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Hitting the Trail

Hiking in the Great Outdoors

I have to say it feels pretty good getting back on the trail! I did not know if and when it would happen with my back injury. I am starting small and that is a good start and a good place to be in right now!

The Trail


The Bug World

Catapillars Galore!!!

The Meadows

The Forest

The Rusty Vehicles – Not 1 but 2


#2 (Photos by RSheridan)

Taking Baby Steps and Moving Forward Again!!!

Yellowstone National Park

America’s 1st National Park

I am so excited to see the beauty that Yellowstone has to offer! I have the song “Home on the Range” playing in my head that is how excited I truly am to see this National Treasure.

“Home on the Range”

1st Verse: Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam,

5th Verse: How often at night when the heavens are bright with the light of the glittering stars,

6th Verse: Oh, I love these wild flowers in this dear land of ours,

Checking Off Items on the Travel Bucket List

Item #1

A NEW State; Idaho! I have not been to Idaho and I am looking forward to exploring the Idaho Falls and Twin Falls areas. I have a feeling that WATER will be a recurring item on this trip. Falls, Geyers, Lakes – Oh My!

Item #2

The Beautiful Yellowstone National Park! First up camping in Yellowstone. Hopefully by camping in two different areas will put a dent in this park on the first visit. Next up hiking and wildlife viewing in Yellowstone.

The Canyon area of Yellowstone offers the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Upper and Lower Falls of Yellowstone and Hayden Valley (great area to view the locals; wildlife that is!). The Grant Village area of Yellowstone offers Yellowstone Lake and other great outdoor adventures. The Old Faithful area of Yellowstone I hope does not disappoint with the Old Faithful Geyser and I would love to check out the Old Faithful Inn.

Item #3

The Grand Tetons National Park! Going to do a drive through and hopefully stop along the way through to check out the beauty of this place. Making a stop in the Jackson, Wyoming area. Enjoy the Wide Open Places!

Please Share Your Experiences with Yellowstone. Love to hear what you like, loved, hot spots, etc.

Happy Traveling, Exploring & Adventuring Everyone!!!

2012 Travel Bucket List


The Great Adventures of 2011

Spring 2011 Road Trip

  • San Diego, CA (included the San Diego Zoo)
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Las Vegas, NV

San Diego (Photo by RSheridan)

Summer Vacation 2011

  • Morro Bay, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA (included the Channel Islands National Park & Reagan Presidential Library)
  • Avila Beach, CA
  • Paso Robles, CA (included Olive Festival & Firestone Walker Brewery and Tour)

The 3 Pelican Stooges in Avila Beach (Photo by RSheridan)

Sporting Events

  • Reno Aces Baseball Game

Reno Aces Baseball Game (Photo by RSheridan)

Outdoor Activities

  • Marlette Lake Hike (Lake Tahoe area)

Marlette Lake (Photo by RSheridan)

Wine Events

  • Hopland Passport Wine Event Spring & Fall 2011 (Mendocino, CA)
  • New! Calaveras Passport Wine Event (CA)

New Wine Regions

  • Temecula, CA
  • Paso Robles, CA
  • Lakes County (CA)
Grapes (Photo by RSheridan)

Coming Soon Adventures of 2012

Spring 2012

  • One Trip in March
  • One Trip in April

Summer Vacation 2012

  • Not in the Planning Phase YET!

Wine Events

  • Hopland Passport Wine Event Spring & Fall 2012 (Mendocino, CA)

Here’s to Great Adventures!

Marlette Lake

Hiking to Marlette Lake

The hike to Marlette Lake is about 8 to 10 miles roundtrip and is a moderate hike. Let me tell you this was not a leisure stroll through the woods! This hike was challenging to strenuous at times, especially climbing up the trail from Marlette Lake. Once you catch your first glimpse of the lake you know the hike is so worth it! The lake is at about 7800′ elevation.

1st Glimpse of Marlette Lake from the hiking trail (Photo by RSheridan)

1st view of Marlette Lake once off the hiking trail (Photo by RSheridan)

History of Marlette Lake

Marlette Lake, Spooner Lake and Hobart Reservoir were built to supply water to the mines by a number of flumes and pipelines. Virgina City, Nevada was one area receiving water from this area water system.

Trout Spawning

Brook trout were introduced to Marlette Lake in the 1880’s with Lahontan Cutthroat trout in 1964 and Tahoe Rainbow trout in 1984 to the lake. The lake opened to fishing in 2006 and is a brood lake for Cutthroat and Rainbow trout.

Trout Spawning Station at Marlette Lake (Photo by RSheridan)


The wildflowers were putting on a show on our hike and around the lake.

Wildflower #1 (Photo by RSheridan)

Wildflower #2 (Photo by RSheridan)
Wildflower #3 – Thistle (Photo by RSheridan)

Marlette Lake Additional Photos – Enjoy!

Marlette Lake #1 – My Favorite (Photo by RSheridan)

Marlette Lake #2 (Photo by RSheridan)

Marlette Lake #3 (Photo by RSheridan)

 No Pain No Gain – Get Out & Go Hiking Today!!!

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Hopefully your idea of the great outdoors is NOT like Dan Aykroyd and John Candy in The Great Outdoors. A marauding bear, crazy raccoons, bats in the middle of the night, a wild thunderstorm.  Fun Fact:  The Great Outdoors was actually shot on location in Bass Lake, California, a small resort town near Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is truly a place where you can explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Escape, Explore & Experience . . .

Who does not enjoy wide open spaces after a day or week of hanging out in cubeland! Have you noticed the cubes are shrinking lately? Maybe the cubes are shrinking because the workload continues to increase and the paperwork and files are taking over – what about that paperless system! Did I lose you? Have I stressed you out? Have you run out of the office after reading this to the great outdoors?

Yes, Escape, Explore & Experience the Great Outdoors. The BIGGEST PLAYGROUND is just out your front door – take advantage of it.

#1 Escape

The 1st step is escaping the hustle and bustle and to just get moving, get outside. Take advantage of the Green Spaces in the cities we live as well as the State and National parks nearby. Like I stated above one big playground waiting to be used for enjoyment.

#2 Explore

The next step is twofold in being open to exploring as well as being adventurous. What an Adrenaline Rush at times! You may never know if you like to do something unless you try it first – right.

Okay, I realize not everyone is a fan of the great outdoors. Trust me when I say there are plenty of options that do not require getting dirty, putting up with insects and snakes, and having close encounters with the local wildlife. You can and will find your comfort zone when it comes to the great outdoors.

The majority of people enjoying the great outdoors wear the outdoors with pride, like a badge of honor. You may over hear mountain bikers talking about falls, scraps & scars. I have hiked many trails in Yosemite and afterwards you have that hiker stance, are covered in dust and looking for food because you are STARVING! You can so rock helmet hair after a long bike ride – at least you know you got out there and did it. Trust me when I say after an hour or so in the great outdoors nothing will mess with you because you STINK!!!

#3 Experience

At the end of the day it is all about the experience – what you did, what you accomplished & what memories you made! I am not saying that you do not live life if you never go outside, but it sure makes it a better experience if you do. I recall my experience with the Panaroma Trail in Yosemite. Was I totally prepared for the experience? No! Was it challenging? Yes! Did I do it and enjoy it? Yes & No! I ate that trail and spit it out and it bit me back with a sprained knee, but I will never forget it – not one of my finest moments, but the best experience of my life!

If You Love the Great Outdoors, Join Us In Raising Your Hand – Here’s to the Great Outdoor Warriors (it lives inside of each and every one of us just have to release it)!!!

Grover Hot Springs State Park

Grover Hot Springs State Park

I thought I would follow up the 3 Part Series on Travelin to Murphys, CA by highlighting Grover Hot Springs State Park.

The park is located near Markleeville, CA (Alpine County) and offers a hot & cool pool, campground, picnic area, and hiking trails. The park is tucked in Hot Springs Valley with Hawkins Peak (10,023′) to the northwest and Markleeville Peak (9,419′) to the southwest.

Head into Markleeville and check out this quaint mountain town. We ate at the Wolf Creek Restaurant – really good burgers. There is also the Cutthroat Saloon.

Camping, Hiking & Relaxing . . .


Our 1st trip to the park was in 2006. We were not new to tent camping, but tent camping in bear country was a whole new experience for us. Be Bear Aware & Use Bear Lockers (no feeding the wildlife!) – new concepts for us. I thought well not much between me and a bear in a tent – then thought what about getting up at night to use the restroom – are bears out roaming at night??? The squirrels and the birds happened to be more problematic!


The Burnside Trail. 3 miles round trip to the waterfall & 10 miles round trip to Burnside Lake (with a 2,100 foot elevation gain). Another new experience for us was hiking in the mountains, so we did the 3 miles round trip to the waterfall. It was a challenging hike and was not expecting to be climbing up and over so many rocks – now I know why there is a hot springs – whole body aches, especially the arm and shoulder areas.

The Transition Walk is a nature trail that loops around the park’s alpine meadow. The meadow is GORGEOUS, especially when the sun was rising or setting – just BREATHTAKING!!! We did the walk and found it teeming with life – fauna & flora – birds – butterflies & other insects – small critters.


Do Not Be Afraid of the Green Water – the Hot Springs looks green due to mineral deposits on the bottom of the pool. The mineral salts in the water and the sanitizing agent used (Bromine) cause an oxidation reaction making the water look green. There is a hot pool (102 to 105 degrees) fed by six mineral springs and one cool pool. I would like to go back and check out the Hot Springs – were either closed or full when we tried to go.

I enjoyed relaxing by the campfire at night too.

Become One With the Great Outdoors! Have you experienced Grover Hot Springs?

Mammoth, California

The drive from Sequoia National Park to Mammoth, California was not an easy one. We decided to take a shortcut (the 155 heading to Lake Isabella – trying to bypass Bakersfield) that could have ended in disaster. This shortcut included not one but two 13% grades as well as another 11% grade on it and we were pulling a trailer. When we turned on to this shortcut there were NO warning signs stating that trucks and trailers are not advised. We had no choice but to continue forward because there was nowhere to turn around. We finally made it to the bottom and flat land. The rest of the trip to Mammoth went smoothly and had a great time visiting the area.

I think the most exciting and frightening part of the trip was taking the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain (elevation 11,053′). I have never been in one before and am not particular fond of heights. We made it to the top and just the views alone were breathtaking. We decided to take a guided tour and the guide was very knowledgeable and ready to act as picture taker for the group. Check out the Yodler for a bite to eat at the Main Lodge – great food!

Sign Marker on top of Mammoth Mountain (Photo by RSheridan)

The Mammoth Lakes Basin was beautiful with lush greens and pristine lakes. We saw this guy/gal at Lake Mary trying to catch some fish for breakfast. 

(Photo by RSheridan)
We took the bus from the Main Lodge to take us down to hike to Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile. The hike to Rainbow Falls is worth it – the falls were beautiful and serene. Makes you want to give up the daily rat race and become one with the outdoors. I did not see the true beauty of the Devils Postpile until I saw it from down below – the top of it is interesting to see, so check out both views.
Rainbow Falls (Photo by RSheridan)
Mammoth is know for its skiing, however; there are other hidden gems to see in this area during its off season. The restaurants offer good prices, good service and great food. There are shuttles available to take visitors to the Main Lodge – if you are not the adventurous type find a place to sit back and watch the action happen around you.

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