oak bark to the schooners anchored offshore. Westport went from 20,000 residents in its hey day to a quiet town of about 400 residents today. I loved learning the history of a place.


Up North

On the California Coast

I am going to take you on a tour of the Northern California Coast. Mendocino County to be exact. I am drawn to this place and its natural beauty. Enjoy!

(Photos by RSheridan)

I HEART the Northern California Coast & Mendocino County!!!

Hendy Woods State Park

A Campfire Story . . .

Welcome to Beautiful Anderson Valley! You may have noticed crossing a river on your way to the entrance of the park. That is the Navarro River. You may also have noticed some wineries on your way here too.

These Woods are old growth redwood groves! There is Big Hendy grove and Little Hendy grove. You certainly know you are “In the Woods” when you arrive at the park! It has that woodsy, decaying funk to it.

The Big Giants have reached Great Age! These trees stand guard to those that visit the park. IMAGINE the stories these Big Giants could tell from generation to generation!

There was a man back in the day that called a fallen redwood stump home. That man was the Hendy Woods Hermit! The parks has hermit huts available for campers and backpackers.

Joshua P. Hendy laid claim to this beautiful area in the late-1800s and protected this area until his death. Then the need for lumber was growing. The Redwoods in Big Hendy grove and Little Hendy grove were left alone. Then in 1958 Hendy Woods became a California State Park.

Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Good! Listen Up!

There are two words that will NOT have you going off trail. POISION OAK! You will be sticking to the trails or be itching all the way home. It is Mother Nature’s way of saying the humans have made trails for a reason and the rest is ALL MINE!

Plus no one or no thing likes to be stepped on! The forest floor is a living ecosystem and would like to be treated as a living entity. The wildlife and insects as well as the fauna and flora call it HOME! The mosquitos are friendly and mean no harm. However, if you decide that you need to smell good then good luck to you in these woods!

Respect the woods and the wildness here and it will embrace you with open arms to share its beauty! The light here puts on quite a show throughout the day. Pop a squat and just soak in the natural beauty of this place. It will draw you in and leave you wanting more!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Remember What Goes On In the Woods is Shared ONLY Around the Campfire!!!

17th Annual Boonville Beer Festival

Anderson Valley ROCKS!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013 – Taps Open 1 pm to 5 pm – Marathon of Brews People!!!

Bringing Back the 80s! I wore my rainbow of colors shirt. I enjoyed checking out what others were wearing too!

1st Time & a Total Newbie! I enjoyed every minute of it though. I had a hard time deciding to taste from breweries that I was familiar with and those that were NEW! to me. I just dove in and went for it!

I loved seeing Barkley (mascot for Anderson Valley Brewing Company) march into the event! Barkley is an AWESOME looking bear with ROCKIN horns!!!

There was a person dressed as Duffman that was drawing a crowd too!

The pours were massive, at least for me! I either savored and enjoyed or took a few sips and moved on. I had to figure it out or be miserable. Certainly need to eat a few times throughout the event and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!

You receive this landyard to hold your tasting device and let me tell you what happens when you drop your tasting device out of its holder. YOU GET BOO’D BIG TIME!!! I did it not once but twice and every time it is total humiliation. Plus you better know what you want to taste once it is your turn at the tap!

Checked Out

The Familiar

Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Summer Solstice

Bear Republic Brewing Company – Racer 5 IPA

Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Wookey Jack

Great Basin Brewing Company – Witbier & Icky

Knee Deep Brewing – Citra EPA

Mendocino Brewing Company – Red Tail Ale

New Belgium Brewing – Rampant & Shift

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Summerfest

Widmer – Hibiscus Gose

The NEW!

Drake’s Brewing Company

High Sierra Brewing Company

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Napa Smith Brewery

Ninkasi Brewing Company – Oatis Oatmeal Stout

Russian River Brewing Company – Redemption

Speakeasy – Prohibition

Third Street Aleworks

Too Many Brews & Not Enough Time

The Familiar

Anchor Brewing Company

Bison Organic Beer

Crispin Cider Company (love their Cider!!!)

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant

Grand Teton Brewing

Lagunitas Brewing Company

North Coast Brewing Company

Pyramid Breweries

Stone Brewing Company

Tap It Brewing Company

The NEW!

101 North Brewing

21st Amendment Brewery

Auburn Alehouse

Berryessa Brewing Company

Eel River Brewing Company

Heretic Brewing

Redwood Curtain Brewing

Rubicon Brewing Company

Stumptown Brewery

Sudwerk Brewing

(Photos by RSheridan)

So Little Time, So Many Tastes to Be Had!!! PACE Yourself!!!

Solar Living Center

A Place of Learning & Exploring

Solar Living Center is located in Hopland, California.

(Photo by RSheridan)

One Unique Bathroom

I had to check out the bathroom and see what was so unique about it. Well it was worth the look! You know the cover to your toliet tank. The walls were covered in toliet tank covers! Then you have the stalls and countertop made from recycled plastic and glass.


(Photos by RSheridan)

Pedal Power Anyone???


Random Pics

Concrete Planter (Photo by RSheridan)

Water Element #1 (Photo by RSheridan)

Water Element #2 (Photo by RSheridan)

One COOL Place!!!

And We Are Walking . . .

Come Along for a Garden Tour

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Campovida Winery’s Garden and Ken does a great garden tour too! Ken will have you eating flowers, smelling leaves and plucking lettuce and other veggies fresh from the garden. It DOES NOT Come Any Fresher than this! Enjoy & Evoke ALL Your Senses.

Welcome (Photo by RSheridan)

Be Ready to Be Blown Away by this Beautiful, Breathtaking Garden.

Fill Your Glass of Wine & Let’s Go (Photo by RSheridan)


Who knew lettuce could look so pretty in pictures!

(Photos by RSheridan)


Ken was trying out a new mint; strawberry mint. Huh?!? You could smell the strawberry than the mint. How Cool Is That!

Strawberry Mint (Photo by RSheridan)



(Photos by RSheridan)


Love the Cork Trees in the Garden!

(Photo by RSheridan)


Water is an important element to a garden.

(Photo by RSheridan)

Iris Galore!

I am a HUGE FAN of the Irises in Campovida’s Garden! Just Amazing and the Colors are so UNIQUE!


(Photos by RSheridan)


Campovida Winery is known for their wines as well as the oak trees on their property!

(Photos by RSheridan)


This is what you have been waiting for, right, the vines in the garden!


(Photos by RSheridan)


Use ALL your senses when in the garden too! Tune into the Birds. Listen to the Ground Creatures rustling around. Look Out for the Insects, like Butterflies and Dragonflies.

I SEE You (Photo by RSheridan)

Paths & Walkways

Just ENJOY Meandering & Wandering around the garden!

(Photos by RSheridan)

Trellis & Artwork

Remember to Look Up when in the garden.


(Photos by RSheridan)

Hiding Spot

I have been told that the kids know where to hide and hang out within the garden. Hide and Seek Anyone???

Great Place to Sit & Daydream (Photo by RSheridan)


One of the many structures on the property.

(Photo by RSheridan)

Love Exploring and Adventuring in Campovida’s Garden!!!

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