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Taking Conversation to a NEW Level

For the Better,

Better Connections & Better Interactions

I am so guilty of saying “use your words”! However, sometimes silence is best!

I have been working on being a better listener. I struggle with it and some days are better than other days. I am an interrupter and like to get my two cents into the conversation. I also find myself jumping to the conclusion that I KNOW what that person is going to say. Annoying, right!

In working on being a better listener I learned an important lesson! I tuned into my senses! I am working on being more self-aware of myself and other people around me. Interesting, right!

Some powerful communication as well as conversation going on without words! I am more aware of my body language and tuning into the body language of other people. I prefer to look a person in the eye when speaking to them, so imagine doing that without speaking. I found a calmness and collectedness about myself, which was just akwardness before!

I also found a connectedness that I have hid deep within myself! I love just being with no words exchanged. I enjoy reveling in that quiet and silence and stillness. I am discovering a new way to connect, to interact and to share.

I envision standing in the forest in the snow with nothing but silence surrounding me. I envision the sand between my toes with the waves coming in and going back out again. I envision becoming one with nature with the light coming through the trees. I envision sitting by the campfire with the stars above me.

(Photos by RSheridan)

I have the ability to find peace of mind when feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and on overload! I have the ability to protect myself when how I am feeling is reflected in the way I communicate and interact with other people. I have the ability to preserve my energies when I take a “time out” to reset, recharge and reenergize. I have the ability to find the simple life once again when being appreciative and thankful for what I do have in my life!

Here’s the BEST part! I love myself more when it comes to connecting more deeply, interacting more fully and sharing myself, my gifts and my love with other people. I find my calm, my solitude and my peace of mind. I enjoy putting the BEST of me out into this crazy world!

Remember to Pause, Breathe & Reflect Before Using Your Words!!!

Listening To My Body’s Needs

Learning, Strengthening, Living . . .

What is that saying, “No Pain, No Gain” . . .

Over the past year I have learned that pain is not always bad! Pain is part of being human and with hard work comes great gains. Pain is doable and manageable in living my life and to the fullest too. Just Breathe, right!

I took for granted what my body did and does for me!

I have discovered that knowing how to breathe and having great posture makes a BIG difference in dealing with pain! Stretching and rotation are key too.  At times the feeling of tightness and cramping is worse than the actual pain. I am learning to find my calm self in order to let the tension, pressure and stress just release and let go! It significantly helps with the pain, tightness and cramping.

The #1 thing that has been eye opening is having the right team to help me through this process! I am bringing awareness to myself and my body. I am figuring out what my body needs to heal and strengthen. I am tuning into the way my body moves in its motions.

Just the education I have soaked up from this team of people amazes me at times! I am learning about muscles, nerves and joints and the importance to the human body and how it functions. For instance, the blood cannot properly flow to an area that is tight, cramped or congested. This could potential cause damage within that area as well as cause aches and pains.

So . . . Ding, Ding! I need to listen to those aches and pains and figure out what my body needs. Is it telling me to slow down and take a chill? It is telling me to hit the gym to work out and stretch out? What DOES my body NEED!

I DO NOT have to give into the pain! I can feel the pain and know how to release it now. I am discovering a deeper connection with myself, my needs and my WHOLE being! I am working on slowing down, relaxing and resting.

Here’s to DISCOVERING Your STRONG! ~RSheridan

(Photos by RSheridan)

Do You LISTEN To Your Body? What Is Your Body TELLING You? What Does It NEED? Please Share, Love to Hear!

Are You Listening?

The Act of Patience

With One Another

If the person you are talking to

doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient.

It may simply be that he has a

small piece of fluff in his ear. ~Winnie the Pooh

(Photo by RSheridan)

Here’s to Shaking the Fluff Out to Communicate and Interact With One Another!

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