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Creating “Self”

The Power That

Is You

In creating “self” and in creating “story” in your life and living your life you will learn, develop and grow! You can change your self as well as change your story as you go because every day is a new day to start and begin again. Your life is in constant flux and can change any time and any place along the journey!

Anatma:  The self is always changing.

In creating “self” you have to feel a sense of “self”! Your values and beliefs. What you identify with, especially in defining yourself!

Is it about finding yourself? Or Creating “self”?

When I went on this journey of self I thought is was about finding myself. I have discovered that I need to focus on creating the self I need and want when it comes to living my life each and every day! I am more present and in the moment now. I need and want to do more of what I love and feed my passions!

I am having an interesting experience in that I am becoming more comfortable with the constant change in my life every day! It is not all about me and there is a bigger world to experience out there. It is about being open to the possibilities and the opportunities. It is about being in the present and conquering every new day!

I do not have to constantly change to my environment, however; I can “be” in an environment that is constantly changing!

  • Practice acceptance and forgiveness of myself.
  • Process my emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to release and let go of what is no longer working or serving me in living my life.
  • Part of living life is the constant state of flux and learning to embrace it, love it and learn from it.
  • Open my heart and come from a place of love because change and uncertainty can surprise and amaze me with wonderful gifts.
  • There is nothing better than gaining life experiences.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Savor and Appreciate Those Moments and Experiences! Love To Hear Your Thoughts, Please Share!


Stealing More Than Time

Cutting Back On

Technology Usage

Technology is a major aspect in living your life! It has its pros and cons as well as its time savers and time wasters. I find technology a little competitive at times from having the latest technologies to the number of friends you have on that one social media site!

How much time do you think you spend with technology and on social media sites? You might surprise even yourself if you track your usage! I want to be more mindful of my time as well as mindful of what makes me a happier being too.

I feel like my communication and socialization skills are slipping due to interacting more and more through technology! I NEED and CRAVE human interactions. I enjoy being able to stay connected through technology, however; I enjoy the face-to-face interactions too. I do not text right now because I want to connect as well as have others connect with me by calling. Nothing better than real communication, interaction and connection with others, especially a “Hello” and a “Goodbye” as well as a “Miss Ya” and a “Love Ya”!

I can honestly say that technology does help me in building relationships and networking with other people around the world! I just have to start asking other people for help and advice again instead of conducting a full out internet seach. I find technology helpful, but overwhelming in the amount of information available and what you can really trust too! I find myself reaching out to other people who have been through similar experiences when looking for help, advice or guidance lately.

I actually use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning! I think I am desensitized to the noises my smart phone makes to set the alarm clock feature on it. I am an adult and no longer require a stuffie to sleep with and I am not going to start sleeping with my cell phone either! Plus that alarm clock is enough tecnology in that living space.

I do not know about you, but I find myself more lost with the use of technology at times (i.e. GPS, smart phone, etc.)! I usually just try to figure it out.

I love to ESCAPE to the GREAT OUTDOORS when I need a break from the fast paced technological world! I do miss the boob tube at times, but the rest of the technology I can leave behind. When I am biking and hiking there is NO multi-tasking going on!

It is bad enough I have a camera stuck to my face! I am working on putting the camera down more. It is ALL about enjoying the moments, making memories and gaining life experiences!

Here’s To Putting Your Energies Into Yourself and Other People Instead of Draining Those Energies With Technology!!!

In A Hurry?

Getting Anywhere Fast?!?

I wonder some days if you yelled, “Fire!” if anyone would respond! I would probably get a better response in saying, “Hey, Check out the shark suit wearing cat on the Roomba video!”.

My Top 3

  1. Always be on the lookout for something NEW! in your day, week, month.
  2. Please slow down, stop rushing about and find your own pace.
  3. In finding your balance you find your productivity level too.

I want to find my happiest, healthiest and best version of myself and put her out there every day!

Something NEW!

I am curious as well as a learner and a reader. I seek out nature to refresh, recharge and reenergize. I like a good challenge. I enjoy being open to the possibilities and opportunities.

I do get stuck on the wheel of life and sometimes go in one to many spins! Those make my tummy spin too. I do find myself in ruts and hope like heck it is not a deep one! Those are a bugger to get out of, especially when you crash land. I do not like when I start feeling that attitude of I do not care! That one is real dangerous and can go so wrong so quickly in so many ways.

I so need an attitude adjustment along with a new perspective for the positive when I spin, fall and stop caring! It is like my wake up call to shake things up. BE in my life once again and not from the outside looking in!

Putting It In Neutral

I appreciate technology, but please stop rushing me already! I really want to find the secret to being the most productive person I can be while doing it slowly or at least at my own pace. I hope that happens, but it seems technology is remaining to turn on me with its mobility and sleek, compact design! I will have to find the plug and unplug or find the power button and disconnect.

I need to relax way more than I already do! I need to laugh louder and have way more fun too. I cannot wait to hit my older years and welcome back nap time again!

I know my whole being would love me more if I put it in neutral more!

Speeding Up or Slowing Down?

In the Balance

I know what I do not want to do in living my life! I have my limititations and my boundaries pretty much set. However, in order to find my balance I need to know WHAT I WANT TO BE DOING! I can simply say I want to be better and to do better. It is the How? that is not as simple! I learned a hard lesson recently and it certainly taught me that I have to be who I am and to be the change I want to see in myself.

Is it as simple as balancing how I want to live and how I want to be? Talk about a loaded question!

One Challenge Coming Up

I like a good challenge, especially when that challenge goes in my favor! When it does not go in my favor I tell myself it could be much worse. Like being in a shoe box of a closet filing for 8 straight hours and by the end you need a transfusion from all those nasty paper cuts! I am a master in grunting and groaning, throwing a woe is me party and digging my heels in to the highest level of procrastination when the challenge gets rough and tough. You would think I was scaling the highest mountain instead of answering the dreaded phone where every one seems super cranky!

I have to remind myself that challenge is normal, like putting one foot in front of the other! It is a way for me to learn and grow as a person as well as broaden my knowledge, abilities and skills. I want to gain those life experiences! I am not going to do myself much good if I become stunted in my growth by not getting out there.

Finding My Path (Photos by RSheridan)

Sometimes I need to change my view finder!

Ask Yourself Today and Every Day, “How Do You Feel?”!

The Call of Nature

The Lessons of Nature

Are you a lover of nature and the great outdoors?

I love the connection I feel with nature and the Great Outdoors! I enjoy engaging all my senses; seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. I enjoy the sun on my skin and the earth beneath my feet.



Feeling – Speaks to Me on ALL Levels!



Do you hear the call of nature or not so much?

I have lived on flat land. I live in the high desert with the mountains all around me now! I enjoy the various landscapes from beach to desert to forest to mountain and everything in between. I love to get out to adventure and wander as well as to explore and discover!

What speaks to you in nature?

I pretty much live in a brown environment, so I get a little giddy when I see GREEN! I especially love the floral aspect of nature and its rainbow of colors too. I love when nature speaks to me through its natural aspects, its many water features and its shows of light!

What lessons have you taken from nature?


Leave the technology behind and just become one with myself in nature and the great outdoors! I enjoy camping, hiking and biking.

#2 – Nature SURPRISES me!

Beautiful sunrises, skies and sunsets. Giant trees, big boulders and large mountain lakes. The wildness of fauna, flora and creatures.

#3 – Nature makes me feel free and happy! It makes my body feel Good!

I love the natural and being outside! The sun, the moon and the stars. The earth, the trees, the water, and the stone. The birdlife and wildlife. I can find quietude and/or solitude to ENGAGE all my senses!

My whole being changes for the better when surrounded by nature! It is very much about finding my center as well as my balance and stablity once again. I enjoy being on my body’s schedule where you fall asleep quickly and wake up naturally and well rested too!

Here’s to Finding a Spot of Nature or the Great Outdoors Today!!!

All That Fluff

What Do You Truly Think

About Happiness???

Yes, I am GOING THERE! Let’s have an honest and open conversation about happiness. Is it achievable, it is all that fluff, it is unattainable, etc. The books I have read on happiness had me finding it or trying to achieve it or pursue it. I even went so far as to stalk it a few times!

The reason I called this post “All That Fluff” is because happiness to me is sometimes like cotton candy!

  1. You CRAVE It.
  2. It Comes in a PRETTY Package.
  3. You are EXCITED to have it.
  4. It Makes You HAPPY and BRINGS You Joy and Pleasure.
  5. Before You Can Blink it is ALL GONE!


Some days I cannot find the “happi” in happiness!


I start thinking and asking questions. For instance . . .

  • Is it self gratification vs. instant gratification?
  • Is it about wants and needs?
  • Is it about fulfillment and purpose?
  • Is it about beliefs and values as well as perceptions and insights?
  • Is it about communication, interaction and connection?
  • Is it about finding that balance and stability mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?
  • Is it about your whole, well being?

I like to believe that happiness comes from a personal level and not a materialistic level! I like to think that all these questions play a part! I want to discover my sense of self, especially in living from within. I need that sense of belonging, sense of community and sense of purpose, especially in living my life to the fullest.

I also know it is not all about me! That I am part of something bigger too! It is about tapping into my values and what matters to me. It is about being open in my perceptions and learning to adapt. It is about really connecting on many levels!

One BIG World (Photos by RSheridan)

So . . . Are You Pursuing Happiness or Is It Pursuing You or Is it a Bit of Both???

Welcoming the Day

Taking It One Day at a Time!

I am all for Welcoming a New Day! I prefer to start the day on a good foot and be in the present moment. However, I am not on the happier side of life every day! Some days I need a little practice to see the positive light and just be.

I have to find the 3 I’s:

  • Inspiration
  • In the Present Moment
  • Intention


What Inspires You On a Daily Basis?

I enjoy a great breakfast and a cup of joe. I love sharing and receiving smiles and laughs! I enjoy when someone does something nice for me. I love to take time out for myself to read and write!

In the Present Moment

How Do You Be In the Present Moment?

I really try to approach each day as if it is a GIFT! A gift that is opened carefully, embraced and celebrated. I prefer to find the calm among the chaos and focus on one task at a time! Otherwise I just feel stressed out and overwhelmed.


What is Your Mantra on a Daily Basis? What Will You Create Today? Do You Believe That What You Desire Will Come True?

Some people have a favorite quote or poem. Some people create daily affirmations or have an agenda for the day. Some people like to journal and write down thoughts and actions. Some people like to reflect on the day; mindful of, grateful for, appreciate this and that.

(Photos by RSheridan)

Here’s to Discovering That You Are Right Where You Need To Be!!!

Punch Drunk

LOVE this Quote!

The Aim of Life is to Live,

and To Live Means to Be Aware,

Joyously, Drunkenly,

Serenely, Divinely Aware. ~Henry Miller

Isn’t Being Punch Drunk On Life GREAT!!!


Take It & Live It!

Heart this Quote!

Life is a Song – Sing It.

Life is a Game – Play It.

Life is a Challenge – Meet It.

Life is a Dream – Realize It.

Life is a Sacrifice – Offer It.

Life is Love – Enjoy It. ~Sai Baba

(Photos by RSheridan)

This Is The Way to Live Life Every Day!!!

The Place You Live

What is the Best Thing about the Place You Live?

Please do tell and spill the beans! I like checking out the local scene when I travel.

How about you?

The Best Thing about the place I live is . . .

Welcome! (Photo by RSheridan)

#1 The Outdoor Activities

From Deserts to Mountains to Valleys to Lakes – OH MY! PLUS more than 300 days of SUNSHINE a year! More than likely you will hear at least one person if not more rumble when the sun decides to not shine. You need plenty of moisturizer, lotion and sunscreen to live here.

  • Hiking
  • Skiing & Winter Sports
  • Biking
  • Golfing
  • National Parks (Great Basin & Death Valley) & Multiple State Parks
  • 4 Seasons
  • Camping
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Boating & Water Sports
  • Hot Springs
  • Trains
  • Mining
  • Local Events & Cultural Activities
  • Museums
  • Ghost Towns & Historic Sites

Adventuring & Exploring (Photo by RSheridan)

Do you ever just act like a tourist in the place you live to check out what is going on in your area? Some people live in major cities while some people live in places that are really spread out. It could take months if not years to explore and adventure and more than likely may never truly see it all!

Play Ball (Photo by RSheridan)

I can say that a few “tourist traps” have been explored when family has come into town for a visit. I know when I first moved here I was constantly checking out the area every spare weekend I had to explore and adventure. I have a few favorites picked out now!

Lavendar Festival (Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s to Enjoying the Place You Live In and Getting Out to Adventure & Explore!!!

Balloons (Photo by RSheridan)

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